Advice on Pisces man?

Ughh I'm a Sag female and I don't know how to get with this Pisces man. he's about the same age as me we're gonna be going into 2nd year uni although he's in a completely different program as me. I never see him anymore. :( I thought we'd be going out by now I really wanted too but he seems to be avoiding me, I don't know why. I was pretty sure he liked me, buying me lunch, walking me to the bus station and kissing me on the cheek and hugging me. I thought it'd work out. I really wanted to sleep with him but I guess he didn't want to. maybe he didn't think I could be his soul mate. we are kinda similar somehow and I think we could get married but I guess I'm thinking ahead too much and I don't think anyone would want to marry me. ugh I guess I'll try to find someone else to make him jealous maybe he'll go out with me then but I doubt it. we used to hang out all the time, until he starting ignoring me. I miss him! but I guess I was boring to him. oh well. :( I thought we'd be going out by this summer. I was really looking forward to it. ugh oh well though. :(

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just a push.
by: manny

same situation with my pisces ex girlfriend, i know she wants me loves me, will do most things for me, listing to every thing from topic questions, to serious issues, she will work to make it work,, this is threw fone and text message,, we see eachother its slight different at first we are but in thought mode! until this MAN pisces man that is unbreaks and brings her heart to comfort for smiles and giggles! so over all we are for eachother, but this is were i answer you question... she leaves my house and dont call to let me know she home, ok so i'll text her mamas u home yet? and she replys yes! ok i expect yes babe, etc,etc and a phone call! thers plenty of this situations that go on so i intend to put my foot down and let her break out of her selfishness

by: Anonymous

Yea sorry but Pisces and Sagiturius are probably the LEST me you with BOTH get on each others nerves, beyound the sex there is LITTLE these 2 share in common.
I think your right about him not seeing a long-term relantionship with you, and Im sorry for us Pisceans that is THE most important thing, is how well and how long you guys can stay in a loving commitment.

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