Advice on situation with Taurus man

I'm a Scorpio woman in love with my Taurus man friend.. He's married - his wife has been sick for over 10yrs.. He is the man I love.. We do have a fun friend/lover relationship that has been on/off for the past 2 yrs..

It's so complicated because we also work together.. I don't know if I'm coming or going... I don't know what's right or wrong... AND I don't know how to walk away from this man.. I just know I love him.. ANY ADVICE ON HOW to handle this unusual situation - WOULD BE APPRECIATED..

Sad Scorpio woman..

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back off
by: Reo

Helping a man cheat on his wife is disgusting. Neither of you seem to truly honor a lasting relationship since both of you spit on his marriage. Realize that the chances he will leave his wife are slim to nothing; like most married men, he's using you as a distraction but when the shit hits the fan, he will almost positively go back to his wife. It was she with whom he took a vow, not you. Find a single man, home wrecker.

by: Anonymous

i agree with the comment. women like you make me sick. how can you be with a man knowing that he has a relationship? even worse, he is MARRIED !?? i think you should get a grip of your self because to me it looks like your a wasted person !

by: A Passing Pisces

I was reading the comments and just thought I would like to remind people it takes two to tango.

Of course I don't aprove either, but I hate it when people put ALL the blame on the girl for the man cheating on HIS wife.

Taurus man - been there done that
by: Anonymous

Hello, Here is the problem; he is faithful and cares deeply for you as well and because of loyalty; he would like to take care of the sick person he has dedicated a good portion of his life to and would feel guilty as hell for what he would deem as abandonment on his part, which goes against his very nature. On the other hand you are fulfilling a deep desire as well and he cares for you, but the guilt he puts on himself causes him to waiver back and forth between the two.

This will sound real crazy - if he told you his heart of hearts; you would all live in the same house and everyone would get along and you two would help the sick spouse together and the sick spouse would say you two make a good couple, have at it and everyone lived happily ever after. He is not a polygamist by any stretch; it is just a combo of the loyalty and wanting to please everyone and it is impossible.

He is probably a guilt-ridden wreck which is why you keep getting the mixed signals. On you end this is difficult because you usually read between the lines very well, but this one has stumped you a bit and since you love him; you are dogmatically loyal; thus there is a real dilemma here. I wish I could provide an ideal solution other than the absurd one above, but there isn't one. My advice is that if you love him and want him, then you will need to be patient till something becomes of the sick spouse. For your own sanity; be yourself and be the fun-loving person and quit trying to figure it out; you now know what the core issue is and there is no real solution except to be patient so he can fulfill his obligation to his sick spouse or turn around and never look back.

Good luck and God bless.

Same Boat different Paddle
by: Anonymous

I have known my Taurus for 20 years. We broke up, but we went back and forth, seeing each other and not seeing each other. It was too much for me, so instead of having some nerve and telling him how I felt, so I married someone else and moved away. During the time I was away, my Taurus got married. When I moved back, several years went by, but he was constantly on my mind. My cousin saw him one day and told him I was back in town. She said his eyes lit up and he was excited to hear that. A few weeks later, my cousin saw him again and he told her he was looking for me. I told her to give him my number and he called. We have been communicating over the summer.....but it is obvious that we are still attracted to one another.

His home life is the pits and mine is not much better but I will be telling him how I feel. Not to break up his home, but to let him know that he has always been special to me and he will always be. I do not care if it is just to sit in the same room with each other and breath the same air, I want him in my life.

People judge and that's ok. We all have our opinions and standards that we hold true, but I will tell you this, you can judge me all you want, but whenever my Taurus man wants to see me, it will take hell and high water to stop me.

A Crazy Gemini Female & A Crazy Taurus Male!!! I need Help!
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a Taurus man for 4 months now. He told me he loved me in two weeks. Of course, being a woman I was sceptical of his accusations. So, one week following I love You and me not saying it back, he broke up with me. I am a Gemini and to tell you the truth... I was quite freaking relieved. He is very touchy, sensitive, dry, has no sense of humor, and just plain very uptight!

Well, recently I had been meeting really nice and intelligent men, but since I was just coming out of a terrible 5 year relationship, with someone 13 years older than me. I just really wasn't in the mood for falling in Love. I am 24 by the way! Yeah, exactly. Older men are for some reason attracted to me, and they always want to get married in two days-at least they say and act as if they do.

Anyway, back to my crazy! So after the fourth day of absence he called. We talked, I tried to tell him I really didn't think we were compatible (expecially after the first date, was completly dreadful, and we both decided to give each other one last shot with a second date...Come to find out, we laughed about it). But anyway, on the third week he wanted to have sex. I said no because I was not ready for the emotional attachment. But he was saying all the right things, very handsome, being kind, and we spent everyday together since we meet, but we also argue everyday as well. So... of course I did it, thinking it would get better!

Well let me tell ya! After that shit got totally worst. He said, I was affectionate enough for him. He has to be hugged and kissed all the freaking time. So, guess what? I changed. He said, we are agguing too much he was ready to quit agian...Then, he began blaming all the arguments on me. He will not admit that he pressured me into this whole thing, and that he knewe that we had problems, before I let myself fall head over heels. He used to come to my desk at work twice a day, he use to buy me lunch, he use to call and text all day, and he never had his phone on silent.

Now he is half talking, half giving me emotions, and he is going to go to his Hometown for a week, a day before my birthday... After I went all out for his. We are in a relationship, but he said he did not have to discuss with me how I felt about him leaving. I am so confused and out done. I keep trying really hard to get him back to the man I first meet, but everyday he gets further and further out of reach. I send him love letters and poems. I send him lyrics to songs to show him how I feel. He never mentions it. I also buy cards for him.

This is how I feel part of the day then the other part of the day, he acts as thought he really cares, so I don't know whether to leave or stay. Please help! By the way he is 30, and he used to talk about future plans with me, ha! now he doesn't!

Scorpio Woman, Taurus Man
by: Anonymous

In my experience the best way to make a Taurus or any other man want you is to not need him, be independent, self confident...Remove yourself from this situation slightly, perhaps date someone else, after all- he is! Scorpio women are powerful and strong, show him that. Men love to hunt, make him chase you, it shows him that you are worth the effort if it requires him to work at possessing you, but as a Scorpio, you never will be and that's half the attraction of women such as we.

Pisces Woman, Taurus Man
by: Rosemary

I have been dating my Taurus boyfriend for 8 months. It was extremely rocky because I was still with my ex of 9 years when I met him (the breakup process was very long).
I met my Taurus while on vacation while I was trying to get over my ex. Back home, pursued me intensely for 2 months before we started being exclusive and official. We started quickly planning our future together with aspirations of marriage and then we found out had to go away for 3 months.
When he told me he was leaving for 3 months, he looked at me to see how I would react and he said something about not knowing how it would affect our relationship. He didn't seem very optimistic so I told him that I can't do it and said that I would need to start dating other people and when he gets back we can see where it goes. BIG MISTAKE! I don't know WHY I said it but I just wanted him to say that everything would be fine and I guess it was just my defence mechanism but I definitely didn't mean it. I think I got scared. I have NEVER cheated and would never cheat. I feel like he knows that but he says that peoples words usually become actions.
This was about a month ago and last night he told me that he hears what I had said in his head every day and how he is disappointed in what I said after everything we had been through. He also said he is having a hard time further developing the feelings for me he has and that it just reconfirmed his negative views on marriage.
Since then, I told him I didn't mean it and I just blurted it out because I didn't know how to react. He's tried to get over it and told me last weekend he was over it but he said that he cannot. I've tried everything from being patient, not showing him what an emotional mess I am and telling him I love him and will wait for him and that there is no way I am leaving or seeing other people and that I've never been sure of anything in my life but it doesn't seem to be working. He seems to be testing me.
He's hot and cold, yesterday he told me he loved me and wanted to spend the weekend with me and the next day he was raising his voice and yelled "no" when I asked him to hang out. I can't help but being an emotional mess and he's told me to stop being crazy. He also told me that he just wants to prove me wrong when I said that I would wait for him. He asked me what my turnaround time (basically when I would start dating others) and that “girls like me don’t stay single for long”. He’s leaving for 3 months in 1 month and I want to know whether I should wait or just move him.
This was his full text a few days ago when I told him I loved him “Yeah, but you will eventually let go. I’m just here to prove all you’ve been saying wrong. You will move on. All those tears were to get me out of your system and you are slowly proving that point. Nonetheless I wanna see you doing better with or without me. Goodnight sexy (k).”
Since then, I am trying to be more calm and collective.... any advice? I am extremely depressed.

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