Advice to Libra women dating Aries men

I am a libra girl and WOW all of these posts have seriously comforted me a lot so thank you. I now no longer feel that this is something I'm going through alone.

I'm kind of seeing a Aries male and at this very moment in time i am going through the horrible, heart aching phase where he has told me that things have started to become too heavy for him and so far not been in contact with him for 3days. I can't help myself, I'm going round in circles with this situation, its
frustrating, heart breaking and completely getting me down. I should have learned my lesson not to come on too strong towards him especially after the last 4 or 5 times that i have done this. This is the pattern - we start texting, calling, meeting up, dating, having the most amazing, hot, crazy, close and passionate sex anyone could ever imagine, he chases me constantly, texts all day for days and then i get absolutely nothing - no text or contact
sometimes for days on end, even a week, so then i begin to get insecure and it eats me up inside. This is when i start to ask him questions and ask him to make more of an effort and the reply i get 'please lets leave it for a while, this is all becoming too heavy for me' GRRRRR!

I know we will see each other again and the cycle will start all over again but every time it begins i know im going to come out the other end in so much pain. Each time i tell myself it will be different and that i will back off, play it
cool and start playing hard to get but i still always get myself into trouble with him. When this has happened before i have left it for a while and either i end up contacting him and have to sincerely apologize for my behavior or he
will contact me (i like it better when he comes back to me though).

It's so difficult to get the balance right i.e. play hard to get but show him you want him at the same time arrgghh almost sounds impossible. With this arian male when it's bad it's so bad but when it's good it's absolutely amazing beyond belief. It's the amazing part that i don't want to let go of and i'm hoping one day that i'll be able to master the way of handling this man because i am determined to keep him.

My advice to all you libran girls dating an arian male would be to learn that when he is ignoring you - don't take it personally and try to keep yourself busy, do not bombard him with texts or calls. This is the only way to ensure you won't scare him away. I really need to start listening to my own advice here.

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love testing mine
by: Anonymous

I am a libra woman head over heals for an aries man for the first time. (I had a strange aquarians only rule) We started off just as friends because I was dating one of his friends and it drove him crazy that he couldn't have me. As soon as we started hanging out alone we realized the intense feelings we had. I love testing him and keeping his ego in check and he loves me for it. =)

Love testing mine

It is interesting that your
Aries man loves you testing his ego etcetera...I tend to do that as well, and today seem to have got a positive response...more positive than usual at least.
There is no denying we are made for each other and the love is very real. After watching Shakespeare In Love again recently, I know for sure what I feel is VERY REAL, as I experience everything that Gwyneth Paltrow (another Libran) did in that movie, and my Aries Dragon man is just like Shakespeare, even has the beautiful eyes and similar build, and is very creative and writes beautifully. I love the part where someone asks if she loves him and he replies "She hasn't said so, but I know she does because of her actions' or something to that effect!
I know he loves me, for the same reasons...and that movie was so he and I without the sex(: I wish we could get to that level soon...I have been very patient, and won't give up.

Give me some advice
by: Libra Rules

Wow, these comments about the Aries man is helping me to understand the Aries man that I'm involved with. He is so sweet, kind, and caring. I must admit that I have been clingy, texting, calling etc, but when I don't, he calls or text me back. I don't want to run him away. I really like and I feel he is my husband to be. I haven't dated in nine years. His feelings towards me can be confusing sometimes. He really likes me too, but going through some rough financial times right now. I send him encouraging words and to let him know that I am here if he needs me. He says that he knows all of this. Help me to understand my Aries man and what should I do about our relationship. Continue or let it go. Thanks for the advice

let him think you are letting him be
by: Daughter of Venus

As a Libra dating an Aries Dragon, AD, i think the best you can do is when you with the AD let him feel he is center of your world, when he tells you his issues and challenges, be supportive, so that he knows you care. But do not be clingy, when he goes silent, leave him be, he is a thinker, though does not come up with be soundest advise for himself, lol, but he means well. Leave the door open, and he will come running back, but if you chace him, he will feel suffocated and returning home will be testy as he needs to feel his is 'in charge' of the relationship. So let him think it is on his terms, all the while knowing that you are in control but not calling or texting after him. Remember he already knows you care and are there for him, so don't overwhelm him with 'reassuring Libran messages' rise above and he'll feel secure.

advic e for AD love
by: Barb Libra Monkey

Thank you for that, I have been told a zillion times, but it is so hard to do. However, as I do want to triumph here, I am going to try hard to resist...just like MUSE(: However, I have learnt that there is more to his resistance than meets the eye...and it is what I have suspected all along! He loves me, but is under the thumb of his female boss who pays him well on proviso he services her exclusively...besides the hookers! How do you get around thatone in a small community? I never intend to give up, but will be looking for other avenues to his heart...although I feel I have it, he needs to make a very important decision between his source of income and the rest of his life. does he really want to just service someone like a jugilo all his life, or be truly happy with someone who is devoted to his happiness??? Big call! I recently had a massive argument with his boss who told us both to delete each other's phone numbers...??? What boss has the power to do that withouthaving a hold on the employee? I told her I was sick of her shit and never wish to patronise her establishment again...and that was before I knew the naked truth! No-one tells me what to do!

LI-AR (libra-aries)
by: CGmiami

I soleyly understand all comments and appreciate them. My situation is so similar to most. Dating a aries man w/several children, not a typical 9-5 job (basically on call). Myself, no children and a regular 9-5. when i 1st met him he stated his relationships doesn't last due to his time at work and being spent with his children. However, i told him i was willing to try with him, because i like him alot. So far, time is really not an issue. I see at least once a week sometimes twice. In the beginning he would call, text on the regular. Now we're a few months into dating and the calls come once a week (if that) text msg's are so often (if he don't hear from me). In the beginning, i will text him all the time, but after i saw he wasn't reaching out i decided to slow down with touching base with him to often. Now, he doesn't not respond right away. In the last two days i have not heard from him. I sent a text twice, no response. I can be very attentive at times (not clingy) but also really fast to cut myself loose from someone who is not showing me the attention i deserve. Please advise!!!

Libra Woman - on my 2nd Aries man
by: Anonymous

Wow! Your post could have been avout the last Aries man I dated. He loves the game and the chase. I hate games. We had amazing intimacy and always had fun and lots of laughs. However, when he wanted his peace I would over analyze and I would say "I think we need to keep this at friends." The first time he was ok with it. Then, things heated up again, then he took off again. Then, I only wanted to be friends again. Well, after 3 times he said "Look, hind sight is 20/20, but we should have left this at friends...I don't think any type of romantic relationship is in the cards." The sad part is that I think he is genuinely bummed out about it. We have remained friends, but he'll tease one minute and then be sad the next. I have backed off and keep all texts, calls, and interactions silly and "friendly". He will either come around or he won't.

In the meantime..I met another Aries man that I am much more compatible with, but I only just met him. I fear the same...he seems very into me and wants to see me every day and he is very "take charge". I am almost afraid to engage in anything physical because I fear I will fall. darn these Aries men! They are both very smart, sexy, talented, and mysterious.

mystery woman
by: Anonymous

I meet a guy through my older cousins. Two of my cousins dated his older brothers. One of my cousins has children with his brother anyhow I am a 26 yr old libra woman he is a 25 yr old aries man. We meet 3 years ago and would meet up every now & then but never went out on a date. We would loose contact with each other but he would always seem to find me and ask me to go with him. I guess we were still both back & forth in our past relationships but he contacted me last week and we went out he calls me his mystery woman. Anyhow we had drinks and went back to his place played pool n the basement while watching comedies. Soon after we were kissing and had sex for the 1st time. We sent the night 2gether & I went home. He has not contacted me since & I'm going stir crazy. I really like this guy & I know we both had a good time but I don't understand y he hasn't called me. I have called him & text him & he act's like he is still interested he calls me baby but does not call me @ ALL. I don't know if he is just busy with school starting back 4 him in may & looking for work but a phone call is not 2 much 2 ask 4. Im not going to call anymore & I would like a man's opinion on my issue. I don't want to pressure him but I want him 2 know I am interested in being in his life and not just a booty call or whatnot. I was under the impression he wanted to find real love & now I don't know what happened. I don't regret the sex though I had planned that part out. I have always been sexually attracted to him but after three yrs it was time.

mysterious or manipulative?
by: barb libra monkey

Well, after having read my former blogs from last year, i am left wondering whether I may have just been delusional or plain stupid.
it is hard to now comprehend the incredible level of intensity of feelings I had for the Aries Dragon, who I find has several Libran ladies in his wake.
Maybe I didn't pick up on some vital clues to be with him, or maybe life just isn't ready for us to be together yet. I did have visions of he and I together at a later age, so maybe that is the case...I am at a total loss here.
Meanwhile, he has ensured no-one else will want to be with me where I live, by telling everyone I am a stalker because I txt him whenever I had strong feelings coming from him...psychically. I know he is scared of my visions but also know someone is attracted to me when I see/feel it. The giveaway signs may have something to do with the longing look in their eyes, as well as the suddenly turning up at the place you are and parking right next to you, then pretending not to see you...until you suddenly turn and catch them out, to playing songs that have strong romantic meanings for both at every opportunity when in close range, to sneaking into my unit with possible surprise factor intent, but not actually making contact, just moving things around and ringing the china bell in my lounge.
My immediate problem is, i met a new man who was attracted to me, and whom I had a lot in common with, but he has been told I am a stalker, so the first txt I sent, he got paranoid and told me I was stalking him. The 'if I can't have you, no-one can' seems to ring a bell here don't you think? It is not that I hate this man, I just wish he would come clean with his true feelings or stop trying to prevent me ever finding happiness. I know I should be glad we never had sex, but if we had, it would be so much easier to accept the manipulation...and to justify having spent 2.5yrs of my precious life on someone who allegedly doesn't care at all.
I have had several psychic readings that all declare he is coming to me and will apologise one day soon, but how much faith can I have in them??other than the vision I had myself??
Maybe if I leave this place where there are so many reminders of failure, things will improve, and maybe he will feel less restricted when his acquaintances aren't around to taunt?? All advice accepted here...I am going literally crazy.

Libra woman almost dated an Aries man
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a libra woman and I'm 24, I met this guy who is an Aries and he is going to be 21 soon and I'll be 25 later in the year. I met him back in November via twitter. Me and this guy whom I eventually found out was his best friend were messing around and it just came to a halt because I just got bored with him and he's a Leo. Anyway recently me and this Aries started talking/dating and had intentions in forming a relationship. About a week ago mother nature was nagging me and I was PMSing. We were on the phone talking and I asked him what were we doing because he kept saying he didn't like distance though we live three hours away from one another but made plans to visit each other every other weekend. So his answer to my question was he didn't know which is something I've heard too often in the past and I got angry and went off. That whole weekend we were at odds that Sunday he told me he was still going to try with me he just needed 2 or 3 days. Three days went by and I was having a rough day dealing with my school so I had an excruciating headache. We started texting and the headache was beginning to go away then he goes I'm sorry things can't be the way they were. Not telling me why he decided that put me in an even more bad mood. We didn't talk for days and just talked to him yesterday and he says we can start over as friends but nothing more. But I want to start over as friends and work our way back up. What should I do?

aries see saw
by: barb libra monkey

I too am trying to fathom the direction of the former Aries Dragon's latest taunts.
After no contact for over two months, and he claiming to be madly in love with a lady met online, even having very recently travelled all the way to her country to visit, he turns up at a mutual night spot a few nights ago, but very drunk. He made sure he passed so close to me that I felt his wind and looked up. After I sang and got applause and cheers, he comes past again and when I say hi, turns and abuses me saying I am old, ugly and short-haired (it is not really short) and I can't even sing! Later the bartender told me how he loved my singing and I suggested he tell the Aries Dragon as he thinks it is sh.t, but he is only a fn idiot anyway. He was hiding around the corner listening again! He then came into the room I was in and sits down a bit from me, then repeats out loud everything I say. Next thing he is sitting right next to me and talking normal!! As he had just told me not to speak to him, I spoke easily when he indicated to answer...but not sure whether I should ask a question back...he then gets up and moves back to other end. I later ask him when the bus goes as had too many wines, and he ignored me and walked out. When I did find out,, I got my things and walked to bus right past him. I was singing away to myself as no-one around. Next thing he is running to the bus which was nearby, and cheekily calling out TAXI(: When he arrived we spoke normal again and got on the bus...the same driver was on that was driving the bus on our first conversation trip 2.5yrs ago. Once we sat down, he tried to tell the driver about his trip to China and the driver asked why he went...I said for his missus of course! Well, he spun around and yelled at me calling me a jealous bitch and again that I was old, ugly and short-haired and no-one would ever want to be with me.
It was clear the barman would and that we talked intelligently etc, so I see him as being the jealous one and pissed off that I put myself in front of other men and they liked it. I did txt him a nice txt 2 days later, as couldn't sleep knowing I had not been truthful with him...even though he wasn't with me either. Only white lies, but both want honesty. He won't reply of course, and claims not to read my txt, but uses their content against me in passing...yeh right! I know this may sound ridiculous,, but I love him even more now, and understand he and I both have some brain damage from motor vehicle accidents when we suffered shake up of head...separate events(: I can tolerate him and realise he was drunk. I just hope he will give me another chance when he is ready. My psychic claims he genuinely loves me but needs time so give him space and be patient...I feel the same so shall do just that(:

Leave me pondering
by: Libra Woman

I dated an Aries man about a year ago, after we split, he and I kept....very well in touch, lol but for some reason he won't commit. I don't pester him but he just won't commit. I already told him, I'm not your side chick while you play PIMP with other which he then *from what I saw* stopped acting so flirty with other girls. We went on a date..everything went so well, but he still won't commit...I don't understand him...but if he doesn't shape up soon...I probably end up with someone else...I don't want to let go, but I don't want to keep waiting for nothing

Libra women:RUN from Aries and don't look back
by: Anonymous

Run. Seriously. He will cheat on you right in front of your face and not feel any guilt. It is all about him and his ideas, problems, etc. Very impulsive and active and if you can't keep up, he won't wait. Spent a couple years with an Aries as a casual girlfriend, then another year as a serious girlfriend with an Aries. Never again. Libra and Aries may belong together in the bedroom, but that's it. They hate commitment and are very childish and selfish. They will walk all over you, suck up all the love and positive energy you beautiful Libras have to give and then say you neglect them.

Back & forth
by: Anonymous

I dated an Aries over 18 years ago and we recently re-connected. Reading this page truly gives me clarity as to why we go back and forth. I felt like crap after texting and calling and fb and no response. So this is an Aries pattern. That makes me feel better. Thanks everyone, but the passion is off the chain with these men and us libraians and they just draw you with a simple hello. I want him but I hate him for the game. Can't we just do it without all the back and forth.

Aries man dating libra woman
by: Anonymous

Libra woman are beautiful and attentive .
No big secret to keeping an Aries man . Make him know your his.. He'll shower you with Romance and affection.

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