Advice wanted from Aries man

by Donna
(Rep of Ireland)

Here's the situation. I like an Aries man but he doesn't want a relationship at the moment as just left wifey! I really like the guy and whilst he has told me he is no longer interested in me (wouldn't sleep with him) he's still very sexual towards me. Apart from the obvious thought of just wanting a quickie which he knows he aint getting how can I keep his interest? He has previously asked me loads of personal stuff to which I answered honesty because that's me and I am quite straight myself.

I am not a mind game person but feel like he has played some games with me - like asking direct questions and receiving direct answers and then saying I should have drip fed him. He asked the questions!!!!! He did the usual got nasty, which wasn't nice but heh I realized he was doing it to get a reaction. I backed off and left him be for 3 weeks and now we are back to texting albeit not as much as he had previously used it to be really nasty and childish. I have to see him in two weeks time (he helps with my dog's obedience training) and not sure how to be with him. It had initially been my intention to go there and be my normal happy and bold self obviously looking sexy but subtle as well, Giving him direct eye to eye contact and just being myself. What do you think and are there any bits of Arian advice you can think of to help me out? Cheers!

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an aries man's advice for your aries man
by: Anonymous

make yourself as adorable as you can be then play hard to get.. then pretend that you lose interest of him then he will realize how lucky he is to have you.. you should try it..

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