Affair with a Scorpio man

My best date ever was with a Scorpio male who I'm still head over hills over two and a half years later. I'm Scorpio's secret lover who only gets to see him a few times a year. Scorpio has worked in a few different states since I met him, and even though our adultery is wrong, I can't help to want him more and more. His mysterious "other life" eats at me with curiosity and feelings of unworthiness at times, but I can't see my self cutting him out of my life completely at this time. The comfort, passion, and security I feel around him are like no one I have ever experienced. Even though we are greatly magnetized toward each other, Scorpio definitely has the upper hand in our "friendship" and eventually I feel forced to part from this unforgettable

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need help for my very first scorpio guy and me
by: Anonymous

hi..I met this Scorpio guy 2 years ago due to work related issues..he is a married man with kids..he is married to leo..i was single at that time and being a Sagittarius ,i was busy playing around with other guys who is interested in me and do not even bother him since he is out of my category..however one guy who in love with me that time had nasty comments about me and that Scorpio out of jealousy and thus making me surprise..because i do not interested in that scorpio at all..however time goes by ,i noticed that he was taking care of me in work related matter and my interest shifted to moment he noticed i have some interest in him thru our eyes contatct ,he started pulling himself away from me and even often mentioned about his wife or kids during i was kinda alert and confused..but on the other hand i-my heart or six sense- can feel that he somehow had the attention or feeling towards me...i knew it but i cannot prove was one 1st or 2nd or 3rd time..several times..he was kinda unusual whenever i am around or he pretended not to see me blur blur blur while i was knowing it from my heart that his mind was wondering around about me..sound crazy but i did feel it and see it some of his hidden reaction towards me..once he even misled some of the common friends of having us affair or sex in his car -yet it was not at all however the way he put it was kind of joke so everybody confused why he got to joke that way,,,so thus making me wondering about him rest of the time why he said so..

I was married not long ago to my long term boyfriend..he congratulated me..and now we are contacting each other in sms (less than 10 times) trying to find a way to meet for normal office related lunch date (initiated by me in order to fulfil my word to him a year ago i will buy lunch for him)..i felt more than that..i am so excited..i can feel that we want it more than that..sound so crazy and naughty and unfaithful..i can help it but i really want the experience with any advice? how do you think of his intention /feeling towards me? I am a type of girl who accept people like me or love me only when people mention it..or else i will not assume..i do not know how to assume or how to play mind i know i want him even thou i got should i read his signs?can u read his signals?? please feel free to advice and guide me..

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