Am I Compatible with a sagittarius ?

by Jemma Gallagher

I am a Scorpio woman and i am seeing this Sagittarius man. He is very needy and i like my space how do i go about it ?x

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I don't recommend
by: SoDivine

No Scorpio and Sagittarius' people are not really compatible. We like attention, all eyes on us type of thing. (I'm a Sagittarius woman). That can come off as us being needy. Scorpio's are very private and mysterious whereas we are very blunt and open. And to top the list, we are very independent and that often causes a Scorpio to get jealous and possessive as if we're doing something we're not. When this happens, we then become cold and don't care about pursuing the relationship. I would not recommend it. Just be friends. Leave sex out too.

Not Compatible
by: Anonymous

My advice to you would be to find another guy. Sagittarius and Scorpio are one of the worst combinations, not as bad as Sagittarius and Taurus, however its up there. The home loving, secretive, dominant Scorpio is to much for Sagittarius to handle. His constant need for attention and equal want for freedom and lack of responsibility will have you at your ropes end.

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