Am I wasting my time with my Aries man?

by Anonymous

I am a Taurus woman seeing an Aries man. Things are going good, but occasionally my Aries man shuts down. We do communicate throughout the week and he will call me out of the blue, which surprises me. We sit on the phone for at least an hour whenever we are on the phone. We go out together, walk his dog together, he comes out with some crazy nicknames for me, etc. We get along pretty well. What I don't understand is he doesn't really talk about his feelings and he tends to shut down. He has told me he is afraid of being hurt again, but who isn't? He hasn't really told me how he feels about me, but as I've read... Aries men are like that. What should I do?

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Once hurt, the walls go up
by: Aries

They want to be in a relationship or with someone, but they don't want to be hurt again. He has to learn to trust you and that will take time. You can help this along by being honest, truthful and direct. And don't be too clingy in the initial stages because that will make him run away

Aries and Taurus
by: Anonymous

I am Taurus and he is Aries we were first loves and we meet again after 5 years and i still have a lot of love for him i have carried him in my heart all this time as it is fond memories. But i wonder if he feels the same only in intimate moments does he say he missed me and that he loves me.
Then i will not see him for week or so then it will be a late night call.
So this night i said to him after making love that i want more, he said more what and i never answered.
He had his shower and we kissed goodbye.

Have i lost him as i give him a mid week call and he has not answered my call or got back to me.

Was i to bold to say i want more.

Response to Aries
by: Anonymous

I can't remember how long ago I posted this, but I definitely have worked at his pace. Things are turning out great and he is opening up a lot more. I am not rushing into anything and it's been very nice. There's a lot of excitement and we also have our weekends we just sit and in relax. I've been in relationships where we rushed into things and this is the total opposite. I can actually say I am very happy and he is amazing.

aries shut down
by: Anonymous

That is good to hear that things are working out!

I feel the same that you do plus I am a Taurus! My Aries man shuts down too sometimes and he leaves me wondering if I have done something wrong or if he is having doubts etc... It's very mentally draining when he does this. But when I ask him he says he is okay and that he is sorry and that he is just tired from work. I believe him as he is hard working and puts a lot of energy into all areas of his life.
Good Luck :)

Freedom to move
by: Anonymous

Take heart ladies, you Aries men would not be with you at all if they didn't feel something for you, they are capable of freezing you out all together If the wish to do so, they don't say how they are feeling in depth but you do know :0) if he is making an effort to make you laugh & says & do fun things your well in...ride the close down moments they are worth it, he likes his freedom to come & go he hates restriction & commitment if you can give him this in a genuine way he will love you more.

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