Am I young and dumb with an Aquarian man?

by Angel

So this is a tough situation. I am currently in my early 20's and I am dating a guy who is also the same age as me. We both are hard working people but recently he lost his job. I've noticed that it is becoming overbearing for me to always pay for our outings, dinner, etc. He always says he feels bad that I have to spend money on him yet never says no when I do! Also, I am in school and he is currently trying to get back into school. Right before I met him, he was in a 2 yr relationship with someone who he eventually had a baby with. Off the back, he honestly told me he had a kid but i still took that risk with him. I guess this is the hard part because he does spend a lot of time with me, almost every weekend but its hard during the week because I know he has to see his kid but I also know he has to keep in touch with the baby mother. With Aquarius guys already being hard to read, and them needing their space, I'm not sure if I can deal with my emotions. I tend to easily assume he's talking to the baby mother when he doesn't answer my calls/texts right away. During the week, it's sometimes hard to get in contact with him, and generally he'll call me at night.

I get upset because i'm like you can at least flash a text msg sometime during the day to see how i am doing. Yet when he's with me, he makes me feel like i'm the only girl. He doesn't take calls/texts and he gives me all his attn. Its just during the week, i have the hardest time dealing with.

I don't know!! I mean he has told me that he's over his baby mother and that he wants to take things further with me and he even told me we were boyfriend/girlfriend which SHOCKED ME!! Also something complicated is that I am pregnant with his baby but we have decided not to keep it. I'm not sure if he doesn't want to keep it because he's already young with a baby & also the fact he's not working....OR if he really is with his baby mother and is afraid that she may find out?

Am I blinded or am i thinking too much into it?

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by: Anonymous


Im an aqua man too.

i will tell you to relax, cos i think that u are just thinking too much :)

I think that everything is good between u and him.
Cos we aquarian guys are loyal and if we commit we commit.

Put urself on his place? When dealing with aqua man always try to do this, try to put urself on his place. And sometimes look at the things that are happening in ur lifes from his POV. U will understand us better that way.

I hope i helped :) One love

Aqua guy is right!
by: Sting in her tail x

You need to stop over thinking! As a fellow Scorpio, I can understand where you are coming from but i ruined a perfectly good relationship with my Libra ex because i over thought everything and became very possessive.
Take a step back and look at the situation from another perspective and it may help you gain some clarity.


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