An Aquarius womans thoughts on relationships

by levege

I'm a sun and moon Aquarius woman. Im highly contradicted and spontaneous. The most important thing in the partner of mine is that the person cares and likes my whole personality and crazy behavior but sees straight into the soul, doesn't think the superficial things matter.

Its total turnoff for me if the man doesn't take responsibility or is blind for himself. Or if the man starts to patronize or is too simple in his brain, I sadly lose my interest. Also if the person asks me stupid questions like: "What do you study?" (trivial talks get me doubt the person's creativity and wit) or "Why do you have painting hanging from shower curtain rail in your toilet?" (im bored to explain my actions) I get anxious. I could be seen as picky.

I experience aquariuan emotional life to be a bit secret. I try to be neutral all the time. Other ways I couldn't handle the world. I'm happy if the emotions (and other things) don't come disturbing my lonely, lonely exploration. My present partnership is a reasonable decision, not a hot romance. But I might also give my everything and have huge appreciation and adoration for the person shining enough. Love makes me weaker and stronger and I do consider the weakness as a problem. Also I would love to succeed in the world on my own, completely. I possibly do not engage monogamously. I want to have the possibilities open.

Im having planetary aspects which lessen my independence significantly. I easily get dependent on lovers. That's not very aquarian, and somehow I compensate the thing by belittling the loved people. I might talk to them really coldly, like they didn't have any personal meaning. And cause them a lot of jealous hurt without admitting to notice. My weapon in the hard situations is to rationalize or dissociate. I prefer not to quarrel, I dont see point in it. Somehow Im very aware of all the human emotion things and relationship dynamics and that's why I may act based on the abstract things, not the concrete lust or conventional pattern of falling in love. I think falling in love is not very special thing, it happens. To me, very often and its practical because then I can write poems out of the strong emotions. Then its over and i must continue with a fresh view.

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