Any advice from Gemini females?

I am an aquarius male, really connecting with this gemini female, but she is tough to rope in I have to say. We flirt flirt flirt and talk talk talk until the cows come home but she wont let me kiss her when I try to make a move, although she is constantly throwing out hints that this what she wants.

Tough stuff! ha. Any thoughts from you Gem females about being able to get her over the hump or the gemini-aquarius connection? I've read some stuff about how these two, for the most part it seems incredibly accurate

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Gemini Girlie
by: Anonymous

Geminis need major mental stimulation. It is simply the lubricant before the act of sex itself. We are incredible visualizers, which for some reason or another, is rarely noted. Yet we have shy streaks and have trouble pulling the trigger, even when we really want to. Number 1) Persistance works like a charm with Gemini women--you just have to have patience. They test you to see if you really want them. You may need to just grab her and make out! You will know instantly if she wants you. Number 2) Take control of a Gemini woman sexually-they like to be dominated (not in a weird way) because they often dominate in the social arena and need to let loose in the bedroom. Numbe 3)Be confident with a Gemini woman-it turns them on big time. Even a little cocky if you dare but in a playful way or they will push back if they feel you are conceited. Remember, Gemini women love sexual banter when they are comfortable with you and they will try anything once. But they love deeply, despite all comments to the contrary and contant insinuations that they are cheaters. If you can keep a Gemini happy in bed, she will sing your praises faithfully for years. Keep it sexy-no matter how old your Gemini is. Talking is great to a Gemini and talking dirty is even better!

by: Anonymous

Hey there! Well the talking is in all good fun for us Gemini females, an the flirting is all in good fun as well, and most times we're not very serious about the flirting! As far as her throwing out hints she wants you to kiss her, there is something either holding her back, like another guy, or she is like most Gemini's and really doesn't know what she wants! We change our minds about things from moment to moment... another option is that she is playing a game with you! We love interacting with everyone and we love to see how you react to things! Mane I really feel like she is fishing wit you! Play back and the more you pull back slowly but then flirt and give her just enough to keep her hanging on, the games will stop and she WILL pursue YOU. :p

-Gemini Meagan

gemini woman
by: Anonymous

A gemini needs mental chalenges. Don't simply flirt and talk, talk about deep interesting subjects that will get her brain working. You shoulndn't push her to be somone she doesn't want to be at that time. When she wants to kiss, she will. But she wont do what you want her to do, just because of the simple fact that you want to do it. She'll want to mentally play games with you. Play right back.

(: True Gemini
by: Anonymous

As you must of guessed im a Gemini female aswell. Many reconize us as the life of the party, the flirt, the intellegent one, or caterogize us as the two-faced ones (which as I have researched b/c I couldn't clasify myself as anything close to that, orfcourse, it isn't true, we simply look at situations in different point of views). I must say im a very satifying sexual being, I love trying "out-the-ordinary things", my imagination brings me to try and yearn to learn just about everything. Im very intellegent, love reading :), and even write books myself. I also tend to enjoy mind-games, I love a challenge. Easy, emotional, or simply boring males never seem to atract me (therefore, Im saying, please be a mystery if your trying to talk or make a Gemini women fall in love). I love talking as you must of noticed, and I put my words together nicely :) (talk, talk, talk). TRUST a Gemini, and never attempt to tie us down, its an automatic turn-off. Anyways, I won't bore you, those are just a FEW tips, and trust me a Gemini women is everything you need, want, and always desire so everything will be worth it. :)

by: Anonymous

i believe the gemini will probably make the first move...and make it obvious when she wants to be kissed. im a gemini hope this helps xx

Intelligence and communication are key
by: Gemini w/ Libra Rising

I'm a Gemini woman with Libra Rising, but I have a lot of earth in my chart, so I'm a bit more grounded than most Geminis.

You said all your Gem wants to do is talk. Keep talking. I agree with the other commenter, you have to be a little cocky without seeming conceited. Gemini's love to be intrigued and they love attention. But, the easiest way to seduce a Gemini is to seduce her mind. If you cannot show her that you are her intellectual match (or better yet, smarter than her, which she will love), you won't get anywhere.

We love light flirtation. Being too aggressive is a turn off. Flirt and tease and keep the air of mystery alive. Touch her teasingly.

If she thinks you only want sex from her, she'll probably back away from you and keep you at arms length. You can be a little assertive as long as you are getting good feedback from her.

simple Advice
by: Gemini 6/09

Im a gemini woman and i do love to talk as well however if you are intelligent and can tell me something i dont know or what you absolutely believe in or dont agree with let me know, Gems we like a good battle of wits. It's all in good fun and if you can be a little mysterious by all means please be mysterious. Back of a little show that you have some stuff to do even other girls around ...ha we are not jealous at all.speaking for myself and ive read quiet a few articles about how our hands and our imaginations are key. So why not hold her and even lightly caress her hands you dont need to kiss her lips to find her passion and oh help her visualize...compliment on the way of her walk the curve of her kneck something sexy but sensual...anyway yes we love to flirt but we love attention as well does not have to be the pushy kind use ur imagination she sure will if you can get her

by: Anonymous


Game free
by: Gem with Aquarius rising

I think there is a fine line with playing mind games with a gemini woman. Mystery is great to a point but a well developed gemini will want to know what's behind the mystery & and the mask~if in fact she is truly interested. I strongly agree with previous comment that confidence and persistence are key to scoring your undercover gem. I've met some gemini women that seem to be all flash, little substance & enjoy the game. Stay far away from this type. If your gem continues to play games indefinitely, she's not worth your time. No friendship,let alone a relationship, should be based on how long you can sustain the mystery to keep her interested. Most gems are highly intelligent, however many may be reluctant to admit they manipulate their partners if they think they are boring/too easy. She either wants to pursue this as a friendship or something more. Tell her what you want & she's responsible for the rest.

by: Anonymous

I have been dating an Aquarius man (he is the first one i have ever known) and am absolutely crazy about him. I truly think Aquarius is the best sign for Gemini...Aries is second. It has been the best sex i have ever experienced and i believe it is so electric because i am so enthralled and fascinated by his mind...highly intelligent, creative, off the wall at times, open minded, confident, and cool headed. I love how he keeps me guessing about what he will do next and he is adventurous. The only down side and problems we have experienced is that he sometimes is too aloof and inattentive to me. I don't always know where i stand with him or if he really is devoted to me. And he tends to lose patience and gets frustrated with my changing moods. As a Gemini...we appreciate being told directly how someone truly feels about us or what they want because we are straightforward even if we may feel differently the next minute. Don't beat around the bush with us or play games...though we love games...not with our hearts...we will figure it out and be gone in a blink and not look back.

advise from a gemini woman
by: Anonymous

I am a typical gemini woman, and I must say I get interested in a man if it´s not so obvious that he is in to me... if your gemini woman is playing that hard to get with you (and it´s not always intentional, we have lots going on ; ) why don´t you back off a little bit, don´t contact her for a while, or answer her calls or texts for a couple of days, this will most likely make her more interested and warm for you next time you meet.

When you finally do...we LOVE creative, new, fun activities... if you invite her for a date, why don´t you take her paint ball shooting or better yet, to an amusement park... you will definately have fun and you will see her wild side (careful).

Personally, what made me CRAZY about this (sagittarius) guy that I´m seeing is that first, he ignored me, then slooowly he started to show interest, and then he would back off a bit, and most importantly he would make me wait a looong time know. He would tease me so much, he almost made me beg for it ; ) and when it finally happened... wow... amazing...always coming up with new things which is essential, because the biggest nightmare of a gemini woman is to get bored. Good luck - you will have the time of your life but take care of your heart!

Maybe She's Superficial?
by: Sara

The one thing I have read up on Geminis is that we are superficial. I am a Gemini woman and I never agreed with Geminis pinpointed as being superficial but looking over the past 6 years of my dating life as a single woman, I have turned down many men that would have treated me and my son well and whom would have been great partners all around, all because they simply were not attractive enough or were not confident enough. So if you find her not wanting to be intimate with you on any level, if could very well be that she is not attracted to you, sorry to be so blunt.

But you can counteract your lack of attractiveness to her by being confident i.e. just go in for the kiss. We like take-charge men. It's extremely sexy and turns me on big time! I am completely turned off by shy guys because chances are if they are too shy now to kiss me then they are gonna be a hot mess in the bedroom.

I also agree with the previous comments about Geminis need to be dominated in the bedroom so BE CONFIDENT. Not cocky cause that will turn us off but just enough to let us know that you think you're hot and that you will make a lasting impression on us.

by: Anonymous

"Personally, what made me CRAZY about this (sagittarius) guy that I´m seeing is that first, he ignored me, then slooowly he started to show interest, and then he would back off a bit, and most importantly he would make me wait a looong time know. He would tease me so much, he almost made me beg for it ; ) and when it finally happened... wow... amazing...always coming up with new things which is essential, because the biggest nightmare of a gemini woman is to get bored. Good luck - you will have the time of your life but take care of your heart!"

Oh my gosh I KNOW what you mean! I am absolutely head over heels for a Sagittarius man and he does the same thing to me!! Keeps me guessing :)

All good answers!
by: Anonymous

As a Gemini woman I agree with the information here - be confident with her, tease her, be mysterious and keep her guessing. Be dominant once you get her in the bedroom, not in a freak way, lol and she'll be mad over you!

Do not, do not, do NOT be needy or clingy!

by: Anonymous


Seducing Your Gemini
by: Gemini Babe

Hello! So I know this will sound weird, but try distancing yourself from your Gemini. We love to chase people and if their to easy we become bored and may just string them along as a play thing in between our short term flings. Try little things like not being the first one to text the other person and if she does text you back immediately, wait a couple minutes before responding. Gemini's love dirty talk so that may be all she's after. If you want to change this be mysterious, make her want to get to know you. One thing is to beware is she talks in riddles, then she is playing a game, and if you're not careful, you'll get hurt.

Understanding a Gemini Woman
by: Geminichique

You are always dealing with two different woman at the same time. You may see a woman that just oozes sex but inside we're a shy little girl so that's why you're getting the signals but not the action. Believe me she wants to jump your bones but you have to deal with the shy little girl first. The next time your with her and your both laughing, slow yours down, look at her with smoldering eyes while you reach for her hand and slowly turn it while you lift it to your lips and kiss her inner wrist. After that nature should take it's course and then be ready for a wild ride. You'll be dealing with so many sides of this women you may be pulling your hair out. When she's crabby and giving you a hard time, tie her up (gag her if you have to), be a barbarian/warrior, show no mercy. When she's the sweetest woman in the world then make hot, passionate love to her all night long. Never hold a Gemini woman down and she'll make you the happiest man in the world!!!

How to get a gemini
by: Gemini Star

The person who said persistance is right, persistance will work for a gemini girl. I have eventually let my guard down to men who have persisted and chased me, even when I was not attracted to them at all. I only have long term relationships so when a man shows persistance I know that he is a keeper. If you are considering what others are saying about ignoring a gemini I would only do it for a day or two, coz they will just think, he's not that into me, so f' him I'll move on. And gemini's generally have more than one suitor to choose from, so be persistant, let her know that you are the only one that can see through her, she is looking for a soul connection, whether that be for the day, week, month, year. It doesn't matter, shes not afraid of change. She just needs intellectual stimulation, to be able to laugh with you and great sex. Persist and you will have your girl.

by: Anonymous

I love this gemini gir.l. but just few hours back got in to fighting.. she never uses abusive words.. but her angry at me causing me somuch of pain..

she likes attention.. she need respect... but dont allow to touch when she knows..

if i miss her that will be the big loss.. yes iam a bit clingy but how can i help ? being saggie means i need to be so clingy..
any helps?

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