Aqaurius girl eye contact what does it mean?

by John

There is this Aquarius girl I know and whenever I am alone in class she starts conversations with me or when given the opportunity she will approach me and sit close to me. She is VERY pretty (easily one of the prettiest in the school) We flirt a bit and have really great eye contact; we held it for about 20 seconds once and we were less than a foot away from each other. But the confusing part is that she mentioned that she had a boyfriend... I am way confused right now and any input from Aquarius girls would be appreciated. I just really like this girl but I'm confused at the same time...

BTW: I am a Gemini guy (she doesnt know thats my sign)

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eye contact and Aquarius
by: Anonymous

Hi I am an Aquarius female and having read your words i know where you both are at i think. Firstly Aquarius are sociable, flirty, intellectual and attractive people. Combined these gifts can confuse you into believing that she is deeply attracted. Aquarius does rarely cheat however if unhappy they may then do, so do you want to be the one she cheats with or on? Be her best friend wait around flirt with others but make her feel you like her too and she may look at you in a different light. They say only a man who becomes her best friend has her heart. Then Aquarius does not cheat.

Miss Aquarius
by: Anonymous

I am a Aquarius women and I always look right at someone in their eyes when talking to them. Does that mean I like them, no I just believe it is very important to look at someone in there eyes because that's how I can understand that person better and I get a chance to look into their soul.

by: Anonymous

Since I'm an Aquarius women honestly speaking I do look at someone a lot longer when I am attracted to them. At least 10 seconds longer. Since you guys stared at each other for 20 seconds I sense some attraction. Especially for Aquarius women. We don't stare or even talk to men we don't like. At least we don't show them that much attention if were not interested in you.

This is me
by: Anonymous

Well, All I know is that I'm an Aquarius Woman, and I stare my Pisces in the eyes all the time. Mainly because his are are beautiful. But as the other comment said, I tend to look people in the eyes when talking. Its rude not to. however, if I'm not interested in a guy, I won't talk to him. I'll try not to look at him or make eye contact. But for me, there are different types of interest. I have mainly guy friends because I can't deal with the girl drama for long. So I'm interested in guy friends, but when there is that special one I have my sights on, I can't stop talking about him and I'll often ditch the guys for him.

strangest aquarius
by: Anonymous

i'm an aquarius and i have hard time looking at guys in the eyes straight for long esp. if i like them cuz i get shy. But if she looks at you in the eyes for it means she's comfortable with you and there's just something about you or ur eyes that makes her wonder. But you should know that she wouldn't cheat on her boy friend even if something is wrong in her relationship. I wouldn't unless i broke with my bf and that wouldnt be cheat. So I think you should just be her friend for now and still show her that you like her (don't exggerate, you might freak her out). After an aquarian girl won't totally fall for a guy she's not friend with first.
P.S.: Stay a little bit mysterious if you really want her cuz we like that and get us to sick for more and who knows she might like what she finds ;)

by: Aquariuschicka

basically she must like you because we are generally nice people. Just dont get confused because maybe she just wants someone to chat with for a bit :)

by: Anonymous

well she is interested in you but if she has a boyfriend then dont expect more then what she hads already shown you. well personaly i think its rude not to look in to a persons eyes when you are talking to them but i always look away at one point or another i only look for a long time if im interested in the person like she has but by interested i mean you seem like a person she would get a long with. give her some time and just be her friend for now if you make a move on her and she is still with her boyfriend chances are your friendship will end there so dont try anything on her but show her u r interested in her 2(we aqauriuses hate insincerity btw) .and ur a gemini! perfect for an aqaurius!
good luck:)

crazy aquarius :)
by: Anonymous

well i believe there is some attraction like us aquarius girls say we dont often stare into someones eyes unless there is some attraction.
its reall weird when i talk ith a guy im very into and were communicating and have lots to talk about i fall under a guys spell kinda quick..i hate it! but then again we are very sociable and have plenty of friends from younger to older.. i do also like to have guy friends instead of the girl drama cant trust to many females. but i think theres some chemistry between the two of you if shes giggling and smiling all the time u got her buddy! :)

Aquarius woman
by: Anonymous

It spuds to me the first few moments she was studying you. She more than likely has an inkling of what your like and she really likes youvas a friend and likes talking to you. She more than likely can feel very strongly that you like her Whig is why she's saying she has a boyfriend out of the blue like that. So you won't be confused about the situation lol but she doesn't want that to affect your guys friendship or closeness she might be feeling. We're the natural flirt type. We could be flirting up a thick storm and to us it's really just talking. We don't see flirting because to us our friendly is apparently considered flirting lol. Shes making sure you wot get mixed messages or hurt in all this because when we like a friend we love our friends lol and geminis and Aquarius are naturally sexually attracted to each other. So I wouldn't put it past her of she's feeling a bit of that. She's reassuring herself as well as you. So please dot push the idea any further. Itll most likely make her heavily uncomfortable and drive her away. Then you guys wot even have tour friendship to fall back on. That's my take on it. I've dated geminis before and have gotten in trouble with on while I was with someone else. Gemini is probably an aquarius' bigget temptation.

eye contact with aquarius
by: gig

i am an Aquarius woman, and the eye contact is important to me, it tells me a lot about you but also lets you know i'm interested in what you have to say, and in you. yes we like to flirt and have fun doing so, but we are loyal and if we already have a boyfriend we will not cheat. although your attention toward us makes us even that much more interested in you. so don't worry about the way the girl behaves because you won't know what she really thinks of you until she's ready to tell you. being an Aquarius woman, i like to up front and forward with how i feel about anything. just don't worry, but be her best honest friend.

One of the many faces of Aquarius Woman
by: Anonymous

Aquarius women are strange. We don't look at life thee same as others. A male with a good conversation strkes us as lures us in to form a bond , Not neccesarily for dating, but to stir the mind. Often my best friends are male because they are not stuck on jealousy (in one form or another). If you try to make a love move too soon that will turn us off and that pre-formed bond is broken. I suggest play it by ear, don't move too fast or too slow, either way you lose our interest. When I meet someone I like or show an intererst in, I can mentally speed up the picture to our first date,first disagreement, our lives after 5 or 10 yrs, our kids,etc....I picture how it could be, then its up to me if I want to see how close the mind world fits the so-called reality. I bore quickly so my mind has to stay sharp to keep me in this world or realm.

i lov bein a aquarius
by: angie

i lov being a aquarius because we r intellegent yet we r also pretty sometimes are witty and funny and sometimes we r competitive and im very competitive. sometimes we r impaseint .AND I LOV MY ZODIAC SIGN

Is she being faithful to me!!
by: Mr Anonymous

I have a question for Aquarius woman?????(b4 i ask) I am a pisces male totally in LOVE wit my Aquarius woman! Weve been together for 3yrs but known each other for 4yrs!! She just been promoted @ her job and is now presently speak on a business trip for her training for her position!! Its a week long trip and mind u this is the longest we've been away from each other!! I let her have her freedom with ease bcus i believe in her and wat she wants in life!! B4 she left she said she would text an call me(which i knew she wouldnt) whenever she got a break or shes out of training! My ????? she being Faithful to me?? Cus she called me the first day, text me the next day, and i havent heard from her at all 4 nearly 2 days! Mind u the texy an calls came out her mouth!! How come shes not keepn up with her word?? And why the sudden change????

eye contact
by: uNiQuE aQuA

well, im an aqua .. and i can say that i do a lot of eye contact when im talking to someone. by that, i do analyzing their behaviour and what they are thinking. but my friends telling me, they are scared when they look into my eyes because they think im searching something in them. lol.
and hey ! u are compatible with this aqua girl ur talking about,, :) cheer up! be friend to her first. u know, aquarians like to hav friends .. A LOT. but u said she has bf, well, i can only say, goodluck! hehe .. aquarians are very loyal when they are in a relationship. she;s not flirting with u, she just want to be ur friend. that's satural to us.

here's some help
by: Anonymous

I'm an aquarius girl and I must say WE LOVE GEMINI BOYS. But aquarius is cautios about running into a relationships. I always make eyecontact with guys i like. From her this is a sign that she probly really likes what she sees. You should go for it but don't sound too lovey dovey clingy. be humerous and flirty.

by: Anonymous

I'm an Aquarius and I would consider it a sign of trust or maybe respect. But I really would not know because I haardly ever look people in the eye.

Searching for Trust
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aqaurius so I've done this before. This girl was trying to see if you were trustworthy. You see, Aquarius women can sense when a man is bluffing or untrustworthy if they look into another's eyes. Your eyes are the windows to the soul, after all, and she clearly saw something in you that attracted her. That's why she looked in your eyes.

crazy for aquarious lady
by: shazil khan

i am a pisces man and in my experience i am always dragged to aqua lady..i donot know how.... they have eyes those can drive romantic men like me..just crazy... i love to to lock eyes with aqua... this is the one of the ferfect way to bring them closer... you can say anything fearlessly when she locks eyes...she cannot resist if you hold her eyes and let them feel your breath.. here you will truly see what she is by heart...

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