Aqaurius woman CAN be emotional

by Djp

i'm an Aquarius woman, they say we are very emotionally detached, which yes is very true... but when i've been in love i've been very affectionate, loving and emotional so we aren't cold hearted all the time. as for the unpredictability... yeah... dont ever try to predict us. once you think you know us we will come out with a whole 'nother side to us and shock you! i like gentlemanly men, who wont rush me into things, (especially into bed) and into relationships. i'm very skeptical, maybe thats just me though. hope this helps? x

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Thank You!!
by: Anonymous

That was such an honest post, and I kmow exactly what you mean by being an Aquarius women. It's like yes we are emotionally detached, but when we're with the right person we can be emotional, caring, and loving. And you're right again NO RUSHING!!! Lol

by: gig

yes djp(england) i agree, i am an aquarius woman and i think we do have an unpredictable nature to us, but yet we are loyal and faithful to our mate, and i think we are unpredictable because we like to keep the excitement going in our lives which in turn keeps people interested in us and keeps life itself interesting. although we do have an emotional switch that can be turn on and turn off easily, because we are very loyal and faithful that switch can be turned on with a power of emotions with it, and at the same level, when the trust in our mate is broken , that switch is turned off just as quickly. personally, that trust in my mate is the basis for a big part of our relationship.

I can cry and feel too..
by: Very emotional aquarius

I hate it when they say we are not emotional because we are.I am 100% aquarius not a cusp and still i am very emotional.I think outsiders get this image because we are emotionally reserved infront of them.I got hurt on the leg very badly and the pain was unbearable.Their was blood clot in my right knee.I felt I would die with pain but I still didn't cry because I was embarrassed to cry infront of strangers.I hate to show my vulnerability to others.I don't want them to see my weaknesses.I am head strong stubborn so being weak and vulnerable will take away from my strong nature.I like it when people tell me that they are amazedand and how much they admire my strength and knowledge.I've had so many health and relationship issues but I never let it effect me and my positive mind.We aqua do show emotions but only to people who are very very close to us.For me that's my parents and my life partner.I am not afraid to show them my vulnerable side.I can cry,beg,laugh,sulk,make a fool of myself,joke,hug,miss,throw tantrums and fight with them.I close down for any person who cheats me,bitches about me and hurts me.Mostly aquas hide emotions because they despise heavy emotional dramas.I have a super sensitive aunt who creates drama out of nothing and doesn't get along with my mom.But my mom is more forgiving because she's her younger sister.Every time we went to her place she made a scene.She would pick fights with my mom over nothing.I never spoke to her whenever we went to her house.I was both shocked and disgusted with her behavior.She even got emotional and told mom that you daughter doesn't speak to me.I told mom that's beacuse I'm scared she'll twist something that I say and pick a fight with me.It's been 6 years since I've moved away from home and I haven't spoken to her at all although mom still keeps visiting her.It might be difficult for other signs to understand but I know my fellow aquarians will agree with me.I am very emotional aquarius but only infront of 3 persons.

by: Anonymous

Totally agree with the emotions. Just because you don't always see it, doesn't mean they aren't there. When I am in a loving relationship with a partner, or have a very close relationship with a frind, they get to see my emotion! The one thing I will point out that I struggle with showing empathy so I'm not great as a shoulder to cry on. I tend to think very logically and so my advice tends to be more logical than emotional. When I broke up with my longte partner, I was able to detach my self emotionally from the situation very quickly and used logic to get myself out alive!

Lady Aqaurius
by: Anonymous

I'm a Aqurius woman, and when I'm in a relationship I'm very attentive and giving , but I don't trust easily. I enjoy my space to do what I like. I can be a bit detach in away at time , but I always care although I may not show it.

A mistake astrologers
by: Anonymous

I hate the way they say aquarius woman are not emotional YES I AM ! I live affection and love giving it. I am not easy to get close too but once I let you in I pull no punches. I also find that the compability of certain signs with mine like virgo for example they say our match is like a 1 on the Richter scale to last or even to be compatible at all I find that hog was. I am involved with a virgo man and are compatibility is breathtaking. The only thing I agree with is we like our own space and like to take it one day at a time. I'm not sure who ever is doing all these personality determinations but I think they should re-evaluate what they are saying.

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