Aqua Girl & Leo Man

by Kiera

I've been with my leo man for almost 5 months. Just this week he told me that he feels a "family" type of love.. That he knows he loves me but isn't in love with me. And there isn't a sexual attraction for about 2-3 months. He also mentioned running into his ex of 2 years. She treated him like dirt towards the end and even cheated on him. I don't know what to do. We had plans of having our own apartment and everything. He's so set on not having us "work" anymore. I feel like I've been led on after only a month and a half of a REAL relationship.
When we first met, it was on a dating site. A few days after we
started dating I broke it off because I got cold feet. But when I
realized I missed him and wanted him back, we started over again.
During those 2 weeks of the breakup, he'd text me and email me begging for me back to give him a real shot. And now that I dropped everything for him and gave him a second shot, I'm being dropped. What can i do?!?! He was so in love with me and now it's like he just switched off all of his feelings for me and shut himself out.

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Sorry if it's too late
by: Anonymous

I am an aquarius girl myself and I am actually interested in a leo guy. But, I am here to tell you that, even though it hurts, I think you should just stop giving him your attention. Trust me, leo men HATE it when you ignore them and believe it or not, it attracts them to you more when you do so. Sometimes to get somone's attention, you have to stop giving them yours. I really hope you read this and hope that I am not too late.

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