Aqua Man Scorp Woman

This has proven to be the most interesting relationship I've ever been involved in .. I've had my share of the zodiac .. however this Aquarius man has my mind so wrapped up. He has the power to bring me out of my funk and can give me a smile I didn't know I had in my possession. However he does have his moments where he needs his time to his self and has plenty of women friends. I've come to learn that if I give him his space and keep my confidence in our union strong he's the best man I could have asked for. He listens and watches my moods and can tell the change whether it be good or bad. He can read me like a book .. I love him for that ..The sex, the best .. This Aquarius/Scorpio union wasn't suppose to last but were giving it all we got and I'm amazed in it ..

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Keep going
by: Vlad

No...keep're giving me hope with this girl I love...she is a Scorpio...

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