Aqua Man Scorp Woman

by LovingThisMan
(Raleigh )

Ive been dealing with my aqua man for over a year now and he is completely hot and cold .. one moment he is loving and attentive the next moment he is demanding and distant. He's currently going through a divorce after 12 years of marriage and his financial status isn't the best, which isn't an issue for me; but it truly is one for him. We did have a title in the beginning but now were just friends but we do everything as if we are in a relationship. His idea, not mine. However he often refers to himself as my man. I don't argue with him because it is pretty much pointless. He's angry a lot and I'm not sure as to why. Sometimes out of the blue he just says the sweetest things and wants to spend a lot of time with me, but its like he's so all over the place. I know the Aqua man doesn't deal well with emotions, so I texted him one night and told him love aint suppose to hurt and he replied, its hurting. So I don't know how to deal with my hurt Aqua man .. Its really pushing me away that he's so mean to me like I've done something to him. I am a patient scorp woman but my patience is running thin. HELP*

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Space is A must
by: Vlad

First of all,,Aquarius get hurt a lot...we are tough guys but we hold everything inside to much..thats why those anger burst come out...if says he loves you..its the real thing...if you are on his ass 24/7 he will be more and more distant...we need out space...we love that but we love our women even more...

treat him with kindness, flatter him, feed his ego, he will love him, dont let your ego get in the way. - Did i tell you its equal to his
by: scorpion colleena

Whoa! Scorpio, this aquarian man is going through a divorce, dealing with money problems, and now he has to deal with your emotions. Just, cool it down, he has a lot on his plate, and if you have taken the time to read up about some of the other comments that have been made on this forum, you should count yourself lucky. I am surprise he has not run away, and gone into his time out zone. Which would really have you guessing and playing a waiting game. You will really have to have patience, if you want to resolve this situation. Let him deal with the matters at hand and give him your full support, yes they do blow hot and cold, this is normal. It does'nt mean you have done something wrong, its just their way. In some cases the aquarian man can be so cold towards the warm and emotional Scorpio- that the scorpio walks away, because they get tired of waiting for him to warm up and change- that is only going to happen in a course of time, and once they trust you mentally, which means he has you all figured out in his brain, and now he can trust you to be his best friend and his lover, and his secret self,which he only reveals to the one he love, in the same way that if the aquarian has figured out all the mysteries of his partner, and he gets bored he will just walk away, and not even turn around to look back, they are more than capable to doing this. I am not taking his side, because i am scorpio to, and i know how much you are hurting. Ask yourself, do i want to be in a relationship like this, do i love him enough to compromise, and have a meeting of the minds, where nobody is in control, or am i going to walk away. Well, Scorpios, don't walk away from any thing at a drop of a hat, they are very determined people, sometimes to much so, because they love to wear the i am in control hat. Just, chill and, maybe you will find that lovable, cheeky, fun loving guy, that you met the first time around, that you were drawn to. Good luck, stay strong. Nothing is insurmountable to a scorpio, they have the power of pluto and mars on their sides, and they are mighty big guns to be carrying around, be careful use them only in an emergency. Which i know you will.

he makes me crazy
by: Anonymous

So I'm a Scorpio girl, and I met this really funny Aqua man we clicked right off the bat, he had the most beautiful green eyes... we became good friends, and would hang out when ever we could... finally when we could no longer keep our sexual drive under wraps we did the deed.... wow great, but soon after I could see that he was starting to keep his distance... long story short he was always so hot and cold up and down, from what i have been readign these two signs are like oil and water, as far as an EMOTINAL lasting relationship is concerned........ Scorpio's PERIOD are very passionate, emotional people.. we NEED that constant loving feeling , or we are not happy at all... im saving myself any more heart break and jumping ship, dont get me wrong I love this guy, but he is TOO MUCH FREAKING WORK... I CANT READ HIM im an open book ... run while you still can... im done crying, feeling hurt.. its just their way, and i now except that !

Bigtime Fabricators
by: Miss Scorpio

I agree with everyone here, too much work, hot one minute, cold the next, then he disappears, and now he has been gone for going on 2 months, and I have found out he has been lying to me this entire time, about his relationship status, just everything was a fabrication, and it's sad because I thought he was really genuine and sincere. Maybe all this was to win me over, because he came full speed ahead, proposed marriage, promised me the moon and the stars, bent over backwards to get me, then just up and disappears. From what he tells me women current and past chase after him all the time, so maybe he's waiting for me to do the same happenings, especially after finding out he has been lying, and on top of that he's an older aquarian which really gets my goose, why lie and fabricate, building himself up to be this very upstanding, well-to-do, rich, popular, best thing walking, etc. All in his mind perhaps? It seems. So maybe that's why he has crawled back into his own madeup world, he felt he was about to get tripped up by me because he started to run out of his Indiana Jones stories to tell....unbelievable. He even had the audacity to ask me why I ask so many questions...but it was okay for him to question me all day everyday and always think I was lying to him. And I had previously read that these guys are liars, didn't want to believe it, but now I do. Wow, just wow. He does not know I know the things I do about him, and if he were to come back into my life I wouldn't even mention it, but he will never be what he once was to me now that I know what a big liar he has been and not what he portrayed himself out to be. I hope he finds happiness in all the things he asks for in a woman, but as a Scorpio woman I don't put up with bs and I don't like my intelligence being played with.

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