Aquarian guys what the hell?

by ronda

im in a relationship with an aquarian guy. im a pisces. at first everything was great, we had lots of sex, then it became less and less frequent, and the hugs started dissapearing. we still hang out a bunch, but he is not as warm with me. he hates answering his phone and i have constant worries that he is interested in other people, he (the great aquairian truth seeker) has lied to me a few times in the past. everytime we hang out is great ! we have almost the same interests and humor, but he has gone cold. what up with that? any thoughts?

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To the gentle-hearthed Pisces
by: Anonymous

Sorry to laugh at your story (though your story is painful, and my laughing is cruel), but my message had to begin like that.
I am an Aquarius bastard. Although I seem like a bastard, I can feel your pain and I would like to help you. I feel that it should be my karmic duty to explain the unconsidered and painful Aquarian behavior and to offer you a relief.
I might have done that too (and I certainly disappear). My dancing partner is Pisces, so I know how gentle souls Pisces have (note: to me that is boring).
Explanation: HE HAS LOST INTEREST IN YOU = he does not have faith in you = he does not see his future with you = he hoped that you would change, but you didn't . . . . = he lost interest in you. You should turn a new page in your life.
………….. Here I could write a lot, but it is worthless. Be reasonable and pragmatic as all women are, and move on with your life – without him. To him you were just an episode in his life, and he obviously tries to start a new one.
I hope you can handle the truth. Good luck

my comment.:)
by: Anonymous

okay i am also a pisces and i am dating an aquarius. and i have the same problems as you do only not to the same extent. when my boyfriend gets a little space-y(i know that isnt the right word but hopefully you understand what i mean)i just wait. i wait until it passes. if it doesnt pass, try to fix it. my aquarius and i communicate with eachother alot! we dont hold i dont know if it is the same in your relationship but talking may do the trick. Ask him STRAIGHT UP! go from there depending on the answer you get. also keep in mind that aquarians guys like their individuality. my boyfriend and i are in a very serious relationship but at times he needs his own space, now being a pisces it was very hard at first for me to give him that space but i am all about what he needs and wants. thats just the way that i am. try not calling for a while. he has your number right? he'll get ahold of you if he is really into this. if i have learned anything in this relationship its that he will get what he wants. =] good luck!!!

A relationship needs giving and receiving from both sides!
by: Anonymous

I'd listen to the first comment . Move on . He's lost interest in you. The second comment just proved how "weak" a Pisces is . It's not only about what he wants and needs, it's about you too! If you're in a VERY SERIOUS relationship like you stated then he should have compromised abit. Why is it just you? Maybe in the beginning, he'll be flattered but soon he'll get bored because he does need abit of will from you, Pisces. If he can walk all over you so easily, he'll slowly distant himself from you. It sounds to me , it's a relationship of convenience for him till he can find THE ONE!

Aquarius Male
by: Dahron

Ok, to answer your question. Aquarius males LOVE sex. You both had each other at that point,because i know it was full of life. But you lost him when you started to get "clingy". By clingy, I mean when you start putting your emotions into it. Aquarius' are very well against letting our emotions get the best of us. If there are emotions involved, your best bet is to count us out. A nother thing you did wrong is trying to make him all yours, you messed up BIG TIME, we love our freedon, and he felt as if you were taking that away from him. If an aquarius likes you, HE WILL LET YOU KNOW, we only are attracted to people we know that will make us use our minds, we are very observant, thats how we know who those people are. We sit and observe, then we make our move, may not all happen at once, but we will.


im in a relationship with an aquarian guy. im a pisces. at first everything was great, we had lots of sex, then it became less and less frequent, and the hugs started dissapearing. we still hang out a bunch, but he is not as warm with me. he hates answering his phone and i have constant worries that he is interested in other people, he (the great aquairian truth seeker) has lied to me a few times in the past. everytime we hang out is great ! we have almost the same interests and humor, but he has gone cold. what up with that? any thoughts?

i know your pain
by: broken gem

aquarius men are cold and heartless i wasted 3 years with one im a gemini and im supposed to be compatible with them i will never get another aqua man all the other women can have them i gave him my heart he gave me stone all he cared about was his friends so they can have his ass funny thing is since i left him and dont want him back all of a sudden he wants me he loves me so he says if him ignoring me and not coming home some nights was his love he can keep it my advice hunny is to move on his hot cold nature is no good for a beautiful pisces becouse you actually have a heart he has an ice box sorry about the long rant the break up is only 3 months old

to all
by: Anonymous

having Aquarius is sick.. no emotion means no passion.. how can you do sex with no emotion? unless they are not human right? hahahhaa..let, go girl, i hope aquarius male will find a woman that will love them with all their heart, despite of being manipulative, control freak, hot and cold, not sweet, insensitive, and childish. Good luck.. Pisces girl, just want to have love and care dont you get it aqua boy?

1 lesson u girls forget
by: Anonymous

did your ex-boyfriend aquarius forget to tell u girls before broke up,for not blame others when some shits happens to you?if so,then that is their fault.lets blame them 4 it!

In the Dark
by: Anonymous

As this is hard for me to admit but I am going to....I was seeing an Aquarius man whilst I was already in a relationship with another man. I told the Aquarius man I had a boyfriend I was totally honest with him about it all as I was unsure of what I wanted. I saw this man for about 5 months on the side, we both had feelings for each other and he always use to tell me he did he was very open about it. He told me he was single and really wanted to be with me and wanted me to leave my man. As time went on I started to like him more and more......But I did not see him all the time and he use to make up a lot of excuses and I had a feeling he was lying. So I confronted him via the phone and said I thought he was lying. He carried on saying he wasn't so then I thought maybe I was just not trusting enough. Anways I did the one thing that you just don't do with Aquarians tell them you are falling for them....After that he backed off, then he called me and said he wanted to meet up with me to talk.

We met up and spoke and told me he was going to jail and that he was so sorry because he wants to be with me, and that as soon as he gets out he hopes we can be together. Yes as sad as I feel to admit this I fell for it. He put on this big show saying that he cares for and carried on about how he is scared to go to jail.

Anyway I did some research and found out he had a girlfriend and he had been with her for 2 years....So I sent him a message asking why he lied.....I never heard anything back. Then about a month later I bumped in to him while I was out he kept looking at me but did not approach me. Why didn't he just be honest, we were both in the same boat. so many questions run through my head I just don't understand. Why did he not bother to even come up to me and say sorry doesn't he care at all.....In a sense I know it is karma, I only have myself to blame I guess. The nost stupid part is I still care for him....I hate it!

Please tell me your views as I know you will be some what harsh but honest.

so sad, but keep moving your life
by: Anonymous

i feel you sister. im sorry to hear what happen to you. one thing should be remembered, player will always be a player, no matter what sign they are.

i see you still care of him. but is the feeling bigger than you care yourself? care yourself more, sister!

you should be thankfull that at least you already know the truth (or 'truth'? still questionable but it's not important for now) before it's too late.

one thing for sure,that aquarians are so expert in psychological thing. that's just make the distinction of being an aquarians' victim or other sign's victim : you hate yourself why you still care of him.

but once again, a jerk will always be a jerk. care yourself more, keep rolling.

- aquarius good boy (:

In the dark
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice I guess it just takes time :)

Immature and Confused
by: Aquarian Male

Sounds like these guys are immature and confused. I remember seeing dating as a fun game when I was younger, as well as sex. However, underdeveloped individuals such as teenagers and folks who just don't want to grow up (regardless of sign) aren't really in control of themselves. I think any underdeveloped sign will run wild with their negative and positive traits. Through the years I have learned as an Aquarian not to jump into relationships. That is why we stand off and take time. The Aquarian that moves fast is immature and still figuring out life. The one taking his time is most likely doing so because if he takes the plunge it will be for good. There is a conflict in us (at least me anyway). I have actually stayed in clingy, controlling relationships instead of fleeing because I do not want to hurt someone. However, I do find that I tend to manipulate the situation so the the offending (clinging/restrictive/demanding/controlling) individual breaks it off instead. But believe me I give plenty of chances to correct the situation. But once again, as a 'fence walker' I want the person to correct it out of their own will, and not my influence, so while I would like to communicate, I also don't want to shape the situation to tailor me. Anyone I can bend to my will is not interesting to me anymore. See the complex thought process of the Aquarius? Those who really do damage on purpose or lie are just idiots. They would be that anyway no matter what sign they were. They would just do it in a different way.

Not so confused anymore
by: Anonymous

Hey thanks for your feed back.....We actually bumped in to each other and sorted it out. The truth is he does not admit to being with that girl when he was with me but he said that she was as you said controlling and a clingy person and did not want to let go of him he said they got together again after me and they tried to work things out but he did not feel the same way about her. He said he did not want to tell me because he was embarrist that he had lied and dealt with the situation the way he did. He said he lied and left me alone because he had feelings for me and because I was in a relationship he did not want to get hurt. I am sort of seeing him again he wants me to move in with him but honestly dont think i can trust him after all that has happened. Things between us have gotten a lot better but I think I will pace myself this time as I dont want to get hurt by him once again.....

Aquarius picses

Im an Aquarius but I was born on the last day so that means I am born on the cusp of Aquarius and picses. I think like an Aquarius but I love like a picses and I can be sensitive at times so I feel your pain about getting attached to a man! I would never date another aqua tho.. They make really good friends to me but other then that we are just not compatible.. Im more attracted to Leo's <3 maybe you should try dating a Virgo since they are your opposites and opposites always attract ;)

uh about that. . .
by: not your typical Aquarius girl

I'm an Aquarius girl dating a Pisces guy. I dunno what to tell you cos I'm going through the same thing but its mostly his fault. you see Aquarius ppl generally stop showing they care when they feel like they are not being appreciated. my bf drops me home on his car everyday and I always kiss him when I get down. . . but lately I've stopped cos he always pushes me away. he doesn't like it when I show him I care and he doesn't like it either if I ignore him. I think he just likes to take it for granted that I like him. . . but you know it just hurts when ppl can't return the same attention you give them. so i'v stopped with the hugs and kisses. i'v stopped initiating phone calls and all that. I will deny myself the pleasure and comfort of hugging him and all that just so he knows how it feels to be treated the way he treats me. oh and about sex. . . he says I'm the wild one and he's the passionate one but gosh he really is horny though he's unwilling to admit it. if your aqua guy is being distant its either cos he wants your attention even more or he just simply needs a little time alone. I dont think he's one to hurt your feelings and if he isn't feeling it he'l most probably just tell you up front. remember aquarius ppl hate to pretend. so whatever you see is what you get. . . hope this helps.

sigh--- aquarius man broke me
by: Anonymous

3yrs with an aquarius man: biggest waste of time
hey think the are always right and everybodyelse is always wrong.

my ex of 3yrs together(on and off, as you figure, he kept leaving and coming back twice) i am pisces. he always ALWAYS had a way to try to justify his bullshit and he beleived he was right!!! so bad!! but me no matter how wise and grounded i am, my friends think i m the best psychologist, he kept saying i made NO SENSE AT ALL.

Emotional Maturity
by: Anonymous

I've read all the comments about how horrible Aquarius men are in relationships. I like this Aqua guy and I'm a Pisces. Right now he's just courting me, and we get along fine. I have to agree with what the Aqua guy said to the first Pisces comment. Relationships are 50/50 if you skew that ratio then your destined to be screwed by any sign period.
At first I'm not gonna lie the Aqua male was confusing as hell. Hot-n-Cold all day, everyday until I communicated with him that I wasn't playing his games. After that he has definately changed. He was NEVER touchy-feely,now he's all over me. He initiates everything now without hesitation, and we respect each other. I feel most Pisces women just put up with the Aqua male's unpredictable ways in fear of losing the Aqua male.
If that's the case you need to mature emotionally, and get over it. As a Pisces woman I have learned that if one guy doesn't workout then another one alway's comes walking through the door. Pisces you have a magnetic quality that attracts everyone to the point of awe. (especially for the pisces being showered with attention)
P.S. I'm also being chased down now as well by an old Aquarius fling that tried to play me awhile ago. And guess what he knows I'm not giving in EVER! Pisces to stand a chance against Aquarius you need to have an identity, and hold your own. Aquarius men respect that, and like my man says crave that in a woman. Once you do that the mature Aquarius men will never get bored with you. Because your not a push over, which shows your independent his biggest turn on.

by: Assia

Aquarius man wants you when you are not there. after he breaks up HE LOVES YOU MORE. When you're together, he will pick on you for being emotional (no drama queen, just wanting to talk about feelings) they're self righteous, they ALWAYS have something to justify themselves, but don't dare justifying yourself.
When you are going through a difficult time, pray to god you have no problems together, because he won't be there if he's upset with you(usually about petty crap) aquarius people project on others , hateful, insensitive. and WE DON'T CARE IF YOU AQUARIUS PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THE WORLD. I m pisces, everyone will tell you we care about the world and have ahuge heart, but we also love deeply. AQUARIUS have intimacy problems, the more they love you , the worse they treat you. they're amazing friends cause they don't feel any obligation towards friends.
i can go on and on but i can tell you i spent 3yrs with an aqua, who broke up with me twice and i got back ... until he dumped me one last time, cause i wasn't a bitch, i needed a thick skin and some head games. he didn't even sympathize with what i was going through, because he's selfish and it doesn't help him to be there for me or even check on me.

stay away from aqua, they got extremely excited about you and engaging until you fall in love, then you're no longer mysterious and you're as good as a ... well nothing.

WTH?...Aquarius Men
by: Lady Leo

Aquarius Man + Leo Woman = NOT.
I know that we should not judge a person by their zodiac sign but for some reason, the Aquarius men I've dated share the same qualities. Aquarius men are not loyal or faithful enough for me - a Leo woman - for a relationship. We have had fun times together but they can't/won't COMMIT. Dated 3 Aquarius men (at different times/different occasions) and all disappointed me with the cheating/infidelity, broken promises and lies...and also always like to keep you guessing (I hate that game). Don't disagree with them because they swear they know everything and they're always right. You know that saying "Better as friends, not as lovers"; well, I'm not so sure about that because when I did see them (as friends), they still tried to get back with me. So I figure that friendships with them won't work. Got tired of the BS and moved on (I am far from bitter and am very happy now with peace of mind). Been with them when they didn't have a job/money; loved them when they thought noone cared; and even got along with the children (whom I loved and they loved me to death). If they (Aquarius men) keep on being aloof/distant, cheating/lying to their partner and don't/won't commit to a relationship, then they will miss out on the best love/relationship in their life and end up being alone, lonely or miserable. As a matter of fact, one of the Aquarius men I've dated got married after we broke up and now they are getting a divorce. Coincidence?...I think not. BTW,the sex wasn't all that great either. CHEATING + LYING + BEING A KNOW-IT-ALL = JERK.

give & take
by: Anonymous

The only reason aquarius man is aloof and detached for a very simple reason...we want some attention, appreciation and we feel that our partners are neglecting and taking us for granted...aquarius people loose interest because we give too much affection and it doesn't return back equally...relationship for aquarius is give & take...Try it! AQUARIUS MAN

Lying pos
by: Anonymous

Yeah I found out mine lied about everything. He said he got into trouble and is facing jail time. Ha bs.. He wasn't man enough to just say he couldn't handle a relationship with me. I was never clingy or dependent on him. I always gave him space because I needed mine too. He told me a bunch of bs a week prior to breaking up saying how much he loved our relationship and he wasn't going anywhere. He dumped me the day before my Birthday because of his fabricated lie of getting into trouble earlier that week. He said " i dont want to bring you Down with me. You're to good for me. I have too much baggage. I'm facing jail time" Perhaps, this was all thought out and prefabricated?! Eh eff him.

what was i thinking
by: sensitive cancer

I have been with my aquarius for 3 years. We had sex the first day we met. I was attracted to him because he had a sexy body and the sex was mind blowing. So we started chilling and smoking everyday. Well a year down the line came a beautiful baby girl. Thats when he decided he wanted to be in a relationship with me. He became both verbally and physically abusive. He had such a way with words that made me feel as if he loved me so much but he still treated me like shit. He loves to play the whole baby mama baby daddy card because he feels like that makes me feel secure in what we have. He is stingy, selfish, confusing, and after this experience i dont want another friendship/relationship with another aquarius male.....

ahh !!! aquarius
by: Anonymous

i m a pisces and just hate aquarius cnt understand them yaar >>>>>
we r in school i like one of the aquarius and hope so he also likes me we both usually stare each other and pass smiles sometimes bt we never talk with eachother niether he nor me ...... someday he will watch me continously without getting diverged and somedays he will not bother to see me they are really very wiered
what should i do ...... should i wait for him to take some step for ur relationship or else leave him aside and move on in my life and is this called a relation ???????

Aquarian guys what the hell?
by: Annoymus

Well, I don't know if this helps but if u want to be with him 1) give him his space 2)no emotion outbreak 3)no 'l' word like I love u. 4)if he don't call u back move on gal. I hate seeing a Pisces getting hurt by my kind. Any BTW we do lie,although we usually don't enjoy doing it. We are human after all just that we r different.

Cancer broke off w/Aquarius
by: Anonymous

I've been reading these posts here and it's comforting to see that I'm not alone in my observations about Aquarian men. I'm a Cancer female and had a brief relationship with an aquarian man. I broke it off with him because his Dr. Jeckyl Mr. Hyde personality was just too much to deal with. He gave me a key to his place and always told me I didn't need to ask about coming over, that's why he had given me the key, so the one time I go over without saying anything, actually to surprise him with a nice dinner I made and brought over to him, he was very cold and aloof and ended up screaming at me because he had tried to explain to me how his mother prepared the same meal I had just made and of course I didn't do it like momma did, so having put a lot of work into making this meal, I replied "I'm not your mother", he just went off on me. I left at that point and the next morning I went back to his place and packed up all my belongings there and left him his keys. The crazy thing is that, just the weekend before we were so incredibly close and had the greatest weekend. It's like a water never know when it's going to be hot or cold and it's so confusing to a cancer individual because we are nurturers and harsh treatment, especially when unwarranted, kills it for me. He sent me a text when he realized that I had broke it off with him, saying "Wow! What a disappointment!" "One little argument and you pack up and move on!" But he has a short memory... I told him before this occured that I did not like his Dr. Jeckyl Mr. Hyde personality and that I wouldn't put up with it.

Cancer broke off w/Aquarius
by: Anonymous

Now he knows I meant what I said. He was also very jealous and possesive. He wanted to keep his female friends, which I really did'nt mind, but I was not allowed to have male friends if he felt they were interested in me. He wanted to go out and socialize but wanted to keep me in a closet. I would tell him, "what's fair for the goose is fair for the gander", he didn't like it that I told him it had to 50/50; everything had to be on his terms. So after only a few months I realized this man is not going to change, I am not going to allow him to abuse me or take me forgranted for another few months, or a few years, because that's all it would be and it would end worse than what it did. When I told him we could be just friends, he texts me this "Can you really live without me!" OMG.... the arrogance of this man..... or was that just his ego crying! Then he continued to text me sarcastic texts... he was trying to make it look like I wasn't really any big deal to him; so I told him to stop contacting me for a while. Then I sent him one last text and told him I was sorry that things ended they way they did, but that I realized he would just keep hurting me because he has tough exterior and I am too gentle and fragile for that crap and also too mature and too old for teenage games. I wanted to depart with some peace and I wanted him to know that I had actually cared about him deeply but even that wasn't going to change who he was. Last of all, I told him that I would be having coffee with a guy that he forbid me to see and even told me not to come around him if I talked to this certain guy; even though I told him this guy was still in love with his ex-wife and I was only giving him advice on how to win her back... he still didn't want me talking to this guy. So after I dropped him I just told him no one talks to me the way you did last Sunday period and I said "I will be having with my male friend, everything always had to be on your terms." He relates to that movie "Singles" and he texted me a quote from that movie, where it talks about Steve saying he's going to throw himself into his job because it's the only thing that he has 100% control over and that he was going to forget about dating. I thought about what he said in that text and then I realized... hello! He's super controlling and he could not control me... but if he has someone that he can control, then he would just get bored with them.

Advice: aqua males
by: Eva

I actually like pisces girls/women. My best friend was a however forced us to take different paths. I'm an aquarius female, I have no sympathy for selfishness however. So Dahron and all the other auqarius men who think the sun doesn't rise without them existing...gess what? You are dead WRONG. HA ha.. I think some people come from unbstable families/backgrounds and they really fear intimiacy. However they also lack a strong sense of self so they rather enter relationships whith chicks they don't like/respect that have the dignity and courage to stay the fuck alone. :) Why the hell would a normal guy stay in a relationship 3 years (wow) just to play mind games with his partner? I see it as cowardice. I would not date a guy like that if he were the last living being on this planet. I don't know what advice to give these say to you don't use your heart use your brain is pointless. Cause when your in that point and someone has gotten the best of you reason kinda dies. So I don't think you girls should hate yourseleves for havin' been taken for a sould realize that somewhere along the line you've just escaped something dangerous...Do you want to be emotionally dead like the guy haveing abused you emotionnally? He's the loser for not acting dignified for not having let you know that he just wasn't that into you. This is what relationships requires: hoesty! If your not up to it than stay out and by yourself. Don't get into a relationship with a woman and then just whine all day long that she calls you..surely youwouldn't deserve it and you know it :) Maybe if she flirted with your friends, used your money and lied to you constantly you would have respected her.. So I say you girls escaped the worse, now someone who actually deserves you - a real man - can come your way.

gemini here!
by: Anonymous

I'm a female gemini And in most or every post describing hw an Aquarius male is or acts with you,.how he won't call text is aloof says he doesn't want a relationship etc..Well this describes me!
ive known this dude(aqua) for nearly 3/4 years, mainly aquaintances or I had to deal with him in a professional mannerplus I always had a bf so I didn't cheat nor want to make it awkward..But I knew he liked me he'd always compliment me or try and get me to hang out. Me being flighty Gemini I'd say yeah def true gem form I never did (we can't keep and make plans who are you kidding)
Well recently I just got out of an abusive relationship with an older Scorpio (passsiiooon) Well he literally turned out tl be an abusive narcissistic psycho/sociopath. He is in prison and I am bouncing back. dating him taught be valuable life lessons so I'm thankful. To that extent
So I'm emotionally compromised from said relationship and I see aqua man for some reason he's looking good now...something different or I juSt needed a rebound or to feel something different. (Note I did tell him my situation and that Iointo want or can't jump into a relationship )
Well again he asks to hang out. Wevll same night we get it on. It OK (no where near as great as Scorpio) weird he did same moves but as if half fast.
Ne who we hang and hook up the next day too. And he tells me he loves me that he wants to marry me how he missed me wants to be with me always knew wed end up together wants to and knows I'm who he wants to have kids with! (He is 14years older)I don't wanna hear this
ive caught him in a couple lies here and there but I don't judge and I'm open minded -or I just don't care I'm detached
He texts everyday all day and me being a gem I love to talk but this is clingy
He wants to make plans to hang out and that's fine I probably could but his clingyness isn't attractive. As if he has no life or his life being happy revolves around me. I don't like that shit. I like my independence. Guys don't like when girls are easy...I'm a girl and don't like it easy!
At times I feel like he wants me as arm candy or to gloat.
Or he's so touchy feely and allllways trying to kiss.
I am not overly affectionate there's a time and place (I save the best for behind closed doors) Not in front of his mom!!!
it's a respect thing and I wasn't raised like that.
Or I hate when I'm talking about something and I can see him not listening and just the look in his eye I know he's too busy dat dreaming/fantasizing about our happy life he's created in his head, to listen to me and then kisses me in mid sentence. This would be cute if I was upset or angry but not in the middle of me telling you what I don't like or something personal!
he's told me I could move in or stay with him drive his cars bla bla that's all sweet (barf) but in the first week?!?!??
what is this guys deal?

Wast of Time Aquarius Male
by: Anonymous

Aquarius men can be extremely charming, friendly, conversational, and willing to have fun, all until you really need them; that is when they go missing in action! Don’t be fooled by the over complimenting nature of the Aquarius male who will tell you how wonderful and amazing you are but is very careful to never give away how he really feels about you. They will say just enough to get you attached to them but never enough to get close enough to truly make a connection. Aquarius men can give you tons of attention as long as they are the top subject being discussed. If the conversation ever turns to you, they will quickly give a speech how to resolve your issues and turn the conversation back to themselves. They are extremely selfish, terribly ungrateful, and will push you far beyond your limits to prove your friendship with them, but they will never, I repeat absolutely never go above and beyond for YOU if it interferes with their comfort zone.
Aquarius male is giving but only enough that it does not hurt his own bottom line, if he feels himself having to give up anything to help you, but he does not get anything out of it, he will quickly retract any offers and leave you in the dust with little to no support at all. Aquarius male is delusional in relationships, as they expect the most beautiful partners while they are mediocre at best in the looks department; completely delusional expectations. Aquarius men can also be horrendously sexually active and run about making useless excuses for their wild sexual escapades which explains why they can’t keep a committed relationship.
Aquarius also can be terribly controlling, rude, arrogant, obnoxious, and care nothing about your needs in life. They will make you feel special and wanted only for you to turn around one day and realize you have wasted a part of your life on them and you feel like an absolute fool! Once you realize the Aquarius male has been wasting your time, stop letting it happen right away and use that time to love another man who really wants your time. Aquarius men have incredibly convincing personality’s that can change to disgust and anger in the drop of a hat and they will use you and never be there when you need them. Your best bet? Go with a man who loves you dearly and only keep Aquarius man as a friend for sporadic fund activities. If you are spending too much time with Aquarius male waiting and waiting and waiting for it to turn into something wonderful, STOP, he is only using you to relieve himself, that is his nature. Cut your losses, let it go. Any dreams of a good relationship are a great big waste of time.

Aquarius are not for individual person
by: Anonymous

Very Sorry..

This is Aquarius ...i am aquarian. i loved a girl and married with same girl.with 100% loyal...our relationship stayed for 17 yrs.than one day she committed suicide.Aquarius are not for individual person.if Aquarius stayed with only one person than god will punish him.i don't know is very sad for Aquarians.

by: Anonymous

Where do I begin, I have been with my aquarius husband for 16yrs. We share 9 children together and I am currently pregnant with our 10th child. He recently walked out on us( excuse being I am too demanding). We are still married, but he is sleeping with other women. He still comes around when he feels like being bothered and even makes passes at me. I don't have any desire to have sex with him. I do cry almost every night and day for him though, maybe more for our broken famy. I gave this man my life and he just dogged me and our children out. I told him how I felt, but he blames me for everything. He does not help me at all, he is selfish, mean and cold hearted. I recently told him, I will not allow him to come and go as he pleases. If he wants to see his children, take it to court. I feel bad about it, but I can't allow him to keep playing these games. I hope I am doing the right thing. My advice, run as far in the opposite direction as you possibly can! They will only use and abuse you, then act like nothing happened. I

aquarian guy send mixed signals
by: Anonymous

I was dating this aquarian guy off and on for 5 yr. When I first met him things were good at the beginning It was like he looked in my eyes and their was a strong attraction between us . I started really liking him because he was not clingy but little did i know he was a piece of work being a pisces women I dont have time for the bull that they give off , so I cut the tides and went on about my business The strange thing about him is we dont see each other but every morning he is the first text i get he has been doing this now for over a year now what is up with that ?

Aqua Problems
by: Anonymous

I was with an Aqua for about 3 1/2 years on and off. In the beginning he was all about chasing and courting me but as time went on, it became withdrawn, detached, and aloof. So many problems came with this relationship. Little to no affection, having problems with being honest, always having to have attention from others, putting friends first, running hot and cold, confusing like no other, great sex in the beginning but little to no sex later on, and the list goes on. I have never experienced so much drama and unfulfillment in my entire life. He has always had this sense of entitlement and I learned to never disagree with him because if I did, an argument would ensue and it would get pretty nasty. Very verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusive. Everytime he broke up with me, it was because.... I love you, I am just not in love with you anymore. I am no longer interested in you, I don't have the same feelings for you I once did, and I am no longer attracted to you. Then he would come back again after realizing his mistake and we would try to work it out again for him to turn around and do the same thing years later. What I have learned from being with an Aqua, they need their space, freedom, and "me" time and will do anything to get it. They also have comittment issues and hate being tied down to one person.

aquarius men are whores
by: sexy libra

They start off great with the sex and one month later the drama begins .hes feeling smothered so he cuts you off. He searches social sites for dumb women he can take advantage of. If u ate a cook he will eat all you're food and leave a mess for u to clean. He is not loyal or faithful etc. They are even gay interested is male sex and he-she love .chicks with sticks. I am disgusted. They can be evil .make you think that u did something wrong. They are the dogs and tramps .jumping from female to female. Nasty males

Boo Hoo
by: Aquarius Man

Aquarian men have one little issue that only a few truly understand. We need our space. We don't speak in code, so whatever we say we mean. We hate clingy, needy, overly emotional people. Pisces can be very dramatic, clingy, needy, bitchy. We can't stand that! As soon as we sense that you are going to be a headache, we move on emotionally. To keep an Aquarius interested, have a life. Go out with your friends, learn new skills, just don't drain our energy. Our energy get drained when your only focus in life is us.

If you have life of your own, give your Aquarius personal space, and show appreciation for the many things they will do for you. .. There shouldn't be many issues.

This works for me
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces woman. I've been seeing an Aquarius for over a year. Here's what I've learned about Aqua men. They NEVER rush into anything. Except for sex. That's an adventure for them. You better like adventure. The mushy stuff. 1) Respect yourself. 2) Communicate with logical thinking only. (Ignore your heart. It really is stupid lol.) 3) Accept an Aqua for what they don't tell you. 4) Always be real. No games, do not try to manipulate this man. Highly intelligent and intuitive. They know your next move/thought before you do. Which is boring if you're too predictable. Do You...don't talk everyday. Aquarians love good conversation. 5) When in a conversation, if you don't know what you're talking about.. listen and ask questions. 6) This one is important. Be random. Spontaneous. If you're lucky enough to be a weirdo like me. Let your weirdo out. Lol I don't mean crazy. That's totally different. 7) Think before you speak. Eliminate emotions. Emotions are like a unicorn for an Aquarian. 8) Never attempt to change him. If he cares he will adjust on his own. They know what wet want. So you shouldn't have to ask. Again of they care. They will do you right. 9) Do not dictate. They will be gone before you can say "Don't Go" if they stay. 10) This one is important. Be a Friend. In every aspect of the word. A true friend. Never one with ulterior motives. They will know. This one is important. Love and respect yourself enough to know how you DESERVE to be treated. This will prevent you from being manipulated by the Aquarius man. Never be afraid to loose him. If he leaves he wasn't planning on staying in the first place. Again. Never play games. Never ask questions you may not like the answer to. He is honest. If he is not honest. He has no respect for you. He ultimately thinks you're an idiot and will BS you.....cause you let him. The "human condition" amuses them. Pay attention. Aquarians are better at showing you how they feel. Very subtle. Pisces will get this. When you're having sex if it "feels" like his soul just entered yours. Winner! winner! Chicken dinner. Usually that moment is followed with a quick retreat. Or he may become dominant to prove to himself he's in control. If you like that, then let him. As a Pisces I savor that moment he "slipped". Lol Pisces are saps. But we are also smart and intuitive. Remove emotions. Mirror him. Don't over share make, him hunt. Always respect yourself and always respect him. He will do the same for you. That's plenty. The easiest way to win an Aquarius. Always seek to improve yourself. Be stronger, Braver, Bolder. Do this on your own. He will notice. Be your own individual.

WTF Aquarius Man????
by: Anonymous

Against my better judgment, I became involved with an Aquarius man. He was interested in my art and my written works initially and the relationship blossomed from there. We became very close in a very short period of time which is something I typically DO NOT do. At any rate, he expressed his love to me first. I waited before I reciprocated those feelings, just by a few days. After a couple of weeks of being "in love" we became intimate. Had a mind-blowing weekend, he was extremely affectionate the entire time and the sex was awesome for both of us. I went home and the next day I was unceremoniously dumped via text. He stated to me that he was sorry, he wasn't trying to use me but he wasn't as ready as he thought he was and that he would only hurt me more in the long run. Afterwards, he apparently proceeded to delete me from his Facebook and blocked my number from his phone. I had never EVER displayed any type of stalkish behavior because it's not my style. I did not deserve for him to do that to me AT ALL. If he would have had a conversation with me to explain his concerns, I would have left it at that. I'm not in to chasing anyone against their will. I am extremely perplexed and baffled by his weird and excessively hurtful behavior. He called me more than I did him, he told me he loved me in many different ways and the list goes on. Then...nothing. C'est la vie! Life goes on and I will move on but I am eternally scarred by this dark, dirty, rotten Aquarius man!

aquarian man
by: good hearted

hello i just tryin to get a understandin dealin with aquarian man and i am a pisces woman...our relationship is pretty much a open one..meanin i let him be him...but whats botherin me is the lies is it because he dont want to hurt me or is it because he really care?...he once told me i was the one keepin him together without me he would of gave up along time ago...i keep him grounded so if thats the case why lie to me? i let him have his freedom and is there when he feel like he dont have noone...done watch him break down and cry acouple of times because of shit he was goin im kinda confused

in the same bout
by: Anonymous

I can relate everyone been with my aqua man for 3 years on and off I have always broken up with him due to all the issues listed, cold, not answering his phone, disappearing, mine is German ad arrogant to the list lol. He is coockoo but he has never ever broken up with me right now I'm thinking about leaving him again being with this guys is a nightmare but he knows I take no shit if messes up I leave but he has a began taking baby step on meeting my needs but soon as I tell him I love him he goes all cold and disappear on me, but when I don't say shit he aleast asks hun do u love me weirdo and I tell him that all the time lol. I don't know I'm thinking of just ignoring him complete I'm a capricorn and I'm stubborn as a fuck and I im not clinot either if he messes about I do the same loool. Crazy right yep.

dont waste to much of your time. you will regret it.
by: Anonymous

years of being in a relationship. I don't want to ever be in another relationship with an Aquarius.
Read all comments, they believe now well they match my experiences.
Even If they love you enough to marry you. They are controlling and cold many times.

Leo vs. Aquarius
by: Megan

I met an Aquarius through a long-term friend, her cousing was dating him. The day after I met him he hunted me down somehow and we talked for the longest time. I was in a commitmentted relationship at the time too but we secretly spoke and he soon became obsessed with me. He kept wanting to do the dirty behind his girlfriends back with me. Then he broke up with her, I almost assume for me. I left my ex for him and he didn't want much to do with me now that I was available for him. Our strong feelings for one another became fights, more and more. Him constantly blaming me for everything, very hypocritical about everything, lying to me left and right, constantly blowing me off then blaming it on me, completely distant from me saying it was the way I acted. Very hot and cold with me and I was constantly walking on egg shells. Within 3 years of talking to him I have witnessed him betraying women, FOUR TIMES, for another and three of those times it happened to me. Yet he was always accusing me of sleeping with other men here and there but I never betrayed him once. I wanted nothing more than to make him mine and only be his. Now he's gone and in his opinion it's all my fault. He's "tired of me hurting him" yet he was doing all the hurting. His constant childish games and selfishness, he betrayed me for another woman, yet again, but I finally got my revenge and slept with someone else since he always believed I was.. I made it happen and it was good. As stupid as it all sounds I still miss him, and wish it could of all worked out. But I know that I won't be the only person suffering from him, any other girl he encounters will have to deal with the same BS because I don't ever seem him growing up or changing.

aquruis male leo female
by: Anonymous

the most confusing sign of the zodiac,he totally cooked my head i will never go near another aquruis man ever again cold ,distant,cruel,argumentative,and think they are better than everyone else horrible man

so sad cancer girl
by: Anonymous

i am a cacncer woman and so sensitive. i was in a long relationship with a leo who thought only of himself first, as if he was the greatest thing on the planet. so we split and i met my aquarius. he truned my world upside down and i was so in love and i felt so loved, more than ever before. he did everything right and talked such a big game. he seemed in a rush to move things along to us living together and he even proposed to me. we are engaged and living together and sleeping in separate rooms. i am sad and lonely and he gets more cruel every day. i used have doubts and he would reassure me and comfort me. he was so attentive. now its like night and day. he gets angry if i am sad. he wont tell me he loves me and our sex life is virtually non existant. sex and affection was one of the things i loved about him. i dont feel special anymore or even attractive in his eyes. his mind is all over the place. its not a bad thing; in fact its one of the most wonderful things about him. but i cant keep up with his changing interests and he never finishes anything just moves on to the next thing. i know hes had many girlfriends, even been married twice. i just feel like one of many in lone to be in his life for a few years. why would he buy a house with me and propose to me then change into such a monster? he is such a contradiction, like ocd but then messy. he is very lazy too. he talked about all these things we would do and now hardly shares ideas with me. i feel like i can never do anything right. he is very critical of the way i do just about everything. i am going to move out but i need time. it is unbelievable how he tricked me. i asked him if he loves me and he got very angry and never said yes. he said his actions should show his love and at first they did, now they dont. so i guess i should listen to him and read his actions.

Aquarius men and pisces woman not good together
by: Anonymous

Aquarius men and pisces not a good match. Aquarius bullies, cheats, is a pathological liar and a fake.

I been through hell with mine and he only feels sorry for himself when he gets caught cheating. He's unemotional and self absorb. A telephone convo with him would u be listening to him talk ALL the time.

Bad match. Pisces are good with taurus or water signs cancer scorpions and sexual attraction are leo men even though leo men love to brag and requires a lot of attention and praises but they're more loving better than dealing with a fake ass Aquarius man.

Aquarius man MIA w/ my money
by: Arian

Met this overly interested Aqua man, I'm an Aries woman. swept me off my feet on our first date then there was a financial dilemma with his business and so I helped, Went out of my way to help him then turns out he needed more money so I helped him some more, mind you I was jobless at the time looking to graduate . I'm totally self-sufficient and independent but this financial investment on him has made it difficult for me to shake him out of my system...

He was so sweet, talked about a future together, messaged me though he was so busy at work and had the time to see me, but after sleeping over and stuff happened, he seemed to just be laid back and not msg me as confusing. So over it, my ex of 3 yrs was an Aquarius why didn't I know better? ah well.

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