Aquarian Men we need to hear from you!

by Scorp42

Aquarian Men, we would love to hear from you. I have a few questions I would like to ask, like why when emotions run high you guys disappear for a while.

I have learned not to take it personal, however I would like to get more insight on what it is you do during the disappearing period. I really don't think you Aquarian men know just how deeply and passionately we feel for you. I don't think I have ever experienced a more romantic and deep relationship in my life. the relationship between Scorpio women and Aquarian men is book worthy. I have been writing about my experiences with my Aquarian man and the emotion I feel when I go back and read it is so powerful.

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hopfully this helps
by: Aquarius ken

you can call it complex simplicity,it's like we understand everything about a scorpio woman's emotinal side, and the need to be shown affection,attention and also still keep in our head the jealousy that comes along with loving a scorpio, but its like we have so many long and thoughful talks about how we feel about each other which is good, but at the end of the day is still wondering if you really did get some understanding out of it as far as our emotions go.I think once you realize that the aqua man is a very caring person but emotinally logic and we try to explane things the best way we know how with out hurting any feeling because we can be really cut and dry not meaning or tring to be hurtful just being ourselfs,

The Aquarians response
by: Isaac

We cut out and vanish for a minute to clear our heads. There's nothing anyone can do make US feel a certain way.we have to come to our own understandings about things. Anything that makes us feel boxed in, we have to get away from for a minute. And at anytime a relationship can make you feel that way. We always come back we just need to breathe. It may come off as selfish but the space you give us to retreat into our own zones will only benefit you in the long run. We appreciate what we have so much more after we go see some other people, things, etc. Emotions are just sloop heavy and unnecessary to us. I don't trust emotions as strongly. Emotions to me means I stop thinking logically. And that's not ideal for me. Kinda scary.

Re: Straight from Aqua Men
by: Hope

Thank you to Ken and Isaac for taking the time to respond. We appreciate your personal perspectives and comments in an effort to help us understand.

We often read about how aloof and unemotional that Aquarians are. Those of us who are fortunate to spend time with one know that is not the case. I think many of us on here are beginning to understand the great depth of emotional insight and caring you have. As your partner, we take delight in being wrong about you! For instance, I used to think my Aqua wasn't listening because he rarely responded (via emails) to many of my comments. Then out of what seemed like to clear blue, he would reference something I had said, months before.

I am starting to understand why my Aqua pulls away then returns, as I am seeing some patterns. As a protective Scorpio who loves him, I need to know he is okay when he is unresponsive. I appreciate that he has many other interests and projects going. When he tells me he wants to spend time with his other friends, finish writing an editorial article, read a professional journal, surf the internet, play touch football, or tinker with his car engine, I am okay.

I just hate the not knowing when he will cut out. I have enough experience with him to know he always comes back, but the unpredictability about it still creates anxiety for Aqua partners.

Aqua gyaan
by: Anonymous

Aqua guy here. There's much to say on this topic but it is not easy to put into words why we act or feel the way we do. I wonder if its only Aquarians who act the same way? Possibly, the difference could be in the percieved value of relationships. We are not psychologically dependent on relationships so much, I think. That seems to be the main difference between us and women, be it of any sign. Personally, I feel a relationship is a part of my life and not my entire life, or a central part of my life. I mean life is vast and there are so many things to discover. Narrowing it all down to a relationship or to a particular person is not possible for all of us. This does not mean we are not caring, affectionate, etc. We may be somewhat impersonal and objective, but that doesn't mean we are aloof or cold. I think our idea of love or relationship doesn't necessarily include dependence, attachment, jealousy, possesiveness, etc. I think a relationship can be without these elements. At least, I would like it to be.

Aquarian Man
by: Edward

I have been involved with a Scorpio women lately, and when it comes to what it means to be unemotional or detached seems to always be misunderstood, I think it's that we just process emotions differently then most signs. We are really not interested in living a fantasy of what love is suppose to be, we want blunt cold hard facts, so games are not cool. If you have something to say and really feel strongly just say it. Most aquarians would admit they would rather hear the truth no matter how bad then find out later what they had been told was a lie. We never need or want are feelings spared because we can handle it. Logic first then emotion mixed after, because we understand emotions can cloud the mind. When we vanish from the world we are recharging, going off gaining prospective about everything or specific things, which like said is only a positive thing. So in one way you can say we are selfish even though we don't see it as that, we don't care what other people think a lot of the time, it's all about what we think to be right or wrong and we can usually be trusted to be unbiased to coming to these decisions. And it is one of those things we really don't have control over we just have to do it.

Aqua in love with Scorpio
by: Anonymous

You can't put everythIng down to star signs but It seems aquas and scorps are destined to fall for each other. Personally, I'm so in love with my Scorpio lady that I would give her anything. I use her birthday and name as passwords like I'm 10 years old. I get pleasure from seeing her name written down, let alone seeing her! I just think she's extraordinary. I've always suffered in romance because I take things so seriously. To me commitment has always been important, so love that my scorpion has this committed, even jealous trait and wants me for herself. I'm in my thirties, she's in her 20s so I think we are equal in terms of maturity. Iike my space etc.. But I've developed the ability to find it without 'dissppearing' so often. Maybe Scorpio women should b with older aquas?

Two types of Aquamen?
by: Anonymous

It seems like there are two types of Aquamen... the totally romantic ones that love being in love, and the over analytical ones that try to be as expansive and logical as possible.

For the latter, I think they should always be staight forward when talking to ANY girl of any sign and honestly say "I will never deeply love you, you are simply one percentage of my vast expansive world, if you are ok with that, then we can continue... if not, see you later". That would avoid so much wasted time on trying to figure things out.

That would also avoid other females assuming that Aquamen are total jerks for leading them on and then dissapearing or never really commiting. One more thing: they should stay single. It would be a cruel thing to do that to your wife and children...

Stop the crazy
by: Anonymous

We disappear because we are bored or feel annoyed by an undeserved promise of obsession and possession by the scorpio who has the mind of a little girl but the possessive streak of a God. Who wouldn't run. Leo would run, Gemini aswell and all other positive signs.

Not a man but scorpio woman
by: Abby

I'm a scorpio woman and I can relate to the whole disappearing act of the aqua man, and after reading all of these comments. It makes sense now because my aqua man is the greatest like I'm head over heels for him and it's only been a month! I'm sure he feels the same because I give him his space and when we reconnect it's amazing! I'm about almost 6 years younger than he is however it works because our levels of maturity are about the same and I think he appreciated that so much! So if you're a scorpio woman give him his space and don't let jealous take ahold of you because it's so poisonous because an aqua man and scorpio woman pairing is a beautiful one and if you can control your jealousy it'll help the relationship blossom into another wonder of the world because he loves the mysterious scorpio woman and in turn she loves his romantic charm(:

aqua men help
by: scorpian

Im engaged to an aqua man but I was fooling around while he was dead serious . Now he's planning to end it with me . And me trying to pry open his hesrt again doesnt work . Will he ever come back to me to give a scorpio another chance in this relationship ? I love him alot but I realised my mistakes way too late . Please help :'(

by: Annonymous

As an Aquarius man I find the need to analyze anything that affects me emotionally to a certain level. Of course, there are many other reasons but this is one of the main cause. I need some time alone to talk myself, I need to understand it whether Happy or sad and make plans for the future. I was with a Leo girl once, and All I thought was how can I make her proud to have me beside her. But in the end, it didn't end well which resulted in days of "disappearing". Do you see how it works? During this time period an aquarius will only share his thoughts to somebody whos close and deemed knowledgable. Ahem, Libra, I love you guys. Don't get me wrong though, other Aquarians surely have different criterias. In the past I've opened up to my Scorpio, Gemini and Libra buddies. Pardon my bad English, this is my personal opinion. Good luck.

Libra inlove with Aquarius man
by: Philippines

I have been married with Aquarius all boils down to one thing they are all have a heart of stone.. even we already have a 2 year son still he ignores us.. why cant Aquarius men can be sweet and affectionate to women like us whose faithfully in love with them..If they can do it to others giving time and love..why not to their real time partner..How and what do you feel every time you left us behind in misery..while you too busy doing other stuff or helping others in their needs..

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