Aquarian men

by Carmen
(Miami )

One thing I found out about these aquarian men is that they tend to show no emotion. They might portray themselves as a person that does not care but they really do. ONE thing you must keep in mind, NEVER and I mean Never tell him he doesn't care. He hates girls that are not confident. I am an Aries and one thing we do agree on is the amount of friends we have. We both have very social lives. Never tag along. When he wants his time to be with his friends then let him be. Don't ever try to make him jealous... he will just leave your ass. Overall it's the person and not their sign but this is what I have noticed from my man who is an Aquarius .. hope this helps a bit

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Aries and Aquarius love
by: Anonymous

I have been loving this aquarius man for 15 months now. We are so good together. We get one another and understand how the other works. It wasn't that way in the beginning but in time as we communicated with one another we grew. Aquarius' love their space and time to socialize and love it when I let him be himself. Aquarius men like to take their time when it comes to relationships or matters of the heart. Let just say, they trust all people right away. If you think they have no feelings you're very much mistaken. Just they're careful who sees it. They are so highly emotional and sensitive, but very much in control. This is why if they are hurt (they lose trust in you), they will walk away quickly.

aries + aquarius
by: Anonymous

from the aquarius' point of view, the challenge is more for aries: how they control theirself when they ego is not feeded up (regulary) by their aquarius lover. since aquarius (seems like) doesnt care what other people, including their aries lover, think about them, i find aries' ego will easily hurted when it comes the time of aquarius' aloofness.. try to protest and aquarius will think that you'll gonna change them and they hate it.

Aries and Aquarius love
by: Anonymous

Sure as an Aries I have alittle bit of ego but with the strong will of the Aquarius I have learned to check my ego fast. When it comes to their will and your ego, you will lose the battle. However, what I give up I get in love, tenderness and special attention (which you know we love). Give and take - isn't that how it works in a relationship?

Comment to the Aquarius
by: Summer

I'm an Aries also seeing an Aquarius. He puzzles me so much. He likes to take his time and I get extremely impatient. I don't know that that is an ego thing. I just want to know where things stand but he always manages to dodge the question. So now, I just smile. I have become a MUCH calmer person since meeting him however, he has experienced my explosive anger before I realized that this just won't work on him. He seemed to learn my habits faster than I learned his, mostly because I'm more open than he is.

dont know what to do
by: Anonymous

ok so I'm talking to this Aquarian men i just want things to go a little faster and its not he likes to email texts but never calls wants to take me on dates n come stay the night why the hell cant i get a call

by: Coyote

As a Aquarius, i appreciate the ability to be free and be myself. We are very, very emotional but we are able to control how we feel, except when someone offends our morals or violates our beliefs. It can be limiting, but once logical understanding kicks in we can be malleable. I personally develop an image of who a person is when i first meet them, who they portray themselves to be, and during the first couple weeks of knowing them add to it and alter it as i get to know them better. I have a knack to figure out what they are thinking and why they do what they do in that amount of time, but if who they are portraying is fake, that image is broken and it is very hard to fix or unfixable, and makes me lose all trust in them. Best advice, be honest and up front with Aquarians, if we aren't entirely honest there will always be 75% of truth in what we say.

three months
by: Anonymous

I am a Sag involved with an Aquatian man. I know they like their freedom but I want to know is his going to Florida for three months to work as a horseshoer on the tracks too much freedom or am I too clingy We live together and have horses here in Indiana. I am really going to have a hard time taking care of the horses this winter without a man. But he doesnt see it that way.And I dont know how three months separation is good for a relationship. He just spent march-oct at the tracks in Indiana coming home two days a week. am I too clingy for an aquarian because I feel abandoned

Aqarius man
by: Anonymous

You in return need to look at your own needs as well as your boyfriend's,freedom is a big thing to an Aquarius but maybe some compromise...good luck

Comment Title
by: Your Name

@three months: Explain to your partner clearly - what you feel, why you feel it without being emotional, and with reasons. Try to be honest, sincere and logical in your reasoning.

For example, from your post, I can see at least 2 aspects of your problem. You feel:

1. It will be difficult for you to take care of the horses alone during Winter.
2. It may somehow adversely affect your relationship.

Generally, Aquarians tend not to hurt people intentionally and are to a degree, logical. So, if there is an error in his ways and he sees it, there is a good chance he will do something about it. However, that doesn't mean what you think is wrong is also wrong in his eyes and you need to point it out for him to see.

Explain your situation constructively, with proper logical reasoning and let him think through it. Give him time and space. If he is actually doing something wrong, then he should also come to the same conclusion (after thinking it through) and will probably mend his ways.

If he doesn't do anything (assuming he is wrong)and that is not acceptable to you, walk away from the relationship, stating your reasons. Move on.

Confused Aquaintance
by: Ann

I met an aquarius man 5 months ago (I'm an aries). We became aquaintances in college (both in late 20's). I just want to be his friend but he confuses me. I always have to talk to him first but when I do, we have great talks. So after school ended I dropped getting into conversation with him at all. I got tired of working for a friendship. I mean, I'm not looking for anything more than that. We did flirt on occasion but I'm not the type of woman to think a man wants me just because we flirt. Flirting is more fun to me than anything. He talks to all his other friends normally and responds to them quickly, yet it's like he wants to keep him and I separate from the the world, like to keep me a secret to himself. I really don't get that, being that we're just aquaintance friends.

This is going to sound odd but occasionally during the semester I felt this like ESP thing going on between us. I knew when he wanted me to talk to him without us saying a word, or even body language. It was almost like he was mentally telling me to talk to him. And now that it's been awhile that I've talked to him, I'm feeling the mental pull. It just randomly popped up. I can't explain it, but is this possible? It's not a "missing" thing and I wasn't even thinking about him. It was just a random (I want to talk to you, talk to me). I didn't hear an audible voice but I feel a mental pull. Can anyone explain this??

Very different for sure.
by: Anonymous

Aqua men are something, I just give up on. They are not bad Men or even mean. I have liked Aqua men more than a friend, but I never pushed the issue. They come off strange to me with sexual fetishes, I won't do. I don't want to be mean in what interests them, so I drop the subject and move on. They are very independent and do like to wonder to be free.

I have dealt with my aqua for awhile. I have become bored of the behavior. He texts here and there to ask, How I am doing and Hi. The conversation is ok at first then it gets to the fetish that he wants to do with me. I tried to tolerate it but it got really old. I am completely bored with his approach.

So, I did the unthinkable. I text him back after a few weeks of sitting on it and said, Good Bye, Please lose my number and I will do the same for you and I no longer want to remain friends or have any kind of connection with you. Hopefully, he gets the hint and poof be gone ! Now my life is open to new chapter of possibilities.

In it to stay
by: Aries and Aquarius love

Its been 2 years now still this romance began and I have find that we are still very much in love with one another. There is still a strong connection (yes we have this ESP thing that happens with us too. We can just tell that the other is thinking about one another or want to be together). He wants us to be together and live with one another but neither one of us are ready for that just yet even tho we get along great. So we spend plenty of time with one another when we can. However, there are 2 things that make me question this relationship. 1. He keeps me a secret from his friends as if to have me too himself or be secretive of what he do. He will offen talk about people he know but never with much details and never any names. He always loves being with his friends but never inviting me along. Yet he wants to know all my friends and never wants me to do much without him knowing or being along. It makes me feel he's too controlling or possessive. He's never forceful just demending and can get angry if you disagree. 2. He's very competitive. Always trying to show me just how much of a man is really is. On one hand he want me to measure up to him then on the other he wants to be one up and that can be confusing. So, at times he'll talk about how my friends, car, clothes are not good enough for his standards or how he would do something different compared to me. I handle this much of the time by just being silent for his random chatter or face him head on logically with a debate to get him to stop. I pick my battles well. We at times, can get bored quikly only because we both love excitement and fun, but right now with no extra money it's hard. We manage and is very good at it now. Talking do helps.
He do love to be freaky (me too) even tho his sex drive can be low at times but I think he wants to go too far with his fantacies sometime. Just telling him no won't mean he won't come back at some later date and ask again. Be honest and he'll get the point. Being spontaneous is the name of the game for aquarius so be on your toes. But all in all, I love my aquarius man as weird as he maybe. It just takes time to learn them. BE PATIENT!!!!

Aquarian Love
by: Anonymous

Wow! I have been searching sites to find answers to my Aquarius' behavior. Each day I am falling deeper and deeper for him. I am a sagittarius and according to matches we are highly compatible even a perfect match on some but I don't understand him at all. He is truly an Aquarius. A bit more mature at times then what I have read and sometimes it seems that he is slightly immature. He says things that point blank admits his attraction to me and the special place I have in his life but then he's gone for awhile and never wants to get close to me. I am getting tired of not having any of his time and trying tobe patient role. But at the moment I feel like truly throwing in the towel something happens that makes me think its worth waiting for but this spinning my wheels in place when I am such a spontaneous constantly evolving sign makes it ver frustrating. How do you know what an Aquarius is really thinking about you if they hide everything??? I am too old for the games now.

capricorn woman and my aquarian man
by: Anonymous

We talked for 2 yrs on the phone n met 1 month ago. We hit it off so well, making plans to move in together, solid plans. He asked me. Now he is incognito no word for over a week. I'm a cappy n I give the space. I'm not calling him or bothering him. Just letting have his space. Wdill he come back around to me? What do I do?

Aquarian women inlove with an aquarian man
by: Anonymous

I have had a really close relationship with an aquarian man for 7 months. He is the most amazing person I have ever met. Unfortunately with both have a lot of things to work through with past relationships and fear of history repeating itself. I have learned a tremendous amount from him and have learned to be stronger and face my demons. But he has not. His fears consume him. We agreed on a break to clear our heads and figure out what we both wanted. But although I have tried to text him, there has been no reply. My heart is broken. My connections to him is strong but I don't know much longer my heart can hold on or if it is just another lesson I need to learn from. I miss my best friend and lover so much.

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