Aquarian women and Independence

by Maya
(Manhattan, NY)

This is all so true. Aquarian women love their independence and hate being held back or staying home! We love being on the go and having someone to keep up with us. Also, I've been told many times that i am detached and unemotional, which is completely untrue. If an Aquarius woman actually takes the time to go out with you or be in your presence, she's obviously interested. Personally, i don't like exposing my feelings when i am hurt, but needy men who call me "cold or unemotional" just to get my attention, actually do hurt me and push me further away.

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sooooooooooooooo true
by: Anonymous

maya everything you said is true my mama things im emotionally detached that not true i just dont waste valuable time on non-sense basically it;s take it or leave it

Agree and Disagree..
by: Mei

I find that I'm a very emotional Aquarian. Whats the point in having these raw feelings if we're not able to express them? By all means, if someone isnt worth my time - they wont get anything from me but the cold shoulder. But as I dont have a fear of what society thinks of me (like any of my fellow female Aquarians) I completely embrace the opportunity to feel alive!
With the independence, couldn't agree more. I was dating a Libran which was amazing, but he kept holding me back which made me want to wriggle free. He wouldn't let me go out at night in case I met someone else, which made me so rebellious. Afterwards, I started dating a Virgo who understood my nature (he had quite a "cosmic" mother) and gave me freedom to roam. My freedom, gave him my loyalty and I chose to stay in at night with him. I think we just love conflict and breaking molds if we can ;)

So true....
by: Heather

I am an AQ who has been called emotionally detached, cold, distant...from my family most of my life..I am 36 years old :O) I agree with Maya it's so not true..I felt so misunderstood for most of my teen years and my twenty's yet once you really know yourself...and understanding some real Astrology helps stop trying to correct "what others believe about you" and start being real just the way you are..which is all you ever need to be!!! I am like Maya i just dont waste valuable time on non-sense basically it;s take it or leave it. If they don't get you most of the time it's the way they see things..and you can make others see what they cannot see!! The best thing you can be is the real you..
We AQ's are going to be just fine either way ...AQ girls rock!!

Aquarius and proud!
by: Lorraine

Yes I am an Aquarian Woman and I can't count how many times I have been called 'cold' and 'unfeeling'. The strange thing is I DO feel things deeply, I just don't like to show it. Men in particular seem to find my 'aloofness' a bit strange, although I must admit that other Men I have dated said that they found my 'ice maiden' persona extremely sexy!

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