Aquarius and leo Opposites attract


I have had much experience with Aquarian men. Some good and some Bad. I'm a full Leo women and even though both signs are opposite there is a lot of attraction between us and we seem to not get enough of each other. Aquarius and Leo's challenge each other and we never get board with one another. Even though we can get on each others nerve there is a lot of laughs. My suggestion to my Leo women is dont be clingy and be independent, he will appreciate that. It's important to give the Aquarian men space. But at the same time you must always keep a open dialog with them and see whats going on in there crazy heads. Be the Leo that you are and the Aquarian men will follow. It may take a minute seeing that the Aquarians are distant and are sometimes afraid of commitment. But if they are in to you they will come around.

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