aquarius and scorpio story

by kristen

Hey everyone. I am a Scorpio female Oct.30. and My Aquarius is Jan 28.Its been a long road with him. we met in highschool it broke off. We were really in love seemed compatible. Had a great understanding. but we broke up and still remained friends. 6years later we went thru different relationships. I had a child. He didn't he was in a committed relationship. that broke off. We still talked through out those years. saw each other a couple of times. but it always felt like bad timing for us to get back together. Now...finally both of us are single. and We both are cautious because of previous relationships that did us wrong. For the past 2 weeks we saw each other in 2 to 3 years, and we have been spending time together every day for these two weeks. We are friends but we have had sex. and right now he has alot going on with his life and so do I. so he tells me before i leave that his cell may go off for cuz the bill he has to pay it again. He just moved into this new apartment. probably some weeks ago. But he was anxious to see me. He was in a horrible relationship for along time and now he is free. so i am like you should be single for a bit and get your life together. But deep down I want to be with him. We feel like thru this whole time of knowing each other we were meant to be married. just at the right time. timing was always bad. so for right now. his phone got cut off 2 days ago. and me being the Scorpio I am. I am worried about him. I miss him. i guess it is because we haven't seen each other in a couple years. We both were tied down to things. and He just ups and disappears. I understand he is trying to get his life together. and he always says He sees me in his future. But I just don't kno what to feel or do. I always felt i was waiting on him. and i told him this he didn't kno i was doing it. so i am not use to chasing a guy or just not knowing what is going on when i was spending weeks with you and then u disappear? and i kno him very well. he isn't just sum random aquarius. any thought???

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Space is A must
by: Vlad

Trust if this guy got out of a bad relationship and you want him...Keep me old friends are probably the most likely people he will fall in love me I know...I got shot down plenty of times by friends I have had..and we still are there for as aggressive as he is in the bedroom...give him his me you are on his mind a lot more than you think...

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