Aquarius boyfriend makes me beg

by tiffany
(sarasota fl)

I love sex at least 4-6 times a week. My Aquarius boyfriend and I have been together for a year. In the beginning it was good and now he makes me beg to the point I'm turned off and just do not want it. is our relationship over????? Help. I'm a Pisces woman.

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by: Anonymous

That is a little different...i also have an aquarius boyfriend. And honestly what i would do is stop trying! From what i know Aquarian men love sex, i know mine does. so, if there is no problems he SHOULD want to have sex again if you show no interest either because it will bother him and make him wonder why your not trying anymore. good luck! :)

Tiffany...don't beg..
by: Anonymous

Tiffany, maybe, sex 4-5s a week is too much for him. It may not mean that he doesn't want you sexually, it may just mean that it is too frequent (even Aquarians have limits). Just b/c Aquarius men love sex does not make them sex machines or sexacholics. What I have experienced is that sex for the A-man is like a good meal. consider the ages too. Also, many A-people give their 1000% in the work place and that takes out a lot for them.

Maybe pull back some. The sex will be better that way if you allow the waiting to take place. I mean, just hold him and love him. even the a-men have moral compasses and they are foreplayers of the mind (which is very sexy to me).

Do you love him or the sex only? Ask him? Ask him what he wants and listen to what he says. come to an agreement. Care about what he wants too and find ways to be mutually pleased. Sometimes, as A-men become mature, the sex is not the main act as it is the combination. Your A-man is an intellectual and needs to be stimulated there as well as anywhere else.

How important is this relationship to you? What will happen if he is not Marathon Man in the bed?

Don't mess up a good thing. I wish I could just make love just once to my A-man but we are 3K miles away and I am in a sexless platonic marriage.

I haven't had sex for over 7 years now. I told my A-man everything about this and I even said that I would fly down there and be and do whatever he wants.

I would never do this for ANYBODY. ONLY him. He is the one who ever ever make me feel like this for him. I will do what ever he wants as long as he wants me AND he can have his freedom and independance too. I just want him. I will follow his lead. I told him that he could lead this dance.

I have loved him since I was 16 and we are 40 something. He even admitted that we should have been married. I would marry him now and even make him a rich man.

by: Anonymous

iam an aquarius and i have sex like two tomes a day

My Beautiful Aquarian Mi Amor
by: Sandee Libra lady

I met a aquarius man threw good friends. My friends introduced me to their aq-man. We hit it off well infact I stayed on cloud nine for more than a month, we spend weekends at my home stayed in doors 2-3 days with out coming out dinner drinks love making and lots of stories he was happy he said I was the one for him he even mentioned marriage and proposed to me. Yes he was a shift manager and performed his job well very intelegent etc. all the traits of an aquarian.He moved in with me because I wanted him there. But one HUGE problem he was a functionable alcoholic,I could see more in more how bad it was becoming, arguements,break-ups. Till finally I just died inside, There was no sex I begged for it no passion,it was like living with a ghost. GOD I loved him so much but I couldn't do it anymore and I left.

by: Coyote

Try something new. We tend to get bored with the same thing over and over, no matter what it is in regard to. This frequent boredom has gotten me into all sorts of interesting things, everything from flexible weird positions to BDSM. Instead of trying straight for sex, go for foreplay. This girl i've been seeing lately i love teasing, the way she moves her body and moans is irresistible. It's new to me, that's why i find it interesting.

by: Anonymous

haha im a pisces too and i had the same problem at first we would do it 2-3 sometimes 4 times a day lol for hours but it lasted about 1-2 months , then when i really wanted it he wouldnt ! it was frustrating especialy with aquas, they can last a good while without having sex , but then i just figured if i dont ask him , or mention it he will want to, and it works ! also try new things , they can be really freaky in bed so dont be shy , they wont say anything unless you bring it up!

by: Vlad

Okay...I'm an Aquarius guy and I have to agree with mostly what everyone said...Aquarius men love to have just in us...dont know what it is...I just know...whenever we me we give it all..there is no holding back...But you might be having to much sex if he making you beg for it..Dont give it up to him..he will want you even more if you dont me it will get better if you make HIM beg for it...

Rarely want sex
by: Anonymous

What is it about this men? Am currently dating a 49 year old aquarian and in the beginning it was exciting and he wanted to have sex regularly. But currently he gives all sorts of excuses but still wants us to date. Is this normal of aqua guys?

They love sex but they're just heartless liars
by: leo girl

I'm a Leo girl and was so attracted to this Aquarius guy. He was such a gentleman, he was humble and sweet. I just love being with him. There was definitely sexual attraction. He keeps saying that he couldn't believe he has me. And actually i couldn't believe I have him. Everything seemed so perfect in the beginning but later on he became more impatient and easily frustrated. Its like he wasn't the same person. He became INSENSITIVE. I kept saying no to sex since I was going through some problems. And you know what, he just left me without a word. Not even a single explanation. I just kept waiting for him to explain or apologize but he never came back. No contact whatsoever. Sometimes I just suddenly cry thinking that i never really mattered in the first place. That i was nothing but sex to him. As if all those times we spent together was just nothing and to think that I was so head over heels for him. How could someone be so heartless? Its like the whole relationship was fake. Well anyway, lesson learned i guess.

Aqua men suck
by: Anonymous

They are smart conniving underhanded and have a knack about making you feel guilty. Run away. Deep down inside. They know everything they want from you. Very seldom you meet an aqua man worth marrying. He maybe superseded his evil traits and zodiac.

Leo gal Aqua man
by: Anonymous

I was dating and Aqua man for about 6 months. In the beginning he really pursued me, he was sweet, he tried all the time. He was aloof, distant and in his own head at times, but i leave him be to his space and freedom and never questioned a thing. I read alot about LEO - AQUA relationships and i got plenty of advice on how to handle them. And as a passionate and Leo lady.. It took a lot of patience. He was sexual from the beginning, just not that often. I found he was more interested to watch a documentary and lay in bed together and sleep than have sex. As time passed, it became less and less. He was 43 and I 35. He was fine with hanging out once a week where as for me, i tolerated it but only up until i just hated it. One night on his bday/valentines weekend, i felt like he was going to confess love to me, and he stopped himself and said "im just protecting myself". I tried my best to try and get him to say what it was he wanted to, but he wouldnt budge. The next day he became a different person. moody, cruel words.. he was blaming all his life problems on me. I couldnt understand how he went from this guy that was about to tell me he loves me to a jerk. And he continued the path of hurting me over and over until i gave up. Once i gave up, i told him why.. He didnt care to hear it, he never answered my calls to talk about it, he never apologized.. He just vanished. He appeared a few months later, but once again, was negative, selfish and i ended it off as "take care of yourself". I have never experienced men dissapearing after they r cruel like this. Ive heard this from many who have dated Aqua men. As a LEO i want to fix now, and move on. But he never gave me the chance. I think becAuse these are the type, the past is the past, whereas i am "lets talk about what u did.....". I have met a few aqua men since and they are all clones of one another. Your lucky if u get a pisces or cancer venus in them. Or else your doomed.

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