Aquarius girls being evasive

by Nats

Do you Aquarius girls avoid someone your interested in or like? Do you avoid direct questions from the person you like?

Theres an Aquarius girl i've been talking to for about 6-7 months now. I;ve told her i like her, she's also told me she liked me but nothings happend thanks to HER. She always avoids seeing me one on one but she invites me out with her friends when its in a group. She ALWAYS declines or makes excuses when I ask to see her. And the other day I asked her why she avoids me and not to give me a bullshit answer and she just ignored it.

She disappeared for 5 days and then emailed me today acting normal like nothing happened. I told her in my previous email I was waiting on a response from her, if she never spoke to me again then so be it but i wasn't going to chase her. So she emailed me today she's acting normal being friendly and trying to help me sort out the dramas im going through at the moment and shes like "talk to me about it babe I wanna help you" so fine I did and then in my last email I told her "you know im still waiting for a reply to what I asked you before. and DON'T ignore it". That was about 2 hours ago and nothing. I'm getting the feeling she's going to ignore it again.

Can anyone explain this?

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This should help.
by: Anonymous

That is just part of our complex personality to be evasive. It doesn't mean she's not interested she just having some exciting fun seeing you sweat! My advice to you is try and avoid asking her that question in the regular, boring and straight forward manner that you have been doing. Invite her to something or somewhere fun, unusual, or exciting ( I don't mean the zoo!), we aquarians like museums, theatre, hiking etc; then maybe after she's had her fill of fun, you then when she least expects it and when she cannot be distracted you ask her your question. Hey it's a lot of work but we aquarian women love the chase and unpredictability of any event! Don't whine and nag us constantly about anything, just be creative confident and creative, then we would be hooked! Hope this helps.

by: marina

She is probably not interested but the only way to find out is to back right off. You may have turned her off already if you have been pushy or aggressive and now she just feels guilty/sorry for you hence the group invites. If she doesn't contact you, please get the message.

I think i've done that
by: lovelynnaquarius

Yes we are detacted and elusive or watever you call that. I cant deny it and WE ARE!

Just recently i did that out of irritation cos the guys are just so boring to us.
You need to be "outstanding" in a way to be different in approach to getting us out. We/ I hate those typical start out lines which we have heard it over hundred guys, nothing is as annoying as same or diffferent people repeating the same old boring stuffs. Above me is right about suggesting interesting places to go, even we are lazy or do not feel like going, we might just give it a try as it makes us interested.

Btw, i wasnt interested, at least i know i think i would never be, so in order not to hurt, and waste brain ceels on communicating with you, i disappear to my thinking world (definately more interesting than boring guys). About why we still came back to talk to you was that we are friendly treating everyone as friends, we just keep in touch and be nice, thats all.

Sorry thats all i can say, and they are true.

They do that all the time.
by: Anonymous

Yeah, that's something they do all the time. Vivacious and charming around groups of people they like, and around guys they see as awesome friends but not potential lovers. But as soon as a guy starts edging out of that platonic sphere, they back right off and usually make themselves unavailable. If the guy is worth it, he'll get her in a roundabout way, not mentioning anything serious. The best way to hold an aquarius is to play mysterious. It'll make her think and get her imagination stimulated, and nothing turns on an aquarius like her imagination. You can use this to your advantage by planting an idea in her head, but be careful: if you're clumsy about it or she senses you're doing it on purpose, she'll turn cold pretty fast.

Be honest and direct Aqua girls
by: Anonymous

Give me a break, I have tons of friends who are Aquarius and mostly women, some of them I know for 12+ years and very close to me.

I am a guy and in spite of knowing so many Aquarius girls, I have never dated one. Now I have this girl who I have gone out on a couple of dates and on the 2nd date she came on so strong that it floored me. Then its this constant on off, dissapearing, hot cold.

Please give me a break, you are no goddesses, I dont know why these girls think they are, as you people are clearly not above all. There are tons of passionate, intelligent girls around.

I am very smart, make everyone laugh, can hold a conversation on most topics. More than anything I am honest, not a jerk and definitely not clingy, I need freedom and believe in giving that freedom to my partner! I am a Cancer with a Gemini moon....if that helps.

All I ask is some clear honest communication from her, considering she claims she is this truthful, honest person with a lot of integrity. In this day and age when I am so busy with work, I dont have time to play games, life is too short. I will slowly move away but a definite honest conversation would help to clarify her thoughts!!! Is that too much to ask from you Aqua girls.

If thats the way you girls feel about life, as per all these bullshit comments from Aqua girls in all the forums, lose your vanity and be honest and DIRECT!!!!!! Good luck otherwise...........

We care and we get this
by: no bullshit aquarius

To the cancer man, Hey If you think us aqua are so bad and " full of shit " why were you reading our posts? And why do you have so many "close aqua female friends" ? I can tell you the reason why because we are not scared to be DIRECT.We are scared to hurt the feelings of the people who are close to us or has been nice to us even in the smallest way.THIS IS OUR BASIC NATURE!! That is the reason probably why your aqua friends are still with you because even if they know in their heart and mind ( and i can promise this 100% true) that you are loud and nuts you've been nice to them or stood by them in the hour of need.You keep aqua friends and then you come here and bitch about aquas.Aren't you the hypocrite?? We can give our eyes and blood for the person who has been there for us.So no we are not full of ourselves,WE CARE.The reason why this aqua girl has been going back and forth is because this guy is her friend and he keeps forcing this relationship pressure on her.She cares but she's scared that If she refuses him bluntly he'll get hurt and that can also strain the friendship.She doesn't want to lose a friend.I have lost many friends because I refused them.They left me.I hate that.Men don't take rejection well.They over react and create drama (like the one you did above).We hate arguments,emotional outbursts and drama of any sort.We need lots of mental peace and sanity.So, we avoid the question when we are not interested rather than being DIRECT about it.I think they should take the hint.If I like someone, I ask him out DIRECTLY.I'm not shy at all.I like to choose more than being chosen.If I am interested then nothing can stop me.I stay clear of water signs( cancer,pisces and scorpio)because they bug me big time.You don't like aqua girl fine leave her alone.She isn't exactly dying without you.There are intelligent women in every sign so it's ridiculous comparison.We can very well survive alone.And there are plenty of other signs who love our company.We are famous for being detached because we let go of an annoying friend and make 5 new interesting friends.Don't break your head here go and find intelligent pisces and scorpio women you attention seeking baby.That was DIRECT wasn't it? Because I don't care about you.Now you figure out why is she avoiding his question and not being direct.

Be honest and direct Aqua girls
by: Anonymous

I never said I dont like Aqua girls, all I said I never dated one. Firstly she kissed me on the 1st date, on the 2nd date she literally threw herself at me and I told her there is time lets not rush things she really respected me and said she thinks I care about her and it shows. I did reciprocate equally to her advances but we havent slept together, usually if I sleep with a girl too early I get bored easily!! She even said she wants to spend the night over with me.

All i want to know why she keeps disappearing?? Of course i can take rejection, thats part of life, I have dated many a girl and it does not work out we part ways and remain friends. Rejection is something which is hard on both parties, so not only for guys!!
I am still great friends with my high school sweetheart in fact we dated for 6 years and one days she dumped me (the only girl to dump me, sort off) but after 15 years we remain best friends and she is a Libra!! In fact I dont get along with scorpios and all the other signs you talked about at all.

Now back to this girl ,I am sure I have not given her any indication she will loose me as a friend if she says she just wants to be friends and she should be DIRECT thats how I like my friends to be and would RESPECT her even MORE if she just came forward and told me the TRUTH!! The issue is she will says all these sweet words and then vanishes, if I dont respond for a few days she will ask whats wrong and if I have forgotten her. I really am busy and STRESSED with work, so I dont need another extra stress right now and this game playing, plus to give her space I never force anything down her throat, so she can approach me easily to say whats on her mind without feeling threatened of losing me!!!

And please read correctly I was NOT her friend before, so its not the situation that I am forcing anything as I didn't KNOW her before, so the question of me trying to turn a FRIENDSHIP into something else does not EXIST here! Again I dont keep asking her out and all the times we have gone out its been mutual. She asked me if I liked her, I said yes and I asked her the same and she said yes. She was even making plans to travel with me or said she wanted to months ahead, so is there anything wrong if I had thought she likes me???

I really think you came on strong and aggressive for no reason, I dont like the way this is being handled, its not mature and no matter how much you scream about Aqua girls being the best, yada yada I think she should be honest and clear and please dont try to dump everything on me, just becoz i am the guy. If she has lost interest, which happens all the time lets move on, spare me the bull crap oh! she is scared to hurt me etc. I dont care a friggin hell emotionally once the relationship is over BUT I will remain your friend and if that person needs me I will be there even if its 4 am in the morning and i have to drive 2 hours (how do i know, becoz I have done it in the past without blinking an eye)!!!


Dump her
by: no bullshit aquarius

We do this with everyone you see.We play mind games .Aquarius and cancer is a big mismatch.We have complete opposite natures.I've dumped 3 of them before because they were very clingy,loud and demanding for my taste.We might be good as just friends.I've two female cancer friends and they are super cool and funny.And buddy I was not exactly singing praises about aquarius women.I never said we are the BEST.We don't like to be center of attention that's a leo and scorpio woman's nature.We infact don't mind people forgetting about us because we like spending time alone.Being self sufficient is not a crime.We don't mind staying single for the rest of our lives.Loneliness is not a threat to us.And I say this not with pride but out of experience.We are absent minded,stubborn to the core,sensitive to criticisms,explosive temper,abusive,cold towards people who hurt us.We have too many other interests to be tied down to one place and one person.I'm 100% aquarius and not a cusp and i'm fully aware of my flaws.You ask her to be direct but I suggest you to be direct to her.Tell her even if she doesn't want to take it to the next level she'll never find you gone.Although I think It's a waste of time because this pairing has no compatibility.When you are so well aware of our aquarian nature and find it irritating ( we find you irritating too we just say it to ourselves and not to your face)why do you want to pursue this girl? I say dump her. She's not worthy of your precious attention.She's playing mind games with you.Hook up with any other sign except aquarius.Keep your blah blah reserved for your precious lady and spare the aquarius girl.

by: Just an aqua gal

I think the two above should date!
They're funny when they fight. Smartties!


Date..Kidding me!!!
by: Anonymous

FYI my Aqua girl and me have gone separate ways and it suites me fine. There are a couple of things which happened on the way and not to start another debate, she was not being honest, which I found out from a common friend. When I confronted her she said she was going to tell me when we met next. Its only when I found out from another person, otherwise she was not being honest and playing games. This coming from her who told me that she hates playing games, whatever....

People and their honesty... nothing to do with zodiac signs, just so we don't start another debate!

If I have to date its nothing to do with sun signs, I need a calm person, who has a great smile. Of course if you look like Shrek's wife that won't count for sure. Looks is not everything but a bit important for sure. Seeing her aggressive responses in the above posts, I would have a very hard time!!!

Date him?? y don't you just shoot me in the head instead?
by: no bullshit aquarius

Somebody was saying that I was being aggressive but the cancer person himself came to the post shouting at aquarian women to be direct and honest and that's what I was doing, I was being honest.He should read his own posts and decide for himself that he wasn't being romantic and gentle either! Aquarians have high standards too and they won't date chimpanzees out of zoo. The man should be good looking,intelligent,well behaved and soft spoken.It depends on the person what he brings out of us aquarians. I have bitter enemies but I also have friends for life.And FYI I already have a gorgeous,sweet and gentle capricorn boyfriend whom i wouldn't trade for the world.
As for the question of not being direct and honest I still want to say the same thing that accept the fact once and for all that aquarians hate to hurt the feelings even in the smallest way. She expects you to be smart enough to guess it yourself and leave her alone.Saying " hey get off my back I ain't interested " is not aquarian style.I read this post by an aquarian woman dealing with issues of rejecting a Leo male on another website and it was funny aswell as true. May be after reading this all the men who are in confusion about aquarian women not being honest will learn something about " aquarian way of rejection ".

Stalked by a Leo says:

True on all points. All stalkers I’ve had have been Leos. They are a major pain in the arse. I’m dealing with another one again who can’t accept the fact that I’ve rejected him (again) – the narcissistic fool thinks he’s irresistible (au contraire, he’s so unattractive and not at all smart)
A word of advice my fellow Aqua ladies, if you are uninterested in a Leo’s advances be upfront about it from the start. State clearly that ‘No you are not attracted to him, will never be and that you mean no offense but that is the truth.’ Do not try to be nice and let them down indirectly, the arrogant fools will actually think you’re playing hard to get or are leading them!
My biggest mistake has always been trying to not hurt their feelings by giving them a ‘chance’ (but really disappear eventually and hope they’ll get the point). THIS NEVER WORKS. They will never leave you alone until you die because you gave them hope.
I really am not attracted at all to Leos, I find them too crass, not too smart and narcissistic. They are not subtle about anything – it’s so icky.

to no bullshit aquarius
by: leo guy

hello , i am a leo guy and i have been through with aqua girl , yeah its true that we are aggresive and always try hard to get what we want , but we are warm heart and dont want to hurt other people feeling ,

i've been through hard time with one aqua girl that all of sudden ignore me without any reason

even i fly far away from my country to surprise her birthday she also pretend that she is sick , how u think our feeling that wanna make surprise for someone that talking bullshit to us on her birthday that she is fucking sick !!!

and than me as a leo guy keep be patient and said sorry and wanna be friend with her , and then what i get ignore

i until now is still trying to chat and wish she wanna be my friend back , just that become a friend and clear all the misunderstanding between us

from how i see is , aqua girl is too selfish on doing something they not see about what people do to them but the look for people they admire not the people who done something for them

this is my true story about aqua girl

and i am a leo male!!!!

by: Liya

Well, i can say that she doesn't want commitment yet. She's afraid to lost her freedom. I am also an aquarius and when someone courted me, i tell him instantly that im a better friend than lover. .. Be a good best friend to her first and in that way , she feels comfortable being with u. Then u can say ur feelings to her and see what happens next. :) we are comfortable when we are with our friends. Friends first then lover later. .. Hope it helps. Goodluck !

lol I put that name just to fuck with the cancer
by: aquarian goddess

anywho you guys really made me laugh at this post hahaha.

for Nats
by: Anonymous

Listen I'm going through the same thing except for me it's been 3 yrs on & off relationship! The thing with Aquarius women is that you can't push or force any questions or scenarios with them, It's not gonna happen!!!...Let things be natural!! If she says she likes you then take it as a blessing. Don't scare her or chase her (they don't like to be cornered) but at the same time keep her interested with your future endeavors!!..Stop trying to bait her with pending questions, relax & everything should turn up in your favor!!..Goodluck!

hello Aquarius girls
by: Leo man

i'm Leo man my English is weak so i hope you understand me ..

I'm in love with Aquarius girl in online game she was my friend for one year and half .. in beginning she's never accept that (when i told her I love her).. and we had a big fight and I feel bad for telling her what I feel she told my am like here brother .. so we didn't talk to gather for one year (long and bad) in these time I saw here in game but we didn't talk to gather .. I was Flirts with girls around her like always and I start to feel her Jealous.

a few days ago she talk to me in another nickname and start chatting with me and spy on me . and start to hang out with me .. I start Flirts with here like i do with hot girls she never accept that and ignore me by changing the subject .. and she Disappeared again .. and many times she's come to me and told me she want to be friend and she hate love things and i keep Flirts with here ...
I'm doing these because she's never told me she was her .. so I keep Flirts and Flirts .

Finally she come to me in another nickname and start a love relationship with me .. she never told me she love me but she act like that ,, and i was so happy to be with here as lover .. we had a fun time and I Flirts with here and she accept that for i 3 month .. then she start again

we fight to gather because of "Flirts" she told me she didn't want love talking and she told me to say "i love you " Less , I was angry and i told here that if she don't my Flirts girls we love it , she fight with me and Disappeared for 1 month i was Disappointment she talk to me after that and told me to forget her and keep going . I start hang on with girls and of course Flirts .

she came to me in another nickname and problem didn't stop .... she never told me she love me and want me to keep going and she come to me in another nickname trying to find what i told girls about here .
and that my problem what should i do with here .
i never cheat on here i love seeing her Jealousy to see here love me also I like girls and she want me without love > what's the problem .. if i should stay with here she should care .
i'm a Leo man and i love to feel in love so what should i do ...

Aquarius played games.
by: Wounded Leo

Leo man here.

It's true, we do tend to stalk a little. I've recently been doing the same to an Aquarius girl. We're just too honest with our feelings an expect everyone else to be the same.

I met an Aquarius girl, first date - had the most amazing time together, incredible energy and chemistry. Kissed, fooled around..and planned to start something. It's was very exciting.

I tried to arrange another date, but she was busy (she never suggested another time). So I tried again...same result. And again...same result. and again...oh, this time she was ill (but was out with her friends that night anyway).

She told me she had some emotional issues (she did, we used to talk about her depression and anxiety) and she wanted to fix herself before starting something with someone new. I offered to stick around as a friend. Then she began ignoring me..more and more.

If I was guilty of anything, it was of not playing mind games with her and playing 'aloof' like a schoolboy or a pick up artist. She would tell me she really liked me and once she resolved her issues, I would "immediately become her boyfriend".

Having suffered from issues in the past and overcoming them, I offered her support. She would ignore me a lot, then text me at 3am to speak to me...telling me how bad she felt and sad she was within herself. Next day...she'd ignore me.

A week or two later of trying to get through to her, she told me she's seeing someone else and told me its the reason she's been ignoring me. That was last I was ever to hear from her.

I then spent another week trying to be her friend if nothing else. She told me she was suicidal a week before, so I put my broken heart and ego aside and offered to be a platonic friend to her and help her if she ever needed some support....she ignored me.

She gave me clear hope. Maybe I was a stalker, maybe I was just being a genuine caring guy that wanted to be with her in any capacity, but I do know she wasn't kind to me..she didn't make it easy. She played mind games and took advantage of my good nature.

I feel bad, because I only met her amazing time together..and then spent a month trying to share the same thing again. I lost some self respect, some dignity in the process. I chased her. It still baffles me as to why she would say those things and not want to hang out with me again.

She clearly played me, but that's ok, I'll go away and lick my wounds and learn for next time. I will never chase a girl ever again. No chasing.

I may have dodged a bullet and she may have taught me a very valuable the end, I think i'm the one that will come out the winner.

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