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I am an Aquarian woman In love with an Aquarian man who lives InAustralia -- I live In the US and let me tell you... Somehow our veryunconventional relationship just works! And I am not jealous of the Idea of himbeing with others while I am away -- I guess that Is because we Aquarians areso open-minded!

I'm an Aquarius woman, dating an Aquarius man. We actually met while playing an on-line poker game. Just started chatting In between hands, all the typical stuff, where are you from, etc. But there was just something about this guy (and I did not even know his name just his poker Id) that I could never get off my mind. We started talking over Yahoo, via Instant messaging then over Skype, then we added web cams. You see the BIG problem with the relationship Is that he lives In Holland and I live In the USA. But being Aquarians I guess we both decided to overlook that one little detail.

We share everything In common, likes, dislikes, Interests. I mean It Is freaky we are so much alike. And I know they say opposites attract, but there Is something great about having so much In common. If I have an Interest that he does not know about, we discuss It and even read stuff together about It, and sure enough, he then becomes Interested In It as well. And visa versa.

Upon his assistance we finally took the plunge and he flew to the USA. I was a wreck. I was very afraid that this was going to be the end of a great relationship. I met him at the airport, and my mind went blank. I could not remember what he looked like! Then while searching for a breath mint In my purse I suddenly felt that he was there. I looked up and sure enough there he was coming thru the customs doors. We looked at each other, he walked over to me, and we gently kissed. We then looked each other In the eyes, I thru my arms around his neck and we really kissed! We waited on line for the taxi smooching the whole time, and got hot and heavy In the cab. We just could not keep our hands off of each other.

He has come to the US another time shortly there after and I have gone to Holland and am planning to go back again In a few short weeks. I have no Idea how we are going to work out this long distance relationship, but to be honest I don't care. He Is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And If we have to spend most of our time not physically together It Is still worth It.

are Aquarius men or Aquarius women more jealous?

I just met this PERFECT Aquarius male and I am an Aquarius female wehave known each other for 4 days and we are finishing each others sentences andso on the same wavelength! It's way cool!

so I met this Aquarian guy and I didn't think It was going to workbecause he was a senior In high school and I was a freshman. but we have beengetting along so well the sex Is great and we talk all the time sadly though heis at boot camp because he Is joining the marines which I think Is so sexy.

I just love a guy In uniform. he Is so sweet and cares about how I feel and heis a great listener. I miss him a lot and I cant wait till he gets back.hopefully we'll go to the same college together Im keeping my fingers crossed.

oh btw Im also an Aquarian but Im female :)

I was In another relationship when I met my Aquarius guy. I'm anAquarius woman and my ex was a Gemini, that should have been a decentrelationship but I was miserable. Of course being the typical Aquarian he cameinto my life at a very random time and we became the best of friends. Myrelationship (with Gemini) was already a wreck so I really didn't mind breakingthings off. We have now been together for awhile (January 14th will be a year)and we both agree that we have not had enough of each other.

- Me: sun In Aquarius, moon In Aquarius and a Gemini rising

- Him: sun In Aquarius, moon In Aries and a Scorpio rising

Im an Aquarian woman (English) with an Aquarian man (Australian). We have lived together for the last 3 years and I long for adventure again. He gets jealous of me doing my own thing and I feel like I am trapped in a dead sex-less relationship. We used to see each other every two weeks and that worked better but that was when we first started to see each other. I've tried to talk to him about my desire to travel again but he refuses to speak about anything, except for what he wants to discuss (work). I would like the relationship to work but little intimacy and future plans to do something, anything exciting is killing me slowly...

I'm an Aquarius woman and with an Aquarius man and we met in 1st grade and he was really sweet, he can tell you the 1st time he saw me btw, and we were just best friends for 15 years flirting, and talking about getting together and now we are! we are so compatible and we never have a dull moment. I LOVE him!

don't let the signs have all the say, though, because we went through a lot of dead end relationships before we realized we were perfect for each other and you just have to trust your heart and take the jump have faith in love and love will find you.

I'm an Aquarius woman and my boyfriend of almost three years is an Aquarius male. he's a wonderful person, really sweet guy, and respects my freedom. we just seem to understand each other on a level I've never had with anyone else. our interests and opinions are very similar. though sometimes he can be a handful, I love him very much. you just have to have tolerance with these guys sometimes. he's not only my boyfriend, but my best friend at the same time.

I just started dating an Aquarius man, funny thing he is on the cusp of Pisces and im on the cusp of Capricorn, We grew up on the same block when we were 9 and we just saw each other again at the 20 year reunion, I feel so comfortable with him, we definitely have chemistry, and he is a lot of fun, its a bit scary how we are so much alike,im excited about this new adventure, and Im wondering what is wrong with him, because right now I feel like he is simply perfect for me. He is tall, handsome, lean, strong, funny, brave, and has great skin. This Aquarius man has me bananas.

im an Aquarius woman. I was dating a Libran guy for 3months but things didn't look too bright. during that 3months, I was talking casually to his friend who's an Aquarian guy 2yrs my junior, and we clicked!

less than a month after the breakup, I got with this guy and its been awesome so far although just 1.5months has passed. we talk about absolutely everything under the sun, complete sentences for each another, think and say the same things at the same time. we also discovered we had some similar habits during our childhood days. he is SO like my dad who is also an Aquarian. both dad and boyfriend has similar habits now and both have droopy puppy eyes!

long distance relationships take more work..

and I absolutely love my sailor boy! :-*

I'm an Aquarius woman seeing an Aquarius man right now and I have to sat I've never been happier. We just click and I understand him on a mental level. I researched some other websites on Aquarius-Aquarius compatibility and pretty much everything people are saying is accurate. Although I have to say my experience with the sex is different than this website says, its amazing! That mans kisses make me melt! :)

And to answer the question above, Aquarius are SO not the jealous types!

I am an Aquarius women with an Aquarius man our relationship has been perfect up until our long distance relationship then I found myself having too much freedom and ended up falling for an Aries man I just don't know which one is better for me.....confused

I'm a Aquarius woman who has been in a relationship with a Aquarius man for 6 mths now,when our eyes meant that was it.We are seven days apart in our birthdays but our intersts are so much the same it is scary,we finish each others sentences as well as he reads my mind and I read his. We are compatible in many ways yet there are enough differences to balance us out which is good.We are now engaged to be married since we no we are each others soul mates, its been a long time for both of us in finding some one who is almost like you & you just click,well we love it & each other. Aquarius & Aquarius can work, but it takes work with any relationship worth having.

I'm and Aqua female dating an Aqua male. What exactly does "dating" mean to the Aqua male? He is distant but when we are together it's everything dating is supposed to be. I can't tell if I am not doing something right and that's why he is distant or if he's just that way by nature. I've known him for almost 10 years, he's always been this way. He hates being tied down, and he hates clingy relationships so I give him his space. But after a couple of days I start texting again and usually a couple days will pass before I hear from him. Now, in the beginning, I was ignoring him and he was all about contacting me. Maybe I am making it too easy for him now??? Should I ignore the next few texts I get from him? It's so hard though! Because he has me on the edge of my seat, week to week, waiting for a response! He is in control and I hate that! How do I regain control!? lol


I'm an Aquarian woman and I am in a sort of-almost relationship with an Aquarian man. We met last year and he started teasing me but I didn't quite like him in another way than a colleague. He was making all kinds of jokes I was finding really stupid. I told him 2-3 times his attitude was bothering me but he didn't stop. So I just refused to talk to him again. Our roads separated until a few weeks ago when he called me, we had lunch together for 2-3 times and I realized that he was my image in the mirror. After we kissed several times I thought that this could be the beginning of a relationship.

However, he's very weird: he doesn't contact me 6 days a week. On Sunday all of the sudden he remembers I exist and he contacts me and of course we meet and it's quite intense. I don't understand him. Don't get me wrong: I am not the jealous type but I would like more attention from him. He goes out with his friends, he goes on trips a lot, he has a lot of fun without me but when he needs to relax or share an opinion with someone he chooses me...He is so strange!!

I don't know if this is because he's just a man, because he's an Aquarian or because he was really hurt by his ex and now he tries to get as more detached from me as possible.

An advice from you would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Have an excellent day!


I am an Aquarius woman, I merried an Aquarius man. Our relationship was awsome for many years, we love each other to the max. We loved to be toghether most of the tme, and we both love to travel, we always travel toghether, went out toghether, do many things toghether, he got me everything I wanted, house, cars, money, etc never said no to anything I wanted. He was an explendid men, but we both were so immature and stuborn in our beleifs in life that we both had hard time compromissing, each one of us wanted our own way wich lead to many bad arguments and even divorce after 8yrs of marriage.

Now I met a new Aquiarius man and this time with the experience we both have, our relationship is a great one. This men is loving, caring, respectful, charmin and explendid too. If I re-marry I would do it again with an Aquarian men. Love the way Aquarius men is. Love his charisma, sense of humor, he is the kind of men who gives everything to a woman, lots of love, respect, luxury, everything. And another thing Aquarius men will do is that he would never take anything away from his love one. All the opposite. If you ever divorce, he is the kind of person who will leave you secured. Let you keep the house, your cars, everything he gave you, you will get to keep them. He will even make sure you will be finantially secure for years to come.

When I divorced my Aquarious men, he left evrything, he is the kind of person who helps you out even after the divorce.

I am an Aquarius woman who received a random phone call from a customer at work about 6 months ago. I helped him with what he needed and we joked around and chatted for about 30 minutes. He called again the following week with something else I needed to help him out with. After that, he would send silly e-mails or ask me what I was doing for the weekend and how I felt about the November elections. One thing has lead to another and now we talk every day -- mostly e-mails-- but we chat after work and plan on meeting for the first time in a couple of weeks. Our only problem is a big one. He's in an unhappy marriage and I am unhappily engaged. Not sure what to do now but I can't resist this man.

I am an Aquarius woman who was in a relationship with a Aquarius man.We met on the train and we just clicked.We got so much in commen.We want the same things in life but there's only one problem, his family.We were so in love and still are but we not together at the moment.He got married to his ex because she was pregnant with his child while we were in a relationship. They were not involved at the time we met each other.With a lot of fighting and arguments I decided to stick by him and go ahead with the relationship because we wanted to be with each other.

We were together for 1 year and 2months then we broke up.In the meantime they got devorced and his ex moved with the child to JHB.Its been a bid hectic because his family is blaming me for everything.We still love each other very much and want to get together but he is afraid of his family.

What I want to know if two people love each other so much how is that they can't find their way back to each other?

I am an Aquarius Woman and for a short period of time I was dating an Aquarius man. I thought we would be compatible, but we were too much alike we couldnt get along in that sense. Since we weren't committed to one another he and I still dated other people, but I guess on the plus side none of us got jealous. What I'm trying to say is that these two signs are not always the best sign to match up with.

I met my Aquarius online last month on a site where I love to talk on the forums. I hadn't been there in a while and almost as soon as I logged on I received a message from him. He a strikingly good looking puerto rican and me a black girl whom many men consider attractive but it takes a lot to hold my interest. We decided to go out on a date and the moment our eyes met that was it. We talked for hours in that resturant and we didn't want the night to end. We ended up at his place none stop talking and was really nervous for me to see his place because it was a true bachlor pad. We couldn't fight the chemistry and that first night truly felt like love making.

We have not been a part since. No matter what we do or where we go we have a great time. It's like a magnetic pull when we're together. We can literally kiss for hours. I've never felt this connected to a man before in my life. He's so much like me but different if that makes any sense. I feel as if our souls met in a past life.

I can never get him off of my mind no matter how hard I try. We're both independent so when we see each other after a few days we embrace and don't ever want to let go.

I was so afraid of all the emotions I was feeling for him that I ended things stupid I know and he was so angry with me. And I ended up doing something I had never done I showed up at his house apologizing and told him the real reason why and he yelled at me but I could tell he was relieved in the same breath because he knows there's something truly rare between us.

His only words to me was "Please don't give up on me." And ever since then we've become even more intense. I'm still afraid but taking it slow helps which is what we're doing now.

I'm an Aquarius woman, I've dated an Aquarius man for more than 6 months, but finally it turned out that we're not compatible. The main characteristics of an Aquarius (need for freedom, stubbornness, high ambitions, etc.) are just can't come out with another Aquarius, I think. Both me and my boyfriend had our ambitious dreams and we couldn't give them up for each other. Now its over, gotta find someone more understanding.

I'm an Aquarius female dating an Aquarius male. We've been together for 2 yrs and 3 months. We plan to marry very soon. Although we argue sometimes, we still manage to love each other unconditionally. I mean, doesn't every couple argue at times? I've dated other signs, but he is the perfect one for me because he's the greatest listener in the world even if he's busy doing something and he cares so much about me. If he's wrong, he'll admit it. Overall, once you've gotten an Aquarius man to fall in love with you, he's the most loyal, loving, funniest, and sensitive-yet-macho man you'll ever meet. He'll satisfy you physically (& yes I mean sexually), mentally, and emotionally.

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