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I'm an Aries female dating an Aquarian male. I also have my moon InPisces, not sure of his. Feelings are there, certainly on my side, however,it's hard to decipher how he feels as he never openly expresses them and Iseither full on and pushy or completely appearing disinterested, which obviouslykeeps me coming back for more!

I Love Him But We Sadly Broke Up How Can I Get Closer To Him Again?

I am not speaking on my own behalf but of five different Aries/femaleand Aquarius/male relationships I know of.

the Aquarius man and Aries female partnership from what I have gathered Is aviolent one.

two of my aunt's, my cousin and two of my oldest close friend's have all beenmarried or had long term relationships with a Aquarius male and those men haveall been violent ,controlling and maddeningly paranoid.

but being Aries the women never seem to end the relationship despite the SOobvious problems. I don't think this combination Is a good one It only leads to pain for the Aries woman.

all I can say Is be careful.

Im an Aries woman dating an Aquarius man and he and I dated on andoff for 2 1/2 yrs while staying friends we didn't become close until justrecently. he always gave me the space I needed and I give him his by doing soit made us closer. I hate for us to argue. I let him take the lead andsometimes and other times he lets me take lead depends on the situation at handbut our relationship has never been a violent one. he can be a littlecontrolling at times but I find It to be a turn on rather then something thatmakes me mad. were the best of friends and we get along real well. not allAries women are alike and not all Aquarius men are alike. maybe It's becausehis moon Is In Aries Is why we get along so well Idk ?

deeply In love with my Aquarius boyfriend. he Is younger than me butwe never apart to each other. he completes me. Aries and Aquarius are meant tobe together. Air and fire Is a very dynamic combination.

Hi there I am an Aquarius male and I really like this Aries female Ifind her so Interesting I just find my self wanting to be around her all thetime Is Aries really for me because I fill In my heart that she Is

I'm an Aries woman head over heels for an Aquarius man. He firststepped Into my office and began a friendship over the phone then a fewdates. I had to end It due to his high temper.

We had a holiday party and he surprisingly brought a girl. I didn't see thatcoming. But, he has a bad record for keeping girlfriends. Should I stick aroundafter he breaks up and finally tell him how I truly feel. Due to sexualattraction we've been friends all this time. But I still think of him daily. What should I do?

I am an Aries female and I just ended my 2 1/2year relationship withan Aquarius man. That man was so jealous over everything, completelydelusional. He never appreciated anything I did, he would play mind games withme and say that things happened that didn't. In the bedroom It was completebliss but everything else was complete chaos. He was very boring, worried allthe time and always wanted to discuss his feelings, not at all what I aminterested In. However, In the beginning he was quite the charmer buteventually the true colors came out. What an utter disappointment.

I'm an Aqua male attracted to an Aries woman. She Is so amazing!Everything about her screams sexy. We are In the beginning stages (a coupleweeks) but I really feel like my relationship with her can go far. She's veryresponsible and Independent which really excites me. I can't get her outta mymind and I'm lovin It!

I am an Aries woman who dated an Aquarius man for about 2 years. Itwas a complete roller coaster ride. this man had a way of getting me to doalmost whatever he wanted me to do. I was totally love struck, but he wasviolent, controlling and manipulative and the biggest whore! He looked at everywoman that past his eye. I can honestly say that I would never get Involvedwith another Aquarius again. Aries women beware!

I recently met an Aries Woman and I am head over heels for her. Wemet unintentionally, discussing dogs and the weather. We decided to text eachother just because It seemed easier to communicate that way, and with In hourswe were totally Into each other. It took a matter of days for us to know thatwe are meant for each other and we are now exclusive. I am an Aqua male by theway.

My last two serious relationships were with Aries females, I alwaysfeel very strongly toward them, and they seem to communicate well, but they seemto easily Irritate me, maybe even by doing things that doesn't bother me usually.Also arguments with these two ladies always seem to go further than they needtoo, ladies are a lil pushy to me, be careful here...

ok I'm an Aquarius and I'm not violent with my women I treat her withrespect and joke around with her and we have or fun but I'm not violent

I am an Aries woman In a relationship with an Aquarius male. We wereintroduced by a mutual friend and within hours were Intimate. We have beentogether for quite some time and feel like we are two halves of the same whole.We seldom argue and enjoy being together so much It Is painful when we areapart. The only Issue we have Is with his 3 daughters. He allows them tomanipulate him and this Infuriates me, especially when It Involves ourrelationship. Btw, everything about us Is a polar opposite: he Is 10 yearsyounger, comes from a lower socio-economic background, Is careless of hisappearance, etc.

I've been with my Aquarius man for 3 yrs and he has never once beenviolent towards me In any way. I just recently found out he likes to argue andwin. I like to argue as well but not with him I learned my lesson the firsttime we got Into an argument and I now keep my mouth shut and let him win. youhave to conform to your Aquarius b/c their not going to change for you andtrust me you can't change no man no matter how hard you try. I learned toconform around him and by doing so I learned a lot about myself. he's overlyprotective and at times I feel like I'm dating my mother b/c she's an Aquariustoo I'm no longer Irritated by that It's now our lil joke. were the best offriends. even If It were possible to change him I wouldn't change anything It'sone roller coaster ride but he always keeps me on my toes It's never boring.

I'm an Aries woman with an Aquarian male. I haven't known him longbut I feel like he's my best friend. I tell him everything. He's so sweet andnon-judgmental. He's also very encouraging and the SEX...might be the bestI've ever had. He's certainly the only one who's ever gone along with my crazysuggestions. I heart him (too early to say the 'L' word)

I've been reading about the Aqua male on the other boards (I'm anAries female) and some of the things that Irritate them about the Aquariandon't bother me at all.

They say that Aqua's like confident (bossy), changeable and flirtatious women.That's me. I guess I now know why he keeps coming back. Sometimes I wonder Ifhe ever gets mad/frustrated with me. I've frustrated him once-he called meselfish. It was good to get some emotion out of him. I don't know why I have topush people like this. I think he's testing me to see what will piss me offsometimes but I just brush him off as he keeps firing questions. You can't beatme Aquarius! You've met your match!

Aquarius guys... When do u know that u r going out with one? Or Whenis the relationship "official" so to say? My Aquarian friend told me he likedme more than a friend and I told him I felt the same way too. He talks loveydovey to me now but he hasn't actually said anything about me and him beingofficial aka dating or girlfriend boyfriend. Idk what I should do. The Ariespride In me Is keeping me from bringing up the question directly to ask him.His relationship statuses online still says single. Is this guy just aplayer??! Aquarius guys are players!! *mad*

I'm an Aries girl met an Aqua boy (2 yrs younger than me) about 2 monthsago & seemed like we were attracted from day 1 that we saw each other. He lovesto talk & almost can go on forever even If he lies motionless on the ground I'msure his mouth wud keep jabbering to glory. We aren't In a relationship but we'vedefinitely made out (just 2 weeks ago) , but after the sex (which btw was AMAZING)his body lingo towards me has completely changed (i.e. when we walk, talk sit,or stand)... Wonder y? The things he usually used to do before the day we 'didit' has almost changed completely... He has had a rocky past & has asked me notto Q him as he doesn't wanna b answerable. He also asked me to go with the flow& asked me to "WAIT & WATCH"

I'm an Aries woman with an Aquarius man and we met like out ofnowhere It was all so random, but I feel like he's the most amazing guy everand he makes me feel like the most amazing girl as well, when we are togetherall we do Is laugh because he just makes me so happy and I respect andunderstand he needs his space, any problems or concerns that arise we discussthem and come up with a solution and I cant see myself getting mad at him he'sjust so amazing and he's so optimistic that It has made me see things In adifferent way, I'm a much happier person thanks to him. That's what arelationship Is for right? To make you a better person :)

Are there any Aries/Aquarius relationship that last pass 2-3 years? I would like to hear some reasons why Aquarians break up with an Aries?

I am an Aquarius male who was with an Aries female for 3 yrs. She was independent and outgoing which is what I was attracted to. However, in the end both Aqua and Aries are stubborn which lead to our break up. Aries women tend to rebound and move on really fast. They will forget but not/never forgive. Very impatient, insecure...If you are an Aqua male in willing to be with an Aries female, please keep re assuring her that you'll be there for her for ever.

I am an Aries female. I met my Aquarius through an introduction and was kind of random. We are long distance and text and talk all day for weeks, then he all the sudden stopped texting its been one day and Im sad. We had a very great connection. Im trying to figure out if he just needed space for a while or if he's gone forever.

I currently m in this aqua mental tornado (hope I spelled it right) my so called relationship wiv my aqua was so beautiful I messed it all up because of my insecurity! Nw he's gone :'( wonder if he's ever going 2 return! I miss him but certainly not crying 4 him or thinking of him 4 like the entire cuz v Aries can move on real quick! but if my charming aqua comes back and if m single ill definitely give 1 more chance 2 this relationship!!

Head over heals for my Aquarius guy. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He's awesome. He is the sweetest, most honest, caring, loving man I have ever been with. We're crazy about each other and want to always be with each other.

im Aquarius man, 2 years relationship with Aries woman but had ended. I loved having argumentation with her and of course I always win.. the problem is she just too easy to be provoked and I am born as a provocateur. that's when I realized what 'compatible' means at that time :)

and then. there was a time when she needed me to express my feeling to her, that I adore her so much.. like everyday! the problem is that I didn't have time to do it well I need my own space at that time and she was way too annoying for me). so that's the time when I realized what the word 'incompatible' means to me :(

I'm an Aries w/Leo moon and my Aquarius w/Sag moon. We get along very good. Open and honest is our communication. Excellent sex life but changeable. He's very loving, kind and respectful so am I with him. When I am with him he makes me feel like his queen only thing is he can get frustrated with me if I can't keep up with him or if I move too fast when doing something. It's also the same for me because in this there's little controlling nature in him. I think the thing that keeps us good is that we are both open minded and easy going with one another. I love this man very much and he makes me feel his love as well as tell me. Time away from him can be frustrating but we manage. We have been together 1 and 1/2 and all ready discussed marriage just not for now. We are very organized people and need something's in order before move forward. Just not the right time, but is very loyal and committed to one another.

Im an Aquarius male and im 17 but I just meet a beautiful Aries girl and she is amazing, but I don't know what to do as far as letting her know how I feel. Any good ideas? and I don't understand where this "violent" subject came about because im always in a good mood and funny.

Is it possible to be in love after one week? Well I think I am. This is how my aqua. man makes me feel, we complement each other in so many ways. I actually knew him from the past and he is saying all the right things, we both are at the same level in our lives and we want the same things. So happy right now!

im an Aries female an my aqua man wer in a relationship for 4 years, he is very outgoing and luvs being the centre of attention, he was madly in luv wit me but gave me little attention which cause many rows, some violent.. I crave attention and this relationship gave me very little, but I am stil madly in love wit him as he is me.. just wasn't meant t be :(

As a 22 year old Aquarius man involved with a 26 year old Aries woman, I can say that it's been very good so far. We can talk endlessly about anything and seem to click on so many levels. I've seen her temper flare up once or twice, usually by getting frustrated, but she cools off almost instantly if I don't become confrontational and instead gently remind her that we're on the same side. She's very honest and seems to know what she wants, which means the world to me. The sex is amazing; every new thing I lead her to try is explored vigorously, and I think she really appreciates my fixation with foreplay. I've had nothing but good experiences and can't really see any storm clouds on the horizon.

I'm an Aries female and I think I feel in love with my Aquarius guy since the first time I laid eyes on him. Our mom's used to work together and have been very close friends for years, but it took like 7 years until "we" finally met face to face and it was fireworks instantly. He's so sweet and genuine. When I'm with him I always feel at ease. I do enjoy having the space to do me, and I respect his need for space as well. We both stay pretty busy, but when I'm away from him I miss him like crazy and just can't wait to be in his presence again; even if we don't say a word, just to look in his eyes. He's the most gorgeous man I've ever met, mysterious and so sexy; just perfect to me. Ever since the first kiss I've been on a natural high, and I just pray I never come down.

I'm an Aquarius male and I recently broke up with my Aries girlfriend.. It hurts to read some of things on here from others because some of them really applied to us.. At times we were so inseperable and connected and at times distant and disconnected.. We were together for a short time but I can tell you I regret things not going further between us.. When times were good they were but when they were bad they were as well.. She at times made me happier than anyone else ever could have.. I really pray and wish that me and her could reconcile our differences and move forward with each other, arm in arm.. Btw Aries women are some of the feisteist women out there.. but are also some incredibly sexual creatures..

Yo. I'm an Aquarius male and interested in a female Aries. So far things have been good, but there are a little difficulties. She is a very blunt person, but when i'm blunt with her it's somehow my fault. Most recently (tonight, actually. This needs a bit of background story: some things happened with her ex who died, we're basically friends with benefits til she's more comfortable with a relationship) she found out that I had kissed this girl last night at a party. My issue is that it's hypocritical, she can go on dates and kiss people but apparently I went behind her back and kissed that girl. Confusing, yes? However, when we aren't fighting or whatever one would call it, things are amazing. Basically I'm saying you have to know the Aries (everyone is unique no matter how similar to the described astrological aspect) and how to respond to them. Communication is everything, and since Aries and Aquarius are both good in that aspect, it should be easy. Personally I'v e found myself as an Aquarian very compatible with other signs no matter what, but it's always come down to me wanting to do something different.

To the 17 yr old who wants to let the Aries know how you feel--just tell her. Aries are probably the easiest to understand and they prefer when people are direct. Don't play games, if you like her and you want something more with her- just tell her. If she feels the same then she'll respond and be true to you (these are all sweeping generalizations)

Recently ended things with my Aqua. He drove me crazy with his disappearances. We had some good times but he really hurt me. Thank God, I bounce back easily. Already met a hot Aries :p. I know me and the Aries won't prob be serious but he is smokin'!

I'm an Aries woman in love with an Aquarius man, and I think the chart should be 5-5-5 on this one!

an Aquarius male please ans my question ...i m an Aries in a relationship with an Aquarian for 1 and a half he says maybe we were very close friends and we mistook it for love ...basically he feels I m very insecure and he felt this isnt love...i love him ...i want to know guys what to to make him feel loved yet show tat I m not insecure?how to make him run behind me?how to get him back coz I know what he is saying is untrue as I beca,e insecure of loosing him as we had gone into a long distance relationship and my grandfather had expired whom I was very close to I was afraid of loosing him my boyfriend guys help me get him back?he is 23 and I am 20

I'm an Aries woman and I've dated an Aqua man a few months ago. He was very disconnected and self-absorbed. I also agree that Aqua men are very humanitarian, and they like talking about big ideas, but not necessarily trying to execute any. As an Aries, I appreciate big ideas as well, but I also like taking action.

The worst thing about Aqua men is their sex drive. It was great, but it was not frequent. I never got enough and it deeply disappointed me since sex is so essential to Aries.

Believe it or not, I have started seeing another Aquarius man about a month ago. And I can see the common trends and problems that might arise right away - his isolation and disconnection, his fear of loosing independence (but thankfully as an Aries I'm not clingy), his not so high sex-drive (true said, Aries get more action with fire signs), and his tendency to take things slow, i.e. being somewhat friends and not putting labels right away.

Well I, an arian female, dated an Aquarian male for 10months. At first it was great, we were completely compatible. We were both goal oriented, independent and could talk for hours. There wasn't a dull moment. Between the sheets was pure bliss, as we were both adventurous and passionate. But the relationship ended because I wanted it to. To me he just kept coming up short. Sometimes he would tell me how much he wanted to be with me, then at other times he would retreat and completely ignore me. He definitely used me to get what he wanted. He was extremely passive, & uncompassionate to the point of simply not caring. He was extremely cheap as well. All in all very bipolar and definitely won't give you the respect you deserve. He had wondering eyes but never cheated.

I am an Aries woman dating an Aquarius man we are in our 6 month now. well basically the two of us know each other since elementary we were seatmates when we were 8 years old but we are not close friends back then..we got separated when he went to different school during high school we had separate lives but I believe destiny has its way of re uniting people that are meant to be together. we became classmates and for some reasons became seatmates once again during college we became good friends he treated me like a little sister.. He had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend in college but both didn't turned out well. when we graduated we got separated once again and almost lost communications for months but one unexpected night he texted me and our friendship was back to normal..when I say normal it's pretty simple...talking about our common interest like anime's and games He had a special someone at that time they were planning to enter a relationship in no time..I don't know but so mewhere in my heart there was that pain that made me sleepless for nights. then he told me that he was about to leave for California in about a month. we spend his remaining month in the Ph like every day is our last day..It was a lot of fun..we made lots of memories together on feb 06 2010 he left Ph and I wondered if he took my heart with him. I tried my best to keep up with him I send him msgs each day and endured nights and nights of staying late just to talk to him knowing we no longer have the same time and space just like before...on april 07 2010 he and her special girl was suppose to have a relationship but it didn't turn out well...on the morning of april 25 in california and april 26 here in PH I received a mail..on that mail he's asking me if I want to be in a relationship with him since both of us have known each other for ages and we share same interest...although I was a bit shock at his mail..I answered him yes without a doubt...I don't want to live in pretensions anymore...I don't want to endure pain alone anymore...and now here we are in our 6th mo of happy thing is for sure in an Aries woman-aquarian man realtionship...always be the best of friends than lovers...friendship last longer than love in this kind of relationship :)

I am 37 and an Aries female and have been married to an Aquarius male for twelve years. At first I trusted him completely, as an Aries we are afraid but hide it. He was my best friend, although as time past he became distant. Our emotional intimacy died, a part of me also died. I have tried hard to repair our relationship, but in truth I feel he is bored, and done with me. He says he doesn't want our relationship to end, although he has not hugged, or looked deep into my eyes for years. I care for him, but over time my heart has gone cold. I lost a part of myself from his rejection, something they do to have an upper hand over the relationship, in truth they are cold, and calculating.

I am trying to date an Aquarius man and have already hit the wall! I have known him for some time and when we first met he made me feel something that no other man ever has(with just his eyes!). That was 10 months ago and since then I have not stopped thinking about him, which is crazy for me as Aries. We have had a couple of exchanges over the months and recently went out on a date. He asked me for the next date and all seemed really positive but he had to cancel hours before date No.2! Now do I just give him space, time and be REALLY understanding or shall I just forget it!! After reading all the experiences I'm not sure as an Aries that I do have the patience for Aquarius but I have so never wanted someone soooo much!! If there is an Aquarius man out there who can help me out here you'll be my friend forever!

Known my Aquarius man for about 15 years now. Always been friends until recently and it's amazing. We care deeply for one another and are taking it slow. Sex is amazing. He is very independent and not clingy, which I like. He is super funny and we talk for hours every night. I believe he is the one and am waiting patiently for him to make any serious moves.

I'm an Aries girl dating an Aquarius boy. We've been together for a total of 7 weeks now. There were sparks flying between us the first day we met, and the sparks continued to fly for a few more weeks until recently. He's very and hot and cold, and quite frankly, I find it frustrating. I'm a passionate and strong minded individual and although I don't necessarily need to see him every day or speak to him on the phone every day, I'd like him to make an effort to let me know he's thinking about me. When I see him, I usually wrap my arms around him and plant kisses on his face. I would just like him to do the same. He's not expressive though, and this is what I've come to know about Aquarius men. They are not expressive or demonstrative. They can be your best friend, but when it comes to affection...they definitely lack in this area. I would say to all the Aries women considering a relationship with an Aquarius male to really figure out what you want out of the relat ionship. Do you value friendship over affection? They make great friends but lack passion.

I agree that there is some sort of outter body chemistry between Aries and Aquarius signs. I'm an Aries female and when I met my Aquarius boyfriend there were not only sparks flying, but there was something about him that I knew I never felt towards anyone, especially for someone I didn't really know at all. Actually in fact I believe he is my match indeed. We have a unique bond. We are both independent which gives us space to make time for our own friends and family, and we are both not the clingy types either. I will agree however that it took some time for him to ask me to be in a relationship with him. We started off getting to know each other, going on dates, having sex, and building a friendship as well. Might I add the sex is amazing. But all in all it took him almost 10 months to ask me to be his girlfriend. There were times and still now that I have my doubts with him because he is so independent and at times detached, but he does express his love for me qu ite often. He is definitely pretty private and doesn't like to be interrogated or questioned too often, but I learned the less you ask, the more he tells. He's definitely not the most romantic of men that I have dated, but sometimes he will say or do something that will just make my heart melt and love him all over again. So far things are great between us, but again I do find similarities with Aries women in that there are times I don't feel they quite give enough attention as we'd like, but all in all I think we are quite balanced and we have great love for each other.

Sun - Aries Moon - Libra

I am attracted to this Aquarius guy

I don't think he likes me.. ha

I look at him. He looks at me. I look down and I can feel him staring at me. I look and he has been lookin at me and then BOOM he looks some other place. He might be playing games...Or could be testing my humanitarian instincts.

I am not one of his best friends...I am not really a mate at all :/

I think I might be falling for him. :// I am really bad expressing my feelings and my emotional problems sitting wondering "I wonder what he meant by that" ha :/ tryna figure it out. I value freedom and independence. :]

I like him because of his ideas and passion for justice :]

Hes unusual and I like that. :]

Full of surprises. :]

So anyways..

Just wondering

What are the signs Aquarians like you..?

I've been in love with Aries woman for about 1.5 years. I love her straight communication,honesty,the way she treats people etc. She ain't playing any games or roles and that is probably the most fascinating feature she has. Unfortunately I'm married to a Pisces and we have to little kids. This Aries woman is essential to my bisnes and that's why I just can't get rid of her to save my marriage. The situation drives me crazy. I'm mad about this Aries and at hoping that someone or something would take my feelings to her out of me. I've told her about my feelings and the only thing she answered was 'you've got two beatiful children and wife'. Recently there was an occasion when she got a bit mad at me. First it felt really bad,but afterwards even good because she gave me emotion which was negative,though. If she had no feelings to me,she wouldn't have reacted so strongly in the situation. I've never felt this strong towards anyone and the situation is bothering me big time. I really don't know what to do,but something has to be done before I get crazy.

Hi I'm a Aries woman that's been involved with a Aquarius male for almost 5yrs now..since I was 15 and him 14. He was my 1st and to this day we still talk. But ever since our last break up in 2008 we never seem to give the whole relationship thing a try again. and I wanna try us again but he seem to not want to.. It's weird because he is close to my cousin and I can't seem to get him totally out of my life. But I don't want him to be out my life it's just sometimes we can be so wrong for each other. Then again its times when were so right. I love this man with all my heart but after almost 5 years im still not sure do he love me the same? I look at our relationship As WE ARE EITHER BEST OF FRIENDS OR WORST ENEMIES..! people always say were going to end up getting married one day but idk..I'm confused about him because I don't kno how he feel??? and far as sex it's okay , sometimes he is (boring) but other times I love the way he control me and how firm he is but when he let me do the's always great.. lol

dating an aqua....not particularly my type...not physically appealing, so why am I attracted??? the sex is ok, not the best I ever had... but doable.... maybe it is the attention he draws and the loyalty he exhibits that is a turn on for me... I just find it weird...on my part that I would be dating such a "different" person that I usually do and still be hanging around.... ***tapping fingers in awe***

I'm an Aries female and my exhusband is an Aquarius. We have known each other for 15 years. He is 4 years younger than I am. When I met him, it was an instant attraction and while I liked him, I never knew he had the same feelings towards me. We ended up having sex within the second month of knowing each other and that's when the fireworks started. From then on, we had a great realtionship. The sex is probably the best that I have ever had with anyone and on the same level as me. But, that's pretty much it. He is very detached emotionally and probably that's why I stuck around becuase he drove me crazy mentally. Later I found out that he was a big cheater and that's why he was always so secrative... he was out with other women. Either way, everytime I wanted to get away and did, he would always come back. So, 15 years later, we have an 8 year old daughter, got married, he decided to get his exgirlfriend pregnant during our marriage, I left him and its no w been 5 years and he is still calling me to have sex with him and wants me to wait on him until he gets rid of his ex... right... not falling for that one again. The only advice I can give is just to make sure that your Aquarian is ready for a relationship, because if he is not... you are waisting your time.. except, you'll get very good sex out of it.

4 years ago, I, an Aries woman was in a relationship with an Aquarius man. We met online and within a short period of time, we fell way over heels with each other. He went all out of his way to express how he felt about me. That's what really turned me on about him. But all the sparks died out by the 6th month of our relationship. We basically misunderstood each other. The disconnection, the insults, the lies, the drama, and everything else was just too much for the BOTH of us. So we called it quits. So the lesson to be learned is to understand your lover and to not be soooo into how good he/her is in bed or whether not he/she has money in the bank. If you want your relationship to work, you must communicate. BOTH the Aries woman and the Aquarius man.

I have been dating and seeing and Aquarian Male for almost 10 years now. I am an Aries girl. I even married him for 2 of those early years. There is a strong love that connects us. We're even sort of telepathic. We love each other passionatly but also irritate the hell out of one another. He's sometimes too laid back and I get frustated way too easily. As the years go by we keep trying to get back together and somehow always drift apart. There is a deep respect there but who knows what will happen? We're trying yet once more... :)

I am an Aries woman who has been with an Aquarius man for nine years. He is the only man I have ever loved. he infuriates me, he makes me feel vulnerable and insecure and not important enough but I also know that he loves me. We have a great laugh, the sex is still amazing even after all this time. I crave more attention and love from him but accept that I will never get it. I know that this will always be a challenge and most arguments result from me feeling neglected . I can go cold and then he worries and we end up making up. We give each other space and respect each others point of view even if we disagree. We have some heated debates and I know he is my match. I will probably never feel truly secure but I will also never be bored!

I am an Aries woman who recently dated an Aquarius man...he is seven years my jr..I was ve relunctant to date him. Being that our ages were so far apart. But I took the chance and it was an experience that completly changed my life..We hit it off right away. And it didn't take long for us to make it to the bedroom.. the sex was amazing!!! But after the thrills came reality. He announce that he had been seeing his ex.. whom he was in love with. And he thought their feelings were dead. But he realize when he seen her that he still had feelings. I didn't want to make him choose.. so I put my feeling a aside to give him the space he needed to clear his head. He ultimatly choose her and decided not to see me again.. and although I will miss the sex.. I don't regret meeting him.. because in some weird or strange way, he impacted my life for the better...

I'm an Aries female, and I Hit it off with an Aquarius Man. Right when we first saw each other (at a football game) he took my breath away. It's only been a couple months, He listens to what I have to say, I listen to him. It's great. We keep everything good with play teasing and laughing. No problems at all.

And to the 17 yr old boy, As for me and my Aquarius man He told me straight up and I was like "that's the type of guy I Love".

I am an an Aries female in a relationship with an Aquarius man. He is older than me and we met randomly, and he took the first step in introducing himself. We hit it off from that first day and have been dating for the past 5 months. We have our differences. I am headstrong, stubborn, rude; and he is also stubborn and headstrong. We do argue sometimes (actually me) and after I have cooled down we compromise. He is so loving and passionate and romantic, and he always tries to please me. I love him and I am in love with him. He is not as outspoken as I am and the first time I told him I loved him, he thanked me. Three hours later he told me he loved me. I have only to look in his eyes and see that he genuinely loves me. The sex is superb, and sometimes I have to tell him I need a break. He gives me my space when I need it and I give him his also. I think like in all relationships both people have to be respectful, of each other and learn to compromise when it come s to their differences.

I'm an Aries madly in love with an Aquarius man for 3 years. He is a handful. He's controlling for the silliest things but doesn't like to be controlled himself. sometimes I just want to run away from and have. only for him to catch up to say. " feel better now?" They really know how to piss you off. Aries women are very sensitive and Aquarius men do not cater to that. However I cannot get enough of him. They certainly like their space and will tell you so don't crowd them. when I finally learned my lesson and took a break from him he was just as lovely as the day we met. Aries women just give them their own space. Be your own women and the relationship will never get old. Trust me you will save yourself a lot of stress. And remember that by letting them think they've won you actually are controlling the situation. Take a well deserved break from him and return later for the sex.

Well ! Aries women are optimistic and prudent partners and lovers. They care

A very controlling relationship. I'm an Aries woman and he's a ln Aquarius man he was very possessive and eventually aggressive and somewhat violent. After 5 years of him cheating lying and being violent we are no longer together best decision of my life. He made me feel like I had to be with him there was no way out I loved him with all my heart and even though he loved me and I'm sure still does he was able to forget how can someone love you but verbally abuse you everyday and make you cry everyday. Aries and Aquarius not a good match

I am an Aries woman in love with an Aquarius man. He is my other half, he makes me smile and laugh. He is just like me in so many ways loving the simple things in life, he is so simple and honest it keeps me interested for more!

I am an Aries woman, i've been on and off with my Aquarius boyfriend the past 2 1/2 years. we finally broke up for good about 8 months ago but somehow we both still find a way to be in each others life, literally feeling like it is impossible to escape. we were completely perfect, or a complete disaster. he is very controlling, and manipulative leaving it impossible for me to win. even if I ignore him and leave the situation alone he still finds a way to get me back to him. it's always about him. I wonder if this love battle will ever end.

I'm an Aquarius man with an Aries woman and I must say, this is truly an adventurous relationship. See, Aquarius men tend not to make the first move, which is what happened in the beginning of our relationship, but after the first move, then we start taking charge and have fun with each other. I love my Arian girlfriend very much and she does too. I can say that they tend to become jealous, not a bad thing, but just shows they care. For instance I mess around playfully with some of my female friends and most of the time, my girlfriend tries to break that friendship bond with me and my other female friends to prove that I'm hers and that she loves me. I don't hate it, in fact it makes me love her more. Aries girls love making out, which is so true. Once you start you can't stop, its like an addiction and you don't have to worry about being bored of performing one action for long periods of time such as kissing because she's always gona make it fun. They're really rea lly wild too Aries woman do whatever it takes for them to feel pleasured which I really love doing to my girlfriend. The bottom line is, the arian, will show immense care, affection, and definitely love towards her boyfriend no matter where you guys are.

I'm a Aries female met an Aquarius guy about a year ago at a bar I felt like I've known him forever he makes me fill lilike I'm a queen ever time I see him kiss hugs I mean all the attention on me so I'm like wow but then I don't here from him or c him not un less I go to the bar! And yes he hhas someone he been with for fifteen no kids but she has totwo he claims he want out but I don't believe him but he ssays things to me like you're my future we should have been together a long time ago you should have been my sons mother I I really like him help me somebody !

I can tell by all the stories, that mine is heading that way and is doom. I met my Aquarius last year .. and we hit it off right away .. we were excellent friends for a long while , somehow somehow somewhere we started talking about us..and our attraction to each other , we had a few sexual encounters , that were exciting and awesome .. but the most important thing for me was that we were super close and could talk all day.. we spent a week together , and I was not myself at all with him , we did stuff together there always felt wholes between us I wanted to tell him so much , but I could feel he did not wanted to hear it .. he did not touch me a couple of days until I completetly lost it and was so mad at him , I walked away from the bedroom ,to sleep on the couch .. I cried (very hard for me to do but ) I cried .. and when I was falling asleep .. he came over the couch and asked me to go to bed , with all the sweetnest sexyness you can ever find in a guy . . he said he was sorry .. and we have the best sex ever .. the next day .. we were back to that feeling of separation ... I can feel him pulling away more and more.. and I get such an anxiety .. I don't know what to do .. when I get hurt , I want to walk away and never come back !!! .. please help.. don know !!!! (BTW I am An Aries he is the aquarius!)Do I run? do I stay ? do I fight for his love ? I am lost .. in love but lost!

I'm talking to an aqurain guy and I really like him but he can be such an asshole sometimes! and he doesn't really like to be affectionate and I am a very affectionate person.sometimes its so hard for me to get a reaction from him, he's extremely detached but I still cant get enough of him ;)

one of my friends is an Aries woman and she's been in a long term relationship with an Aquarius and they're sooo disfunctional. They are always arguing and breaking up to make up but they really love each other. I also noticed that he's a bit of a man whore

I have been in a relationship with an Aquarius guy for 8 years I am an Aries woman we are both married his wife is a Capricorn and I think she thought our affair was a faze but it is not he is currentley divorcing her after separating 5 years ago I love him but is not easy he can be cold at times times he is very possessive and jealous and stalkerish at times and we have had some terrible rows but I cant imagine my life without him now

I'm an Aries woman I maybe young but I fell hard for my best friend he is like a brother to me at first and we went out for a little bit and owner brothers masted it up (oh he is an Aquarius man) and we just broke up with are cornet bf/gf's and now I think we are going out. I never thought I would give it a another try but when we saw each other it was like a spark, and before we never held hands or kissed and now I want to hold his hand and kiss him. lol I'm so confused

I'm a 24yr old Aries Woman and I have been dating an Aquairus man for 4 years now and he's 21. I'm now holding him down while he's locked up for 3 years, it's been 10 months so far. this is the 4th time he has been locked up since we first started dating. he's not a bad guy he's jus a little lost. It's been quite an adventure and a roller coster ride but never boring. His inteligence intreges my mind and it's rather sexy. He always knows how to hold my intrest.The sex is amazing and very expermental. We have become really close in the last year. a few months ago he finally told me he loves me and then I freaked out now im use to it. Yeah we fight what couple doesn't but it isnt about petty stuff. he likes to test me in all kinds of ways yeah it's anoying but to ease his mind I anwser his questions. He likes to call and ask what im doing, whom im with, when I will be home sorta thing I anwser those questions to to ease his mind s well. Yeah he can be a bit controlling but nothing I cant handle I will admit that I do like the fact he can be a bit controlling at times I too think that's sexy. There's this chemistry between us that iv'e never felt with another guy ive ever dated it's sotra telepathic in a way he knows what I need/want and what im thinking and vise versa in and out of bed. He's asked me to marry him several times but have told him it just isnt the right time, he also wants to have kids with me and I told him not right now. Not many seem to understand our relationship but I keep telling him as long as we understnad it it doesn't mattter what others think. He care way to much what others think. He's never made me feel insecure, he's never been violent towards me, he's loving, caring, kind and sweet. he lets me know how he feels and sometimes can be emotional and trys to hide it from me iv'e seen him cry a few times but he's never seen me cry. I have to be the strong one. It's like were the same person wich is rather scary if you think about it. we have the same intrests same dislikes. although he doesn't understand quite time he thinks we always have to be doing something when sometimes I jus like to relax and hang out. all in all I love my Aqua man and I know he loves me deeply.

Im a 27yr old Aries female Ive been on & off with a 37yr ol Aqua male for 7 years we have 2 children together. Are sex has always been AMAZING..he loves to argue and win. The bad points of this relionship he has been very violent and jealous over the years very controlling in every way money, friends,activies..also every sentence with this aqua man begins with I and Me...(hiself)!Hes has been a serial cheater time after time I don't kno y I take him back. The good side is this Aqua man can be very charming loveable sometimes very senstive. I have found him to be very sneaky but Aries are known to be sneaky as well. Also I have learnex to just let them think they are right. For the most part since we had are 2nd child he has calmed down a lot and are love is still always there both in the bedroom and out he always comes back I should warn others Aries females dating Aqua male in my relionship the first 4yrs he was with another women couldnt leave her and wouldnt leave me alone. That was a nightmare. Its never a dull or boring moment with the 2 of us I will say that! After 7yrs I have relized its a addiction with the 2 of us other wise I would of lefted him years ago..This Aqua man is very unpredictable never under estimate them before you know it they have mind fucked you again.. lol!

i'm an Aries lady completely infatuated with an Aquarius man. he is so charming and intelligent and completely different from anyone i've ever laid my eyes on. he is infatuating and we find each other beautiful. from the beginning before we even knew each other we have had a strange connection toward each other and that connection and vibe has only increased and is growing into something even more beautiful every day. I feel as if Aries and Aquarius is perfect together, especially if both people are interested in similar things and have an understanding of each other. i've never had such beautiful passionate crazy sex in my life, and the intimacy and romance is perfect. if you want a mind stimulating, caring and sweet, sexy, independent, deep man than Aquarius is the way to go.

I am an Aquarius man and I just recently got out of a long term relationship with my Aries ex. we were both very straightfoward, which I liked. she was very confident and independent which I really liked. but she started demanding to much "time together" which was taking away time with my friends and couldnt tell if I cared. so she decided to kiss another guy to see if I cared. and being an aquarius, I have a hard time showing I care, but I care A LOT. and when she did that it infuriated me and I wanted nothing to do with her because of it. and trust me, I let her have a few pieces of my mind before I left her.

To all Aries females that have had an aqua hurt or be violent to them please let me apologies for there actions. As an aqua of 30yrs ive seen all and done most to understand that its not just the persons sign but also there upbringing that determins violent behaviour. All star signs have a yin and yang, light and dark,and coupled with the fact that every1 is different you have to try and find out if they are well balanced, But saying that is easier than finding out, anyway some tips to help you see

1)how is he in a group of ppl, does he take control of the convo get there attention and dribble some nonsence

this type is mr know it all, he is always right even when he's wrong he will come up with a convincing argument about being right, also loves to be in control and is unconformatistical

2)does he stand and listen to every1 talk nonsence without uttering a word

this type is what I know to be the insider as he is in a deeper place not worried about what jimmy did to his new bike, this chap is contemplating the tru mechanics of life itself. He is very analitical and sometimes reads between the lines even when you casualy send a normal txt he will read it analize it then re analize it and he needs to know what is going on 24/7

sometimes we are like chameleons we have a way of mirroring the person we are close to the most and who we love for us to get a good understanding of them and there love hence why some found violence in there relationship its down to the assertivenes of Aries and some young aquas carnt control or harness that power and it can manifest into some forms of violence

Also there are many other stages that an aqua goes through for we are the most miss understood star sign, you may think you have us locked down and then bam we shift stages and leave you confused we are an air sign yet we are the water carriers...

And I will leave you with thad deep twaddle for now :)

nuff love to you all xx

Tin Tin

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