Aquarius man bad experience

by shelly

I am an older woman who dated a younger Aquarian man. That may have been the problem from the start. Maybe I should've run when I had the chance but no I stayed awhile to experience one of the worst times of my life! This man was the most jealous, controlling, temperamental individual that I have ever come in contact with in my life. On one end, he played the QUIET role but the other side of him is just waiting for a reason to explode.

I felt like I was always walking on egg shells in my own house. He analyzed every word you would say and make "something negative" out of it CONSTANTLY. He told all of his ex-girlfriends business to me especially his and their sex lives and every positions they ever performed. I was in amazement and could not believe someone as old as he was was so immature, disrespectful and had no class.

I thought to myself, "What did I meet this time"? A real winner here. And as far as compassion and romanticism, never, ever, ever heard of any of that. What a loser! Thankfully, he broke up with me. Said he could not deal with a conservative such person. Too boring for him! Thank the Lord, once again he was watching over me! I guess Taurus and Aquarius just don't mix!

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Could there be two of these guys????
by: RM

WOW!!!! It sounds exactly like my 5 year ordeal with and Aquarian. I'd like to add that he was a mooch and never EVER carried his weight. Within a year of breaking up, he married his previous girlfirend's babysitter. He's 36 and she's 24. I found out that he's always had a crush on her and she's no hotpiece, believe me. She was a Cancer fesh out of a bad relationship, so the two of them should have a really splendid future.

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