Aquarius man break ups

by Gemini

So I've been dating an Aquarius man for 3 months, unlike some of the stories I've read he was romantic and sweet, took me for meals, cinema, everything was amazing and i really felt like he was my best friend as well as my lover. I don't feel like i ever pushed him into anything, it was just fun fun fun and he was the one who stated he was my "boyfriend" and then he came round one night and told me he didn't want to be a "boyfriend" :( which was extremely shocking to me as that was his decision in the first place (contradiction i know)

Now im so sad i feel like ive lost my perfect match, can anyone advise if i am best to leave him, will he come back when he's ready or do i chase him, i don't want him to think im not interested nor do i want him to forget about me :( please can anyone shed some light?

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aquarians words
by: Anonymous

k i can tell you that the aquarians men never leave their friends but they're afrraid sometimes when they around so they tend to be away for short time then they start feeling sad and lonely they try to return back so that's why you find theire emotions are up and down jst try to let him feel safe n happy as the same he's gonna do so he will ne va be away of u ;) aquarians hate being abused or being treated as a silly coz they have confident they're smart n can expect things happens later....good luck

to Aquarius words
by: Gemini

Thank you for your comment, it has been almost a month since i last spoke to him, he said he wanted to be alone, we split up about 7 wks ago. Is it common for Aquarius men to go away for such long periods and still come back or is he gone for gud, some Aquarians say they would never go back to an ex :(

by: puzzled

i met an A 4 months ago, he asked for my phone number and called and we've been going out no sex but long stimulating conversations, then he stopped calling, i called once all seemed OK, i called again a week later he suggested we met but never called so I called another week later and asked whether he did not want me to call again and he said no why would you say that, but then he never called and when I saw them by chance I was a bit angry and said so and told them they lied to me and me and they said NO! and we agreed to meet and he called me but still was a bit 'I do not know what time and when I could meet you and what do you think' and I said I do not know either, when you know let me know and I could tell he was a bit mad and he never called back, a week ago, does that mean he will never call me again?

Re: Aquarius man break ups
by: Anonymous

I dated an aquarius and he did the exact same thing to me! Except we were seeing each other for 2 months! Referenced himself as my boyfriend then the very next day I started to get the feeling I was being blown off! It was a month before he contacted me and only b/c he saw me out (I didn't see him.) He flirted w/ me then basically told me he doesn't want a relationship. So I was like I guess we're friends then and he said he would call me so we can hang out. I don't know if I want to hang out w/ him because my own friends wouldn't treat me w/ disrespect in the way I was treated. I feel he kinda ruined the trust factor and I don't want a friend in my life that I can't trust!

Same situation here
by: Broken Cancerian

i was dating an aquarius girl for nearly 6 yrs. She wwas my best friend for4yrs b4 that.

Now i am all alone. trying to move on. end of feb she z she wants a break and then few days back she ended it. leaving me shattered. I tried to cling on but she just threw me away.

Even i had fun in this relationship a lot. Loved her a lot. Thought she was the one.I know her since we were 17 yo. Now at 27 i have to move on without her. She was there wen i was hurt and i was there for her wen she was hurt. She is also my first and probably my last

I suggest u start to move on also. I am finding it hard to do. But if u can let go do it and be happy with someone who actually love u like u love him

Take care. Hope you feel better soon

should i wait fr him ?
by: Anonymous

hi , me and my boyfrnd of two years , we were so good together, both are aquarius, we completed two years in august and he did so much that day , he made me feel special in everypossible manner, but within a week idk what went wrong , we started fighting on every litle issue and he acted so stubborn and adamant and did break up with me , i wasnt ready fr it, i dint want to do it, those fights and issues were nt so big , things cud have worked out if he wanted to bt he was just stick to break up thing,and sd not to contact him ever. What do i do? infact we use to be best frnds in school.i love him a lot ..we honestly had true connections , and were so open to each other.its been 3 weeks of no contact ,he dint contact me once :(. will he realise what he is loosing ? Will he come back?i miss him alot

by: Sunny

I am having bad experience with an aquarius man now. We had been together for 4 months. It was so sweet back then. However, things had changed. We been quarreling and he is constantly ignoring me. He even broke up with me which i didn't want to. I'm really hurt and don't know what should I do.

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