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I'm an Aquarius guy deeply In love with a Cancer woman. After looking around these message boards this Is like the only one with no messages! Some of them have hundreds sharing experiences and notes - you can't even scroll through them all. And this one Is empty! What's up with that?

I have a lot of problems understanding her sometimes and I'd really really appreciate some viewpoints on the keys to making this relationship work. I don't know If this sign combination Is just really rare or something, but It makes me kind of nervous. Anyone have experience with It? help!

I started writing a novel In this response box and decided against posting. I'm a Cancer girl and my bf Is an Aquarius. Can you be more specific? understanding her how?

I'm not the original poster but I'm an Aquarius guy and wondered the exact same thing! so here's my wish list In case It's the same:

What are you supposed to do when she's feeling down sometimes? Whatever I try It seems to make It worse and start a fight. Ignoring her totally Is even worse. Do Cancer women just like to fight sometimes, or Is this avoidable? I really don't like confrontation on such a regular basis and It seems to be driving a wedge between us.

Are Cancer women really so unpredictable? I kind of enjoy It to be honest, but some days It's like dating a different person - especially sexually. Is that something I'm doing to cause that? Is It because she Isn't happy with me? She says she Is, but..

Thank you for taking the time If you do answer. It feels like Cancer women are so complex, which I both love and hate at the same time. I'm hoping If I understood It more I could be closer to her - sometimes I feel like a spectator just wondering what's going to happen

I AM a Cancer woman, married to an Aquarius man.... about to be Indivorce court because he just doesn't get It.

Yes, we are THAT unpredictable. Our moods vary depending upon the responsereceived from YOU.

I just started seeing an Aquarius and he Is the total opposite ofwhat I've been reading about Aquarius men. He's loving and caring... tells mehe misses me, Is very clingy and loves to cuddle and wants me to be around? Andhe seems like the jealous type which I've read that Aquarians are more likely tomove on to a new muse than to fuss with someone who Is stressing them outbecause they are so free spirited. Its weird, and quite frankly... I don't knowwhat to do. I just hope he does change Into a real Aquarius. I'm a Cancer andeverywhere states that we are the least compatible... YIKES!

I'm an Aquarius man, and my fiance Is a Cancer. I have noticed manysimilarities In the things posted above. Yet, all I have to say Is, Is that Ifyou know the person, and can respond to her, you shouldn't have any problems.People separate for a variety of reasons, that's understandable, yet becausetheir sign Is "incomparable" Is frankly bullshit. I love my fiance very much,and when the world kicks my ass, she's always there for me. I break the mold byactually caring about her need's, as she's In basic training, I'm back on thehome front taking care of the things she normally does, not to her degree ofefficiency, but enough to keep her sustained. She and I have known each otherfor almost two decades, and loyalty Is key. I've had a great love life, butshe's the one to top It off. So to the guy who's wondering If his Cancer Is theright one, ask yourself this "is the next woman I sleep with, going to actuallycare about me." My Fiancé, has beaten down people In my defense, has nursed me back to health when I came home Injured from the military, and stuck by me, when no one else would. She Is loyal, and you know what It's all about who the person is, the sign has partial to do with It.

Many of you write as though the SUN sign Is the ONLY sign with whichyou can estimate a person's general traits and decide. There Is the Venusside, the Moon sign.. and so on. What If one of your potential mates Is aCancer, you are an Aquarius, everything you've read thus far Indicates that aCancer Is NOT right for you...consider that that Cancer has an Aquarius or LeoMoon, or Venus In Aquarius so that you get along based upon emotional orsimilar views when It comes to a mate (Venus).

Ok so here's my story! I'm a Cancer female and the love of my life Isa HOT and WILD Aquarius male. I have never been so head over heels for a manlike this before... he Is caring, loyal, manly, creative, adventurous, funnythe list goes on. The first night we met about 3 months ago we have beeninseparable we spend every waking moment with one another and get along greatand he gives me the best SEX I ever had In my life.

Im a Cancer girl and been with an Aquarius guy for over 5 years.We've broken up and got back together millions of times. We fight about a lotof things but we also work through them. Reading these posts, I can relate toalmost all of them. In the beginning, my Aquarius was clingy and said he wantedto be around me always and we weren't away from each other for one moment.Going to work was very hard because we never wanted to be away from eachother... as the relationship progressed, he became more distant, self cooledand didn't display public affections as much. So for you Cancers that thinkyour Aquarius Is amazing showing no signs of his sun sign, all I have to say Isgive It time and eventually you will see his true Aquarius colors.

Hello I'm a Cancer women and am currently am with an Aquarius man, wehave been through our bad time believe me, but I'm so In love with him andlearning to adjust to his ways and his detachment. he just keeps surprising mefrom time to time how sweet he can me :), and to Aquarius men Cancer women arevery emotional but and apology and a hug would almost always make things betterand I know how hard that can be for Aquarius men even though you feel you shouldn'thave too It would mean a lot

I'm Aquarius and my wife Is Cancer. We have very good relation andhave spend 20 years of married life. we also had little differences some timesbut It was quite normal and can happen with any one.

I am a Cancer woman married to an Aquarian man for forty-two (42)years and we are both still very happy and compatible. Our offspring's admireour relationship and said "mom and dad what you have Is rare and hard to find." If I had It to do all over again, I would. It Is evident that he too would dothe same. There are several Aquarian relatives In my family. Growing up withAquarians, I've learned they are sometimes aloof (micky-mouse In outer space),but do not stay where they are not happy or comfortable. Honesty andopen-mindedness Is a must. Never a dull moment.

I am a Cancer woman who Is simply Intoxicated by this very charmingAquarius man. My whole body goes Into an Instant tingling... from the pit of mystomach, just by seeing or thinking of him. He's very charismatic, who also hasthe biggest sense of humor, with theatrical abilities In singing and artistry.He Is truly lovely with an angelic face, who truly worship & love his God.

I'm Michele, who secretly admires Joshua.

im an Aquarius man with a Cancer women... to be completely honestwith you... I'm not sure how much of the Aquarius personality traits I possess,especially being In love, one of my biggest Issues Is that my girlfriend Is somuch of a firm believer In the astrological compatibility between us beingmostly negative In accordance to what the Info provided says Its negative, thatitself becomes an Issue... It all corresponds on an Individual level...people's backgrounds and upbringing have a lot more to do with your personalitythan the time of the year you were born... while I respect the Ideals ofastrological compatibility... there are so many more variables Involved Inhuman emotion to worry about how many points a website scored you and yourlover. Joe... Philadelphia

Well, I am a Cancer female and just started to date an Aquarius man.He makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes. So far so good. Wish me luck!!

OMG! Its nice to know that I am not the only Cancer woman out theirhaving Issues with an Aquarius male! Things started off extremely well andstayed that way for the first 3 years. I can't tell you how much my husband andI complimented one another just because we were opposites. And to the militaryman, I agree Cancers are extremely loyal! I have stuck through threedeployments with my husband! But let me tell ya'll In the end It most likely Isnot going to work out! The Aquarius male Is very Independent and does not knowhow to show affection especially when Cancer women need It the most! Heactually grows even more distant Instead of trying to understand. He does notunderstand the need for emotional stability. After 6 years of being together,and 3 years of marriage, we are going through a divorce :( btw Kudos to thecouple that has been together for 42 years! that Is awesome! I really wish thatcould have been us!

I'm a Cancer, and I have been with my Aquarius for almost 5 years. 3years dating, and 1 1/2 years married. At the end of the day I can say It Isreally good. My husband comes from a big family, and he Is very Independent,and stubborn. We talk, but sometimes the communication Is NOT there. I am stillhave problems with him wanting to go out. He goes through phases. I think thatall of the responses have some truth. They can be loyal, caring, faithful,honest etc. However, I have found them to be unstable, and yes! unpredictable.I have no doubt that he loves me. Sometimes, I would like more than he givesme. Consistency for me Is Important to me. Well, I have not given up yet.

My best friend whom I am secretly In love with Is an Aquarius male andI'm a Cancer woman. He Is the best guy I can go to for advice or when I'mupset; He doesn't give the affection that us Cancers want, but Aquarians dogive their real opinion and are almost always being real with you. It does gethard when he says things that he doesn't think would hurt my feelings, butwe've been through a lot together. The only real problem Is when we can'tunderstand what the other Is trying to say. & Yes, Aquarius men, you might haveto stick through the times when we get moody at you for no reason. But trustme, It will be worth It.

I am a Cancer woman who just me an Aquarian male. I think the keyissue here Is the Aquarians tend to be detached emotionally whereas Cancers arehighly emotional. You can call It Independence vs dependency. Cancers wantsecurity, they want the close, Intimate relationship 24/7. I don't think It'sclingy, It Is more constant, romantic and Involved. I find In dealing withthis guy (only been one month) he does not like much communication, and I amone who needs to stay connected In order to build a relationship. I find hebacks away from cute, flirtatious joking. Great conversations In person, greatchemistry---but highly Incompatible with fulfilling the true needs that aCancer must have to be ok In this world. Someone asks about moods of a Cancerwoman. I think we have moods because we want to know something. We want tohear something or be told something. We don't assume things, and If you don'tbring It to us, we sulk. Cancers need fed love and attention--and I truly think Cancers make the best partners because they nurture,they are loyal, and they feel so deeply.

I had a fall out with my Aquarius man due to his ex causing troublewho Is an Aries, and I would like to know If It Is the end for us or we arestill going strong, the fall out happened yesterday and I should I handle thesituation?

I am a Cancer In a relationship with an Aquarius. We are definitelyextreme opposites. While I do find that we compliment each other very wellbecause we both give each other that which we are not ourselves, there are alsomany moments that I am left feeling like I am doing all the giving. I brusha lot of that off to being the crab but cannot do that at all times. In thebeginning of our relationship he did run from my deep feeling personality. Heran right Into the arms of another woman. Being the understanding person thatI am... I was able to step out of my shoes and Into his and give him anotherchance. I found out after four months that he was still with the girl. Idon't know what It Is about this Aquarius man, but he has my whole heart (hurtand all). He told me several times that I was just too good to be true. Ihonestly believe that he really felt that and didn't know how to deal with allof my positivist and "taking care" of him. We are finally In a place now where we both know that we cannot go a day without having eachother In our lives and we are committed to making this work. Of course theproblem Is now me...the roller coaster Cancer. I want our relationship to moveforward and to rebuild what Is lost but us Cancers hold on to everything. Idon't know how to let go of the hurt even when I feel and see him giving honesteffort to rebuild the trust.

yeah yeah, Cancer girls are very emotional. better call that selfishtoo, since their 'needs' always seem to run the whole relationship.

does not matter If we are not feeling well, or feel caged, as long they aregood In that 'magical fairy world' where everyone Is happily ever after with noeffort at all. wake up girls, If you can not show what you have Inside (and Imean In a way we can actually see It, because we are not mind readers), thenyou should just give up.

we will not try to guess what you are thinking of, we will fail completely atthat because you are so 'mysterious'. so why not just do the think like we alldo and SPEAK? yes, actually say what the hell you want so that we will know.

not really fair feeling constantly disappointed at someone that does not evenknow what you wanted In the first place, Is It? but of course, Cancer girlscall that lack of love for them, so they are not ever the one to be blamed foranything.

'mood switches' Is the answer for every tantrum and childish behavior. guesswhat? other people can have those too, but I guess that does not matter.

been with a Cancer girl for 6 years, started off easy, but really, constantsuspicion and lack of trust really drove me apart. the day she finally left?best one of my entire existence!

I am an Aquarius man. Just turned 18 and Is dating a 17 year oldyoung BEAUTIFUL Cancer girl. I am In love with her, she Is In love with me to.Im very Independent that when It comes to dropping everything and just walkingout that door It sometimes kills me to leave her with out no last words. I don'tmean to do It on purpose, but that's what I'm all about. Taking a walk freely andget things out of my mind helps a lot. But I cant compare actions like that whenI talk to my babe about personal situations. She helps me out In so many waysthat It surprises me to realize that Its the same person right their next to me.Always, always, always their for me. I wish I could give her something big Inreturn for all them lil sweet things she's done for me. So the best thing to dois care for her, be their for her, be the #1 hug machine( 24/7 hug person whenshe needs It just to feel safe) and guide her to her dreams just to see herhappy. To all my fellow brotherly AQUARIOUS that's dating a Cancer foxy lady (give her love, loyalty and respect.... andshell give you the whole 9 yards of the love package, know what I mean...)

I AM an Aquarian in love with cancer. I believe if you will keep looking on zodiacs , and similarities you will loose relationship with any person which comes into you're life. every person is distinct. so try to adjust give space. things will work

I'm a Cancerian woman who deeply loves an Aquarian man. I have noticed our differences--he is independent, gregarious and sometimes detached. I am more communicative, and perhaps more emotionally dependent. However, when he does communicate, he is the most intelligent, loving and creative person I have ever known. It is true that we are opposites in some ways, but I feel like we learn so much from each other. It takes great understanding to make a relationship work. Do not jump to conclusions without first understanding the other person. Everything in life is a trade-off. If you appreciate your differences, this will lead to closeness, rather than resentment. Cancerians are very loyal, loving, and sensitive people. We are prepared to give so much--and enjoy doing so. We are also vulnerable and will turn from betrayal. Trust and respect must exist in any successful relationship. It is no different for this pairing.

I fell in love and married an Aquarius man...It was a nightmare in reality...I got pregnant straight away, I found out he was cheating on me after a week of our marriage...he wanted me to have an abortion, I kept my baby. I decided to leave him when he became violent and attacked me, this was 4 months after our marriage. This man had too much baggage, he lied to me and betrayed me. He betrayed me by having an affair with my younger sister. ULTIMATE BETRAYAL... Infact he was a compulsive liar. I do think a lot of it is to do with a persons background and upbringing. It destroyed me knowing that the two people who I trusted with all my heart could do this. I went through the pregnancy all alone, not even a phone call to see how I was, I tried to remain strong for my baby, I had to I had no choice....He wanted access to see his child so I allowed it, I didn't want my daughter growing up saying that I broke her relationship with her biological is all about choices, good and bad. Leaving him and divorcing him was the best thing I did...He was a very mean, distant and uncaring person, how did I end up with a man like this? Well he was good at the beginning, he chose to destroy what we had...

I have much to say about Aquarius man and Cancer woman. I am a Cancer woman with an Aquarius man. I must say Cancer woman we are sensitive but we are caring and love the home, family, and most of all security. When we started it was like fireworks my Aquarius man was very interested in me and what I thought and said. Which I loved! He showed a very caring loving, and affectionate sign and Cancer woman love attention and affection. He reeled me right in, Hook and sinker. Then Pow! the true side of him came out. The arrogance, selfishness, rudeness, was coming from every pore of his being. I was crushed! I was like what did you do to the man I was involved with? Cancer woman are sensitive and we often want alone time when feeling upset. We deal with it our way. Aquarius men are sneaky and liars. Then want to accuse the other for there own guilt. Aquarius men put themselves first and don't really care if you like it or not. After many years of holding on to hope, 12 yea rs later I finally give up. It just can't work. Cancer woman compromise, cause they hold on to the bitter end. But Aquarius men are like okay I don't make you happy BYE!!! NEXT!!! then try to make you feel bad for not being happy. So I tried, researched, cried, loved, gave, and finally gave up! So to the rest of you Cancer/Aquarius couples so feeling in love right now, once the greatest sex finishes and the fireworks dim out, prepare for dooms DAY!!!!

Im a Cancer woman who has dated an Aqua man for several years. I think people take this sign stuff too literally. Are there problems due to basic differences? Yes. Am I going to leave someone that I love who loves me because we have signs that don't typically work? No. I use this information as a tool to better understand my guy because as Im sure you've read, we are feelers and they are thinkers.

It also matters what you want out of your relationship. If you want to grow as a person then I think this is a great relationship to have. They will teach you things and dealing with them makes you better at dealing with people that don't necessarily see things your way. If you want that comfortable predictable relationship where you two are just wrapped up in each other then maybe an Aqua man is not for you. They seem to need the freedom to fly. I've always known that he loves me but he is not the cards and flowers all the time type of guy. I knew that and loved and accepted him anyway. At times it is difficult because I sulk and wallow in my own self pity but then I have to take a time out realize that Im an adult and need to grow up.

I would recommend having a great life outside of this relationship. Develop yourself as an individuals as well as a couple. It will keep the both of you sane. Learn a hobby, take a class, spend time with friends and family. The more I didn't cling and try to hold on, the more he was there so I actually got what I wanted without having to do anything.

I am a Cancer women who was friends with an Aquarius man I was confuse as to whether he had feelings for me so I stayed away from him for 6 months when I saw him he was cold and aloof now he is abrupt and lashes out on me I dnt know how to act towards him

I m a Cancer woman and I love my Aquarius man so deeply that I cant thing of my life without him. But I don't if he feels the same way because I have never told him because I m scared of rejection.

Any way in the beginning some one asked for help to understand a Cancer woman so I will just say that when she is upset just be caring towards her and show her that you will be always for her and always her so in this way she will feel secure . As a Cancer woman I think this will help really good.

I am a Cancer woman and the two men I loved most in my life have been Aquarius and not to mention my best friend and my mom both fall under this sign. They are all pains in the rear but I love them

I am a Cancer woman married to an Aquarian man. We have been married for four years and together for a total of 12 years. We have had many many arguments each one ending in his threat to leave me. Adtw the last time this happened I put my foot down and said I would leave him. Aquarian men don't get emotion, can't communicate and always try and turn the table making you feel you are in the wrong. Not true. Aquarian men are emotionally detached and can walk away from any relationship in a matter of minutes. They prey on cancers weakness and vulnerability. Play them at their own game, seriously it works. This relationship is a lot of hard work. Whilst Aquarian men can surprise you and make you feel really special, this happens occasionally. The relationship is constant hard work. We reached a plateau this year and now have an understanding after 12 years. Would I become invoked if I knew then what I know now? An emphatic NO.

I'm a Cancer woman, who used to be involved with an Aquarius man for over a year. We are both young, but the more time we spent together the more our feelings became close for each other. Our relationship was very difficult and very unpredictable.. I love him very much, but I have a hard time expressing it, and he doesn't seem to ever believe me. I tend to give him space a lot and barely express my feelings verbally. This made our relationship fall. But at the same time he couldn't meet my needs, and always made it about him. Basically I got fed up to the point where I felt that I deserved better, and needs someone who can understand me and except ME for who I am = )

I am a Cancer Woman dating an Aquarius Man. The relationship is new and started off really great, but after the third week and spending adequate Quality Time together, the great communication level we had started on a downward spiral (just like that). He'll ask for my thoughts on something, but then it seems like if my answer isn't satisfactory, he gets frustrated & lashes out at me. We got into several arguments last week, which has really made the relationship fragile. I ask him to identify what he feels I did wrong or what he doesn't like, and he can't communicate solid examples to me, which in turn frustrates me. If I'm going to be accused of something, I need to be provided with actual examples so that I have something to work with/from. I think that's only fair!

In the beginning, he mainly initiated our time spent together and I never had to question his level of interest (mutual); he set the precedence and I happily FOLLOWED. Now, things are WAY different and I really don't understand why. There's an obvious change in his level of effort, interest & behavior. I no longer feel like the priority I once was. I'm trying so hard to understand him, but since last week, I've realized that I don't understand him at all, and he apparently doesn't understand me. I swear it's like I'm dealing with Dr. Jeckyll? and Mr. Hyde. It's been said we Cancer Women are complicated, but not in this relationship!!! It's the Aquarius Male that's being the DIVA, but he tries to make it seem like I'm the problem. I believe that he has some past relationship baggage that he's not owning up or admitting to (seems pretty obvious to me). Nothing else makes sense! I am also aware that that he has some family issues he's processing, but I still don't feel that it' s an excuse to be rude, inconsiderate, or selfish. He says he's looking for his wife, but at the same time, it seems like he's trying to sabotage things between us. Is he really afraid of having the real deal, or something else???

I REALLY like this man and I've been trying to hang in there and be patient, because I see more good in him than bad, but I can only bare so much. I see in him many of the traits that are outlined for an Aquarius Male, both positive and negative (some I agree with & some I don't). However, I do see signs of jealousy and insecurity, which are not supposed to be traits of Aquarius men. If this is who he really is, it's only going to get worse, right? Aquarius Men out there, do you have any advice or tips for me? What do you think is going on??? Thanks in advance!!!

Most Aquarius males as far as I have known in real life are lonely and unfulfilled, especially when they're older. Although, they tend to always have highs and lows. They can be on top of the world at some point but usually short lived, then, back down hill again and vice versa like a yo-yo. They're intelligently clever people, but sometimes could be impractically unwise and unfocused. They're idealist and often like to be the best among the crowd, and that goes with the way they act. Aquarius males are like magicians and very good in making up stories, too. His charm draws people's attention and will believe everything he says especially to those who don't know him in real life. He often likes to portray himself as that person he claims to be in his fantasy, but usually far from reality.

When he's falling for someone, he tends to distant from her and becomes aloof only because of his hidden insecurity and the fear to reveal his own real life - he would analyze to work out possibilities before letting it loose on the real world. The woman will become mystified by him until he will be fully comfortable in his mind through analyzing her that she's not a threat after all, and will be rest assured she accepts him from who he is and where he's coming from, then, he will be open with her.

In relationship with Aquarius male - there is always humps and bumps throughout because of these misunderstandings. The sad point about it is that - women often leave them. Like most men, Aquarian can get hurt very deeply, too, especially with the woman they love. Because men cant handle emotion, it's in their make-up. Aquarian men are no difference. It comes naturally he will have to find an exit and must date a new girl to ease out his pain. Only if they let their guards down and be understood, you will find they are indeed extraordinary people, humble and humane. In fact, when you know where they come from, you will feel compassion in them ? sadly, it usually comes too late... I believe they are lost souls.. Although, they are good people.

to lovely Cancer girl poster above.

the biggest Aquarius' traits is thinking, while yours is feeling. Aquarians try so hard to avoid 'feeling' thing in their life. feeling manipulates. so we can say they feel with their head.

so when you did 'push' him to say what he feels about you did wrong, about your relationship, it just make it worse. it alarms him to stay away from you. his paranoid brain says the trap is just waiting to eat him.

so, the best thing for you is prepare the worst. you have to be ready that your relationship will be over. if you have prepared this, the rest is easy. act don't care. act like he is nothing in your eyes. this is your big gambling : I bet he will be chasing you back. so you're taking back the control, darling.

geez, I wish I can date a Cancer one day.. seems so fragile to handle, since I am a sloppy person I imagine what will happen if I have one..

I am a Cancer Woman dating an Aquarius Male. Although there are some differences between us; there are also quite a bit of similarities. It's all about finding a balance.

I am a Cancer woman with an Aquarius man. In many ways we are the typical Cancer/Aquarius signs. My man is an intellectual, and that is what attracts me to him (besides his great butt ;) ). He is constantly challenging my opinions and points of view, which is a great eye-opener. With him I have learned so much more about myself. He has great communication skills and I'm working on mine. He asks my opinions and I give him insight (esp. on how people feel) he never had. The sex is amazing since we both trust each other; he is adventurous and I am open to new things! Our differing solutions to problems and insights keeps our relationship fresh.

PS-He is an Aquarius but loves to snuggle! :)

Well, im in a relationship with an Aquarius man and I'm a Cancerian. this relationship starts in a very good condition, he said he loves me and things go on. I've been googling all the thing I need to know about Aquarian, and all sums up as; they are individual and don't wanna commit in such a long-term relationship.

All you have to do as a Cancer woman is not to be so clingy, not to be so possessive, and jealousy didn't go well in this kinda relationship. you don't have to be so careless, text him 5 times a day, that's quite enough. reel him in your life, be understanding, and don't force him to say "I love you" or some kinda thing. It's just the Aquarians are ashamed to express their feelings and emotions. try to be patient and once again, understanding.

Hope that helps!

PS : im a 14 year old girl LOL

Im a Cancer female and was talking to an Aquarius guy last year. He was pretty cool and we shared similar values that I felt could bring us together strongly. He's a veteran and is gorgeous. Anyway, long story short, I scared him off. I guess I got too close too fast even though we never met in person, by telling him too much. anyway, after I told him a secret of mine he stopped talking to me, it was about my irritable bowel syndrome. obviously, I grossed him out. he seemed like a caring person, so I told him. we basically texted each other the whole time for 4 mths but was trying to set a day to meet. He stopped talking to me on the week of my bday after I told him. I got no bday text from him. I waited and gave it some time hoping he would contact me again but he didnt. I thought maybe he was mad or hurt. Many months past and I couldnt stop thinking about him. On his bday I texted him to say happy bday and he answered back. so I don't guess he was my d but he still wouldnt text me anymore after that. I thought maybe he would remember my bday and text me but he didnt. I guess he feels I deceived him. so im done with guys and no, im not going gay. I just don't want to get hurt again. being a Cancer I get easily attached to people. if I try to fall in love again ill be sure to find someone else who deals with sickness so he'll understand. this is my second, and last, negative experience with an aquarius. they just seem so heartless and have no feelings. my best friend in school was an Aquarius and we were friends for 6 years and then one day she just ignored me and wrote a backstabbing letter about me. this was our senior year in high school, so my senior year sucked cuz of her. Aquarius seem to pick important days of your lives to hurt you. instead of freezing up and just telling people what they did wrong or how they feel, they choose to walk away.

I am a Cancarian woman of 41 and have just started dating an Aquarius Man 42... Reading up on so many sites about the differnces between our 2 signs fills me with fear from an astrological side of things at how things will work out....but I truly believe that 'What was that initial spark that brought you both together in the first place'...there has to be something that the other person sees in you what you saw in them that started the chemistry connection....yes us Cancer women are very loyal and loving partners,,but the Aquarian man is the logical thinker and can be the ever loving man if you embrace his amazing qualities, he hugs and kisses with meaning!!,,this means a lot to us Cancer women!!..its what motivates us to love you even more than we do already!! and believe me I feel you will not be more loved from another sign than a cancerian woman!!... As long it's is not clingy! and needy! and constant,,,then the aqaurian male will respect our needs as we respect theirs also!...they are very intellectual beings which actually fascinates me! and I find their depth of intelligence is amazing and uplifting..... we feel, they think...and if we both work together,,it can work out....we have only been involved a short time, but these 2 signs are also deep thinkers! as we are both older and wiser, we can adapt to each others differences and respect them....It doesn't matter what star sign you are,, we still have to work at our relationship to keep it alive!!..these 2 signs CAN work out...if you can learn to appreciate each others different qualities and embrace them full on... I am falling in love with this man....and am going with it...LIFES TO SHORT TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT IF'S..... love him for who he is and never try to change him!!... when you really listen to an Aquarian man,,,you will see what a special person lies within....and when they see your caring/ loving /feeling nature they feel like they belong!...... both signs are we love that side of each other, good morals, and more importantly A GOOD HEART!! goes a hell of a long way with each other!!........ Good Luck to you Aquarian and Cancerian couples....If you can beat the negatives of these predictions,,, your positives will truly flourish into something else!!!!!!!!!!!! x 'GO WITH IT'!!!

im a Cancer woman and i've been in a commited relationship with and Aquarius male for a year. I met him my freshman year in college he was in his second year and we hit it off instantly. and honestly i've read some of the other post and I feel like all you really need in this relationship is balance I love my hunnybunches of oats and I know that we compliment each other in the best ways . sometimes I can be a crazy person and feeling low but he's persistant and is always so thoughtful . we have our differences but we always hug it out im usually the one who gives in but I don't mind . BEING WITH HIM HAS ENHANCES EVERY EXPERIENCE SINCE . HE'S NOT PERFECT AND NEITHER AM I . I LOVE HIM AND IM WILLING TO DO ANYTHING TO KEEP US TOGETHER !!!!!! GOOD MATCH TO ME JUST GOTTA KNOW AND TRUST EACH OTHER AND TRUST ME YOU WILL KNOW IF HE doesn't TRUST YOU !!!! HOPE THIS HELP

I am in love with an Aquarian male but he is constantly accusing me of cheating on him. I want to give the relationship a chance. But I believe his is jus trying to turn it around on me. Preparing for a break up with me. Any suggestions.

Love and confused

This is really long, but I think its worth a read. It should be well written and engaging. Give it a try.

I am an Aquarius male with a Cancer female. We are not exactly together, we have an incredibly abnormal relationship kind of like friends with benefits. But our friendship is very close and tight nit. I am so loyal to her ever since I met her for the verry first time at 16. She was a very simple, quiet and shy girl. While I was an obnoxious, over bearing and loud. Somehow she was intrigued by me and I brought out the outgoing girl in her.

Over the time of our relationship, we have gotten to know each other (me knowing her more than she does me). She is very practicle, emotional and MOOODY. While my self I am very unique, unopen, uppidy and extravagant.

Our relationship has gotten bumpy at times. Because we are friends, we did our own thing. She did hers more than I did mine. She cared less about how I felt, while I cared more. This is where her extreme sense of selfishness arose. She wants to do what she wants, not what is best. Also, she is less loyal to me. She would be more likely to join in with others when they speak negatively of me. She later realized that the ones she trusted and thought she hit it off with, really did not have her best intentions in mind. They were not as loyal as I was. She always comes running back and apologizing for treating me poorly. One thing that irritates me though, she always blames someone else for MAKING her do what she did, rather than accepting responsibilty for her actions.

As we got older, the dynamics of our relationship changed. We became closer and we would talk more. I tend to lecture her on why I am so even tempered, and how I do not make the same mistakes she has. We are incredibly honest with eachother. She has realized that I am the most devoted person in her life and that I have never hurt her. She realized that If I did not act the way I did when things got rough, we would not be 'friends' anymore. I have forced her to change. I lectured her on being rational and less naive. She always admits, "your always right and its really annoying". The fact that she can do this, shows her growth and how she is willing to admitt fault and that someoen else is right.

She is stingy with money, she has never bought ANYTHING for me in the 4-5 yrs Ive known her. Not a christmas gift or even a birthday. Whereas, I buy her gifts for occasions and sometimes because something reminded me of her and I just got it. I even buy her, her favorite alcohal to keep around her apartment. I even went grocery shopping for her. And she said that I did a better job, than if she went for herself. I tend to know what she wasnts better than she knows herself. But not once have I walked in and she had something that I liked and she purchased it so I can have it. This irritates me incredibly, I am so lavish and sharing with her, yet she never sacrifices anything to make me happy. One example of this is with a ceaser salad. If she has one and I want some, I can only get the lettuce. She enjoys the chicken too much to give me any. However, I would give her w/e part of my salad that she wants. Part of the reason why she feels she does not need to sacrifice for me is because I am always happy, and I don't act as if I need anything (which I don't) however I appreciate the thought, and she just does not give it to me.

We have different tastes. I drive a luxury SUV, She drives a fuel efficient fast car. My room is very hotel like, her's is more dorm like and usable. I like high end clothing and somewhat expensive stores while she appreciates discount stores with lesser qaulity clothing. I like to make a statement and be unique with what I wear, whereas she likes to be comfortable and somewhat instyle. I would prefer if she was as esthetically inclined as I was, but she looks good enough for me, and I try not to impose my way of dress on her. However, I am honest. If she asks: "do you like this?" I answer honestly. But she (like most people) isnt used to that. She is expecting me to say yes, she hasnt even realized that she asked me a question. (she was fishing for agreement, rather than an honest answer) Sometimes I say no, and she gets upset. But I explained to her the rational behind this concept, and now she knows if she asks me a question I am goign to answer it honestly.

Her moods have worsened, I never realized how much of a problem they were until I began seeing her daily. One day she is happy, the next she is sad. One day she is horny and willing to have sex, the next day she doesn't want to be touched. She does not know, that over anything I wish for a sense a stability with her.

Once she made a complaint to me that: although we have known each other for a long time, she feels she doesn't know anything about me. It's because I don't share my emotions with her. She measures how emotionally attatched I am, by how much I share. I am more likely to share my money and alcohal etc. than I am to share my problems (the few that I have). After she made that complaint, I explained to her that I am a very emotional person, however I am incredibly personal. And also, I am more so involved in my thinking and concepts than I am with my feelings. To know how I think and what concepts I live my life by is to know me. Whereas she believes knowing my past and my experiences constitutes knowing someone.

I hate how annoyed she gets by the stupidist things, She can never just brush anything off. I hate how she takes her anger out on people who have nothing to do with what made her angry (I have told her this). I tell her that its irrational. It makes no sense to be in a bad mood towards me, because you had a bad day at work. When I said that to her, she never realized that it wasnt okay. This is part of the rationality That I am trying to insert in her life.

A list of things I try to change in her:

1. stop being so moody

2. stop being so easily influenced by others

3. stop being so selfish

4. learn to be okay with being wrong

5. you don't always have to know the cause for everything (living in uncertainty can eliminate stress)

6. not to make assumptions, ask questions

7. don't be so forgiving of people who hurt you

8. never be intimidated by others (be more certain and confident).

9. know what's appropriate to share with others

10. don't take advantage of people who treat you well (they should be treated better than others)

11. don't look at things in black and white/all or nothing. (There is some middle ground and exceptions to everything)

She has accepted and agreed to all of these things, however she claims it is easier said than done, its hard for her to not follow her instinct, she doesn't think about her daily activities and interactions that much. However, I have noticed some changes.

Trying to get her to be a more rational person is quite hard. But I know her so well, I know what mood she has to be in in order to accept such criticism and honesty. I have told her personally every thing that I have written here (accept for her not buying me anything). Our we relationship is still weird, and I definetly love her. But her faults, moods, and unwillingness to change sometimes is very irritating. I have noticed myself, slowly drifting away from her. I feel like I have settled, but for some reason its hard to just let her go. I am too loyal, and I know she needs me to guide her through life. As cocky as that may sound. She does need me, sometimes she admits that and sometimes she resents it. I know I need her, and I admit it easily. I don't need much from her, just her presence, loyalty and consideration. I need her love as well, I don't feel she loves me, even though she says it sometimes. I fear that one day she's going to come around and finally realize my impo rtance to her and she is going to want to be exclusive, but I wont be there. I see my self drifting, more and more each day.

I want someone with the same morals I have, the same outlook on life. I am willing to accept people as they are as long as their flaws aren't potentially detrimental to their well being or to our relationship. As much as I enjoy trying to mold her and helping her, I want someone who gets it off the bat. I want someone who isnt so stubborn. I want someone to subscribe to me and make me feel loved so that I can let go of the walls I have built around me. I need the security of knowing, not one negative thing is said about me to anyone else when I'm not around.

Thank you for reading.

well, can I ask for some opinion here? First of all, im an aqua, and currently im having a relationship with a cancer. Well the thing is its my first time with a cancer, and I feel that I cant really understand her much, eventhough I tried my best, I do flirt with her a lot and yea, I can be abit clingy at times, but I try by best to give her some space that she needs(which I think she needs now), but I feel that she's pulling away from me somehow,and I cant stop thinking about her.

i don't realy know how to realy explain on our situation cause I feel that she keeps on avoiding the 'love' word, and its hard for me to tell her that I love her, if she don't want to hear it. though I know that she's into me too though. I don't want her to feel that she's not the one who should be with me, and im afraid im giving her too much pressure asking lots and lots of questions, cause sometimes I feel insecure and I need to confirm how she feels about, can anyone help?

well, can I ask for some opinion here? First of all, im an aqua, and currently im having a relationship with a cancer. Well the thing is its my first time with a cancer, and I feel that I cant really understand her much, eventhough I tried my best, I do flirt with her a lot and yea, I can be abit clingy at times, but I try by best to give her some space that she needs(which I think she needs now), but I feel that she's pulling away from me somehow,and I cant stop thinking about her.

i don't realy know how to realy explain on our situation cause I feel that she keeps on avoiding the 'love' word, and its hard for me to tell her that I love her, if she don't want to hear it. though I know that she's into me too though. I don't want her to feel that she's not the one who should be with me, and im afraid im giving her too much pressure asking lots and lots of questions, cause sometimes I feel insecure and I need to confirm how she feels about, can anyone help?

I am a Cancer girl married to an Aquarius guy. Been married for 16 years. He is a honey does heaps for me and understands me. I give him the freedom to get involved with lots of projects and him me as well, yes us Cancer girls can be a bit moody and we have worked out a lot of that by just comunicating. We both look after each other. We are chalk and cheese but life would be boring if we were all the same. We have heaps of fun together and laughter is the key.

I'm a Cancer woman and this is my second relationship with an Aquarian man, and I must say....I absolutely love it!!!

He's smart and funny and very intelligent and analytical, which can be a breathe of fresh air, especially when I'm stumped or unable to assess a problem due to all the emotional output I add into the equation. Aquarian men have a masculine energy that I love and simply can't deny...and my feminine energy seems to draw my Aquarian men close, very close and even though we argue, with my passion and his intelligence, it doesn't take long to make-up :)Each sign can learn a lot from each other, this shouldn't be so literal, with mutual love, respect and understanding any relationship can make it

I am so moved and inclined to write a response here... altho I am not a cancerean but a Gemini woman. I so appreciate all the stories and input especially from the Aquarian men. The best of all was the story written from the "very unique, unopen, uppidy and extravagant aquarian" who is having a friends with benefits female he's known since she was 16. Very insightful and enlightening.

As I said I am a Gemini woman of 42yrs... I look like I am in my 20's tho... and this is one reason why my Aquarian man of 43 likes me so much. I take excellent care of myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically and these are the traits that attract me to him. I also have a lot of Cancer traits... I am extremely loyal, sensitive, very grounded and love affection and am highly sensual with high sex drive. I am extremely passionate, compassionate, kind, sweet, positive, open, trustworthy and all about truth and honesty. The stability, family, home and security within a relationship are crucial and non-negotiable for me. Are these more Cancer then Gemini traits? I am not flighty nor am I wishy washy and I do not like lies and dishonesty. I dislike manipulation of any sort. I am extremely emotional and sensitive but yet I am highly evolved emotionally and mentally and know when to pick my battles.... truthfully, I do not like confrontations but will be truthful about my feelings, even if it will rock the boat.

The man I am dating or rather, no longer dating... we are now "friends"... he is so afraid and constantly pushing me away, but not too far. He is always sending me confusing signals... very hot and then distant and cold. Yet, now that we are friends... he is a lot more flirtatious and friendly and even affectionate like he used to be, which I missed so dearly. When we do get together once a month... he is flirting with me constantly and the passion and chemistry between us... is not to be denied. Even others on the outside looking in, have commented that they can tell he has the major hots for me. It's uncontrollable... we just cant seem to help ourselves. Even when he says he is trying so hard to respect me as a friend and not hurt me in any way, he can't help the chemistry and we end up being intimate and spending the night. He does not want any confinement or to feel obligated to anyone in anyway... he wants total freedom and does not want a relationship right now. Ev en the friends with benefits thing he is uncomfortable with. He does not want to answer to anyone or feel like he has to call anyone of see anyone in particular... which I totally get and am ok with now that I understand how aquarians are.

When we first met, he did offer me exclusivity and introduced me to his friends and family members within the first 2-3 days of our dating.... for the next 4 weeks, we were spending every weekend together hanging out with his closest of friends and then things started to wane. He no longer called and texted me 3-4 times a day and that's when I started to ask what was going on.

Then soon after... we broke up, became friends, got back together again for another 2 weeks, broke up again and were friends again. And now... he doesn't even want to engage in any kind of sexual activity cause he feels obligated to call me, text me and go out with me even when I am ok with his need for independence. Mind you.... I have not asked for any commitment, I have not asked for him to call or reach out more to me... I know better now... as he did make it clear months ago that he can not provide any of this. In my mind, we were just friends who can't help the chemistry and passion btwn us... and I was ok with that. I didn't expect anything beyond this nor did I misunderstand the intimate situation recently... and he made sure I understood this before engaging in sex this last time. I was well aware of what we were doing and that it was not going anywhere or changing anything.

I don't understand why he is now asking we be only friends... platonic, non-sexual friends, when I have not asked him for anything in return. Why is he feeling obligation and confined when I have not asked for anything. He says, it's weird that a guy is asking for no-sex instead of the girl in the relationship. I know the sex was amazing... it was so obvious, it felt like old times. I know when I am with him, he loves it... has no complaints... it's when we are apart and gets a chance to analyze things that he then breaks up with me.

I am so confused.... I can clearly see he is so attracted to me, he says he cares so deeply for me and doesn't want me to get hurt and is trying so hard to be proper and respectful of the boundaries... he says he has too many things on his plate and doesn't want to get involved with anyone right now. I have not asked for anything at all... we are just friends.... still he pushes me away simply because we spoke 2 days in a row after our last sexual encounter. Can anyone interpret this for me? Am I crazy or is he really afraid of his feelings for me?

Can any Aquarian male shed any light on this situation? Can a female Cancer who's been in these situations shed any light? I feel like he doesn't appreciate my friendship or who I am. I have so many other men chasing after me... and of all the ones I like... it is the one who doesn't like or want me back? Why am I getting so many confusing messages from him... that's what I don't understand.

Please help me understand this man if you have any insights to share.


Gemini confused....

I'am a Aquarius man married to a Cancer woman for 3 years this August. We have been together for a total of 7 years. Well let's say the Cancer woman is awesome and independent, but at times very needy. I love the fact that I can play video games with her and she understands basketball my favorite sport. We don't argue that much but when we do it is a nightmare. Cancer women cry at the drop of a hat and that sometimes can be annoying. You want a woman to be strong physically and mentally. Don't get me wrong crying is good sometimes in certain situations. I have been called heartless by my wife several times which is not true. It just has to be a major issue for a Aquarius man to cry, but we do have our moments. Now in the bedroom before I married her I could get sex whenever I wanted. Now it seems like I damn near have to beg her to get sex. We struggle with communication issues sometimes as well. But all and all I love her and will make it work.

As a Cancer girl who's involved with an Aquarius guy, I can say that if you want to do this, you REALLY need to have your head together BEFORE you start the relationship. I did a lot of therapy in the past year to resolve issues with my family and things that made me overly emotional. Now that I have control over that, I find that I get along with the Aquarius extremely well. I also consider him a friend, which helps. We have a very symbiotic relationship. He'd be a loner if it weren't for me, I like having someone to take care of (in a very non-clingy way). Trust is important, obviously, but I find as long as I don't get psycho or clingy I have nothing to fear. When (inevitably) I feel that kind of emotional stuff coming on, I excuse myself - it's not going to win you any points, and he won't be able to commiserate. Just let it burn off. Give him some slack, and he always comes back. I offer home cooking (Cancer traits), decorating tips, and I come at the relations hip with an open and curious attitude about him and about the world, e.g. 'let's find out more about THIS...' He loves that, and it acts like breadcrumbs to keep him coming back. My Aquarius is deeply sensitive in a not-showing-it, world-wary sort of way. My approach to this is, just be myself, don't be psycho, and over time I've watched him come out bit by bit. When I say bit by bit - we're not talking about a few things... I'm talking, we're building the Great Wall of China. But... hey, it's a project. And meanwhile the sex is AWESOME!

reply to Gemini Confused.

Hi, its the unopen, uppiddy, extravagent Aquarian male. Thankyou for your kind words!

Anyhow, your situation is simple and can be interpreted in 2 ways.

1st. Aquarians are so unassuming, logical and honest. That we tend to be good readers of people's personalities. When we do make an assumption, they tend to be right. It seems he has you figured out and he just isn't into you. If you were his dream girl, you wouldnt be soo confused and you would know that.

2nd. We love chasing women! When we feel that we have accomplished getting the girl too quickly, we arent as interested. Especially if they reveal too much of themselves.

Him being too busy to take anyone on in his life, sounds like a white lie in order to spare your feelings (we do that sometimes, we're incredibly diplomatic). WE can juggle and handle anything and everything at the same time. We love chaos, because we can find order in it all the time. However, I must say that, you did say something that turned me off (brace urself for honesty here). The '2 consecutive day comment' about that being the reason he feels the relationship was a bit much, we don't like comments or thinking like that. Although you may have meant it sarcastically or snarkily, it violates our ideals. He provided you with the reasoning (true or not) and you are supposed to take that as why he doesn't want to move forward with the relationship. You seemed to insert your truth, saying: he fears commitment etc. and Perhaps he picked up on these assumptions (he may have even assumed that you were making assumptions lol). We are incredibly measured, (look back on how many times I said words like: seem, perhaps, maybe, etc.) People who display certainty on our charachter really turn us off.

Despite, what I've said here; I'm incredibly attracted to you. I love that you have the ability to provide someone with space they need and that you have the desire to be with them at the same time. I want that in my life more than anything. Which brings me to my point: the only thing that is predictable about us, is how unpredictable we are.

I actaully want commitment! You just need to find the right guy who you crave, and that craves you as well. Someone who is interested in trying to know you, you don't want this lobb sided relationship. Trust me, it sucks! Look for an Aquarian like me! You seem to be my type of Gemini (minus the assumptions, that I assume you make).

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The answer to your problem is: COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION!!! In our compatibilty chart, we have the lowest score when it comes to communicating with cancers. It seems that you guys both have the same fears. If you were to allow her to read what you posted here, I think that it can clear the air.


Figure out when she is in a good mood, and address the problem. Give her some warnings like: "this may not be the best convo, but it can make this soo much better, are you willing to have it?" Also, "Im going to be honest, can you also be honest with me? Don't worry about hurting my feelings". Also, "I'm not going to judge you".

Figuring out the right time/mood is incredibly important. Because naturally, she does not want to have the confrontation and she is proabably fearing the worse possible out come of the convo. So you need to find when she is least likely to feel this way.

Pour your heart out! Do exactly what you are asking of her. You want to hear what she says so you can understand her. She wants to hear what you have to say so, she can love you. That is how she connects, so allow her into your mind and your heart. Let her know how much it hurts you when she drifts away. She probably drifts away because she doesn't believe that you are devoted to her, so in order to protect herself, she keeps herself from being attatched. Anothjer problem can be, you probably don't show that you need her. She needs to feel NEEDED, where as you need to feel WANTED. Tell her that you need to feel that she wants you, tell her that you don't like when she rejects you. Tell her that you love her for who she is, not for what she can do for you. Her presence is enough to attract you.

Hopefully, this works out. She should answer all your questions or explain to you why she does what she does. Chances are, she is going to love that she can be soo honest without being judged and she is going to love to know that you are affected when she isn't with you. She might cry.

She may also feel bad, that she treated you poorly. You need to makesure that you alleviate this from her thinking. (Cancers go on guilt trips like they're on paid vacation) Makesure that you tell her, everything happened due to a lack of communication and a lack of understanding eachother. You need to makesure that she believes this. As a fellow aquarian, Im sure you will keep your cool, but makesure she doesn't get mad! don't let her push any buttons, she may try to do this in order to defend herself. Aslong as you keep her calm, and you don't take the bate, you will move forward. Seal the deal with a hug, wipe away any tears that may fall, gently rub her back. You should be golden. Remember, finding the right mood and assuring she is comfortable is KEY.

-Fellow Aquarian male under Cancerous spell.

I am a Cancer woman who dated an Aquarius once. It was a long time ago but it was a good relationship while it lasted. What I can remember about the relationship was he completely swept me off my feet. I was dating another guy, and he came in, flirted with me and the next thing I know I'm breaking up with the ex (who as a Virgo) and going with the Aqua man. I think it was such a successful relationship because he did all the pursuing. I was not suspicious of him, and I let him do his thing. I was always active, had a lot of friends, and was really working hard to get good grades so I could go to school.

I guess with me being busy all the time it was enough to keep him interested. We dated for about a year but he got into trouble and had to leave the state (yeah bad trouble). I think as a Cancer woman you have to be confident in yourself and learn to not be so obsessive about him 24/7.

I recently found myself involved with another Aquarius, but this one is very different from the first Aqua guy I dated.

I am an Aquarius man. Just turned 40. I was and still am deeply, deeply, in love with a Cancer gal. She is just slightly older and recently divorced with two beautiful children whom I adore quite a bit. Sadly we broke up a month ago. Reading the above experiences is pretty fascinating. I wish I could go back and re-do everything as impossible as that is. I had never felt this type of love for someone EVER before and after being foolishly aloof for the first few months I suddenly realized I was madly in love with her. But as problems arose our time together waned for many reasons some of which were logistical (kids and job) I just totally freaked out. I'm normally very cool about love but feeling the ever widening distance just threw me off. I so wish I had been able to remain calm and collected and rational but as I said before I had never ever experienced such intense feelings for a woman. Feeling her seem to drift away from me caught me off guard and sent me into a tailspin. I now realize how far away from my true self I had drifted mainly due to the sense that I was losing the love of my life. I do hope someday we will re-connect and I will wait 100 years for her if I have to.

Hmmm....What can I say about my Aquarius guy. I'm a Cancer woman and Ive been with my Aquarius guy fro almost six months. Overall my experience has been amazing. But im not gone lie there are some rough times...One of the biggest conflict in our relationship is communication. Since we are both such strong minded people, it's hard for us to let our guard down and let each other know how we really feel. Other than that we are very compatible we can have fun doing nothing at all. We spend A LOT of time together. Its like we can't get enough. I Love Him So Much.... As far as the sex,,,we haven't done it yet lol. But ive had a few sneak peaks and I have a feeling it will be amazing. So far I am enjoying my relationship and im looking forward to our future,,, together. :)

I'm a Aquarius, my girlfriend soon to be wife, is a Beautiful Cancer. The charismatic marks do not lie. We've been together for about 5 months & what can I say. We didn't have nothing in common at all. I like one thing & she liked another. Though me being me, I try to resolves those problems to help us better ourselves. The communication used to blow, but we back on track. I tend to run from emotional expression so when she shows me the small things + big things that come from her heart ='s more warmth to my heart. Reading this made me think wow its not that surprising that we lack a few things but we just started. I knew from the first kiss that I couldn't keep my emotions together. & I can happily say that I prove this thing wrong cause I love her so MUCH ! It's all about finding a balance.

I am a Cancer girl who has a confusing crush on an Aquarius guy he's sweet and so distached sometimes. The only time we ever had a real converstion was when we were talking about how school is affecting us, our lives, family, and friends. He's a big sweet heart but I am so curious on how to draw his attention and also he has a girlfriend that he's been with for a year almost. I guess I just want to be his friend instead of being a ho. We have a lot in common sometimes it just feels like he might grow tired of talking about the same thing.

Well I am a Cancer and am with an Aquarius guy, he has chased me around for over nine years and I was the one doing the running, I guess maybe he felt that if he married me he could then have me in his corner but I am quite sure I wasn't ready for his love, we dated in college were so different and yet couldn't keep away from each other, many people telling me he wasn't good for me because he flirted so much I dumped him and it broke his heart, he cried so much and begged me on his knees to take him back but I didn't biggest mistake ever, he made someone pregenant and they got married, I left the country because I needed to be away from all the dramma as he wouldn't stop calling me, he divorced her and followed me where I was but I rejected him still, he didn't stop there but after four years I went willingly to him and am always kicking myself for ever dumping him, he is an amazing person so loving and caring and everyday is like a dream for me, he is soo roma ntic and all my friends just envy me, we almost have nothing in common but we have a friendship and chemistry like never before and are planning to get married, he told me he didn't get divored for me but his friends have told me so. there are fights all the time about little things but we always go back and apologise and try to discuss what the problem was, he hates my moods tho and always says so when am being crabby, sometimes I get jealous but I wont say it, however he is possessive and jealous at every turn, he has so many female friends and always leaves his fone so that I can look at it but I never because I try to show him that we should be able to trust each other and infedility or dihonesty always comes out in the end so no need for snooping.

Well I'm a Cancer female who was seeing an Aquarius male. It was kind of a no strings attached thing. We communicated about a year before I finally agreed to go on a date with him then another year before I decided to sleep with him. I never really felt connected to him. The communication was always light and humorous. No deep conversations and I knew very little about his background. All I know really about him is that he loves himself and his child. Anyway when we are together he seems very attentive and likes to cuddle and I think we are getting somewhere; just maybe his castle wall is collapsing but I'm am wrong and wrong and wrong again and again. My birthday just passed and he didn't even give me a birthday present and this really hurt my feelings so I ended communication. I found him to be too stubborn and inconsiderate.

Im a Cancer lady well kinda in a relationship with a Aquarious guy...I like him a lot LIKE ALOT, he's really funny, understanding, and the list goes on! We use to date a year ago.. only reason we broke up was because we never seen eachtoher that much.. But we started talking agian... I know he like me, he makes it very obvious.We have a lot in common.... I read some horoscops of Aquarious and a Cancer and says that it doesn't work.... Well I say, for me it works :)

I have something that you all probably haven't seen. I admired an Aquarius man for about three years before he finally paid me any attention. He asked me out, and we went to dinner and hit it off. He dropped a huge bomb on me: He told me that he was married. His wife is in Mexico, and has been there for the last four years. He said that he no longer loves her, and that she married him under false pretenses in order to stay in the country, because she had been deported twice before. He tried to make her a citizen, and she went across the border to talk to someone about it, and supposedly she was not allowed back into the United States. She went back down to the interior of Mexico and has been there ever since. She has a daughter from a man she had an affair with years before. My Aquarian has sent her money for the upkeep of the girl, because he says that she is the only father the girl has. We started out as friends, because I told myself that I could not be in a r elationship with a married man. We began to spend a lot of time together, and soon he was calling me his girlfriend to people, and he declared his love to me. He eventually he kissed me and that progressed in time to a sexual relationship. He told me that he didn't feel guilty because his wife does not love him, and never loved him in the first place. I have met most of his brothers and sisters, (He is the second youngest of nine, and I've met six of his siblings as well as his widowed father), and I have met a few of his nephews, nieces, and cousins. They all approve of me, it seems. They all told me that his wife never loved him or had a kind word for him or them, for that matter. I have met his friends, and they all told me the same thing. As much as I held back and didn't want to tell him that I loved him, I finally told him. This was before we became sexually involved, so it wasn't because of the great sex. I can honestly say that I have never loved anyone like I love him. I can't imagine my life without him. I spoke to his wife on the phone once, telling her that I loved him. She yelled at me and called me names, but I remained calm and asked her, "Do you love him?" She said, "He is obligated to send me money." I said, "Do you love him at all?" She said, "He is obligated to support my daughter." I asked again, "Do you love him at all, or do you just see him as a man to send you money?" She stayed quiet. If a woman loves a man, you'd think she'd declare it, don't you? Anyway, he told her that he didn't love her, but he does love her daughter, and that he would keep sending her money for the little girl, because she is the only father she has known. He told her that he wanted a divorce, because he was in love with me and wanted to be free to marry me. She told him that she would never grant him a divorce. As far as I knew then, he didn't speak to her again. Months later, she sent him a letter calling him a coward and other things, and told him that he was allowing me to destroy their lives, etc., etc. He assured me that he still loved me. I thought everything was going well, but then he seemed to be holding back from me. Like withdrawing. He didn't send me texts or call like he used to. He started kind of snapping at me, and I didn't know why. I finally asked him why he was being rude to me, and he told me that he as sorry he was snapping at me. I made the mistake of asking him if he still loved me, and he said that he loves me, but he's not "in love" with me. Of course that devastated me. BUT, here is the rub: He isn't in love with me, but he still sees me, still occasionally has sex with me, but then he'll tell me that we are sinners and shouldn't be having sex. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should hang in there and be like a dog waiting for scraps of attention, or if I should just run for the hills. He told me early in the relationship that all women leave him. I told him that I wouldn't. He said, "I've heard that before." I told him, "I mean it, I truly love you." He said, "I've heart THAT before, too." I said, "You'll just have to see." I sometimes wonder if he doesn't break up with me just because he doesn't want to be the bad guy, but he is a mystery. I know I am doing wrong by being with a married man, and I am a sinner, but I love him so very, very much. I know it sounds dramatic, but I can't imagine my life without him in it. Does he love me or not? I found out recently that he has been in communication with his wife for about a month or so. He said that he has sent money to her for the little girl. I found out when we were going to go have dinner when she called to ask if he sent her money. I I told him, "See, she has no problem calling you for money." He used to tell me that in the time she has been in Mexico, she never had time to talk to him except to ask him when he was sending her money, and I guess that's what she's doing now...again. I never planned on falling in love with a married man, and I ruined my impeccable reputation on a man who promised me that he would never hurt me and would never stop loving me. Please pray for me, give me guidance, something. I do not know what to do. I am in anguish. I can't think of anything but him and how much I love him. I am an idiot, but I can't just switch my feelings off.

Comment : Cancer female in love like crazzzzy wit my sag man he drives me socrazy we are obsessed with each other we can't keep our hands off each other Ihate spending one second without him he's my everything we have been together 9months and moved into together within less than a month of knowing each other Igot pregnant by him 2 months into this thang and yes our relationship has beensuch a roller coaster ride he has honestly never caused a problem the problemsin our relationship came from me being insecure and.not trusting him wen Irealize and accept how much this man truly loves me there is no problem Ihonestly feel like he is my soul mate im only 20 and can't c me with anyoneelse for the rest ofmy life he's already asked me to marry him and I said yesof course best fulfilling relationship ever with trust and also many ups anddowns but we look at it like what couples don't fight this man is my bestfriendposted from: Sagittarius man Cancer woman

Lmao........ i'm a Aquarius man that was married to a Cancer woman for 9 years. First time I laid my eyes on this woman, I didn't want anything else in this world. I literally broke my back trying to please, provide, love, romance, and nurture this woman and all I got in return was no affection, no physical touch, bitched at because everything I did was wrong, never told thank you for anything, and so it went. Finally she decides one day just to take off for damn near 2 weeks to "stay with friends" (that i've never even met mind you) and I was supose to just be ok with that........ LMAO....... I don't give a rats arse what sign a man falls under, that crap just won't fly. Then out of the goodness of my heart, I try to change all the "broken crap" that I'm being accused of and while trying to do that, she just up's and leaves again...... Anyways, God bless her, I hope the best for her I really do but I've done all I can period. Cancers will never, never, ever, ever f orgive a person if they said something mean to them or whatever in a fit of rage. So, best advice for anyone wanting or thinking about trying to date/marry between a aquarius/cancer....... RUN FOR THE FREAKING HILLS because at the end of the day, the only thing that was compatible in the relationship is the sex and that's pretty much it. Save yourself some heartache and money and find someone that will love you for you that will not try to change you........... Have a great day

I know that most of the men speaking on this topic don't understand a Cancer Woman. We are very mysterious people. But one thing I can say about the Aquarius man that I dated. He was very weird to me. His thought process was mind boggling. I dated him more off than on for 12 years. We kept going back to each over the years because I thought we had a very special bond. This particular Aquarian was very secretive and kept a lot of his feelings to himself. A walking time bomb I would call him. I was very needy in the beginning but over the years I developed an I don't care attitude and he seemed to love me even more and began to share more.

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