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Hi there, I got to know a guy who Is a Aquarius. He approached me Inthe beginning telling me that he likes me. I also like him. Unfortunatelyhe told me that he has to go to Dubai to work. A long distancerelationship will never work.

He told me lets just be friends. From thenonwards, I just left It. But now I tend to think about him. Most of myfamily members are telling me that he Is not a good person. Because he himselfis not sure about the relationship. I seem to feel that he Is a very confusedguy.

But my problem now Is that, I tend to think of him that he Is there. Why doAquarius Men behave like this? I dislike dishonest men. I feelcheated with his answer. I am Capricorn and a straight forward person. I can'tbelieve It I am effective with this kind of Issue.

Please help me resolve this problem

Thank you


How Is he being dishonest In this? and how Is he not a good person?

I'm actually a Capricorn woman going through a long distancerelationship with an Aquarius man. Trust me, If he was sure about his feelingstowards you this would totally work out. I mean my boyfriend and I have beengoing at long distance for a while now and Its going great. So If you thinkabout him a lot, perhaps you should give It a shot.

im a Capricorn woman dating an Aquarius man recently. you only liveonce. besides If you want company what do you have to loose. a little time.

I am a married woman having an affair with a Aquarius man. Pleasedon't judge. He drives me crazy. He touches me just right, like he knowseverything my body needs. I love him but would never tell him.

I am a Capricorn woman completely In Looooove with my Aquarius man, Ihave loved him for over five years, and I seem to fall deeper every day. Itisn't easy, I must admit, major differences. But he has the playfulness of achild, and brings out the same In me. I am a deep thinker, and I love my space,and for the most part he understands this very well. Sexually he Is verycreative, and always coming up with Ideas that honestly have never even crossedmy mind haha! Honestly If you want to feel sexy, no, If you want to feel likePlaymate Of The Year, Aquarius Is the way to go! Honestly Its like I ground himand he gives me wings! I don't think I will ever love another sign the way Ican love an Aquarius! Good luck to All you Capricorn Ladies pursuing anAquarius, believe me, they can set you free!

I'm a Capricorn woman who just got out of a long 4yr relationshipwith an Aquarius. It was amazing In the beginning but after two years he losthis job and became real lazy and dependent and very clingy.

Now I recently became friends with another Aquarius who was attracted to me.We'll see how this works because I keep attracting them.

I am a Capricorn woman In Love with my Aquarius man - husband, weloved each other for over four years, and I 'm pregnant now.

I love him too much but I find problems In day to day communication, we alwaysclash when It comes to serious talk.

I got crazy from the lack of romantic words & touches In spite of his love. He was a totally unromantic, hard heated man. Can you help me find a way to his heart?

I just recently broke up with my Aquarius man of four years, becauseno matter how much he said that he loved me and that I was the only one forhim. his actions never really added up and then I found out that he had beentrying to talk to a girl that I happen to know that he didn't know that I knew,so were done he cheated on me with a random during our first year together andI took him back but with out trust there Is really nothing solid there becausewhat Is there Is rocky. I honestly don't think that signs matter much though Ithink It depends on that Individual and If he or she really knows what theywant.

To be honest with you all, speaking as a Capricorn my experience Isgreat. I am married to an Aquarius , and he has turned my life around. I amin the Marine Corps, as well as he. We met on base at a rec center, and juststarted speaking. the following weekend we went to the races, and hit It offvery well. We have only been together since February, and married sinceAugust, but I have never felt so secure with an Individual, and I really canjust be me. It Is early, but we are both so confident of each other, and weknow It Is right. For short, If It Is going to work, It will, and If not youwill know that as well. It Is not the stars or destiny, It Is two people whowant nothing but to be with each other. That Is all It takes.

to be honest I don't think anything can stop two people who reallywant to be together even their signs. I am a Capricorn woman and I met anAquarius man thought I was In love with him, he always made me feel that I owedhim something even when there were other women somehow he convinced me to standby him, wait and support him until "they left him alone", never told me he lovedthat much, but I stuck with him until one day he proposed and I felt sovictorious, I won him at last!! but little did I know that fate had alreadymatched me with another man ( a Scorpio) this man fought for me, knew I wasengaged but did not leave a stone unturned to get me, and one day I finally sawthe truth, that love has to be earned not given unconditionally, and then Irealized my Scorpio man has earned my love he worked for It! I broke myengagement off Immediately, I am now with the Scorpio man for 2 years and willnever leave him as long as he wants me. my ex Aquarius fiance wont accept It to this day! I think there Is a lesson for him to learn here,LOYALTY. no one Is just special per se we all have to earn the love and loyaltyof others, when you take the goodness of someone for granted don't be surprisedwhen they get repaid for their goodness by someone else.

I'm a Capricorn In a relationship with an Aquarius man going for 10yrs now...with 3 kids. Its been an never ending adventure, no 2 days are thesame. we hope to get married soon, but we've gone beyond the security of a ringor piece of paper. he doesn't know how to make me feel secure though, thatdrives me nuts...makes me miss my Piscean man!

I'm a cap woman struggling with an aqua man!

It's early days In our relationship, that Is at the moment long distance andcasual. Although we have known each other for over 20 years and been back Intouch for 2 years. We've been In contact virtually every day nearly 3 monthsyet after a slight disagreement a week ago have had no contact other than onetext. I texted him and he replied.

I'm giving him space at the moment as I know that's what Aqua want and need andthought I'd get In touch In about a month when I'll send him a birthday card.

Can anyone offer any Insight to whether I'm doing the right thing? Or whetherhe's done and dusted with me and just not told me? Thank you all

I'm a Capricorn women first dating a Libra boy n he broke my heart. hecheated on me. I caught him by dating so many women at a time n after that Idecided not to trust any man In my life. I was living my life with broken heartbut I don't know how miracle happened In my life .one day I met an Aquarius boyI feel attracted to him but never told what feelings I have for him n luckilyhe fall In love with me after few days when me met he proposed me In so lovingmanner that I 'm not able to say no to him n we r In relationship for 4 months nI feel so so so good with him. without saying anything he understands Is mstress due to some problem or not n whenever sometimes I doubt him or don't trusthim he always proves me wrong n now I not thing but believes that he Is mysoulmate which I finally founded which Is literally difficult to find In thisuntruthful world but unfortunately I got my soulmate who Is not 99% but 100%loyal to me n totally committed I love him a lot and hope It goes on like this till I'm alive

I'm confused....they say that the Aries Male loves the chase and thewoman shouldn't make It easy for him. But then I read somewhere else that theyalso don't like It when you play hard to get - go figure.

so what Is the happy medium? How long do they need to chase before we let themhave their way?

My experience: Capricorn Woman/with/Aquarius

I think he Is cheating on me. I have had a rough 50-something years singlewoman and a Mom with a son. He Is the only man I allowed to meet my son. Ifelt he was different from the rest and I let my guard down. We also went tothe same high school and graduated from the same class, so there was that bondfor me.

All I can hope Is that he Is a good man and I am wrong since I have beencheated on with my last 5 relationships. I have no proof that Is tangible thathe Is cheating on me, just my gut. Which by the way, has never been wrong.

But he tells me he Isn't and I want to believe him. Rejection Is not somethingI want to feel right now. So I may be In deep denial. He sounds soconvincing. So I am giving It some time, until I catch him or ...?

I am angry and feel stupid to let this have gotten so far, meaning I fell forhim and we have been together. I have boosted his sagging ego to the top of thehill and I think he Is testing his new found libido.

My advice: don't be so vulnerable when the next guy comes along. Give him sixmonths to prove himself before sex. He has to knock the door down to get toyou, or It will not work. You can't pick him, he has to pick you.

Make sure you can trust him, If you can't, don't go to bed with him. Look athis friends, notice the kind of people they are. Listen, listen, listen, menwill always give themselves away. Their actions speak more than what they say. And they can say anything to you. And always, always get tested for aidsbefore sleeping with them. It's free, takes only 20 minutes with a swab totest you and him!

well I'm dating a boy that I haven't seen In a while and he loves me Iknow he says It a lot the only problem Is I don't think I could ever marry himevery time we n public he Ignores me until he realizes that I'm gone then he ritebehind me saying I don't wanna lose you. I think I'm the one scared to love

im a Capricorn female dating an Aquarius & to be honest I'm startingto not believe In horoscopes due to the fact that I'm opposite from my sign orthey make Capricorn seem so boring & that's one thing I detest. Which Is why I'mincredibly In love with my boyfriend, he Is so exciting & entertaining eventhough he Is more like a Capricorn ( hard working & actually follows the rules) I, on the other hand LOVE to break rules I hate following rules & I LOVEEEtech. yes we do have a lot of problems as any couple do & recently we goingthrough a lot, many trust & communication Issues but he wants me just as much asI want him, & I know at the moment I might be stubborn & feeling betrayed but Icannot see myself without him, just like many others .. He gives me wings & Ikeep him grounded. so ladies believe me when I tell you HOROSCOPES aint realstars cannot tell you who to be with & who Is better with you Its what yourheart desires, plus the signs that I'm so call great with, bore me or they just good friends. BTW If you have a aqauris man that Is aflirt & very friendly, If you LOVE him your get used to It, & dont fight theyhate It, TALK & understand them they LOVE that, GOODLUCK hunnies! =]

I am an the Aquarius guy and for the most part here I have seen equalparts of truth when I look over what every woman's opinion of whom we TRULYare....with the exception on one, the 50 yr old Capricorn cheating on theAquarius guy. sweetie, you are paranoid and as soon as you found someone youlike/love/enjoy (US) you can settle your train wrecked ass want tosabotage It before It's done to you.

I think therapy, medication and a few zaps to your ego with electricity with anaccompanying bitch slap from me and the rest of Aquarian Nation should remedythat stupidity! My guess, you always have the last word In everything you dobecause you don't want It done to you! Also, you probably have Daddy-DaughterDrama Issues because Daddy treated your Mother just as you are doing toAquarian Nation! Aaaahhheemmm!

Anyhoo.. moving on...we are moving and looking...

If there Is anything I can say to you patient with us Aquarians.Easy In theory - hard In practice. Try being In our shoes! Fitting Intosociety Is worse than square peg Into round hole at times.. So to us, we areused to being out of the norm society demands we subscribe to.

If we find a relationship that Is too difficult with our typical fringeproblems. we become overwhelmed. We will either: 1. cocoon (get quiet andfind a realm where the world stops) and regroup or 2. find a path of leastresistance...(ie Not You - maybe a broken toilet to fix or TV show that didn'tget watched!)

Here Is the million dollar secret:

while doing #2...we are really doing #1.

Whether It Is an hour, 1/2 day or a few days - your Aquarian will vary..

when your Aquarian fella re-surfaces - his problem has been worked out In hishead 15,000 different ways and Is ready to go back to work as If nothinghappened! Because of his loyalty to you (HIS TRUE ROOTS) he's back.

One thing about what I've seen here about you Capri Ladies, unless youpersonally witness an Aquarian cheating on you - your ego Is running so manyscenarios so fast that even WE can't keep up!

Remember the distraction thing earlier?? Its like watching TV without reallywatching.. yah we are there but our mind Is elsewhere. When we snap out of ouraltered state and come home... your ego Is off to the races when we get back -as soon as we get Inside the door - your jealous ass Is questioning, yelling,even demanding an answer for whereabouts/details and If Its not answered timelyyou are reaching for the knife or gun and hell - what's the use!!! If you aregoing to accuse us of doing cheating we might as well fan the flames so hotyou'll have no choice BUT to believe your own drama! Hey.. we watch Soaps too;)

... If It was me, I'd lead you on too....just to see what color the fire Iscoming out of your mouth, nose and ass!

Remember.. I'm calm so to me...that's entertainment! (So It Is a joke -amusing. fill In the blank) Now can you understand why we are emotionallydistant...when we resurface and snap out of our funk - come back, we alreadyworked out our emotions, reactions, timing, thoughts. whatever etc, etc, etc,etc. The heavy lifting Is already done!

We WANT to now see YOUR loyalty to how you solve and resolve a problem while westopped our world, got off and calmed down to find our way through.

So now...with a firm grip on our reality we are ready to make our decision WITHYOU! We want to see our LOYAL PARTNER (YOU) and your solutions ready so WE cancompare and contrast so WE CAN FIT the pieces together!!

Think about all what I have told you.. and you gals wonder why we are cold whenwe decide on something that others would be a basket case about...too bad youdidn't see us Inside our heads pounding out all the possibilities for the Goodof All Concerned! Yep..we think of everybody! Just be ready to get an answerthat Is sharp and swift because Its been considered from directions youCapricorn Women couldn't even conceive.

Then Imagine this, we want your side since the grounding (Practical) partcompletes our solutions from outer space - only you could provide to us...thatis why we return willingly. deep down we know ...We need Y O U.


Be Patient

Be Present

Be In the Moment - with Love

Don't Yell, demand, fret, accuse.. stress whatever...grab yourself a PersonalFlotation Device...roll over on your back - grab a drink and float down thestream. Take It easy...we got this. Aquarian man lives to care for and do theheavy lifting for our Capricorn Women - Beautiful, Stable, Secure and Grounded.Maintain the stability of Our home and when Your Aquarian returns. Your 3% hecovertly looks for and sees (sometime asking but mostly NOT) In you will groundthat 97% he did when mentally steer that ship with your Wisdom andKiller Beauty knowing that You and He completed together!

Your ego will sink this If you try to steal credit and rearrange the steps Ifyou aren't, allow and detach woman ;) only tweak while Inprocess. remember he already accounted for It

Follow this my Capricorn friend, and you will have just pimped your ride forlife...the world will be brought to your feet so all you do Is enjoy - choosewhich color and how many (3%) because Aquarian Man (97%) will make sure you get(100%) of It ;)

Now, THATS how WE roll :)

I am an Aquarius woman and I am getting married to a Capricorn manand I have to say he treats me better then any other man has personally I sayits not what stars your born under that make you and who you love work Its yourfeelings and what you have faced In your life. love knows no stars, colors,genders, distance, or age. It Is just there and Its If your willing to fightfor It that makes It work. not the stars.


what Is my wisdom gleaned form my Aquarius love? not take their shocking remarks so personally and seriously.


3.relax aware of the unnecessary drama and mayhem the YOU bring to therelationship.. and work on dissolving that bs completely.

5.stop blaming

6.appreciate that beautiful man...because nothing Is forever.

Im a Capricorn woman and when I met my Aquarius man I knew this Isit... My God I never felt like this with any sign before. my heart knows he's mytrue love, my soulmate my everything... Its a long distance relationship gettingstronger by the minute to the point of moving together soon, I'm very Blessed tohave him In my life..=)

I have known this Aquarius man for over 4 years now. And from the 1stday I met him, I have liked him a lot. I am not one of those girls that fall forjust anyone. It takes a lot for me too. But with him Its different. When I amwith him Its magical lol. Anyways we have never had the chance to be together.Well he was engaged and we stop talking well things didn't work out for him andhe stared talking to me again. I forgot to mention he was a jerk a long timeago and when I seen him he told me he Is very sorry. Well needless to say Ihave fallen for him again and we used to hang out a lot, but now we don't eventalk that much. I want so badly to be with him, how do I go about It?

I'm a Capricorn woman In a relationship with an Aquarius man. We havebeen together for three years now and we have two kids together. At first Itwas great, but he Is a flirtatious man and he has cheated on me. I have done thesame. I don't know what Is keeping us together. It maybe the kids or maybe It'slove. He has changed my life and I will never date another Aquarius man If thisrelationship doesn't work out!!

Im a 30 year old Capricorn female. I have been dating and seeing anAquarius male 11years older than I for over 5 years. As a Capricorn woman Itseasy to give him freedom due to my brooding, melancholy, and desire to be alone.I love having sex with him.. and we can talk for hours! Recently for the secondtime he confessed he "think" he 's In love! And that he would marry me at thedrop of a dime! lol! He even mentioned us starting a family with children! Whatshould I think? He's considerate, always makes sure Im happy, and tries to helpme all he can. He treats me like a queen. I constantly find myself In hispresents after I tell myself why I cant be with him. HE works everyday andwould be a great provider If his educational background or skills were good!That's my biggest problem! Security! Other than that I "think" I mite have beenstruck by an arrow! but Im In denial. what do you think?

I am a Capricorn woman and was once married to an Aquarian, at firsthe was the best thing that ever happened In my life, we have a daughtertogether, hell broke loose when he started cheating! I couldn't take It anymoreand we divorced.4years ago I met this gal who was dating an Aquarian guy, Icould only tell when she was complaining about him that the guy was AquarianÂ… she Introduced me to the guy... they guy and I became friends... Itried by all means to talk to the Aquarian gut to get back to this gal, hetried but they ended up splitting, him and I were still friends, I tried hookinghim up with my friends and It didn't work. I told myself I cant betray the galwho Introduce him to me.... early this year the Aquarian guy who had been myfriend since tells me the gal Is now pregnant with another man... I have notbeen seeing this gal for 3 years and now have fallen foe this Aquarian Guy! hedrives me crazy! I hope It works this time!

my experience with a Aquarius man for nearly five years ended verybadly. yes they make excellent lovers but they like to have more than onewoman! they have to have three different woman one on each side of town. I lovehim dearly an I believed that he love me to he just couldn't make up his minewhich one of us he wanted. he always said that one of the other ladies an myselfwere just a like an he couldn't make up his mine who he wanted to be with so Ifelt at one time I was the number 1 girl but I wanted to be his only girl. hecouldn't make up his mine so I made it up for him I dumped him an guess what hemarried the other woman five days later. he was the love of my life I am 36 anI have never loved a man the way I loved him! he hurt me so bad I never wouldhave thought that he would do me like that but he did. he would always say wegone get married when were 80 boy didn't I get played just nearly 5 years of mylife wasted. we never had a fuss or fight always respected me very in touch with my feelings at least that's what I thought guess Iwas wrong. he was mad at me for something I had no control over but he did hewanted his cake an eat it to but not with me anymore I felt an I know I deservemore and better now im dating a Cancer and he's crazy as hell just don't seemto have good luck with men!

Hi, I'm Jeff. I am an Aquarius Man. I absolutely love my CapricornLady. My friends tell me I could get a better girlfriend, but I doubt that'sever going to happen. I feel this really strong bond between us. Its beenfireworks everyday for 2 years. Honestly I have all the freedom I need, but Iwould want her to be there with me. We like to even things out, some days we gofor adventure, and some days we stay home, & cuddle, & YEAH! She Is not only mylover, but my friend too. Even when she dated a couple of guys, I was alwaysthere for her. I feel her loyalty, I love It when she Is possessive! We arehonest about everything. She Is really crazy about me! She Is the best sign Iever dated! I love my Capricorn, and for once, we broke the boundaries ofastrology

Im a Capricorn woman, and I always seem to be attracted to Aquariusmen. I was recently seeing this guy and he was so romantic, and charming. Weboth had this great attraction for each other and wasn't afraid to tell It.Starting hanging out being friends then we cross that line Into Intimacy. As aCapricorn woman who wants stability, Its hard for me to go with the flow ofthings... but I was so Intrigued by him. I let my assumptions of his aloofnessget to me. And became a little pushy so we actually decided to be friends onlyagain.

I have began to relax more with him and be his friend, but nothing has changedbetween us except no Intimacy. We talk everyday and still tell each other howwe feel. Wonder will things ever get back to the way they were?? I don't knowbut regardless I'll always want him as a friend but I truly want him as mylover...OH he drives me crazy

Run! Turn around to see If he Is following then run even faster! I'ma cappy woman who Is just divorcing her water bearing husband. When we had along distance relationship It was PERFECT, but the last 6 years of livingtogether has been HELL! The page describing compatibility pegged It perfectlyfor our problems.

I'm confused about this Aquarius guy. he Is nice In a weirdway. he makes funny jokes and fidgets and does erratic things out of no where..and he Is CONSTANTLY MOVING. he cannot have a conversation for more than, atthe most, 1 minute. I've been studying our compatibility, and because I'm adead on Capricorn born January 10th and he's a dead on Aquarius born February13, I can tell that our relationship, If there was some sort of thing betweenus, would be difficult. he randomly goes to girls and says charming things andthen he'll leave my side as If I'm nothing,, and I feel really hurt andinsecure about It because I feel like he doesn't like me. I feel likesomething's wrong with me. and then other times he'll talk to me and be like"imagine someone walked In the room..." and blah blah blah.. like, somethingimpossible. I even asked him once, "what's wrong with you?" and he would justlaugh at my question.. :S,, and he's sometimes cold. for Instance I'll say something and then he'll be like , "Chill out." and he'll walk off.. andthen later he'll come back and do something funny to make me laugh. ERRRRRRRR!!! what's wrong with him? what's wrong with me? as If I didn't have enoughworries In my life, this complicated human being has to step In It and playwith my emotions. AND HE KNOWS HE'S DOING IT! which pisses me off the most..and he won't open up. I said something to him that was bothering me and that Iwanted to share, and he completely walked away. done. he just walked away as IfI wasn't even there. I felt like shit. I felt dumb.

I hate Aquarius men. I just do. they seem nice, but really, they only careabout their sense of security and they truly don't give a shit about anyoneelse.. they're like evil scientist living amongst us and playing with ourminds, knowing deep down that they've got us all figured out..

but on the other hand, they need us? like what Is that!? they use us, yet theyneed us so that they feel secure. and I NEED THEM, so that I FEEL SECURE.ERRRRR!!!!! what do I do? really? I have a Taurus friend, and we'reinseparable, but I want a guy that Isn't jealous and someone who will be lovingand kind and not so possessive and challenging. Goodness, I might explode!

I'm a cappy girl with a Aquarius man . We have been together for 12 yrs and have 2 children and I do find him emotionally detached when I really needhim , which I find really hard as me If he needed me mentally which Is what Itlead s to I would be there reassuring him . he can't get his head around or evencare to want to help , well so It feels like I'm sure I'm over reacting butstill can't shift the feeling and know I need his help to pull me through . In12 yr s this has happened three times so not two bad I do manage to drag myselfback to normal again , no relationship go without It s little nick s . Apartfrom that we get on brill together and we are best of friend s and I won't letanyone say or do anything nasty to him , I won't have It he will do anything tohelp anyone which Is what I love about him just ashamed he won't when I reallyneed him any way both Capricorns and Aquarians are both fab sign s to be aroundboth very loyal and loving and both won't take no crap so the argument s are hard but don't take them to personallywere both as bad as each other lol :-) we have great fun I do find I'm theplayful one which Is fun for me as he Is not so but has no choice but Is a goodsport lol . he s 42 and I'm 33 so we have done very well considering were notmatch at all hope you all have fun loving times together because were bothworth It xxx :-) over and out he he he

I'm cappy woman keep my advice stay away from this evil Aquarius they are cheaters!! liars!! selfish!! bad on bed!! laugh at nothing!! they don't take responsibility!! they love their freedom too much and this is why most of them are not married at the age of 40years!!! old and also they count every penny!!!!. Never again with an Aquarius!!!!!!

I'm married to my Aquarius hubby 7 years now and we have two little girls together. He is a wonderful guy and very smart but just seems lost as in which direction he wants his life to go as far as career is concerned. We do have our differences of opinion, cultural background, etc. but for the most part we just humor each other...His culture is very old fashioned and straight where as my younger days were anything but...I agree with another lady who wrote in that he seems more the Capricorn and I the Aquarius in some ways. I don't generally care what others think of me in public. I don't get all crazy and wild but my hubby will go so far as to be careful of facial expressions so as to not give away that a fight is in progress or to raise his voice to loud. That does make me feel a little crazy at times because I feel like I'm being minded by my father. As we get older though, he has lightened up ALOT...Despite all our differences though, I could not picture myself w ith anyone else or in love with anyone else Ever. He is a wonderful man unlike any I have ever known and he is always a constant force, like a rock, my strength, and I know I can always depend on him. His mind is sharp and he comes up with the funniest things in a split second. Sometimes he amazes me with how fast his mind works... So in conclusion ladies, you can only find out for yourself if someone will be the One for you. You can't really go on what others say or some compatibility chart says. Just as us Capricorn ladies are not all alike, the same goes with our Aquarius guys. Their background, family, experiences will make each one unique. We will all have our good and bad points and no one is ever possibly gonna be perfect or be able to compare to every other guy you may have ever known in your lifetime. No matter the sign, love, respect, and friendship are important to every relationship..

I have a crush on an Aquarian I used to hate them cause it was the only sign I attracted, and I got creeped out by them, they seemed strange and obsessive and that pushed me away. But I've learned to respect them. I also noticed this one thing- whenever I had mutual feelings with a guy, he was always an Aquarian. Maybe its cuz of my Leo rising, since Capricorn and Aquarius aren't supposed to be compatible. But we so are compatible! I love their selflessness, their goofiness, their easygoing nature, their friendliness, and I love their weird ways of showing love. Unconventional expression of love is a perfect expression of love to's always been that way for me. =] I adapt to anything easily and they seem like a good match for me personally .

At first my relationship with my Aquarius boyfriend was really good, and than it turned bad. We were boyfriends for like 1 month. And than he told me he wanted to break up with me I don't know why!!!!!!!I still love him we used to text each other and now he doesn't text me anymore. The last text he sent me was something really bad.

I am a Capricorn woman just after breaking up with a Capricorn man. I loved him immensely but as a Capricorn I needed to control the relationship and he needed his freedom. communication was also an issue I always need to talk through issues where he would clamp up and not talk. At the end it became to much and the lack of communication killed our relationship. But while we were together he was an amazing partner and brought the fun side out in me. I'll be sad to loose such a close part of my life

I am a 22 year old Capricorn woman with a broken heart right now sitting at my job thinking about why Im not good enough for my Aquarius man that I started living with only 10 days ago ( been together almost for a year). Im a dead on Capricorn ( December 28) and my partner is something between Capricorn and Aquarius but definitely more aqua than anything else. ( January 22) . Our relationship has always been bumpy. It has never been easy for me. I could never... I mean never been able to control this relationship and it kills me within because as a Capricorn I was used to be the one who makes sure everything is right and everything will be alright but now this man leaves me clueless. Im vulnerable and feeling weak as hell and that bothers me as a cap because we caps feel like we are born to prove our worth and power to the world and this man steps on my ego. he is nice one day telling me all the things that I wanna hear and the next day he becomes aloof as hell. He doesn't talk unless he complains about something about me. Then im not really good on criticism, I mean I hate being criticized but I even gave up on my ego just to keep the peace. I try not to take everything too personal and serious because ive observed that that turns him off. But how can a Capricorn act ACCORDING to anyone? Im not trying to big up my sign but it ain't in our nature. But Im trying for the sake of our relationship because im madly in love with this man and he probably thinks that's not a good thing. I finally opened up to a man like this and this is my first time living with a man and im ready to give everything I have for him and for a stable life with him where I feel secure and loved....but he wont give it to me. But he wont completely ignore me or step on me but most of the time he is emotionally MIA. he cheated on me before and now im sure he still is because he hides his phone and shit ... Im ready to give him his space and I have been. he told me the other day that he wants to go upstate and chill with his people and I hid my Capricorn very well and said ''wow that's great . its always good to get away sometimes'' and this freaking cold man said ''yes I know getting away is always good FOR ME''. OOOOOOOOOOOOK. If you ain't happy... just leave. this morning also... this really broke my heart into pieces because I wanted to be nice and texted him that I love him and hope he has a great day... and he said ''you have a great day and love is love''. what the hell does that even mean? like love is love? you cant say I love you too? EFF that. So of course I asked him what he meant by that or if that's his way of saying '' I love u'' he said its just he is not sure if its really love or if we are trying to make it work. then of course my ego was crushed.. and I said ''well forcing you into something you don't want is the last thing I want. If you want we can stop it here. Id rather let you go if that's gonna make you happy but its love on my end.'' HE WONT RESPOND.


dear 22 y/o Capricorn...Aqua's need space...go about your own life, he'll be back. in order to keep him, you have to be detached (like air sign)

im a Capricorn chick crushing on an Aquarius guy and well I was the one that noticed him first, I think, but I was the 1st to approach him in school while he was selling some stuff and that's how we met and he gave me a flyer to some party he was having so I went to the party and before I walked in he couldn't take his eyes off me but I acted like I didn't notice I was very cool and chilled but when I went up to him to say hi I couldn't think or walk straight. hopefully he didn't notice that.

anyway it took a while for us to actually come together and talk but towards the end I asked him a question and after that we couldn't stop talking to each other he was 4 inches away from my face and he just kept getting closer so I did the same. we could have made out we were that close. I made him laugh, he made me laugh. our conversation flowed naturally and there weren't any awkward pauses. all this happened a few inches away from our friends so he didn't ask me for my number I guess since we go to the same school I didn't think I would never see him again so I said to myself that eventually it will happen.

it had been 2 weeks since I saw him next and when I did it was unexpected. I was running late for class and when I entered the school he was sitting on a chair to my left I glanced at him and since I was in such a hurry I waved hi really fast and kept going, he just seemed surprised and frazzled out that I felt so humiliated I couldn't even work on my class assignments all damn day. I just couldn't stop thinking about that lame encounter and I didn't want to see him again after that, I was just so mortified.

I ended up seeing him in the cafeteria selling some stuff again, so my friends told me to go buy something and I did and I said hi and he stood up and than his friend got in front of him and blocked him from me and his friend just kept talking and all I could say is hi remember me I went to your show thing. it was lame and than I went back and sat with my friends.

The weird thing about this is he kept on looking my way a bunch of times and I didn't even bother to look at him because I was so nervous and I still felt mortified about everything. and he even walked right by my table but he just kept walking and I didn't say hi or anything at all. I felt like he thought I was a snobby bitch or something.

The next week came by and I hoped to never see him again because I still felt so dumb and as much as I hoped not to see him I ended up seeing him anyway and this time he was all alone selling some pizza for a fund raising event and I just said hi and he said hi and than I asked him a few questions about his fundraiser and than he says, " did you go to the show party thing last time, hmmm?" I was shocked that he didn't remember me especially after having such a great flirtatious conversation at that party. so I said, " yes I was there don't you remember or were you drunk, haha? he really just smiled and my heart was pounding really fast from being so nervous that I just said, "you should totally remember." my tone was fun and normal I didn't act mad or anything I just kept my cool than I said bye .

The last week I saw him next I wasn't even thinking about him anymore I was soo damn mad that he would even forget me so I just did not care to like someone that can not even remember me. I walked in the cafeteria and I was so relieved that I he wasn't there selling any pizza so I looked for an empty chair to sit on while I waited for my friend and while I was texting my friend or at least trying to I heard someone say hey. I turned and there he was sitting at the table next to mine and I was soo shocked I got up and said," Omg I cant believe I didn't even notice you, I didn't even see you, hoi." he was very chilled and cool and just talked to me about his project and I asked him questions but I was standing and he was sitting so I waited to see if he would offer to sit with him and he did not so I asked him if its cool to sit here while I wait for my friend and he said yea its cool so he removed his bag from the chair so I could sit. but he said he is also waiting for his friend because they are going to have a meeting about their project so I said ok cool. I was so nervous that I ended up asking him the same question two times but he didn't mind I guess.

His friend arrived and I just stood up and said hi to his friend but his friend looked so stressed he didn't even respond to my hi so I just looked at my crush and told him well I am gonna go good luck on your project. I left pretty fast so I didn't really see his facial expression. the thing I do want to point out is, that when I first said hi his cheeks were red like he was blushing and he was pretty awkward as well he seemed shy but I guess he was just thinking a lot. I do not know if he is actually into me or not but he did notice me and he did say hi so I am guessing that it's a start. right? I am attracted to a lot of Scorpio guys but Sagittarius men always come my way so this is my first Aquarius love interest.

dear 22year chick I don't think what he is doing is fair and yea ok aquas need their space but if this guy is making you miserable the best thing to do is show him how much fun your having without him act the same act like you need space don't spend everyday with him leave for a week to a friends house see how he reacts show him you don't need him at all and your only with him cuz you feel like it not cause you NEED HIM show him how independent you are. if he still is making you unhappy than you will need to talk to him and leave him babe like fasttttt you need top be happy in a relationship not not an expert but I sometimes if the man you love makes you unhappy, well you need to move on even if it hurts and guess what sometimes when your the one that leaves the guy comes crawling back begging to be with you. so don't let him be the one that ends it you do it first.

hi im a capp woman and my use to be love is a aquirius iv been withim for 5 years and I have two kids by him he leaved me for 4 momths when I was pregnant and have all the exceses in the word why he doesn't want to come back I havent talk to him in 2 weeks bacauses I feel he is living with another woman im hurting and I don't want him back he's a liar a cheat and I see I cant change him if I don't call or answer him will he come back I just want him to do right by my kids what should I do should I call or what for him to do I answer or keep not answering o and I didn't tell you he's driving the next bitch car.

PLEASE HELP ME UNDERTAND THIS SITUATION, aquarous man and Capricorn woman(ME)

it was love at first sight at the airport in amsterdam, I took he's no as ive never done this to aman in my whole life, and he gave me he's e mail.. after few minutes he called me 2times and at that first met I told him I cant resist to tell you this but it seems like a love at first sight and he replied me that he got the same problem as I do, he fell in love with me at firts met...we fell in love with each other and on that very day and he keeps telling me I am the woman for him, that I must be he's wife, that he'll take care everything and get me a residence permit in holland and he will fix everything for me to get me back in holland, and even told me he's visiting my country this year, we never stop mailing as even were at home in bed we wake up every minuts just to read our mails and we feel so much love, I aske dhim to get a webcam and he brought one, everytime im seeing him im falling deeply and deeply and I know he's falling into me more because he just stayed on the cam a fter work and before work, talking bout lot of things, about our future, where to stay, where he's house build, what busines to do after he retired to work, how many children, and ive never felt so secured in my whole life, like b4 I don't feel like marrying anyone now that time I felt like marrying him,.. nonstop vidoe cam and messgaes saying hoe he felt fo rme, that im he's future wife, that im the right girl for him, that he loves me, he missess me and etc. so it happened in like 10days..

after that he started acting so cold, like seldome mail me, not going on video cam, so I mail him like, he can tell he's worries and why he suddenly become cold to me and dissapear. and its ok if he tells me the truth I will understand, that its better to tell me now if ureally love me or not, early sepaartion is better than later.

BUT after a buch of msgs asking d reaoson why, he will reply with a very long mail again , like I don't have to worry, he's just busy, that he loves me, he miss me, and im the only woman for him that I have to trust him and believe him, and he beg me not to give up and leave him, and asked me to stay just right here even he acted that way, that he cnat do anything so I have to accept that love w/out communctation (WEIRD) so he repeats saying that aveytime I mail him and ask why not even a minute on vidoe cam when he's home or not even aswering my call and not mailing me as much as we exchanged mail b4.

the last mail form me saying, I will forgte you tomorrow if you wont fix this now, and thats what im trying to do now, after that no response..


I have been in a relationship with an aqua man for 7 years but recently he started exhibiting jealousy,he become over domineering,i have not left him but am seeing another aqua guy man;he is gentle and kind but we hardly ever communicate.what is wrong with this aqua men?

I m an Aquarius with Capricorn features because my date of birth is 20 january.My Aquarius male's birthday is on 28 january.The first odd thing is that we have a 6 years gap in our ages.He is 25 years old and I m 31.We meet now after 8 months break up but our relationship is not charming like before that.The reason of our break up I want a commitment from his side but he refused and left me alone.After 8 months I msg him please come back I will never say you again to do a commitment to me and we will become good friends but we were not like friends before that.He come back because he knows I love him a lot but he does not say me I love you again after our break up.Plz help me,I can't leave him because I love him 2 much.

dear Amsterdam Airport Capricorn: Aquarians are not as demonstrative as other signs (lots of calls/E-mails/web-cams)...if you give him an ultimatum on this, you WILL lose him. In order to love him, you must also understand his nature...if he says he wants/loves you, he does. he will not repeat it every day, just because you forget. Try to write it on a paper and paste it to your mirror. If he no longer loves you, he will let you know. They are detached. Use your patience...and Best of luck!

From the moment I met my AquaMan it was electric! I felt I was reaching core meltdown from the inside out. He engaged me in stimulating conversation that captured my attention. I didn't feel he was interested, rather I felt he was being incurably curious... As the days progressed, our conversations grew more epic... I am a Cappy woman who appreciates an intelligent man. Once during mid-sentence, I female approaced me and told me his cousin thought I was good-looking and wanted my number... I respectfully declined... The Aqua was curious as to why I had done so... I responded that I am divorced w children and am not the least bit interested in formulating casual relationships... From that moment on, he pursued me. I threw every god-awful embarrasing truth and pointed out every flaw I had & somehow he found it interesting... I tried my best to push him away, but he seemed to become more interested and I knew I was going to fall in love with him... He asked me out, I agreedÂ…

Every moment was magical, inticing, electric... But I feared it wasn't permanent. I would share these thoughts w him. Tell him he was spoiling me by spending so much time w me... We communicated about everything... Every embarrassing detail... I decided to just take it slow. To experience the moment, despite the outcome. It was great! I learned he joked when he was nervous, he was caring, patient, and never judged people... I also learned I had fallen in love... I tried warning him... He had made it clear he didn't want a relationship, so I was so confused when I started to want more out of our "thing"... So I backed off, several times, telling him I couldn't continue to be w a man who does not reciprocate... But he kept calling. Refused to stop, almost as if he sensed my fear and understood why I pulled away... I felt he cared, maybe more than he cared to admit.... He relished the moments we shared, which granted sincere emotional reactions from him, but... How would that make his feelings if they were only expressed momentarily? Casually?...I told him I had fallen in love with him... I had to get it out... I needed to assume control of my feelings instead of pretending they weren't real... I didn't expect a response. Didn't want to hear a response. I had become so distance and quiet because I realized I loved him..... Then I made the final mistake of showing jealousy... I ran away. Ashamed for having doubted, afraid of being made a fool of, upset for feeling insecure & jealous... I kindly told him he didn't need me around, told him he seemed fine with the attention he received from everyother female friend... I walked away upset with myself, projected it onto him and realized I probably would never hear from him again... He's Aqua Sun Scorpio moon... I'm a cappy jan 16 w a Virgo moon... What should I do?

lol funny im Aquarius man my ex was a Capricorn she love me but it was hard for her to understand me ,aquarius are air sing they smart and unpredictable shy sometime my lady love me so mutch but don't trust me at all insecure will make her believe anything somebody say about me and nothing can change that lol like in the box crazy........

Aquarius men won't do the "trick", unfortunately, because I have to admit, I was completely fascinated by one. He was extremely clever, his mind just blew me away completely, also a very passionate and affectionate lover. Charming and wonderful people but don't expect too much from them emotionally.

Im a Capricorn woman and I am in love with a Aquarius man and we were talking for a while we weren't dating but we liked each other I showed it more than he did, and I messed up by kissing someone else and he found out now he doesn't wanna have anything to do with me.. its gonna be 2 years on the 23rd since I liked him and ive never felt no way for a guy like this before, I try and get over him but its like something it my heart is telling me not to . he told me he wanted me to be there always thats what I was going until he pushed me away. I just hope one day he comes back to me..

I'm a Capricorn woman and have been with my Aquarius man going on four years in a long distance relationship. It has taken a lot of dedication and determination to keep our relationship together due to infidelity on both of our behalves. We might get bored with one another or class badly over a situation so menial but I love him because he makes me feel a way I've never felt before. I knew from the moment I first kissed him I would love him forever even though when we have the huge blow-outs and our personalities clash it makes me question our future together. I wouldn't give up on my Aquarius as long as he's willing to not give up on me because his zodiac sign (as well as mine) is very complicated and must have extra patience to understand.

I'm a Capricorn woman who was in love with an Aquarius man for ten years . I thought what we had was special. I loved him with my life. the Aquarius man made me feel beautiful and in love like no one else has made me feel. he really brought out the poet in me. I gave it my all. he lead me to believe that there was a possibility of a future together. we communicated with each other texting, by phone and etc. until one day he decided to not even call me or text me, he just took me off his facebook like if I were garbage. did it hurt? yes. it still hurts a little. Now I'm not saying all Aquarius man are like alike because they're not. I'm just telling you my experience with who I called the love of my life but apparently I wasn't his. I just have to accepted it. I just he was man enough to just tell me something instead he was coward.

Im with an Aquarius and I feel like he will never put his heart in my hand, he cheated once recently and my heart and mind wont let me get over it, I love him too much, worship the ground he walks on but I feel like I have a roommate not a boyfriend,why is he interested in ugly dirty older bitches i'm 25 and nothngz wrong wit me, you mean to tell me you rather have what I used to be after you made me believe I am supposed to change? how can I maintain any sort of sobriety if you want the shit you tell me is wrong?

I am an Aquarius man with Scorpio moon and ascendent and Capricorn Venus and mercury along with mars, neptune and uranus in taurus..That might explain the fact that I fell bad, real bad(more than you can imagine) for Capricorn women. I adore her for her exceptional elegance and...I must not talk about her appearance to prevent myself from being disrespectful. The problem is they always give me reason to doubt their faithfulness..I know her for 2 weeks and she already left me puzzled wondering if she's having other (more than one) boyfriends, she keeps more than one phone number and she seems cold and drive me really crazy. Please help! I am not the symbol of faithfulness, but it really hurt me to think that she's with another. Help Capricorn ladies! Alvise from Italy

Do we wait for him to come or shall we find him? How long will it take for him to actually react to us? :(

I'm a Capricorn woman who had a long distance relationship with an Aquarian man . It was absolutely amazing , he made me feel so special , we have been dating for about five months . One day he just decided to break up with me because " I was depressed" and now he is totally ignoring me . I still love him though and I want a second chance with him or at least just be his friend but he wouldn't talk to me or give me a chance . I'm giving him space right now , but I'd know what to do next and how to get him back to my life even just as a friend . Can anyone help me please?

Im Capricorn woman in love with Aquarius guy.Caps we can work if you relax ladies.He showed me how to stop being so serious and enjoy life.why be insecure?why worry about everything? Im wayy more outgoing and have tons of friends.I show my aqua man new experiences and we hangout on weekends.Our conversation isnt always so serious its light laughable and easygoing,just what the aqua likes =).He says he loves me and not even his ex geminis could top me! year and counting =)

Im Capricorn just starting with aquarius. I wish some Aquarius men would write on here! I read all my compatible signs and all it talks about is how I like them because theyre serious, meticulous, hard working and career orientated. I don't like people who are competitive or working all the time or picking at things saying they havent been done properly. I like spiritual people who are developing intuition and humanity. Im scruffy. But I don't know about aquarius. Its electrifying but I want a home and a family. I don't want to be a spinster. And I don't want emotional support so much as someone I can gaze into their eyes and they find that electrifying as a pose to intrusive and someone I can massage like a puppy dog without them feeling like they are under attack. These are the clashes Im feeling. I love the creativity of Aquarius its just what I need. But I need to innovate in non verbal communication too because that is spiritual also. And I don't mind a quirky man w ho wants to spend a lot of time in the garden shed just as long as I get a big hug when he gets back just to share whatever he gained from his solitary time whether it be electricity healing energy, inspiration in the form of energy sharing it not just words but a deeper knowledge beyond words. I hope my Aquarius man will want to communicate in these deeper ways and have these deeper conversations that are not words but more about energy between two hearts and electricity. Like spooning is talking and when you don't speak the Aquarius can meditate. if he understands this and I hope he will I can get my physical earth power, grounding myself whilst he increases his mental air power, increasing his capacity and developing mental innovations. Then it can work

Okay, my relationship with this Aquarius is strictly friendship/aquaintance and nothing else. There's really no romantic attraction between us but a few observations never hurt anyone.

To me, the Aquarius is very friendly and social. They have a great sense of humour and attract many people to them. My friend has a very great sense of humour and I admire that about him.

I'm rather socially awkward and can only manage small talk with those who are not my close friends. When I'm around him, the awkwardness almost doubles. I'm hardly ever comfortable around him but he has such a great personality that I can't stay away. He isn't too cold to write me off as an imbecile who isn't up to par with him (my stuttering and long pauses tend to make me look like an idiot). And he tries his best to maintain conversations with me, even though I'm usually the one cutting it off short. Our small talk is really ridiculous and pointless but there are times when we get a few good laughs in here and there.

At point, I thought he had liked me more than a friend but that quickly wore off, thank goodness. I don't feel the attraction.

Capricorns are usually painfully shy and I find it really hard to warm up to him. He is very much an air sign and enjoys his freedom. He's currently in a very open relationship and frequently expresses that he love the freedom. I could never really cope with someone like him but he's a fun guy to be around if he's the one talking and you're doing the listening.

I'm a Aquarius man who recently just broke up with a Cap gal. She ended it with me to my surprise. We've know each other since the age of 14. I had a crush on her sophmore year and she also had some mutual feelings. Although we never pursued a relationship we stayed good friends. Lost contact after high school for 5 years and she pops up on facebook. We chat there for awhile and eventually exchange numbers. The whole reason I contacted her was to record some personal songs she wrote. She's a singer and I'm a musician. That first initial meeting changed our lives. Since that meeting we had kept seeing each other as friends for about a year. Even when she had a long distance boyfriend I was still hanging out with her. She sparked my curiosity and I pursued her. When she opened up to me it was like a whole new experience of love ive never felt before. We fell for each other hard but didn't take the time to really learn each other. She broke up with me once because she didn't like my personality. We made amends and tried to work it out, Then again she got cold and said she couldnt be my girl anymore. I was loyal to her to the whole time. I treated her really good. Maybe even too good. Im not the most finacially secure man but I work hard and wanted to work even harder for her. She's everything I ever wanted in a woman. I can see the love in her eyes but she say that love itself is just not enough. She confuses me because she told me she loves me in front of her son. She loves the way I make love to her. She loves our friendship. I think she wants space and to see if there is something better out there for her. Whatever it is I hope we get I right id we cant get it togehter. I feel like shes the only one for me at this point. I don't have eyes for anyone else. We connect like no other.

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