Aquarius man cold or just trying to hide his feelings?

by Virgo with an Aquarian male

I have been involved with my Aqua man for a year and a half online ( online, that is how we met) I am from USA and he from another country. We are the best of friends and we love each other. We are in contact everyday online on messengers and we send e-mails and have texted and talked on the phone. We have complications in our relationship due to me trying to work things to get a divorce..he knows all this btw and I never tried to hide anything. We have an age difference ( I am a lot older) and he accepts all this. Anyway he has now moved to the USA and lives less then 2 hours away. During our whole relationship it has always been me to initiate everything as far as exchanging pictures and cell number and personal information..he was always leary due to the fact that we started out online.

Anyway I have a couple questions and or issues and would like others to give advice or make comments to give me second opinions.

We are very very close and he says I am his bestfriend and often we feel we are soulmates. I had told him before he moved that when he gets to USA that I would appreciate if he would take on some responsibilty of making some first moves since it was always me and it put a lot of pressure on me. Well he stepped up to the plate and was only in USA before he got a new phone and that night sent me a text giving me his new number and called me. He's making first moves for the first time since we have known each other. We have our ups and downs as most couples do...we are normal you can say.

My question to anyone reading this is I am eager to meet him in RL and of course we have talked about this...should I wait for him to bring up the issue and if so how long would be reasonable to wait before I ask him?

We have talked many times about a RL relationship and he is only here for a year that we know for sure. I had asked him the other day if it would be worth it for him for us to stay together and remain a couple while he is here in USA if he had to go back to his country after his year here. He told me that he seen no reason to break up and if he has to go back, he goes back and nothing can be done about it. It felt so cold to me as if he could care less. I shared some feelings on how it would break my heart to see him leave since most of our relationship online was while he was back in his other country. I told him that if he had to go back that sooner or later it would break us up because cant have an online relationship forever. He told me that there is always a risk. He says he loves this country and wants to look into getting a green card.

Was he sincere and trying to hide his feelings or just cold and uncaring?

Any comments would be helpful

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