Aquarius man difficult for a Scorpio woman

by Scorpio1026

Ok first off an aqua man is the most difficult man for a Scorpio woman. I have been knowing this guy for 7 yrs. He is a great guy and I love him to death. But he only wants to be friends with benefits. I say that I'm want a relationship and then I don't hear from him in weeks. I say I want to end the friendship because I can't take the pain of us only being friends. He act as if he doest hear me. So I stop answering his texts and calls because Im fed up. He comes looking for me looking all upset but but trying to hide it. He's upset because he feels I turned my back on him. But it's funny because whn he disappears I don't go looking for him. I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to go through this. I know he loves me because he has told me in the past. From what I read of an aqua if he tells u he love u he really means it. My question is should I give up?

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be careful and remember follow your sixth sense
by: miss been there and got the tee-shirt

You have been in this relationship with this man for 7 years of course you want a proper relationship, he of course is quite happy with the set up with all the benefit, what man would,nt be regardless of being an aquarian. This is quite normal for the aquarian to come running back be it for a short period of time, as soon as you pull back from him, after all, there could be a chance, he could be losing one of his many female friends (harem), maybe you need to stop with the threats because, if you have been doing this for 7 years; on and off,it would appear that this is not working,you are making yourself seem to emotional to him, and this man does not live in the emotional world we live in. Maybe you need to take a look at serious look at yourself in this relationship, work out what you want, and your needs, put them first. Then ask him what he wants from you.Remember you are a Scorpio, and can tap on to your inner strength, which is given to all Scorpios, and move on to find what you really want from a new man, if this situation does not improve. Good luck, take care ?

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