Aquarius man disappearing

I've been seeing an Aquarius guy for sometime. He's said i love you a couple of times, but he keeps disappearing on me from time to time. Help, I don't know what to do.

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Aquarius men
by: David-admin

While not always the case, this is fairly common for Aquarius men. They value their independence far more than most signs do.

It sounds like you're very early in the relationship, so it may not be appropriate yet, but in the longer term the solution is often just to explain that while you're happy to give him his space, it makes you a little confused when he just vanishes. Hence if he could tell you when he's busy that would be appreciated.

The goal here is to get to the point where he doesn't feel guilty for needing his space (he probably can't help it, and pressuring him will just drive a wedge between you), while simultaneously encouraging him to communicate that need when it happens, so you aren't left feeling confused or insecure.

Many partners like this about Aquarians, though of course it requires trust, patience and compromise to get to a point where you're both comfortable with it.

He doesn't seem interested
by: Anonymous

I've been seeing an Aquarius man for almost 3 months. He's told me he likes me and has love for me. At home, he is very touchy and sweet. But in
public not as much. We have usually been texting everyday. But lately, he hasn't been texting me and I haven't seen him for almost a week. Im a
Sagittarius woman. Im not very clingy and I easily move on. But I don't know if I should move on. He doesn't seem interested in me anymore.

by: Anonymous

I'm A Libra women and i was deelpy in love with a Aquarius Man. Hes was my first love. We had a great relationship and great chemistry. But of couse things got sour. But there really never a real reason why we broke up. We just on other paths. but the weird thing is he told me he couldn't be friends with me because he love me to much. Than he just straight up Disappeared. Like A Vampire!! It was crazy. Like i couldn't fine him for nothing. The bad thing is I still have feeling's for him even thoe he hurt me. But i can't Find him!!! haha

Aquarius men have emotional issues
by: Anonymous

I met an aquarius man we went out for about a week had the most amazing time together. After that week was up, I never heard or saw him again til seven months later. He contacted me through email asked me to marry him. He came down from Texas to Ohio we got married and he went back to Texas. I tried calling him texting him he never contacted me replied back. I love him so much. I don't know what I did or said to hurt him. Aquarius men are a lot of work. they have emotional issues.

by: Anonymous

I am an aquarius man.i heard that many people are complaining about this oddly behaviour of aquarius men,disappearing with out saying a word.this is becouse maybe you demand a lot from them,allways remember that aquarius man prefer to date indepandent women.(plz dnt mind my grammer,i am from germany)

Aqua Hoodini's
by: Mary

I dated an Aquarius man for 6 months. It wasn't a bad relationship, it was a bit boring (Im a Leo) because his Venus in in Cap, which means grounded & very serious. I did my best to not react to his little dissapearing acts. I held in alot to avoid fights and because I knew with Aqua's u cannot have an emotional break - down, they run! but push come to shove, after some time and things he said i broke. And all he said to me was "i just want to be alone for now". I never bothered to ask why, nor have i made any attempts to reach out to him no more then he has. With guys ike these, u just gotta leave them alone. I miss him for many reasons, but at the same time, i gave him the skin off my back and he dissapears because i broke? As a Leo i have my pride to, i know my worth and if he didn't, i have to just go. Will he come back? I kinda hope he dosent. If he cant figure out what he wants at 43 years old... and has no issure dissapeaering? then he may never....

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