Aquarius man friends or lovers?

by SP
(Boca Raton)

I am friends with an Aquarian man. One night he made a move on me when we were out with one of his and my friends. I got upset and pushed him away because I felt as though he was trying to take advantage of my relationship. I asked him the next day if he liked me and he got mad with me and said No! and that he just thinks of me as a friend. We have tried to put this behind us and since then he has invited me a few times once in a blue moon 2-5 times a yr to spend some time with him..The first time he ended up romantically carrying me into his bedroom but did not try to have sex with me. Just kiss me n cuddle n be playful. Since then we he comes to me every now and then flirting about how he wants to have sex with me so I went along with it to see what he would do a second and third fourth time around and again he wont have sex with me, but cuddles me and hugs me n kisses me as if we are lover and then randomly turns cold and tells me u know we are just friends.

One day I went over and noticed some girls shoes at the door and he said they were just his ex gf and that they r best friends n she left them there when she came to visit him, he did not stumble and answered me right away. Another time I noticed a pink camera and he said it was just one of his friends. I didnt buy it and got mad n left never to return but then on my birthday he texted me and I told him off and in an argument he told me that he cared about me..n then got really quiet and went away. I wonder if he really does like me or if he just wants sex like he says he does, although it is confusing because he wont ever try to have sex with me. I don't know what to do or how I should go about this. Is he playing games? or what? Please help me figure him out. I would love to hear responses back from an Aquarian Male so I can understand how they think

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This makes me smile
by: Scorp42

Okay, here is the deal having dealt with this myself. I have been in an out of a relationship with an Aquarian man for almost 3 years. Yes he does like you. However Aquairan men take it really, really slow. They feel women out to see what kind of women they are. I can tell you that getting mad at him over other women being in his life is a sure way to run him away FOR GOOD! They hate jealousy and in all fairness you really had no right to get mad about the other women in his life. First off you two are only friends getting to know each other and secondly if he were trying to hide anything from you he would have never told you about the other women.

Now here is the tricky part. Aquarian men have a different meaning of the word friends than we do. His getting to know you will last a long, long time. If you show jealousy he will know you are not the one for him and he will move on. He will only have sex with a women he feels can be his best friend. Someone he can share things with w/o judgement. They tend to think women are crazy and they are very fearful of jealous women and will run and run fast.

Hope that helps.

by: puzzled

i met an A 4 months ago, he asked for my phone number and called and we've been going out no sex but long stimulating conversations, then he stopped calling, i called once all seemed OK, i called again a week later he suggested we met but never called so I called another week later and asked whether he did not want me to call again and he said no why would you say that, but then he never called and when I saw them by chance I was a bit angry and said so and told them they lied to me and me and they said NO! and we agreed to meet and he called me but still was a bit 'I do not know what time and when I could meet you and what do you think' and I said I do not know either, when you know let me know and I could tell he was a bit mad and he never called back, a week ago, does that mean he will never call me again?

they are heartless liars
by: Leo girl

I'm a Leo girl and was so attracted to this Aquarius guy. He was such a gentleman, he was humble and sweet. I just love being with him. There was definitely sexual attraction. He keeps saying that he couldn't believe he has me. And actually i couldn't believe I have him. Everything seemed so perfect in the beginning but later on he became more impatient and easily frustrated. Its like he wasn't the same person. He became INSENSITIVE. I kept saying no to sex since I was going through some problems. And you know what, he just left me without a word. Not even a single explanation. I just kept waiting for him to explain or apologize but he never came back. No contact whatsoever. Sometimes I just suddenly cry thinking that i never really mattered in the first place. That i was nothing but sex to him. As if all those times we spent together was just nothing to him. How could someone be so heartless? Its like the whole relationship was fake. Well anyway, lesson learned i guess.

But i have aquarius friends and they're great. Fun, spontaneous, loyal and real.


i like an Aquarius man too
by: Beautiful Leo

I think when it comes down to wanting to be with anybody wehave to take our time. We tend to put ourselves in difficult situation asking questions we already know the answers to. I like an aquarius man and he likes me we have kissed and i had to realize also that like is far from love and to get those mixed up is foolish. Spend time , talk hangout thats how u form telationships and most importantly be pray and be patient allow ur thoughts to be positive. Aquarius men from what ive learned are thinkers. If you really like someone and he likes you be friends first and listen when he or she talks it helps alot in the long run.

He is having fun
by: Marshall

I am an Aquarius man and I can assure you that yes he does mean it if he says he wants to have sex but the act of him not doing it is because he is entertained by the teasing and if you wait things will progress. Also we tend to not trust anyone without experimenting a lot to see if the woman is really as serious as we are because I don't make commitments unless they are 100% sure so time is the key, just wait.

Same situation different ending
by: Anonymous

I met this Aqua man at work and things got heated up after several weeks. He was the one i felt comfortable going out with for lunch at work, for dinner after work and of course parties. We ended up having sex for one or two months before I realized he has a gf back home. Everyone in the office can sense the chemistry between us but we never admit or deny anything - just keeping quiet to those teasing from colleagues. Then after I realized he has gf, i was sad and told him i might leave this country before his gf came to this city to live with him. He kept saying he doesnt want me to and he wanted me to stay but all he needs is a true friend from me. He is not comfortable with friends with benefit thing and same as me. He broke up with his gf because I was upset. But a few days later he hooked up with his ex gf and asked her to move in with him for a few weeks before the girl found out about us and left. Since then we never talked even in the office and everyone noticed the cold war between us. After another 2 or 3 months like this, he suddenly talked to me when we were back in the office and told me he still wanted to be my friend after all the things we'd been through. He told me he didnt want to be friend with his ex gf anymore but he has to get engaged soon with the other one because he's f**ked up too many things in his life and he can't disappoint his family anymore. And he still wanted to be my friend while i showed him I was perfectly okay and better without him... I don't know what he really wants from me. He kept telling me he was attracted to me but there was no deep feelings and we dont really know each other because we only met for less than half year and half of the time we were fighting. Why did he want to be friend with me suddenly? How does he feel about me now? I still have feelings for me and this is really a hard time accepting the truth he is getting engaged and soon the girl will move to our city... I need help :(

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