Aquarius man - friends with benefits?

I knew this Aquarius man for more than a year and we had a "friends with benefits" type of relationship. I always think that we had a great relationship because we were very open with each other and we were good friends, outside and inside the bedroom.

We do not live in the same city, therefore I assumed he sleeps with other people when we were not together. However I recently found out that he slept with someone else on the same day he slept with me while he was in my city.

As we both agreed that this is not going to be a committed relationship, I did not make a big deal about it except teasing him even though I felt uneasy about the whole thing. Especially because I caught him lie to me.

I decided not to sleep with him anymore and I told him that. However, I could not decide whether I should maintain our friendship. Since I could not make up my mind, I decided to be neutral and sent him a friendly sms to find out how he was. He replied to the first sms but not the subsequent one.

I am not sure what in his mind. I thought I am being nice by offering him my friendship and I thought Aquarius are quite a loyal friend too.

Any insight?

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by: Anonymous

Aquarius men disconnect very easily, so that's probably what he did.

Your situation sounds very similar to mine. Mine was also a friends with benefits relationship and when I went to end it because he also slept with someone the same day he slept with me. I found out I was pregnant with his child. Now I'm having a boy and he is due on his dad's b-day. I just cant escape them.

your right
by: aquarius man

unfortunally, you are probly right on the fact that he just closed off on you. i have done that to a few close friends and a girl i really liked. it got the point in which i could not be their friends anymore and my life was getting way to much drama in it for me to keep hanging out with the girl. i still like her even if i dont want to. so in most cases i try to make the friendship last but at times it had gotten to the point that i had just had enough and did not talk or see them again. i put a big ass wall in front of us.

I screwed up...done! I need help!
by: Meow

I fell in love with an Aqua man, someone I went to high school with, it has been 10 years and somehow we crossed paths. Being a typical pisces, I have gone through quite a few awful relationships, with him, he was great at first, altho we only chatted thru email, but he gave me butterflies. We first said that we were both looking for one person for sex, as you'd guess...I started falling for him. He, at first said that we should take it a step at a time...but all of a sudden he said that he has too much going on in his life, hence he can't fit me in.

Alright, as emotional as I get, I understand...but he just kept on popping up whenever, of course I''d melt ...but it has only been sex. There were a few times, when I stopped and think...I can't be like this, or else I'd be obsessed...wrote him emails expressing (the venting/ emotional emails)...he read it, and he knows what I want...but would still be the same.
I have since become more independent...all I wanted to know is wheter he likes me or not, or whether I should wait...I don't need his approval, I just wanted to see if I still want to be with him. the end, I had to make him help me forget about him...all I wanted is for him to tell me that he doesn't like me. To me, it's the truth anyway...but he refused! Alright, months passed by..we'd email a few times a month or every other month.

When I needed help with my car, he came over and helped me out...that was when I had the courage to ask if i can kiss him, his response was, no kissing...with no explanation. That was it, that night, I couldn't sleep, and wrote him a long email expressing how I feel, once again, and I can careless of what he thinks. It's not a hate email, it's just that it makes no sense to all, and at the end of the email, I just told him...whether or not you like me or want more from me ...I want you as a friend, i missed the old you...since I know that you'd disappear after this email...I'll run before you...

I told him that I loved him (via email) and also expressed my appreciation for whatever he has done to help. I don't want to tie him down (I felt that I was, that's why I left the scene, but I liked him for him, I'd do nothing to trade him for anyone, I just don't know how to get him to chop his cold feet off...that was my approach, now I doubt that I'd ever hear from him again.

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