Aquarius man gone crazy? Any help would be appreciated!

by Cap de Belle

I am a Capricorn woman “involved” with an Aquarius man. We actually didn’t speak for about 9 months because we had a falling-out over some photos I found of him on Facebook with someone else — but I never told him I saw them. I just stopped being as friendly (OK, I admit – I was downright cold- but he has been cold also). He definitely knows that I know about the other girl b/c I was at a party at which they were there together (I nevertheless had a great time with my friends & stayed away).

OK…so a bit over the summer & recently we started talking a bit. About 2 weeks ago, he did something really really sweet for me, and it was like an apology…I think we both felt like progress was made & wounds were healed. He then went away on business for 2 weeks.

Yesterday I saw him for the first time since that ‘nice’ day, I was a little shy, but when I tried to talk to him, he was EXTREMELY cold — i.e….completely ignored me and acted, very blatantly, as if he hated me. Literally made it very obvious that he was ignoring me. It was AWFUL!

Would someone take a stab at what this means? I feel so hurt & confused and I wonder where my sweet friend has gone…I thought we were back in good shape…how do I react to this? Should I ignore him back? I don't want to ruin it!

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by: an aquarius guy

You deserve this attitude from him. You cant ignore someone for nine months and then expect him to love like norhing happend. There is a saying: you get what you should have been talkng about those photos ,talk to him, ask him. But you did wrong thing not trying to talk him. Aquarians are very social and polite with people and that does not mean having sex all arround. Being social it is very healthy habit.
Try to be smart not an ass something in life but thinking all day long to bad things. Dont put bad things in front.
dobt be selfish. Let boy have friends.

by: Anonymous

You turned your back to him and he dont ynderstand why. So now for him you are a mean person.
Try to talk to him and if needed say sorry to him. He will love you more.
Im an aqua boy.

to 2 Aquarius boy responses
by: Cap de Belle

dear two Aquarius guys who responded to me...

THANK YOU for this tough love...I really appreciate this. the problem for me is that I have so much desire for him, and it really paralyzes me. I literally tremble when I see him, but he doesn't know. I freak out over any little thing that happens b/c I'm afraid he doesn't like me, and I mis-interpret. There is so much I want to say, but when he's there, I can't. But I see that he interprets that as coldness & asshole-ness on my part.

but thank you for your honest responses. hope I can put your advice into effect.


read again
by: aqua again

As i said he is confused. You took distance from him then it is your responsibilty to approach him again. I can swear is very angry with you as long as he did nothing wrong. Maybe he is still angry and busy with its work and he cant manage work and love sametime. Here i believe it is woman's job, to try unferstand a busy man,to be docile.
Try to read all posts again,see where you were wrong and if it is needed try to say sorry. Even girls can say sorry. Communication is the key. Try to be natural and docile like a real girl, not like holltwood movie actress. If he is cold then he thinks about you he cares abbout you, but you not try to use this knowledge to be mean. He will feel that and you will sorry. Thats sbout all to say.
I need a girl like this my self too. :))

by: p.s.

Maybe he has trauma from other girls from past and he doesn't want to heart even a mean girl that now he is scare about your reaction. Try to be docile,to be woman.

Thank you Aqua Again!
by: Cap de Belle

Thank you, Aqua Again!

You are definitely right in SO much of what you say -- Aquarius are a bit psychic, aren't they? You make me laugh.

He is very busy with work. Today I saw him. It's hard to explain but I'll try -- he raced by at the cafe where I have my morning coffee, he was too far for me to go over to him, and he flew by very quickly. But I know that this isn't on his usual route to work, and it used to be where we would see each other & flirt. He looked so gorgeous...but angry. Not sure if he is open to any dialogue with me. He didn't stay long enough to let me get close. He is extremely busy with work, esp this time of year.

We'll see. I will try to incorporate your feedback about 'not being a Hollywood actress,' as you say. I hope that there is still hope for us; I truly care about him. His anger frightens me -- he doesn't seem to understand that I have fears, too. He seems to think he's the only one who has ever been hurt. but I do care deeply.

I'll keep you posted; I won't give up on him-- even if he doesn't want me 'that way' anymore, I remain devoted to him as a person.

talk soon-
Cap de Belle

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