Aquarius man has lost his sex drive

by Jenny

I'm Scorpio with Libra rising and although i am very shy letting people into my private life with regards to sex once I am in a fully trusting relationship and it we are established, I like to have regular sex. Its part of my day, food if you like. I'm not sex mad, I'm just really passionate about keeping a strong bond in a relationship. Its important to me. I need to feel wanted and attractive, I don't want it from anyone else other than the man I'm with. Why are things turning so soar?

When we first met I made him wait quite a period of time before having sex or being intimate at all, I always do. I'm so shy to begin with but once we did become close our sex life was decent but now its non-existent but once we do, its dull, boring, not passionate and detached.

I feel so upset and hurt that he doesn't want to be anywhere near me. He doesn't ever want to talk about it, just walks off refusing to talk. I'm so unhappy and yet he doesn't really seem to care. I get the feeling he still loves me but something is wrong.


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Drive the Sex Right Back to the Aquarius Man!!
by: Anonymous

It sounds as though you want a better sex life and are expect the improvements to come from your man. I think you need to take responsibility for this yourself. Do you wait for him to seduce you? Do you expect him to do all the work in bed? If you are leaving it all up to him, then I think that is where you are going wrong.

If I were a man, I'd shut down when confronted as well. Its uncomfortable and implies that he is doing something wrong or is at fault. Men need the right stimulation to want to have sex, and it doesn't come from the female proclivity to want to 'talk about feelings'. Men are stimulated by the visual, by touch and by feeling relaxed and comfortable with the woman. They are not stimulated by someone's angst, dissatisfaction, stress, frustration, blame etc. Especially not Aquarius men!
If you need to feel "wanted and attractive" then you have to be proactive about achieving what you want. I'm a Scorpio female, & I think it is really unattractive for a woman to be needy & expectatious around a man. Would you be attracted to man who pinned his emotional well-being on you? Is the right kind of atmosphere being created for great sex?
Here's my advice...Become your own Secret Agent, with a Mission to Seduce! Research a bit about what drives men crazy in bed, how to seduce them, how to dress, set the scene etc. Get into character a bit! Do something with your hair, dress to show off a little shoulder, leg, neck, cleavage etc. (but don't go overboard!). Make sure your hair looks and smells great, spritz a few drops of perfume. Have a bottle of wine (or two) ready for when he comes over and do it all as a completely unexpected surprise. GIve him a head massage - work your way down, take your time, tell him how great his skin feels etc.
Drop all the angst!! Your eyes are one of the sexiest assets that you can use. Look him directly in the eye & as you are looking into his eyes, silently imagine yourself saying to him "Lie down, so that I can do whatever the **** I want with you!

Go on - let yourself go and go right ahead and seduce that man like he's never been seduced before. I think you'll find that if you stop stressing about it and focus on what YOU can do to increase and maximize HIS pleasure, he just won't be able to stop thinking about you and your sex life will take care of itself.

One important point is to decide to really enjoy yourself, love what you are doing to him and know that the more effort you make, the more he'll find you irresistable.

I hope that the above helps, I was hoping that you would see it as a bit of 'best-friend' brutal honesty. Taking some action & initiative yourself and really getting into the character of your sexy alter-ego will do more for your sex life than any amount of frustrating chats. The Aquarius man does need stimulation, intellectual, visual, creative etc - so unleash the inner sexy superhero in you and blow his mind!!

Lots of luck XX

Red Oktober.

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