Aquarius man ignoring me

by BR33ZY
(new york)

Okay.. We are both aquarius'. When i met him he jus stared at me, but i was behind him. the next time he asked for my number. we texted a few times and we were supposed to hang out but he never got back to me. then weeks later i see him at the park when i was taking my niece but he didnt say hi til his friend asked if she was mine. then he asked me to text him later. we talked for a few days and were suppose to chill but he blew it off. now hes ignoring me and i like him but dont want to seem pushy. HELP PLZ!!

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ignore him back
by: reese

just ignore him back!!!!! go back to doing what you were doing before, if he is interested in you he will text you back. then you can go from their, wait on him to come to you. please give him alt of SPACE!!!!! aqaurius people love that!! good luck:)

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