Aquarius man in love with a Scorpio woman

by Coyote

I am a twenty Year old, Aquarius man, who has fallen head over heals with a 24 YO Scorpio woman, she has only two complaint's about me, I am young "sexually" and, I am an Aquarius, as she has had issue's with her ex, who was also a virgin, and an Aquarius, she has been interested in me (as far as her behavior) since the day I met her but said that we couldn't be together since I was "young" well, I have recently gotten her to change her mind, since we have been talking daily for a minimum of about two hours, hehehe, and now she just cant wait to come down here, I have known her for about a month, month and a half, or so, and I'm trying to figure how to go about solidifying this "relationship" any advice at all, would be much appreciated

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