Aquarius man in love with Scorpio woman

Im an Aquarius man who just met a Scorpio woman. Im in love....yes its scary, but the feeling is there!

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Aquarius man in love with Scorpio woman
by: Hope

Hi Mr. Aquarius. Why do you find it scary? I ask because the Aquarius man I recently met said that about me also. I'm not sure what he meant you are (meaning me) a little scary".

He is an Aqua sun with a Scorp moon and Scorp rising, so being a Scorpio sun and moon, I can sometimes connect to his unspoken feelings. However, at other times I haven't a clue. I'll be glad when we get to the place in our friendship where I can ask direct questions and he can answer without hesitation, and vice versa.


Aquarius man in love with Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Aquarius guy here. Just wanted to say I love how intense and obsessive Scorpio women are. It's very flattering indirectly to read these comments where you try to figure us out! (I'm not being sarcastic, it's very sweet)

Don't Aquarius men ruminate?
by: Hope

"Aquarius guy here. Just wanted to say I love how intense and obsessive Scorpio women are. It's very flattering indirectly to read these
comments where you try to figure us out! (I'm not being sarcastic, it's very sweet)"

Not sure how intense I am, but I unfortunately I go get obsessive and over protective of those I care about. Lol, so, don't Aquarius men ruminate about
their new partners in a similar fashion?


by: Anonymous

lol. No we really don't. I think one of the biggest differences between Scorpios and Aquarians is that we (Aqua) actually enjoy a little mystery! I enjoy learning the general things about her behavior, but if I can't figure her out that's okay too :)

On the other hand, if she frustrated me (as much as Aquarius guys seem to frustrate Scorpio women) then it might be different.

All I really know is that I wish I had discovered Scorpio women about 25 years ago. I had no idea what I was missing, or how similar you sound, or how consistent experiences seem to be! Astrology is fascinating, and more so when it's real experiences rather than just hypothetical.

More Aquarius/Scorpio Compatibility
by: Hope

"All I really know is that I wish I had discovered Scorpio women about 25 years ago".

Of course I love that you said that, but in all honesty, I'm not sure how good of a match I would have been for my Aquarian friend in my youth. It's taken me a long time to understand myself and my reactions to things and to learn to verbally communicate my emotions and reactions.

Remember that Scorpions are the champions of the poker face and emotionally-devoid facade. In my experience, Aquarian men are quite hard to read also (when they are romantically involved).
Aquarius men seem to side step emotional issues also.

However I do agree whole-heartedly that the elements for long-term success with these two signs are present. The other chart placements and emotional maturity of both parties are other key factors. This Scorpio finds the Aqua man very intriguing and fascinating indeed.


Running your own race
by: Anonymous

Being a scorpio woman and involved with a Aquarius man is something out of this world understanding yourself is the greatest gift, as you are able to understand your Aquarius man in a much more different light, they are very free spirits at heart and are very comfortable in their own skin.

by: Scorp8

I love that you're in love with a Scorp woman! I wish these threads had dates on them!

Scorpio Woman Aquarius Man Relationship 101
by: Anonymous

In response to the scorpio woman who said in her youth she wouldnt have been able to be a good partner for an aquarius. I couldn't agree more, we take time to become whole, probably longer than most, but when we do we can be the most loving and passionate in the crowd.

I love my aquarius more than anything, and I really feel that once both realize their flaws and see the benefits they can reap from the other it becomes a much more powerful relationship than the zodiac typically treats it.

from one end, with a distant aquarius a scorpio can feel their grip tighten which instead pushes their lover away. Yet if the scorpio can listen to an aquarius and allow them to open up the aquarius will learn to appreaciate their emotions and not be so "scared" anymore.

Both will feel that they have grown and learned more about themselves, something I think both signs aggressivley go after in all aspects of their life. that I think is the secret to the relationship, coming to understand how the other can teach you to be a better and more fulfilled person.

Without me my aquarius would still be that sexy, mysterious and seemingly emotionless lost soul. Without him I would still be a possesive freak looking for a man who I can find enough respect for to love properly.

Now he is still mysterious still seemingly aloof but as a secret lover, i love that his emotions and his secrets are shared only with me. Ive found the proper form of possesion that works for me and he has found the person he is able to share all of those things with. Both have found out what makes them happy, in the healthiest way. Its simply realizing that our vices can become complementary through communication.

immense like a beautiful mountain range
by: Anonymous


I'm completely nuts about a scorp woman in a way that I've never been about anyone else. All I can say is that all the stuff you read about scorp women being intense and magnetic defintely applies to my beloved. The thing is that as an Aquarian I'm used to being the most interesting person and in many ways the most powerful (in terms of intellect and personality) in a room, which gets very boring. I find most people to be quite shallow. But this scorp lady! OMG She has me totally enthralled, totally at her mercy! and I love it! She's like a queen amomg mortals. I recognise her as a leader and a queen and she positively vibrates with magnetic power. I remember the first time I saw her, I noticed it a mile off, even before I saw her face. I used to say to myself when I saw her 'you go girl!'. I've met many attractive intelligent women in my life but they ultimately turn out to be a disappointment. Not her. It's her power that turns me on and attracts me. She's has a kind of genuine confidence which I recognise and relate to. And the most impressive thing? She does all this in a sweet quiet way, she doesn't attention seek but other women who are taller (she is short and slim but still somehow powerful looking, she actually seems about a foot taller than she is because of her power), leggier, maybe even with better careers, and flaunt like crazy just don't measure up. There is something about the intrinsic quality of this person. She possesses deep and abiding beauty on every level. She is an awesome creature. I've read all over the web how Aquarius men go mad for scorp ladies. I thought it was just me. We may be different but I know that I can learn from her and that I would adapt to make the relationship work. A person such as her is just too valuable. She can cling to me all she likes. She's jealous of female friends? I wont have any. SHe wants to ring me ten times a day? Yes please. I'm in my theirties and have never been so blown away by a a person. In fact, all my life I've been slow to act in romantic situations, but her magnetism pulled me out of my shell and for the first time I made the first move (truly remarkable). I had no choice!! I could not let her get away. At first I just wanted to see if she was as amazing as I thought, I was shocked to find that she actually was (is)!!! I've spent 2-3 years getting to know her, and I'm just as blown away as when I first saw her (and I've told her this, because I want her to know this about herself if she doesn;t know it already-I'm like ' are you real?' 'are you aware of how incredible you actually are?). But it seems that my experience is common. I'm not sure how much I believe in this zodiac stuff but what I read about myself and her seems to be somewhat true, I mean we're like classic aquarius and scorpio. I'm deeply, deeply in love with her, and she has kinds shown me just with her behaviour (as only a scoprio woman can) that the feels the same.

To Anonymous Above
by: Scorpio Woman

Please make sure you show your scorpio woman this heart warming, amazing 'love-letter' - it will blow her away I'm sure, as it blew me away!!! Such beautiful words! just wow!
I am a scorpio in a new and exciting relationship with an aqua male. I could only hope that he will see me the same as you see your scorpio. I have been completely swept off my feet and I am falling in love with him hard and it's only been a few months! Challenging I must say, as we are both fairly typical in our respective signs. I am learning a lot already, especially from searching the net for advice and reading other people's accounts of similar experiences!
Glad to know there is more hope than the chance that most astrologers give the Scorpio-Aquarius relationship!
Thank you again for putting a smile on my dial! ;)

My heart
by: pretty face

Hello i am a scorpio woman i met my aqua man nearly 2 yrs ago and i am so in love with him just as much as the same day i fell in love with him.I've learn so much about him and his ways i no when to give him the attention that he wants and i also no when to back up and let him have his space and thats something that has taken a while for me to understand its nothing personal aquas just like there own space.I love him so much our friendship and pesonal relationship is crazy but i love it and i would not change it for nothing.He is the love of my life and i hope that wont never change .He also know my ways an i appreciate that because i am a scorpio woman and dealing with me is not easy you must be strong willed and a complete man i love you babe!

From Aqua above again
by: Anonymous

My Scorp woman is an incredible creature. The word to describe her is Awesome. I looked it up in the dictionary just to ensure I found the perfect single word to describe her. That is the word. She is 10/10 in every department. After
Meeting her all other girls I meet seem just ordinary.

To Scorpio Woman Above
by: Anonymous

I write this now with eager anticipation after spending much of the morning with a desolate heart. You see, my Scorpio woman confirmed today that she only likes me as a friend. It's for the best given circumstances, but still pretty devastating. So it's unrequited love then. Do I venture to say that this is the other side of the gregarious, social butterfly Aquarius Persona. Only one blog I've read mentions the Aqurous capacity for very very deep emotions. Scorpio's are the ones who are always talked about as being dominated by extremes, but at the moment It is I a cool intellectual Aquarius who experiencing extreme icy hate towards some people who I believe have taken advantage of my trust and extreme love for this woman who has turned down the opportunity of romance with me but has instead offered me the olive branch of precious friendship. Now it is I who will be a fiercely loyal friend. Am I a Scorpio in disguise (lol). I saw that beautiful woman, perhaps the most beautiful woman I will ever meet, the other day by chance, something happened to me. I was compelled to tell her how incredible she still was after having avoided her for a year or so. It's now been aodt 3 years since I first saw her and fascination, turned from attraction to full blown star-crossed love, but only for me it now seems, not for her. I feel like a condemned man but the pain is so sweet. I have read countless blogs on the Scorpio personality and she is very very typical of the star sign. I'm at a stage of life when a person has been infatuated and in love many times. The first time I fell for a girl, I was a child and she want born. That was more than 20 years ago so I'm not new at this. This is not childish infatuation. Whosoever will achieve the status of becoming this goddess's man.....what a lucky lucky guy. But lucky guy, let tell you this in advance, spare a thought for unlucky people like me, who take more than their fair share of luck; who never find the love that they have been searching all their lives for so that you can have it fall into your lap. Now I have to find a reason to carry on.

To Scorpio woman above
by: Anonymous above

Thanks. Unfortunately my Scorpio doesn't feel the same way. It's complicated, but we can't really be together anyway. I thought that love is love and if it happens it happens, i mean, we talk bet little, meet only by chance now and then but I'm very much in love with her. In a way I'm glad she's not in love with me as that would make me feel guilty. But she does like me as a friend, and really that's smart of her. I've not told her that Im in love with her only because of the complications,
But I've pretty much very strongly implied it. I'm
Not young anymore so I don't say this lightly, no one will ever have the same effect on me as her. I mean if I can't be with her then I'm done, it's the monastery (metphorically speaking) for me because my heart has bee smashed repeatedly. I don't blame her tho. I know we have a connection but I feel that she is doing this to protect both of us. She is sooo sweet and kind to me, just makes me love her even more. I love her so much that if she found reall love and happiness with someone else, I would be so happy for her. I never felt that way about the other 3 people I have strong feelings for in my life. When aquariuses fall in love, we fall hard and true!

To Scorpio woman above
by: Anonymous above

Hi there,

Glad you like what I wrote, but the fact is she (the Scorpio female in in love with) inspired those words.
I'm just brim honest. Unfortunately it turns out that my love is unrequited, at least that's what she says. She likes me
Only as a friend. I maintain that there was mutual attraction (I mean we became 'friends' simply after seeing each other. I did a very un-Aquarius thing and told her exactly what I thought of her. It sounds cheesy but I was really falling for her. You what? She wasn't put off. You gotta understand I'd been searching for this all my life (I'm middle aged) turned down one night stands because I only wanted something real. Here it's put in front of me and then taken away. I'm devastated. You women have such power.

Still in love
by: Anonymous

I'm still in love with the beautiful mountains. It turns out she doesn't feel the same way...just friends. It was impossible anyway but waking up every morning still hurts.I throw myself into my work

To scorpio woman above
by: Anonymous

Yeah my scorp friend is astoundingly beautiful. I didn't see her for quite a while but when I did see her again it was quite overwhelming. IDK she's just awesome! Hard to put my finger on why. Unfortunately, she only likes me as a friend :(, but I'm madly in love with her. Hope above talked about ruminating and one Aquarius said we don't do that...Well I do!!!!!! I think about get CONSTANTLY. I've been trying to play it cool but recently I just got overwhelmed ad so sent her some YouTube videos of one or two love songst hat remind me of her (Paul Weller' and KOL!) I think it was mistake. I think I came across as weak and clingy (and I'm really not like that)! Good thing is, she still wants to be friends! So maybe in the future???? She's honestly the most gorgeous woman I've ever met. Everything I've read about scorps seems to apply to her.

loseing my mind!
by: scorpio women crazy in love with Aquarius

MAN!!!! This letter truly made me feel like all hope is not lost....its been three years..and must I say...I've never experienced such secret emotions that aquaruis men have.The ups the downs..I'm soooo in love with this guy..and I know he loves me as well, by the way he lights up and always finds a reason for me to be around and the way he always seeks my advise.Although he has never said he loves me..He shows it in the most craziest ways..and I hope that's not me just being nieve....Smh! I love my Aqua man! I just pray for the day that he revieals is true feelings...patiently waiting! I think it will be soo worth it!!!:) :) :)..Wish me luck!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Im A Scorpio Woman with An Aquarius man
by: Anonymous

Im A Scorpio Woman with An Aquarius man , we've been friends for 3 years and now decided to have a relationship . We are head over hills for one another , but we do clash a lot in certain. Situations . As a Scorpio we hate to be. Controlled & Aquarius men are a bit controlling & protective . Aquarius men are very sensitive , I haven't ever. Had a guy so sensitive . I love him REGUARDLESS. Everyday. Is something new . He loves. Romance .

Sacred Romance with a scorpio!!!!!!!
by: Mr Spiritual

Well, I'm so glad I stumbled on to this place. My own case is a very complex and special one. My scorp interest is in a sad marriage she can't get out from. When I met her I was blown away. Unlike me, I opened up to her about my feelings. I found out she was actually smitten with a Leo dude( not her husband). they would make up today and break up tomorrow. But I also found out she opens up to me in some ways too, maybe 'cos of my personality. God knows I don't have issues with her having a husband, I just love the feeling she gives me, she has so much magical energy and she doesn't even know it. I left the picture because I couldn't bear the thought of her always begging the Leo dude for attention. After few months, she kinda tried getting back in touch but I was resistant at first until she called me and asked me why I hate her so much. I opened up and told her I realize I love her more than I love myself and since she didn't see it that way, I had to leave her life in peace but unfortunately I hadn't stopped loving her. So we kinda started getting close again, she'd open up to me about her dreams and her fears, she even gave me her Facebook username and password. Recently, she told me to go check out her chat with the Leo dude. Seems the dude messed up as usual but she didn't come back begging him as usual, she even told him she'd deleted him from her memory and the dude was pleading but she wouldn't hear. She asked my opinion and I told her quite frankly that I wasn't gonna compete with anyone for her, she said there's no competition. I just want to get her to open up more with her feelings, I have this deep connection with her and I've never felt this smitten about anybody. I'm being begged for relationship by people but I just don't feel it for them. I asked her to let me know where I stand with her, if she loves me or not, so I wouldn't be wasting my time thinking of ways to love her when it wasn't mutual. She said she likes me so much as a friend but she doesn't want to deal with another heartbreak (the Leo dude). How do I make her understand I can give her all, if shed give me half as much. I can't stay in her life as 'friends', It would be unfair to me. She really is scared but I don't know how I can assure her and get her to open up.....its a sacred romance but I'm not scared of chasing it to the end. Please I don't wana be judged. Can I get any advise please??? She told me she loves like there's no tomorrow, I want to feel that love, I want her to trust me that much with her feelings.

Crazy L¤v€
by: Feb 14 Aquarian

i am an aquarian and my scorpio is a oct 25th born.i dont want to go into stories but d way we became friends was so lovely.she said something,i replied,she smiled and dat was 1st i ddnt pay much attention to her being dat as an aquarian, i am more satisfied with being friends wit everybody.e became friends but der ws no chemistry was later one night dat i saw er again.she caught ma attention and i just had a crush on er.i madw enquiries abt er.little did i knw dat she ws liking me too but like all scorpios she ddnt make er feelings known.we both fell in love b4 we even realised dat she was older dan me wid 5mnths.i wantd 2back out of d relatnship but she was willin to continue so i did too.right from d start she was very possessive and i was feeling claustrophobic but she was also submissive.we r both in our late adolescence and it has been lovely.sure there has been some ups and downs but i just cant let stop loving er and she just wouldnt let go.she is so friendly that every guy wnts er nomber.she always grits wit a smile and that is part of what i love abt er.she is also so deeply passionate.i had to catch up to go with d flow of things.but all in all, she is really lovely.i find myself staring at er pictures so many times during d day.weneva we speak on phone,she just always seems to be right beside me.its rilly a crazy love

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