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I'm a Leo woman and I dated an Aquarius man for a year and a half. Most of that time we had a wonderful relationship, we did fun things, and were really In love. We moved to a new city about fifteen months Into our relationship. A few of our mutual friends also moved to the new city with us. Everything was great, our relationship was moving along like normal and our professional lives were blooming In our new city.

After a few months In our new city, things started to go downhill. All of a sudden, I felt things starting to get weird between me and my Aquarius boyfriend. He was quieter and tired very often. Although we still hung out as much as we had before, he seemed disinterested In me when we were together, like he had better things he could have been doing.

A month after I started to feel the weirdness, I was at his place and we were watching a movie and he fell asleep. I got up to go to the bathroom and his phone started ringing, so I quickly opened and shut It so It wouldn't wake him up. Once I silenced the ringer, I saw that he had a text message from one of our female mutual friends. I forget exactly what It said but It mentioned something about her roommate being gone and that he could come over for them to be alone.

I was fuming, assuming that he was cheating on me with our friend. I left his apartment, thinking It would be smarter for me to be able to calm down before I confronted him. So the next day, I went to his apartment and asked him about the message. First of all, he made me feel like a conniving jealous freak for looking as his phone, even though It was an accident. He lied and lied and said nothing was going on, but despite his attempts at trying to convince me nothing was happening, we broke up. One year later I found out they were sleeping together for two months before we broke up. They're been together for two years now.

holy moley, Im a Leo women dating an Aquarius man and I feel a lot youwere saying, lies, lies lies and not honest you can feel It.. that's funny u saidthat

I'm a Leo woman with an Aquarius man, and all summer he's beenacting distant, and I guess I've been too clingy, and he always picks otherbeautiful women to be friends with, and I just get jealous so easily, and hejust Is too emotionally detached, he says he loves me, but I don't feel It.

I think I just shouldn't be dating him

I am dating an Aquarius man and he Is very loving and supportive Indifferent ways.

I'm and Aquarius guy, and me and my Leo girlfriend broke up at thebeginning of summer, because she felt that I didn't appreciate her enough, andthought I didn't really like her. She didn't tell me this when we broke up, Ifigured this out on my own, and In the middle of summer, I decided to talk toher and I explained to her that I didn't realize I made her feel this way untilafter we broke up. We both have such good chemistry together, she understood,and we were going to get back together, but we decided not to, since I had tomove away anyway... but she still likes me and I still really like her. I fellin love with her, and she was head over heels for me.

We were both so opposite of each other but, we both had such a goodrelationship. We DID need to communicate more and share our thoughts andfeelings. I feel that If we were to get back together again (which might happenbecause In 2 years, she might be moving to where I live now) we would probably(hopefully) be more open with each other because after we broke up, we toldeach other how we really felt about each other and how much we really likedeach other. I explained to her how I was just shy, and that she's a beautifulgirl.

It's so strange because I NEVER had this much attraction towards someonebefore. Just everything about her Intrigues me... and she's so damn beautiful!and she feels the same way about me! She told me how there's no other guy likeme, and she challenged me to name another guy, and we were going through guyswe knew, and came across none.

Opposites DO attract (so so much), but be careful; you have to talk to youropposite, because your opposite will take you the wrong way If you don't andthere will be misunderstandings and confusion. But I believe that thisrelationship could work out.

im dating an Aquarian and I feel like he loves me but he's beingdistant about It

To all Leo women....DO NOT date or get Into a relationship with anAquarius man (past experience dating 3 Aquarius men). The only thing you twowill have In common Is the sex. As far as trying to get an Aquarius man tosettle down, don't hold your breath. They are not known for being faithful toyou or to anyone else; also, they are not honest either. They believe that theworld revolves around them and that what they says, goes. Leo women needadmiration/confirmation/compliments but Aquarius men are too distant and aloofto offer any of these things. Aries men are the best match for the Leo woman;they will satisfy all of your needs (also speaking from experience).

I am a Leo woman dating an Aquarius man we have been together for 2years now and at first the relationship started off great and then he gotdistant and bored of me (in my opinion). He broke up with me for no reason 7months In the relationship (crushed my heart). 2 days later he wanted to getback with me, he said "there was no reason why I broke up with you," (I wasthinking THERES ALWAYS A REASON OF WHY YOU BREAK UP WITH SOMEONE), but I didn'twant to say anything that would lead Into a fight so I let him do all thetalking. Finally I decided I would get back with him. about 6 months age wefinally decided to have sex... and "IT SUCKS"!! My point Is Leo woman andAquarius man = not a good match. Leo women will get hurt, If not In the shortrun but In the long run then.

I completely agree with the last post! I am a Leo woman married to aan Aquarius for about year and a half. He Is totally distant and aloof, I feellike I live with a roommate not a husband. We don't have sex at all. we've beentogether for 5 years and on the beginning sex was ok, It wasn't the best but Ihoped It will get better. Well, that didn't happen! It started going downhillfaster and faster... about a year Into our relationship he broke up with mewithout any reason that I was aware of (communication!). 6 months later he wasback at my door begging to take him back, promising to change... nothing everchanged about him and Instead of getting better, It got worse! I'm just notsure how much longer I can go without sex, and It's been a really, really longtime... I'm starting to wonder If I even want to have sex with him.

So - from my experience Leo and Aquarius Is not the best match for a longlasting, serious relationship.

I have dated 2 Aquarius men. The last one I had scarred me forlife... I am just getting back Into the swing of things. We were on and off for3 years, and It's been 2 years now since I broke It off with him. I always feltlike he was never telling me the full truth, but was so Intrigued and Into himthat I turned a blind eye for a long time. He was very good on technicalitiesand never truly answering my questions. We had fantastic chemistrythough...until we lived together. That killed everything. He was distant,staying at "friend's" houses many nights, disappearing without notifying me ona trip... I just couldn't take It. I have dated a couple people and have somehowjust started dating another Aquarius man. He attracts me like no other. Theclosest was the last Aquarius man I was with. Since our signs are polaropposites, It makes sense. When I sit next to him, I feel like an actualmagnet, and when he touches me, a charge goes through my body. The relationshipis still very new, but absolutely hard to Ignore. I guess I will have to see Ifthis one will break my heart too! He Is a little aloof, but I know he Is Intome. This match can work, as long as I can get him to communicate!

Aquarius man, once he finally found his true love Its like a heavenpunishment when his not able to let her know how much he loves her. For himthere'll be no one else that will make him laugh out loud, his heart will belongto one & only girl that Is so warm and affectionate, his love will be shown &he'll make her best friend. He express his love Indirectly. He will take hold ofhis love forever. There'll be no say goodbye.....believe me Its true

- Dael / Philippines

From a Leo perspective I've been with my Aquarius male for awhilenow. We're high school sweethearts, from freshman to senior year and stillcontinuing onto college. But trust me, this Is one hell of a relationship! Whenwe first got together everything was perfect! He catered to my needs andeverything seemed perfect. However we broke up (around junior year then latergot back together) because I became too demanding and self-centered.

After our break up I became so depressed. I realized he wasn't what I wantedbecause he was In his own world (aloofness!) and preferred friends over me.Throughout high school we broke up several times but we always found a way toget back together. In my opinion I think It's because I realized that once Igot my confidence back post break up, It reeled my Aquarius back In! I playedhard to get because I wasn't emotionally attached which challenges andintrigues the Aquarius.

After each break up we found a way to strengthen our relationship and weadjusted to changes. Thus being said, communication Is definitely key! I toldhim he didn't give me enough attention and majority of our friends agreed andtold him that he was a crappy boyfriend. It was a definite shocker to himbecause he didn't know what the hell was going on and he thought he was doingthings okay. The problem with an Aquarius Is he doesn't know how to express hislove, or In my Aquarius' own words he says "I don't want to overdo romanticstuff, It will get old." But when he does feel romantic, It'll make you feelspecial. An Aquarius doesn't really mention much, but I can tell that he wantshis own freedom. It's something I adjusted to and became less clingy (but ohboy, Is It hard to!) It taught me life lessons such as not to expect muchbecause you'll have greater disappointments. When your Aquarius wants space,make sure you got your friends handy! They'll take a load off your mind.

I definitely love how my Aquarius keeps me In check when I get too egocentric.He challenges my Ideas and makes me see things In a new perspective and viceversa. We learn things off of each other.

He likes to have lots of friends (so don't feel jealous Leo women.) Trust Isdefinitely key In this relationship as well, you'll drive him away If youbecome too possessive. He taught me to give benefit of the doubt, not only tohim but to everyone. One time I caught him on a webcaming-blog site withanother woman. I was furious because my friend told me he was webcamming forabout 2 hours. However, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and watched. When Icaught him when he was discussing our relationship. He told the girl, "We'rehigh school sweet hearts. We've fought almost everyday. We argued about thestupidest things. We had more bad times than good, but I wouldn't have chosenanyone else but her. It's something special."

So after this lengthy post, this Is my experience. Leo-Aquarius can keep yousane or drive you Insane. Me and my lover have hit all aspects and accepted ourdifferences. But anyone doubting to get Into an Aquarius-Leo relationship, youwouldn't know until you find out yourself. Give love a shot.

Wow this Is all making sense! I'm so glad that I took the time toread about Leo and Aquarius In love. When we first starting dating It was likehe would try hard to be caring, loving, and romantic. It must have allbeen an act! He would shower me with affection, attention, and words. He wouldtry to spend time with me and call, email, text me. Well now all of that Isdisappearing and we have only been together for a few months! He doesn'tcall/text me like he used to. He doesn't try so hard to hang out with me somuch. And he leaves me messages or tells me later that he went to this and thatparty. He's very social and wants to be around friends. I think he doesn'tknow what to do with a relationship and maybe If feels boring or confining. Isit here and analyze why he's being distant but after reading this It makessense. He comments seem rude and aloof like he doesn't know what's going on. I don't think he means to be rude he just doesn't know! I don't think I can live this way. I'm a Leo with passion and love. Being with himis like trying to turn the faucet off when the water wants to come out. Itwould be like longing for something I could never have and having to besatisfied with It. It would almost be like being alone.

I'm a Leo woman dating an Aquarius...we've been friends for two yrstalking openly about anything and everything... I disappeared for a yr and heclaimed that he was looking for me and asking about me but nobody never knewwhere I was... So when I came back last summer I put the question out and Iasked him when will he be my boyfriend and he told me soon towards the end ofthe summer we started hanging out going to cookouts weddings basketballgames...than this one night we was talking and he told me he loved me I neverforced It on him he said It...but now we been together for about 5 months...atfirst things seem strange like he was being distant but I told him and I askedhim...where Is the love I don't feel It and he started being affectionateagain... I asked him why he stop holding me I enjoy being In your arms and youholding me and he started holding me aqua man does know how to lovebut you have to teach him just like how he teaches Leos are ego Is so big and have to be fed that we begin to think only aboutourselves selfish Is the word...but without a friendship or communicationbetween the Leo and the aqua the relationship won't work...because the chemistryis there automatically.. and the sex my sex Is good I had better but I willsettle for It because I love the If It was bad than.. and my aqua manlove to have sex so Idk what's going on with the married woman... I enjoy thisrelationship and I love my aquaman... I learned not to be so clingy but he doeslove to spend time with me...we don't spend time with friends often but we do

Well I'm a Leo woman Interested In an Aquarius man...We've known eachother for about a year, we met In a philosophy class. We didn't talk to eachother the entire first semester. The second semester he talked to me about twoweeks In after realizing that that semester we had two classes together. Heseemed flirtatious and nice...That Aquarian tendency to get to know everyonearound you I suppose. We'd proceed to not speak to each other after about everyother class, sometimes not for a couple of weeks at a time, almost out rightignoring each other. But then we'd talk again and It would be fine. Usually I'dlet him Initiate the conversations. This has continued more or less for thelast seven months...

How do I know If he's romantically Interested? Or how do I make himromantically Interested? Are these guys secretly jealous? Do they rememberEVERYTHING you say and do like Scorpios? Or do they forget pretty mucheverything? Are they secretly Insecure like Leos? Exceedingly frugal likeTaurus's? What's the best way to keep his Interest, make It romantic and gethim to date me?

If you need space to breath and freedom to do your thing then youshould dated with Aquarius man because they like to be aloof and be circlearound w/their friends so they won't mind.

They are also your best friend because they like to talk openly aboutanything and everything but not just you, but also to any female girls theymeet.

They love to have sex w/you as long as you keep your appearance changeseverytime.. put wigs on, sexy lingerie, make up, Indoor, outdoor...dodifference everytime.. can you keep up?

They are very good at lying, denying even when they get caught. Even he cheatedon you for a year you wouldn't know.. So BEWARE OR BE SQUARE!

Are any of you Leo females capable of spending more than 30 secondsalone with yourself and your thoughts? Do you constantly need to be sociallyengaged?

First look there. THEN look at the reasons for Aquarian male "aloofness."

I'm a real sweetheart but I actually really, really do enjoy my alone time awayfrom the chatter. It's necessary.

Aquarius man. Two months ago I met a Leo girl the best person I haveever met but she have a boyfriend that's not really funny she says. Do I wait for her toslip so I can catch her or do should I make a move on her?

Wow, after reading all of your posts I just had to share my story withyou all.

I am a Leo girl, and my now ex was an Aquarius.....

In the beginning there were several signals saying (STAY AWAY) but I didn'tlisten, I was Intrigued by him and loved his company, we were friends first butwe were both attracted to each other...we had sex before we were official, butthat just made us fall faster for each other. I was so happy with him I decidedto just give It my all In this relationship. So yeah that only lasted solong.... He sure was not ready to be In a serious relationship, that's were thelies began, trust Issues, flirtatious conversations with other women, evensexual, I mean everything almost every Leo girl has posted on here Is exactlywhat he did to me also.

Sooo with that said, I guess sooner or later an Aquarius will eventually dosomething to hurt you. But I am no one to say every single male Aquarius Is thesame....but mine was not the right one for me..

How do I know If he's romantically Interested? Or how do I make himromantically Interested? Are these guys secretly jealous? Do they rememberEVERYTHING you say and do like Scorpios? Or do they forget pretty mucheverything? Are they secretly Insecure like Leos? Exceedingly frugal likeTaurus's? What's the best way to keep his Interest, make It romantic and gethim to date me?


I am an Aquarius male, and I am dating a Leo female. This Is the second time Idated a Leo, the first time was a disaster because of one thing: EGO! both ofour egos were too big, and that did not allow for us to communicate properly.

My current relationship Is truly a blessing. I never thought I could lovesomeone so much. We both learn a lot of things together (philosophical stuff)and It draws us together. She & I both believe that ego Is the cause ofadversity, and together we work to deflate our egos. I do compliment her a lot,but I have no problem doing so because she Is a wonderful beautiful woman.

To answer the questions above, I would say that yes, we are secretly jealous,so It Is Important that you explain the nature of your relationships with othermales. He will care just as much If you are "cheating" mentally, but If you arecheating physically consider the relationship over, he probably will neverforgive you (even If he says he has). We do remember a lot, but we don't holdpetty grudges, so If an argument Is over, let It be over and move on. We arenot secretly Insecure, we are very confident In ourselves - do not mistake oursecret jealousy for Insecurity. I like what one other poster said about tellingthe Aquarius that you don't feel the love.. I can tell you that a simple "whereis the love?" will open me up and the affection will come pouring out.

In closing, I would say that these two opposite signs have a deep attraction toone another, and If you do not let egos get In the way, you will have along-lasting and very passionate, but also easy-going relationship. Its noteasiest for the Leo & Aquarius to strike the perfect balance, but deflate yourego and you will find that together these two opposites have the tools touplift each other In a truly beautiful way.

My Aquarian experience who happens to be a 4th cousin approached mewith this sick thing led to another and he stated he was hereto serve me (music to the ears of the Leo woman) he has a remarkable sociallife...a woman at home and sidekick... I don't trust him...but we do love eachother...genetic I think... He wants to meet half way and make passionate love toeach I am having doubts... I am thinking of never answering hiscalls again...although I will see him at the family gathering soon...strangelyhe says he does not care what our families think and he will tell them he wantsto be happy... He confess his love for me daily and I as well. He wants to giveme the best of his world, spoil me but he says he must have me...this Is somescary stuff...never been In a situation like this...a part of me wants toleave...but the other part embraces the excitement. the thrill of It... I havecaught him telling an untruth... He has been going to prepare his taxes every week since tax season I vision spendingromantic quality time with him...but morals and values saydifferently...but... Then he will FEDEX me a box filled with sentimentalthings...grrr what's a girl to do...

I met an Aquarius last year I really did like him and he was fun to be aroundbut over time I never knew where I stood with him he would go for weeks withoutcalling me ,and there were a few lies what he told me In the end I decided Icouldn't really trust him ,and when I did see him It was In the company of hisfriends as I often thought I was a sort of trophy girlfriend for him to lookgood with he said he did like me but he never showed his feelings truly towardsme I decided to end It because as a Leo he didn't give me enough attention hewasn't caring enough I found him hard work to be around

I am a Leo woman who has been dating an Aquarius man for the pastyear.

I know that If you are reading this you are obviously not quite sure about thismatch and want some guidance or reassurance to know It will work out and If Ithas for others. As you can see from all these posts, It probably hasn't workedout for the majority of people, Including me.

The problem Is that Leo and Aquarius see things fundamentally different. Aquawants a best friend but sees everyone as his friend, Leo needs lusty passionand more heartfelt declarations of love. He will never give It. One time I justasked him how he felt about me, yes an awkward question but I'm not kidding Iwaited In total silence for 15 minutes for him to say something but he justcannot verbalize how he feels, they find emotion so alien to them, even thoughthey do have them.

I was so attracted to and confused by my Aquarian from the get go I justcouldn't explain or adequately put It Into words how It felt but It must be likesomeone said above about being polar opposites and attracting each other likemagnets.

We have been on and off all year, neither of us have been with any one else,neither of us want to be with any one else but It just does not seem to work.The best time was before he went away for 2 months, we were not going out butwe were together and a couple In all but words, this Is how they prefer It- nolabel, no commitment, to feel free to disappear at a moments notice. I have myown Issues with commitment- Ie. It scares me and I have been the one who hasended It every time, out of fear of being hurt when you're getting too close.

I remember looking things up myself at the start about Leo and aquarelationships, wondering whether It was a good Idea so It doesn't really matterwhat I say to you, you'll probably go for It and end up In an on/ off againcycle like most people have talked about here- but It's whether you want totake that risk. I have learnt a lot about myself and I suppose It could workif you are both at an extreme level of maturity but I feel like I've wasted ayear of my life to be honest.

He just got back from being away which didn't bother me at all and I thoughtmaybe we would have a new start but he still says he doesn't want to be In arelationship at this point In his life and that's fair enough but he doesn'tseem to realize that we already have a commitment to each other without evenwanting to or trying. He wants us to stay 'special' friends, Ie. we are notspecial friends with anyone else but he cannot labor under the pressure of alabel- I understand this as this has been the reason I have called things offrepeatedly but I asked my friends how I can get over my fear of commitment andthey said "Commit". So I was ready to give It a go but he wants things to stayas they were, In no mans land. He tells me this and then he will tell me how hestarted crying when he realized he would die for me and that he fell for mewhen he first met me and loves me does not want anyone else...

I've decided to make a clean break from this relationship, finally, I hope. andget him out of my system so I can at least entertain the Idea of someone elsewhich at the moment Is Impossible for me.

Good luck to you I know you probably wont listen to me but this relationshipwill go nowhere fast, all my friends told me not to bother but I did anyway,It's up to you.

I am a Leo woman married to a an Aquarius man for 18 years. Weseparated a few years ago due to problems In our marriage. He Is right, sex wasroutine, good but routine. I wanted Intimacy all he wanted was to get his freakon. We didn't talk like we did when we were dating. After 2 years of counselingwe have the best relationship. He Is the man I want to grow old with. He Isvery swweet, always tells me he loves me. The best father! Leo women there hasto be communication In order for the relationship to work. He Is still a loofsometimes I guess that Is his nature, but he snaps out of It so quickly andmakes It up by taking me to a nice dinner and bringing me flowers. Just theother day, there was a rose and a note In the windshield of my car at work. Iwas shocked he did that, that Is so not him. Now we talk for HOURS and HOURSabout everything and anything. He says that Is the best thing he loves aboutour new relationship. Our talks, on how he feels I listen. I feel the same. The relationship could work If there Is a true love.. for usthere Is. We are so In love with each other, we look like 2 school kids. Ourkids are happier than ever and I am so happy. Next year we are planning torenew our vows. YEY!

I recently met an Aquarius male (I am a Leo woman) the bond wasinstant I have never felt so close to anyone In me entire life. I also havenever felt so comforted by any man ever. he had a girlfriend but he said theirrelationship was all but over. we had sex within the first week of meeting eachother. he told his girlfriend It was over and she went beyond crazy, stalked uscalled and called and called. but he spent 3 weeks non stop with me and said hehad very strong serious feelings for me.... I told him that I realized he neededtime and space to maturely and compassionately end his relationship and that Iwould have patience. he went to visit a friend for a week and when I didn'tcome to visit him he got very angry and I haven't spoken to him since exceptfor him to call me and say he wants the remainder of his things back that areat my house. I am so heartbroken I have never felt this way about anyoneever..... I guess all I can do Is follow the old adage 'if you love something let It go and If It comes back It was meant to be' I misshim soooo much and can't believe he would abandon me after swearing that hewould be there for me no matter what the future held!!!

I am a Leo and have been with a aqua for 3 years! And still feellost and don't understand anything!! he lies and cheats and cannot even admitit! And he says I am a drama queen how Is this so.........

I am a Leo woman and have been with my aquaman going on 3 years. Itssuch an Internal battle for me. When we are together Its heaven on earth. Thesex Is great! The problem Is he works 2 jobs and raises his 3 kids thus havevery little time to see me. Maybe a couple of hours, usually at night, everyfew weeks. what's wrong with me settling for something like this. Every time Iget the nerve no cut him loose, I get one of those heaven on earth visits and Iam right back where I started. Its been 3 freaking years, yet I am not hisgirlfriend. Guess he doesn't want to be tied down to any "labels". I love himso much and like our attraction Is hard to deny. Breaking It off with him,knowing he would just take It In stride and he'll be off to one of his manyfemale friends...who I believe Is pretty much standing In line for hisattention. Where I will be left heartbroken after losing someone who I sodesire to be with. This really keep me In this messed up limbo. I am beginning there Is no hope for me and this may be Indeed as good as Itgets...for me.

Thank you! I am a Leo woman attracted to an Aquarius man. Everythingstarted off fine, calling me everyday, texting and then sex. We have only hadsex 3 times!. The sex was good but he never tries to go after me. After I hadexpressed my feelings he seems to get quite or go to another conversation. Hewill call me everyday and text all day. What Is going on... I need to get offof this merry go round. I wish I could stay but Its too much.

Well I am amazed at reading all of these posts, as I am a Leo woman Iam In my second relationship with an Aquarius man and everything sounds sofamiliar (the last time was 18 months ago and I was so hurt when he broke upwith my I couldn't get close to anyone since). When I realized the man I amseeing now Is also Aquarius right from the start I was very wary.

The thing Is, I can see history repeating... Instant attraction, things gettingintense very quickly (he told me he loved me within just a few weeks andcouldn't stop thinking about me), the sex Is very fiery and passionate, and wedo have a very magnetic attraction.

BUT on several occasions (as with my last aqua relationship) I havecontemplated finishing with him. He Is so aloof (this has been mentionedseveral times as an aqua trait) and It really hurts me when I don't hear fromhim for days, or he says he can't meet b'cos he's seeing his friends (althoughhe said he really wants to see me and misses me?), and It Irritates me so muchand makes me really angry, I do not like being made to wait around for a man. I have tried to talk to him about this before, and he was really apologetic...but then he keeps doing It! Things started off so well, It was like a fairytale. Something I have learnt Is that us Leos are 'doers' where as Aquarianstend to be 'thinkers' and I get very frustrated with people who only talk aboutdoing things, but don't do anything about It!

My last relationship with the aqua guy ended as he told me he decided he didn'twant to be In a relationship anymore as he wanted to be single, so could wejust be friends - I found out on Facebook he was seeing another girl all alongand now I find It hard to trust anyone as he really broke my heart.

I really don't know what to do. I feel like protecting myself from gettinghurt again and ending things with my aqua man as soon as possible before thingsget too deep... Or do I take a chance on love as this could be the real thing?

Im an Aquarius male. I married a Leo woman. It wasn't until we split that Irealized I wanted her back. I had truly loved her. After our split I wasreally hurt (I had NEVER been hurt In a relationship) It seemed to me like Iwalked In a daze for about 2 years. Things are uncomfortable but at the sametime - we can warm up to each other very quickly. Its just strange. Leo womenare fantastic but at the same time they can really piss me off!

I am the passionate one, my partner hardly ever wants sex! So I findit amusing that we are 'meant' to be hot stuff In the bedroom. I have neverfelt so deprived! It really Is a problem.

To the poster above, I'm no expert but I'd Imagine astrology can only go so far. I mean just because a match typically has a great sex life doesn't mean there aren't hundreds of other factors. Like he could be on medication that kills his libido or something.

It's my experience that this combo Is red hot sexually! As a Leo It's the best I've ever had anyway.

I am Leo chick with an Aries man. I am lmfao because so many chickshave said their Aries man keeps In contact with the ex's. It Is so true. I havebeen with one for three years and I think I have Invaded his phone and foundactivity with every ex not just some. They are like little boys trapped foreternity needing the attention of everyone, even the ugly people can still feedtheir ego. BEWARE! The great sex and strategic gift giving will keep you comingback but be ready for drama and chaos.

2 years ago I found a guy who Is adorable and I fell In love with him and Ifound out later after 1 year and half that he Is having an affair with otherGIRLSssss.....when I confronted him all what he did was denying till today andI told him If he tells me the truth I would forgive him Instead he kept thelies :D

5 month later from breaking up with him I met another guy he Is adorable ,amazing , charming , handsome , rich all the good qualities that any Leo womanwill be searching for , and I didn't want to have a relationship with him cuz Ididn't want another broken heart so I told him If you're Interested In me , aminterested In you too ,after a while from going out together I felt that amfalling In love again , I didn't want to have a relationship with him cuz I wasgoing to travel and he was traveling to another country ,he had an affair andwe used to go out together a lot , we had the most gorgeous sex , fun . we usedto laugh together a lot , and then I found out that he Is an Aquarius too likemy ex boyfriend and this Is why I kept It friends with benefits , I wasshocked , now he traveled and I miss him

its cold when he Is not here next to me

you can have nothing from Aquarius men except SEX

"you can have nothing from Aquarius men except SEX"

You may be right. But the sex Is so good It's pretty hard to complain lol

Im a Leo woman my advice to all Leo's would be don't take Aquarians tooseriously. Let them be aloof and most of all let them be themselves. If they'renot available mentally then let them go. Don't waste your time trying to figureit out. If have to ask yourselves questions about the relationship, then Itstime to move on. Remember: Leave them before they leave you.

lol ... I feel a profound urge to leave a comment for you lot , are all mad !!! I (Leo woman) have been with an Aqua man for the past 13years and the only advice I can give you all Is KEEP IT COOL, and flirt andmake him jealous !!

they love strong women.. bossy and changeable !!!

I agree, communication Is Important and you need to tell them If you wantsomething... does not matter If Its a kiss, cuddle or attention. Don't wait,just demand. they can be quite passive so they will need someone to lead themand teach them how to act In the 'relationship'. Do not for a second think theywill be all ready and know what you think and feel.

My man can not live with out me and I think even though our 'relationship' Isvery casual he Is very attached mentally and emotionally. I am very strongcharacter wise and don't take any poo from any guy. I also believe In freedom In'relationships' and 'giving each other space'.

Aqua guys are very loving, caring but they also dreamers but we have greatchats and he Is my best friend above all !! I don't need 'labels' to justifywhat we have.

Leo woman with Aqua guy here. It Is the saddest thing that we allhave a commonality that repeats over and over. Every Leo woman on this postknow down right, that was we put out Is because we love so much, but theAquarius male does not seem to reciprocate. When I met my guy, I had nevereven known any Aquarius men, and broke all my rules with him; age, height,status, etc etc, but I thought, "well, you just never know". It startedperfect and most of the posts here state the same thing... Then at about fivemonths Into It, I find out his ex-chick Is back In the scene. It tore me Intwo. I don't know what went on and probably never will, even though I askedand begged. The way I feel about It, I don't out the deceitful action,therefore It's not floating out In the universe with my name on It.

I wanted out. I know better and had other gents who were Interested In me. Hestated he would finally get rid of her (block calls, block email) but any Leoknows, once you're done! All In all, It felt pretty damnempowering to be the "rebound girl" because I was the bystander, not the freakfilled with drama looking to bust up a relationship. I told him, maybe youguys DO Indeed deserve each other and that gave me great satisfaction. It acompletely different relationship. I am just as aloof and Independent (5planets In Virgo) and somehow, now he doesn't like It. I cannot take anyoneserious who will not take me serious. I was shown by example from my folks, whohad a wonderful marriage, that IT IS a team effort and now matter how badthings get, you just gotta show appreciation for each other and not just up anddisappear. How dysfunctional Is that?

I have had better treatment from other relationships and all Leo women postinghere, need to really weigh the facts on whether someone who pulls "disappearingacts" Is worth what you are able to give. I gotta lotta love and I ain't gottime to waste.

I'm a Leo woman...This Aquarian guy Is RELENTLESSLY pursuing me. I'dhad a crush on an Aquarian casual friend before and he was as aloof andbarely-interested as a text-book Aquarian...But this new guy flatters meendlessly, thinks I'm the most amazing thing In the world, calls me his muse,says I'm his soul mate, writes poetry for me, about me, he's definitelyfulfills that Leoness In me that needs adoration... I wish I could be attractedto him =(

Weird though, I've never heard of Aquarians acting like this before...Althoughhe does have a Leo moon, still, so did the other one lol.

I am a Leo woman.. dating Aquarius man.

I shall say he's the most attractive sign I've ever date.

liar ?

yes I agreed aqua man Is a liar. He did tell me about how he lied to anotherwomen. He Is currently lying to one 'another woman' right now who wants him sobadly. He said he did that because they are stupid. (well I guess Its true thatAquarius man easily attracts woman) you see most of the girls he met were headover heels for him. offering him everything.. materials. and even sex just to gethis attention. He did took advantage on that.. Then he would disappear.

ego :

but I was different according to what he said. It was because of my ego. (so Iguess our nature of being the 'ego' sign has Its own benefit) he respects me nadmire me for not being 'cheap'. I was totally hard to get.


finally he proposed me to be his girlfriend. He Is really sweet and caring. Ifall for him over n over again every time we met. He's not good at words... Hewon't compliment me as much as I needed.. but the way he acts towards me Is morethan enough to satisfy me. He's my best bf ever.


I did read bout how aqua male needs space. So I decided not to text until hetexts me. but I was wrong. Instead he misunderstood me as being ego. He needsattention.

friends :

I read that aqua value friends so much. So I get along well with his mates. wehang out together...(about 5 male mates. and I'm the only female) he never tookhis eyes off me. He would always check If I am comfortable being around hisfriends. almost every time he asks me out.. I'd ask him to bring his friendalong. I don't want him to feel smothered. I don't want him to get apart from hisfriend because of me.

well I guess as long as u try to understand each other u'll be fine.

Me: Leo lady. Him: Aqua man. You all? Totally right!! How Is thispossible. Honestly, my belief In astrology has totally been reaffirmed.

Him: Aloof, terrible communicator, hot/cold, disappears when things get toointense (too much 'stuff to talk about'), prefers to watch sports/hang withfriends than sit with me and have a good conversation, Insensitive comments,unable to make a long term commitment, any sort of demand for simple romance orchivalrous behavior Is met with a scoff (I am so ridiculous!).

the break up and get back together cycle (when h realizes he's lost a greatgirl).

all of you are right.

but us Leo girls are so soft In the heart and It's so hard to get rid of a manwhen you love him.

and yeah. the sex Is amazing.

also hard to give up.

this website Is unreal!!! so helpful!

I dated an Aquarius man, and It turned out In tragedy. I mean, not thesame experience most have had with an aqua man. We actually met In a strangeway which should have been the biggest warning to stay away from him), I waswith a few friends, and he was walking by and made a comment In passing thatmade me furious (especially because It was In front of my friends), and so Ilit Into him for It, and we kept seeing each other In passing on random days,continuing to try to hurt the other's feelings more with our harsh words. Noweventually for no particular reason) We just kind of stopped Insultingeach other and Instead started talking. It took a while for the Insults to becompletely thrown out of our conversations, but we managed. We became more civilwith each other, and then It's like all of a sudden, we were living together. Wewere enjoying every second of It, while at the same time, loving every argumentwe could start with each other (but It never made us bitter, we loved arguing). Now being aloof Is definitely something I can agree on withthese guys, but with him Instead of being aloof with me, he kept himselfexcluded from any friendships, or In general from the outside world. He wasrunning business at home, so he didn't need to go much of anywhere. But withthat, he was keeping me excluded as well. He was controlling everything, and mebeing In a new place and all, I did not know anyone, or my way around. I wasjust stuck. I dealt with It for a while, and It wasn't too bad because hespoiled me with anything I wanted. And so I was always occupied, and he tookgood care of me. But then as time passed, I wanted to get out and go places seeor talk to my friends, etc. (not that I didn't try to convince him enoughalready, but I pushed It more and more)

And It's like a switch flicked In his head. He would not let me talk to anyoneI knew, would not let me leave his sight, Insulted me more than ever before,blamed everything that went wrong on me (and for some reason even If It wasobvious I could not have caused It, or It was his fault, I still believed him),and eventually got violent, and the rest of the story Is not pretty at all...

Now I have reason to believe he has some of those aqua traits like all theother stories, just In huge, maniacal doses. I left him. But now It's as If Isee the possibility In every Aquarian for something like this to go wrong. Isee little glimmers of the same thing, just less Intense. So I am not sure whatto believe. Are they All maniacs, or was It just the one?

I'm an Aquarius man. Currently having a Leo girlfriend. Still in therelationship. Beginning was smooth sailing, but currently, things are patchy!we just seem to disagree on every other things possible.... Seriously, I feelthat these 2 signs don't go well with each other...

I am a Leo woman and have recently found myself completely Infatuatedwith an Aquarius man. The Idea of It Is scaring me seeing as though I havebecome so used to men falling for me that this Aquarius' "aloofness" draws meto him. I do see It as a big challenge, and though I feel odd admitting It atthis time I don't want anything serious, I would just like moments of passionand I feel It can be possible with him. The problem Is I don't think he knows Iexist. I see him daily when he shows up to class, and for once I've lost mynerve to talk to a male. When I first realized this I asked "Is this what othergirls feel like?" It was such a blow to my pride. He has only said one thing tome and that Is "Hello stranger"

Reading this makes me want to be more cautious as to where I will be placing myheart If and when I ever get my time of passion with him.

I am a Leo woman, i am from Egypt and really I liked the stories. I love an Aquarius man and he love me too

I'm a Leo woman trying to figure out how will an Aqua man date me. lol Just give me some advice. I met him on Facebook. We both live in the South part of Manila. I'm working night shift while he is going to Law School a week from now. He's like a mushroom, he'll pop out every once in a while. I don't know if I'm the one whose gonna initiate the dating thing cuz well we all know that we are both EGOTISTICAL. He seem nice, but mysterious. Just give me some good advice. Thanks.

I am a Leo woman and I'm in love with a Aquarius man. We have been together since high school it's been 3yrs now. we are in love, we enjoyed each other, and we are bestfriends. we do all sorts of things fun events to keep the relationship burning. our sex drive for each is amazing and pleasing. our only problem is communication and understanding. dating a Aquarius man... you guys are very stubborn and that's exactly what my boyfriend is. But, hey we are still together...

Well I have an Aquarius boyfriend and I know him for seven months now but he hasn't met me as yet ..sometimes I feel like he loves me then sometimes I don't it really drives me very mad because I really like him

im am Aquarius man and ive recently gotten into a relationship w/ an Leo woman. she is the epitome of beauty, inside and out, and I love to shower her with compliments. one thing that I can see that is going to be an issue however is communication. we have great philosophical conversation, but when it comes to talking about my emotions, and feelings, I just cant find the words to describe them... often I find myself speechless, o lost in thought, in her presence... she is very mature, and I think that we will be able to work through the communication barrier however. all it takes is openness, something that is attainable with a little persistence. and most likely a lot of patience. :D

I say have faith, if you are honest, open, and loving, any relationship can work! :D

Aquarius man married to Leo woman 22 years and the camp fire is still burning down the woods. You folks need to find a way to balance what you give and what you get. We become what seems to be in our own worlds but what all you Leo women forget is you are our world. Give us this balance an half of you will have never experience what you been through. All you have to do is think logically and your Aquarian man will never leave your side.

I love my Leo woman and I would not give her up for the world.

I'm a Leo girl and I have known my Aquarius for almost 6 years. The first time he and I met was in 2004. Our age difference is what prevented us from being together because he is 4 1/2 years older than me, which most people would think is disgusting. His step-mother and my mother were best friends from childhood, so we got to know each other quite well. His father and my mother disagreed with the connection he and I had, so very slowly we were split up.

While he and I were still talking and allowed to hang out together I got to know him very well, almost like the back of my hand. After the friendship we started, we began talking about the future and what we were going to do once I was old enough to be with him, so we both agreed to come back to one another. I told him I would come back to him once I turned 18, because eventually my mother and I moved away.

Once we moved I found a boyfriend who lasted 2 long, dreadful years (Capricorn), so after a while my Aquarius grew tired of waiting for me after seeing on the internet that I was "happy" with someone else. My Capricorn at the time was the reason my Aquarius and I lost contact because he was beyond controlling and demanding, so he moved on because he felt there was no hope that we would be together.

Eventually I got rid of the abusive Capricorn before I turned 18 and went back to my Aquarius. I'm now almost 19 and found my Aquarius again. After all these years he still keeps me smiling and laughing, not once have he and I gotten into an argument. Once I found him again I found out he was with another woman. I was happy for him because I knew he was happy but at the same time he was what I looked forward to. He was mine.

After talking to him about anything and everything, like we used to, he eventually said goodbye to his girlfriend to be with me. Mainly because that is what we had had planned so long ago. We have both noticed how much the other has grown, and he still manages to compliment me and make me smile.

Although I can see how Aquarius men can have difficulties communicating, you just have to know how to slowly pull the truth and honesty out of them. Once you have the grasp of it, the two of you will have one of the best relationships anyone would ask for. But I could see why my relationship with him may be different because I am at the cusp of being a Leo and a Virgo. So I have some of the qualities of a Leo and some of a Virgo. Just figure out how to talk to your Aquarius and teach them that expression of the thoughts can help.

And one thing I learned from all of this, Leo women: DO NOT DATE Capricorn MEN! Please!

Aquarius men are losers! I was talking to one for about a month and he was constantly telling me how faithful and honest he is.. Now I know we weren't together but we talked everyday and talked about getting together, then we went out to the bar one night and split up for a little while. The next day I found out he was hitting on my friend ( not knowing she was my friend ) and I called h im out on it. He denied it, of course. I think if you have to tell someone all the time how honest you are and all that, you aren't. You are hiding something and he was. They cant commit to just one girl.

I think us Leo are too uptight you have to give Aquarius there space when they are dating you that doesn't mean they are committed to you. So in there eyes their eyes they can do whatever. This can work if you let them have there freedom to talk to whoever they want.

I agree with 99 percent of the things some of the girls say ..... Aquarius men are really nice and lovin ...and if your not feeling the love talk to your man about because I know it works.....

it is so true the first 2 months was heaven and then for nor reason he disappeared I am a Leo woman I was married to a Capricorn what a mess too controlling for me thanks lord I am divorced now I met this intriguing Aquarius instant chemistry, but very aloof every thing said here are true we split and went back together after a year you are very right it is working because I am demanding now bossy and I give him a lot of space once you leave them then you know what not to do when you are back with them so far so good I hope it will last but if it does not I am ready not to be heartbroken this time because I learned not to show my love for him I guess the less you show your love the better it work with Aquarius just tell them you are just friend even though you love them that will kip them in line good luck to all of you

wow, this all sounds too similar and I just started dating one. Although I do think communication makes a big difference. Once I tell him that something is lacking he handles it immediately.

I'm a Leo woman and I've been with my aqua man for about 9 years now. Let me tell has a been a long hard ride. Leo woman seems to want everything the this man can give. We need a romantic man with sweet creative words that will stroke our egos. he has a hard time expressing his feelings to me, even though I know he loves me. I tell him all the time that actions speak louder than words, because they think that a simple I love you takes care of the romantic peace. I told him that if he cant say it, he needs to show how much he cares for me and this relationship. As a Leo woman, I am very independent, strong, outspoken, loving, and caring. I tell him that just because I can care for my self, doesn't mean I want to. I also thinks that he forgets that I am a woman. I will give you and show you as much love as possible, but you need to do your part as man. he needs to learn how to make me feel like a woman...outside the bedroom. For us, sex is not an issue. the love making is great and very erotic, but its outside the bedroom where we have all our issues. I need him to show me love and not be so shy. Communication is key to any relationship, but more so in this relationship and that's impossible.

My Aquarius husband of 18 yrs is a sex addict , compulsive liar , cheat , self centered , fake, sneaky ,weird .lazy, perverted , unfeeling, rubbish father and partner ...self obsessed etc ... need I go on ..that's why I am divorcing him ... fed up of being mentally abused by this B.....D

(Leo Woman)... ps ..

my son is an Aquarian too an he is a compulsive liar too an also a porn addict avoid them like the plague ....

I am actually an Aquarius man and I have the craziest crush on my sister in law who happens to be a Leo woman. I don't know why, but I am extremely attracted to her. Everytime I see here I get butterflies in my stomach and my body just want's to be with her. I know that we could never be togehter because of the circumstances. I know that we are opposite signs and they say that opposites attract, but dammn. She is the last person that I want to be attracted to!!! Can someone explane why my attraction to here is soo strong?

To the lady who lost her boyfriend to her so-call 'friend'...what was the sign of your friend or female he ended up with for 2yrs?

Aquarius man they understand you and there loving nice caring and my boyfriend sine the 2 years we been together is still exciting ,loving caring and just amazing I am a Leo woman

I am an aqaurian going out with a Leo or what you could call a lioness which sounds dangerous.if you are true to her in all aspects of a relationship you have no worries.

I am an Leo woman dateing the aqurius man and we in a relationship but it is also long distance over the phone we can talk for hours he would talk to me till the sun came up and when were togather he treats me like a queen but the bad side is we do argue sometimes well lil bit more than sometimes we break up and back togather the next 2 hours I thinks its funni but somedays ijust wait for him to call me he allways dose he loves me a lot allready he all ready gave me a ring thats from his grandma he gave me this like in are 2 month of dating I love special thing that he dose for me he is very different and I like that about him I like the challnege ....

I'm 25 yrs old & have had my heart broken a couple of times (2 different libras) and now for about a month I've been seeing a 30yr old aquarius. He seems mature enough for a relationship but my past pulls me back and some of these postings make me uneasy of dating an aquarius. We have been seeing a lot of each other lately but I told him I wasn't ready for sex so far he's respected me in that aspect. Totally wary of this potential relationship because it's been since 8 mos of my last intimate relationship and I don't feel like putting myself out there to get hurt again. IDK!

Hi Guys, Me (Gemini) & Aqua boyfriend have been together for 3.5 years. with that whole on/off cycle! he loves me a lot and for an emotionally distant person, he has admitted he "always loved me and always will" however, he broke up with me two days ago saying he felt useless and that we just couldn't be together. It totally caught me off guard. I give him his space and freedom all the time! he has left me so many times and came back crying claiming he would never find anyone to replace me. Now he left me again and I cant see the light at the end of the tunnel :( any kind words?? Do they come back? I mean, I know he has each time. Does absence make aquas heart grow fonder??

I dated an Aquarian 6 years ago. Everything was wonderful in beginning and then when they are going through tough times, they will dump your ass, and they try too come back in pic when things are better for them the Sex was great. but I ignored him back then. Now six years later we've been back in contact. He is so freaking hotttt and single but I really don't know if I can take that route again. To me Aquarian are VERY CARING, HARD WORKERS, FUNNY, AND ALOOF(when they need there space give it too them)

Hey Gemini girl ^ I'm a Leo and I've been with my Aquarius man for 2 & 1/2 years now and every time he has become distant for the most part it was because he was going through something personal and needed his space. I've dated a few Aqua men and they are just so distant sometimes it's hard to tell what's really bothering them, sometimes I don't think they even know they just don't want you to see an ugly side of them. If he actually admits he loves you it means A LOT. I'm sure he'll be back after he works out whatever he's going through, see if he's willing to talk about it and maybe offer some help =]

*Anyways I LOVE Aquarius MEN. Being a Leo woman I'm constantly attracted to them. They make the ultimate sexual partners. However an immature Aquarius can be really difficult to deal with. There are a lot of arguments but there's just as much make up sex. The relationship is constantly up and down, but honestly I think it's worth it, the contrast between is just perfect. Sometimes his aloofness does bother me, but i've learned to just accept it and love it. Leo & Aquarius can learn a lot from each other. Plus the attraction is undeniable. He's like my best friend and other half, I wouldn't trade our love for anything.

Also our Venus signs are opposite as well.. i'm a Cancer & he's a capricorn.. is that a good or bad thing?

I am a 21 y/o Leo female, with a 23 y/o aqua male "lover" :)

to be honest with you all, I know that this is probably just a fling- simply because of how young we are and where in our lives we are (i'm in college, he's trying to get back on track) and we're both recovering addicts.

There's something very warm, kind and beautiful about this aquarius. He's a dreamer, I like that a lot- being around him inspires me to remember my dreams and the positivity I can have in my life. He's kind and affectionate- considerate as well.

we haven't been seeing each other long, about a month. But we live together in a communal house and at this point are sharing a room and bed. I'm a clingy, huggy, lovey-dovey kind of girl and he satisfies those needs! and the sex...;) x it just keeps improving (not the best i've ever had...that was a scoripio :D kinky boy I've noticed He needs his space to hang with his friends, and I need mine to enjoy my social life so it seems to work out.

I'll admit, he doesn't really feed my ego- with compliments and all that. And though I'm a leo, I don't need that most people who compliment you are trying to get something form you, I'm a little too world weary to be so egotistical. I find the fact that he listens to me when we are having deep convos, and if I ask something he does it are far deeper compliments and way better for my 'ego'.

for example, I was terribly sick the other night, and though there was a a party and guests in the house. I asked him to stay with me 'till I fell asleep. AND HE DID- no one has ever done that for me before, actually taken care of me when I needed it.

all that being said.

I figure, just like any relationship- don't let your ego get out of control. show your love and affection, be honest and kind, and remember aquarius's are "mind" kind of guys. Be beautiful and keep your mind sharp.

I know my Aquarius has eyes only for me. x

I am a Leo woman and my aquirias boyfriend is the sweeties guy I have ever met but also Leo woman want to tie an aquiiras man down we all have to understand they are not bad people they are uslay missed guided and not easly miss guided they need space to think abought things and what they realy want us Leo are kind and respctfull and want what we want but aquirias men get confuised easly and thats when they usly run me and my boyfriend are planning on getting married this next year he and I are all alike ande Leo and aquiriqas are equal and cant smother them becuse they need time and Leo woman want it now no no not good let them have time and have there space love made in heaven and you see they will seep you off you're feet when you least expect it just g8ive them time never rush an aquirias you never win them over'' youer friend Leo woman

I am a Leo woman married to an aquarius. We have been together for 12 years and we have a wonderful relationship. NOW! lol. It took about 8 years for me to really get used to him. I'm very upfront in telling him that I need attention if I feel neglected and he'll respond but he hardly ever identifies it on his own.

He is a very emotional guy and while he won't come up to me and cuddle often, he LOVES for me to approach him.

SEX is awesome! I wouldn't leave for that reason alone.

communication is the key! I wouldn't let him shut me out but I DO NOT NAG him. We have very traditional roles in our marriage also so I don't know if that helps.

Hello all, Aquarius man here. I first must say that I LOVE Leo women. They're beautiful, strong, fierce, magnetic, whimsical, playful, creative, funny and graceful creatures. I have fallen for many in my lifetime. Current situation is as follows: I have a couple whom are my best friends. They are Cancer(man) Leo (woman) respectively. I crushed on her a bit when I lived with them for a summer but I respected their marriage and thus NEVER revealed what I felt for her. She is funny, talented and we became great friends. Her husband was verbally abusive to her and he had a foul temper which he would take out on her. It was hard to watch. 3 years later (present day) he cheated on her with another woman and left her hurt. She confided in me and I helped her realize what a beautiful person she really is. We chat, laugh and confide with one another but I dread even telling her how I feel. I fear that I might ruin a wonderful friendship with her if I tell her that I like he r. My question I guess I would direct toward the Leo women. Should I let her know what I feel for her?

I'm a double Aquarian male.

You Leo women place too much blame on the other person. Forget Astrology -- women in general do that. It's not always the man's fault, you know. My advice? Look inward. Ask: "What can I change about me -- what can I do differently -- to be more appealing to any man?" (Hint: Men need to be a woman's hero.) Ask: "Could it be my attitude about this relationship? Am I respecting him? Am I respecting his wants and feelings; and, do I even care about them?" (Hint: Tell him it's "smart" of him to take his time in deciding on the right woman to spend his life with. That he must take the issue of commitment seriously, and that's a good thing.)

I'll tell you what works for me. When I feel like a scoundrel and a hypocrite and scum; if a woman still believes in me and only sees the good in me -- I'm so overwhelmed by her kindness that I truly fall in love with her. Another thing that works is if I truly feel sorry for a woman -- I know about this one now, so I'm on guard for it. My ex (she left me for family reasons) had a problem with alcohol. She reached out to me for help. I felt my heart go out to her, and I fell in love. Only twice, have I been in love. The first lady could only see the good in me. Or, at least, she saw potential; and she let me know that. The second, reached out to me for help. She became my "project." Hope that helps you ladies. You can't play some "Aquarian" game with him -- give him space, be his best friend, etc. You could dance that number for years. Be blind to his faults and seek his help on some major issue in your life. Go straight for his heart. He won't know that "love" has hit him until it's too late to turn back.

I am a Leo woman and met this Aquarius guy about 2-3 weeks ago. I am insanely attracted to him, but he is very aloof! I asked him out to dinner once and another time just to hang out & nada. I feel like he is either playing hard to get or not interested and cannot tell? What should I do? I didn't even greet him with Happy Thanksgiving because I wanted to give him "space" and didn't want him to think that I'm clingy, even though I am. Perhaps I should just be myself and tell him how I feel and see where it goes. LOL. Nothing to lose anyway!

Okay here it goes: I am a Leo woman dating an aqua, we have been dating for 5 months now, chemistry is amazing and extreamly magnetic, sex life is great we have sex just about every day! It's amazing. We started living with each other right away! I am not sure about this relationship, we seem to be missing each other in our communication, we take each other wrong him and I are both extremley deffensive, I can't even express how I feel with out him getting bent out of shape! man!! I think he secretly takes everything the wrong way and then says he doesn't! he is getting on my nerves, he doesn't communicate enough or honestly at least thats what I believe, and he gets upset when I tell him what I think he is thinking or feeling, he say's don't tell me how I feel or think. He loves me so much and gives me attention and love a lot almost too much to handle I really sometimes do not know what to do with all the attention he gives and I don't want to throw it away because I need the love and attention with balance though. I love him a lot and he is truely perfect for what I need as a Leo woman but he is getting on my nerves when I try to tell him what is bothering me, and he always challenges what I say or think and when I try to genuinely tell him that he is doing this he gets pissed off and then says he is not getting pissed off, I am getting frustrated with this relationship and really do not know what to do, I feel like I have no space I feel he is secretly critical about the way I do things, and he is always in my space! and he never admits to any thing he always turns it back to me like Im the one with the problem, I see everyones posts here and I appreciate everyones stories, I really want to make this one work and I am trying so hard but finding myself extremely happy some days and just down right pissed off others what should I do please help!

I'd love to talk about my experience.

First off, I'm an Aquarian man. And this is about a Leo woman.

No amount of honesty, sexual attraction, loyality or compatibility has made this Leo woman commit to me. We are in our thirties. Neither of us are bad looking. I think we have an obvious streak of attraction. I'm too sweet sometimes, I think. I'm very popular but don't let it go to my head. I let her know that I'm very interested in her. We did date, and sleep together, and always she doesn't know what she wants.

I get an odd midnight call; 'remember when you said you wanted to elope and have kids? Do you still feel that way? I'm not getting any younger.' suddenlly we are hanging out as friends, again (this has been going on for over a year and a half) I tell her, humbly, from the deepest most honest place in my heart that I will be the one for her. She visits and asks me out as a friend. Suddenly she will call and tell me, 'I just want to make sure that you know we are just friends' for no reason.

Why I have put up with this I do not know. I have persued. I am confident, I am all these things that are solid that all of you talk about- and don't talk about with aquarians. I am not aloof (anymore), I don't get bored. I'm creative, I'm outgoing, I've offered myself to her. As a man, a man with choices, with a good heart, etc. etc.

There is nothing more to say. Horoscopes. Sure, ok. I don't fit the bill, and she does not fit the bill. In fact we're reversed.

It's ridiculous. It's broken my heart and my hope with her, never mind all the past things has said and her late night call. Mid thirties. It's just a real disappointment.

Leo Women been with my Aqua for 7 years, dated for 2 married for 5 now divorcing, Im sorry but my expereince was this! I fell deeply in love with him! But problem, LIES LIES LIES. Lies about this and lies about that. He seemed so honest in the beginning but to save face he always lied. Flirted with all his co workers in sexual ways, flirted with ex girlfriends, flirted with my friends! FLIRT and LIES. He just now admits after saying I was just jealous hearted that he was wrong, now that were divorcing. One good thing they will support your careers if they beleive in you! Great fathers! But again Wishy washy, needs a lot of female attention and was jealous of the attention I got and became very competitive with me. They will use ANYONE to get what they want and yes AQUA's claim any girl they talk to is a "FRIEND"! Thanks for letting me vent!!!!!

Please date an Aquarius if you are

1. into mind games

2. need affection one minute and then NO affection the next.

3. don't feel the need to rely on them.

4. don't mind being lied to about any and EVERYTHIHG!

5. don't mind him hitting on any and every girl with a pulse.

6. don't mind doing everything in the relationship?

7. don't mind laziness!

8. don't mind him arguing with you about EVERYTHING.

9. don't mind listening to only him talk.

10. don't mind him making you look like a fool, while you talk great about him.

11. don't mind him being the King while you are the servant!!!!

My dilemma; I was involved with an Aquarian for just over a year. Ended up with an Aquarian son as a result. That child is now five years old. They say that you will know the status of a relationship after two years, what ever the state is is pretty much how it wil stay. I have found this to be true, but still tried desperately to hold on. A year ago I cut him off. I just couldn't take the uncertainty any more. He has been a wonderful dad to our son and is very supportive (overall) of both our son & myself. But he also had a secret. He was cheating on his long time girlfriend with me and, of course, all hell broke loose when it came time to explain the child to her. Needless to say, she has had nothing to do with him since. If he did it to her, he will do it to me. Hence the reason that I had to let it go. All I can say, Leo Ladies, don't let the "lightning" blind you. You will be tempted to believe in him. And you will be crushed when you find out that he isn' t what you thought he was. Keep your distance. Hell, I'm still finding out things about him (via other people) that I find utterly repulsive. Everything from group sex to a disgusting number of sexual partners, even a married couple. It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it! BEWARE....

Should I let her know what I feel for her?

Hi...leo woman here. I want to answer this above question in the above post. since you are great friends and she has confided in you. I am sure you can tell her how you feel Leo women want to be loved and cared for and if she gets it from a close friend. She is going to be thrilled. Give it a shot.!!

I am a Leo woman, dating an Aquarious male for the last 9 months. This relationship is so different for me. Im used to the man always wanting to touch me, always thinking about sex, always complimenting me which in my opinion, allowed me to thrive in past relationships. don't get me wrong, I am a confident woman in both the way I look and in my own personal abilities, but there is something about having a man verbalize how he feels about you sexually and emotionally.I feel better about myself when I know a man has me on his mind. My Aquarious counterpart expresses almost nothing. There is no temporary madness of falling in love in the beginning, no inkling of what is in store for the future and no expression of being presently content. But, he thinks so differently, is so calm, and allows me a freedom I have never had with a man that I remain intrigued and attracted to him. I go through my bad days, wanting to talk to him about how I feel and what I need but I've lea rned that would not be a good approach with him. What I know is that for a Leo woman, this relationship may feel like it lacks passion and security, things I believe a typical Leo might need from a relationship. You have to weigh the good with the bad. In the past, the passionate expressive men I have been with have in time bored me. My aquarious man has such a unique mind and way of thinking that I never get bored hearing what he has to say, and we always have something new and unconventional to do. You cant expect the words I love you to come from his mouth or a passionate hug and kiss after not seeing each other for a while, but every now and then he will compliment me and it means so much more. The sex is great but lacks passion, however aquarians are known to be unconventional, and that definately comes through in the bedroom. It's only been 9 months so I cant speak for what this match is like in the long run, but so far, I think it can work.

I am a female Leo who dated an Aquarius man for a year. It was passionate, riveting, and life-changing, but it was also abusive and he was extremely controlling. I can't say he ever lied to me and I know he never cheated on me, but it ended in a PFA (Protection From Abuse) order so STAY AWAY. Ironically, my ex-best friend was also an Aquarius and they are the only two people I've ever gotten into a physical fight with. At first I thought it was amazing that we were opposite signs but there's a reason we're opposite signs! There are always exceptions, but if you're like me and a Leo through and through, I say keep a safe distance.

Love my Aquarius husband both have to dig deep in your souls .meditation and meditation books on ego and compasion is our binding force. I love him so much because he is mature and willing to really observe the thread of the relationship. It was a rocky beggining because we both felt raw and exposed emotionally and speaking a different language . there has to be a common spiritual connection and drive for really admitting to your dark side. We love each other with great intensity. Communication is key and the magical glue . I have grown so much over the years ,we both have. If you both are not ready to go deep ,change,bend ,cry ,revisit the ego and its many faces then this combo will not work. If you do go there and start that journey then it is the most alive relationship you will ever feel. Do yoga together ,read ,breathe,forgive yourself and need nothing . It is our birth rite to be loved as we are. Our work is never done if we are on the right path. Blessi ngs ....

I am a Leo and my husband does not seem to understand me whenever I tease him he takes it seriously and he will not stop talking about it even if aia apologise. He likes to disturb my plans if I plan to buy something for our house he will make sure that he buys it first he likes to compete with me and likes to make me feel small why

been attracted to aqauruis guy for ages,,he pursued me,,turned up at shows where I would usually go,started talking,,lots in common etc,mutual sexual attraction,pussyfooting round each other for over a year,we are "casually" seeing each other,fine by me(leo-gemini rising)i like my space too,dont want to be hemmed in by full on relationship,,he is nice,polite,good looking but has that quirky side that intrigues and annoys me at times,dont know what the future holds,,but im not in hurry to be tied down,so just enjoying it for what it is(both over 40 yr old)my 1st aquaruis casual relationship fizzled out(still freinds though)as aqauruis no1 had a bigger ego than me!no2 is everything a lady would want in bedroom, they have a naughty side just like us Leo ladies!

As a Leo woman, who always seem to attract Aquarius (and then who married one), I have much to say about this!! First, it's so annoying how they just end up being the ones I go for and vice versa (w/out knowing their sign at the time, of course.) I think the Leo woman is attracted to the Aquarius qualities that are opposite hers. I LOVED that the Aquarius seemed cool, confident, aloof, it was like a challenge!! Then, when I grabbed his attention out of everyone, it definitely boosted my Leo ego. Plus they are fascinating in their ideas, interests, imagination, freedom, very fun to hang out with. I like their ability to be calm and keep it together, something hard for me to do. It can truly be a learning experience, and for me it was. I am definitely better with being logical and rational because of my Aquarius relationships.

The problem to me comes with the commitment issues. I ended up marrying an Aquarius who even after marriage had doubts about being married, period. I can deal with a certain level of aloofness (I also need space and can dedicate energy to other people and things), the sex not being all that (only great at first, then mediocre and not often), criticism ( I blew it off, I'm confident enough), the constant attention to friends as if they're equal in importance (okay, I value friendship too), not being doers (I can take control and make stuff happen), but not being assured that the other person really wants to be there for the long haul is crushing. After that, I decided this is must for every relationship: both need to really want to be commited. The Aquarius has trouble expressing his feelings, but worst is when they don't work at it (which would show commitment). If my ex had taken this issue more seriously, maybe working at it in counseling, I think we would've had a chance. I do think I was the only woman who was able to get him to open up (at least a little) and warm his heart a little bit..but was not enough. He was very faithful to me during our relationship, which probably helped keep us together for 4.5 years. As soon as we separated, though, it didn't take even a month for him to get with other woman (showing he was probably dying to experiment), and that was clearly such a strong hit to my ego that I could not get past and try to be with him again, especially with all the other things that bothered me and I had to accept. I will say that this was a relationship that had a lot of love from both sides, but the imcompatability trumped in the long run. We both always had a lot of respect for each other, and I do think this is a great combination for friendship. They make great friends, but as partners, it's harder.

wow this is a long forum! im a 18 yo Leo girl and been in love with an Aquarian boy since 2007. weve only got together for a year and 2 months but, were still coming to each other until now. I guess its true when somebody above said that Aquarius needs the kind of unattached relationship, so mine is like without status (well it is, should not be denied right?)

it always took me a year to hear a sentence that means "i love you" from him. he just doesn't tell his feelings that often, at least far from the way leos do.

my only question is that the frequent "i love you" "baby" and the sweet eeniee meeniee words ANNOY you aquarians? PLS ANSWER:) I understand the other things, the fact that aquarians love freedom and love to meet people and try new things.

i don't want to say too much, the conclusion I get is that both are very attracted to each other yet they need the skill of understanding the needs and nature beings of each other. leos need to face/dare/be willing to get hurt/laugh by seeing their aquarians with other girls. eventually youre the one he will come back, for your understanding, warm, loving, fun, attractive heart! use you're given time (from you're aquarians) optimally! don't use it to talk about BAD PAST EVENTS, simply just let it go and maximize you're time by making them happy, when their happy with you youre happy too.

on the other hand, I do believe with their great logics and intelligence and analytical personality, Aquarius will learn to give better affection to their leos.

I am a Leo woman and have been seeing an Aquarius man off and on for over a year now. I have ended it a couple times because I didn't feel like it was ever going to end in a relationship. Everyone thinks I am crazy for ever even talking to him, but I can't help it. The attraction is magnetic. We have soooo much fun together just doing the most silly and simple things. We have amazing sex and no one else compares. We have recently had a talk about getting together. He says he thinks he is getting closer. His problem is that he has been in one relationship after another, then he was married for eight years. He has been divorced and single for two years now. After our conversation, I realize that I am not doing myself any favors by seeing other men if I ever want to snag this amazing Aquarian man. I realized that even though he never commited to me, he has NEVER told me that he didn't want to see me anymore. I am the one who has done it to him! I am just really impati ent. I know that he loves me as much as I love him. He is just not as emotional. If I can be patient and keep my emotions in check, I truly believe he is the one! I don't mind him having his alone time or his own life and friends because I need the same thing. As of today, I have deleted my dating profiles online. I lost my emotional control a little bit yesterday, so I have to play it super cool for a while. Next time I see him, I will find a casual way to let him know that I am no longer pursuing any other relationship. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am an Aquarius Man and are about to propose to my female Leo partner after 5yrs. We have to kids together who are just wounderful. Like everyone said, the relationship started off fast and furious. In less than a year I had went away for 30days when I found out that she cheated on me. From then the lies and distrust would continue. I got to the point of becomming distance and closed down, which would eventually lead to me leaving. We have always loved each other and been for each other dispite all the hardships. I feel it is only right that we do get married because we will never leave one anothger stranded. I will say my Leo fiance is very very difficult to deal with and this opinion is even shared from her side of the family and friends.

I am a Leo woman and I have been dating an Aquarius man for about 4 months now. And our relationship is great! We've been taking things slow (I was married previously) but things are progressing at a nice rate. We have a lot of fun together and always have great conversations. We've gotten to a point where we really talk to each other about everything. We are definitely a couple, we have met each others families and friends and refer to each other as our boyfriend/girlfriend. However... I have always read and heard about this undeniable sexual chemistry between leo's and aquarius' (which we seem to have), but we haven't gone there yet. I, as a leo, find this very frustrating. I know that he likes me and we have a great (almost perfect ;)) relationship, I just don't understand why he hasn't made a move yet??? As sad as it is to admit, we haven't even "made out", desipte my like of trying - No really passionate affection. We do the normal couple kisses, holding hands, cuddling, etc. I have never had a problem with this in past relationships. At first I didn't really think it had anything to do with me, because, heck, he's asking me out and wanting be with me. But now, it's starting to kind of freak me out. Not really sure what to do, or if this is even a typical Aquarius behavior or just specific to him.I have brought up the topic a few times to see if that will get the ball rolling, but it hasn't yet.

I really am starting to fall for this guy I would love some feed back if anyone has any!! I would hate to see such a great relationship end because of this. Please help!! Thanks.

Hi, Im 36 and a double Leo (sun and asc)with my moon in capricorn. I do believe that much of what is said about the Aquarian man might be true - in worst case cenarioes. On the other hand, one very important thing to consider, is which sign his moon is in! This says som much about his level of emotional expression. Say he has his moon in cancer... some astrologers would say that would increase his Cancer influence to such a degree that it would downplay his Aquarian sun... and it would make him so much more tender, devoted, loyal and COMITTED. And by the way... all this talk about lies. I have always believed that aquarians were known for being very moral, ethical and speakers of the truth.

I guess there is so much more to human beings than just their sun sign, so you unsure Leo women out there, who get terrified of what is said about aq. here - do not belive this blindly, but give him a chance - GIVE YOURSELF av chance - and figure out for yourselves is this is THE MAN for you. With enough love, compassion and understanding - everything is possible. And a Leo and Aquarian sure knows how to create magic together.

I am a Leo woman dating an Aquarius male. I feel like I just read a million forums that I wrote myself. A few things to speak on. Ive experienced the distancing of the Aquarius and to a Leo woman, it feels like rejection or that we are not good enough. Why doesn't he want to touch me? It is not that at all. I think deep down, the Aquarius male is terrified of getting hurt. THIS MAY HELP...At one point, my aqua and I could not see or talk to one another. All we had were letters to communicate. It was like he came alive! He was so well spoken and seemed to say everything I had been needing to here during the entire relationship. At one point, because of the way aquas tend to b, I was unsure of his love for me or even his commitment or where we stood, and I messed around with another guy. I confessed to my aqua and sadly, it seems like that forced his emotions towards me out. The aqua male seems to be able to express himself in writing. As long as its not face to f ace. Sometimes we will be on the phone and ill bring up something that might make him feel awkward to be emotional about. He will hurry off the phone but I will receive a text message from him saying what he wished he couldve said to me on the phone. Weve been using text messaging when were apart to communicate and ive honestly never felt love like this from him until now. he's becoming more open. I asked him once if he felt weird talking on the phone sometimes with me cuz hed always get silent and "have to call me back". He said "yea, I don't know why tho. I can express my feelings better this way". It made me smile. I feel like im figuring this stuff out finally! Its not me and its not him, its just how god made us. I cant imagine my life without him though. He is like the other half of my brain. My probem solver. My rock. And he's the only one that can make me feel like no matter what im going thru, everything will be okay. We have such an intense, down for each other forever, bond. These two sings can work, but you must be patient and willing to experiment and possibly use unconventional measures to make it work. :)

So I'm a Leo girl and after reading several of these I find that what many of the other Leo women are complaining about, I enjoy. Yes, I'm outgoing and don't mind the occasional compliment, but I also like my space and time to myself. my current boyfriend is an Aquarious and I love that we are both best friends and lovers. my previous boyfriend was a Scorpio, and while the se was great that was all that was great. My Aquarious has good communication skills, which is a big bonus for me. Also, yeah he can be a little "aloof" at times, and doesn't always lay things out on a silver platter. But that is what make the relationship fun, he is a challenge and I'm always up for a challenge. ~Amber G.

I am was very attracted to an Aquarius male but I have read conflicting astrology compatablity regarding Aquarius/Leo relationships. In my experience I have never been able to get along with an Aquarius Male. It seems to be only one party is attracted to one another. The recent experience was that I was very attracted to him but he would never give me the time of day no matter what I said or did. I ended up getting really defencive and started to put him down and he seem genuine sirprised by my reaction and told me he had no idea why I thought he hated me. I read somewhere that I Aquarius can act the opposite when they are attracted to someone and be really horrible to them and act like they dislike you but it is the other way round. Naturally I had a good cry. He doesn't want to have anything to do with me and doesn't even what to be friends with me. I am so hurt. I feel quite envious of the posts by people who has seemed to have been able to form a relati onship with an Aquarius cos this one hates me.

Hey I am a Very Leo woman and Ijust started dating a aqua man but he seems so much different then all you guys are describing..he is always telling me how he feels, text's, calls and even giving me a key to his apartment...We have a great conersation and r so attracted and in awe of eachother.. we think about each other constantly and he expressing how much he misses am I just missing it or what..I think we will be around for a

Ok ladies, Aquarius guy here. I married one leo, went through a divorce and I've been with another now for over 3 years. The attraction between a Leo and Aquarius is almost hard to explain - it's magnetic and instantaneous to say the least. Yes, we're polar opposites but that means we can BOTH learn from each other.

Leos can learn to be more independent, more confident and more logically in-tune when in a relationship with us. Also, we can learn to be more loving, more attentive and aware of a woman's needs and also, more emotional.

The fact we are opposites makes for a great relationship IF BOTH people are willing to learn from each other. Leos possess what we lack and vice-versa. The ideal situation is one where both people rub off on each other in a good way and show the other a side of themselves they hardly knew existed.

This type of relationship is mutual and works for both people if they recognize how they can learn and grow WITH each other rather then apart.

Also, most importantly, when we need space and time, don't take it to heart or personally - it's how we were built. Use that free time to hang out with friends and family and eagerly wait for the next time you can be together. The ability of leos to smother and cling is JUST as bad as our ability to be ALOOF - give us space (learn to be like us, aloof) and you will never need to worry. In turn, if you play hard to get, you will DEFINITELY keep our interest...Do the opposite of what your Leo heart's telling you to do and I promise you can even attract the most detatched Aquarius man.

The key is to learn from each other, and teach each other how to be more like one another. The Leo has all the qualities we love, and we have many the leos love. When you become more like each other, and learn how to please each other, you find yourselves complete because you both have something the other is lacking or having a hard time showing.

This is an excellent match but you have to know how and why opposites attract and be willing to be more like him, and show him how to be more like you.

If you can do that, consider this a match made in Heaven.

Hi all Libra here!

Come on and stop complaining about these guys for all I know is you are the only sign that can really make an Aquarian man happy. All the opposite things that you do; make them be more attracted to you. You are the only sign they end up marrying most of the time. Just don't complain about the things they are not doing instead concentrate on the good things they are doing. Somehow they do love you no matter what I don't want to go into details but I know that for sure.


I am a Leo woman and yes yall are all right...They are LIARS!We have been on and off and he still won't commit so I took upon myself to move on and he did not like it. The main problem with this relationship is lack of communication and ego clashing because us Leo woman are so high maintenance and Aquarius men are very laid back. And yes they do have a temper!It is okay for them to flirt but when we flirt it is world war3!Like your mama always say "Karma is a Bitch"trust and believe the one they chasing gonna be the one to take them to their grave! BELIEVE THAT

To all the Leo ladies who think that by being patient and having great sex, you can warm up an Aqua is totally wrong. When we don't want you in the beginning,being cold to you after 3 months being together with you and wanting no commitment with you then you're not the one. We're fixed sign so when we want something, we go for it. Just saying this so you guys won't be delusional about things because of your pride. It kills your ego not to be able to "own" us but you can never possess us if we don't want to. Thank you.


Hey there everyone :) I have a story to tell. I'm the Leo woman... my man is of course Aquarian. I agree with a lot of this info, the aloofness is a biggie... but one thing is if you have them as a true best friend... an Aquarian will seek you out before anyone else. Friendship with these men mean it all... I have literally everything in common as far as hobbies as my Aquarian... but he is Feb 12... means I'm far more social. I'm the talker. He's shy. When we both are together there is nothing shy about him. He answers any and all questions I ever have... we have been together 4 years. We both know we are irreplaceable to one another... but- it wasn't always that way. After 3 years I had a bad Tequila night and a mountain of stress on me... I said really cruel things... I didn't mean them, but... they cut him deep. He fled that night and I was so upset because he knew how much stress I had! I was so angry twds him... well, we were room mates pretty much and separate d 2 mnths... I pleaded to work it out... he said he loved me but ya see... I was the only woman he had ever had sex with... he's 23. He wanted to see what another woman felt like... now before you get abhorred... I put our friendship first... and yes, I got him laid. After... he told me for the very first time... he finally understood every single reason why he cannot be with anyone else... I had THAT much understanding... that is what he saw and knew. I made it crystal I loved him dearly and that it hurt for him to experiment, but... I really did understand. We had minimal but feelable distance for our first 3 years... it does not exist at all anymore. I see it in his eyes... there is very very much warmth in an Aquarians soul... they are just a different animal. When it comes down to it, it is how much the two are alike, their insecurities, their communication.... and the most important... love. You MUST be everything to each other or nothing at all for this match to work.... when it works though, you are the couple people envy because their is an impossible to compare connection once the love is mutual. I experimented when I was a teen a lot so I knew what I wanted... he was confused. One thing to remember Leos... if you love your Aqua... is he your best friend? If not can he become so? If not... he will be aloof for good. We are engaged now. When we see one another after work and we are home... we smile... THAT is the nature of true Aquarian love.... a good one is great at keeping one another in line too....xD

I find it funny that all you Leo women have had bad experiences with us Aquarian men. You all say aloof. You all say too much time with friends. But I hear none of you casting any fault of your own to yourself. A rlationship is a two way street and if you can't make it meet in the middle it's going to fail. I've dated women of all signs and I've come to use my sign knowledge like people should use the bible. IT'S NOT FACT IT'S A GUIDE. Curcumstances in your relationships could have been the same with any other man of a different sign. Factors like geographical location can play a big part. If you live in Seattle and it gets little sun compared to Tampa that gets lots of sun the situation may change. Socio-ecdonomics and where each personis in THEIR life will factor in as well. Take some time and think of this. I'm a proud, loving Aquarian who loves my proud loving Leo

ok so theres this Aquarius guy. im a Leo and we arent together but we do like each other and I love it when he argues. he's soooo beautiful. and he's difficult, cheeky, stubborn. and he can be a brat. but I love it!!!!!!!!! I dunno what it is but he's just soo beautiful. on the other hand if he's hiding something and I find out about it and I confront him he's honest about. we both love pink it our favorite color and we have lots in commen. he's also very sweet and sometimes he can say something so outa the blue that sweeps me of my feet. I dunno now he's in a relationship with someone lese and I just hope he doesn't forget me or the chemistry between us. x I miss him alot.

I am a Leo woman and I really like an Aquarius man. He's very special because he has personality trates about him that drive me crazy. like for instance. He treats me like a queen and not all the time but when I least expect it he will tell me something so magical it blows my mind like for example (with every second I miss you more) or andother example (I'll be smiling as soon as I lay my eyes on you sunshine). and he always tells me im beautiful!. He may not be persistand when it comes to complimenting me but when he says something like that its hey worth the wait. on the other hand he doesn't alsways answer my texts messages. Thats something ive had to get used to but the thing is. Its not thats he's ignoring me he's just side tracked . he's a tatoo artist and he's always tatooing his buddies. SO sometimes he's bussy. But he alwayys gets back to me sooner or later. Another thing thats I personally really like about this guy is he can be a real BRAT sometimes. he's chee ky, difficult,stubborn and arguementitive!!! but instead of getting upset at these traits considering im a Leo I some how cant get enough of it!!! he's sooo beautiful its rediculous. yes sometimes he hides something but if I find out about it and confront him on it, he tells me the truth. and him and I have a lot in commen. BUt he havent been able to talk and now he's in a ralationship with another girl. Its hurts yea but I care about him soo much that I respect his wishes and I just want him to be happy. I just hope he doesn't forget about us because at one point in time we had something special and we never gave it a chance to develope into something beautiful. I knew the moment he looked into my eyes. I have never been look at like that by a man before. It was like he found a precious gem out of a pile of rocks and he constantly stares into my eyes. so girls my advice is juts be patient , give him the space and time he needs and if he truely really likes you he will find a way to make it happen. atleast thats what I hope mine will do ....... IF you love something set it free. If it was truely yours it will return. If it was never yours it will remain lost.

hahaha I only see stuff like im a Leo woman and my Aquarius man cheated on me or.. he's to distant or in the begining it was awesome and stuff like that but you dear LEO's must have in mind that we aquariuses are the opposite of you you are the sun we are cold rainy cloud but I don't know if this is only me cuz my moon sign is Leo but I met one Leo girl I didn't know she was Leo afcourse how could I know and we hang out in common friends and there we're 3 girls and something from inside was pulling me to her so she felt it too I mean its fucking awesome Aquarius Leo so much passion and fun and every word is fight I love to fight for no reason I mean its fun so I pulled her and hold her then after 2 weeks we we're goin out on a night club we we're dancing I pulled her again I had amazing time it was 5 at the morning we got out of the club I left her for 3 minutes and when I came back 3 guys we're talking to her they we're aged ( around 25 maybe) and im 18... :D :D shes 19 however I laught a lot cuz she was mine and they didn't even know that so it was awesome .. and then the game got harder cuz she start play my game not only play it she started to beat me at my own game I mean I got her by just stayin there and bein sexy and she started that game so im the one after her now and she knows it and shes older and she can do whatever she want with me my choice is either to loose or to grow colder but I don't want that cuz if I can do something then that thing is to be cold and ignore whoever I decide without any problem and pernamently :) so my point is

if your Aquarius loves you you will know it by the look in his eyes if he don't loves you then he's with you just to I don't know what I don't see the point if you're dating Aquarius he must be inlove

loving Aquarius will do anything to help his woman in advices in work in home in everything as long as she loves him but most of the times she loves her much and start choke her with his love every woman thinks yea thats awesome but truth is my ex ( saggitarius) broke my heart and she claimed to love me and love me but fuck it now I got a loe wich im after and every word is fight and I feel calm just standing around her cuz shes fucking amazing

u will see no more passion in any realationship than in Leo woman and Aquarius man its like you both start burning

but the Aquarius must be experienced in fire signs like me (the things I learned about in life that I follow are mostly from my mother saggitarius and my grandpa Aries my dad is Pisces and I cant understand him at all his thoughts about life are very weird to me he's an expample of what I will never be he apreciates the money and I don't he only knows to save and I only know to spend he never risk I risk in my whole life life loves the brave you know :) )

soo boing Aquarius ( air sign) and have a moon in Leo + growing by the discipline of last day Aries ( 20 april) and november saggitarius

i guess thats why I love the most fire signs and I have learned how to dance around them how to bring em up and how to shut em down with 2 words I do whatever I want with them afcourse I get burned by them its normal but I love every single part of it :) and my best friends saggitarius ( and scorpios)

lol do you recognize how I jump in themes and you hardly can see that thats the power of AIR I can talk and explain everything to ervery 1 one friend told me that stop talking you can make me think something is the way you say it even if I know it isnt and im sure about it :D :D Im charmy it was nice to me to tell you all this shit :)

sry for bad english I don't go too much in school I have more immportant things to do ;d ( hope I helped and make you understand you're Aquarius man) :)

I'm a Leo woman. My Aquarius likes one woman and has an eyecandy for another. We only talk online and through text. Should I 'woo' him. Or just let him have his own space and just be bestfriends with him first?

Well .. I am an Aquarius Man .. and I feel shame after I read each of your post ! the more I scroll down the more I feel shame !! looll !! Ladies .. you are absolutely true about each word you just said .. I am about to go through a relationship with a Leo "Lady" .. hope you won't see her here soon telling her own misery !! loooll !!

Aquarius male here~! This has been quite the read I must say! LoL.

I will agree, that I am a very aloof person. I don't let myself get attached to any one or any thing too much. Let me try to explain this:

I believe it is because us Aquarians like to have a sense of freedom in doing; Because the thought of long term commitments does weary us a bit (Yes, I think a lot, speculation will be the death of me.) We have this way of thinking where we don't know what the future holds in store for us, so we like to keep our options flowing. As you all know, we are a water sign which I believe gives us the ability to adapt to virtually anything. Which I think gives us that go with the flow kind of attitude (the "calm & cool" side you Leo woman seem to admire.)

Liar? Yes, I've been known to lie and still do. I really have no idea why I do it some times, I am trying to cut it out though as I do realize it is a bad trait.

Unfaithful? Yes, and I think only because I haven`t came across a woman that is able to tame me. BUT, I do know that deep down I want to give my all to a woman; Just waiting for the "one."

No passion? I don't think so! I am a very caring and love person and you can ask anyone that. As aloof as I may seem, I consider myself to be a hopeless romantic as I've always dreamed about having these magical moments with my special somebody since as long as I can remember.

Anyway, those are the few things that stood out to me the most. I believe the main source of these problem is you Leo woman just need to understand that we are just misunderstood.

Someone mentioned some thing about being assertive and letting the Aquarius male know exactly what you want some times; YES! That is huge. I love a woman that can tell me what she wants. Willpower is the keyword here. I am VERY attracted to a strong willed woman which seems hard to come by these days(hence me being here if you care to read on :))

I am a 26 Aquarius male that has recently came across a 21 Leo female for the first time in my life. From the get-go, she always made me wonder about her some how. The way she carried herself, the way she looked at me when we spoke, and how it felt when she touched me. Of course, we started very casually (mutual friend gatherings), me being my aloof self, doing my own thing, but as of last week, she openly confronted me and asked me if I had a crush on her. I tend to be shy around white girls (I'm Asian) but with her, I don't get that feeling. She's one of the very few girls that makes me want to just express myself freely. Surprisingly, she told me herself that she's had a crush on me also (true or not, I guess we'll find out. Her drunk self tried to drag me into the bathroom later in the night.)

After months of hanging out on and off, I finally got my chance to be alone with her. And... we hung out until the sun came up. There was never a dull moment. Some kind of a crazy connection where she made me forget about the world. I want to believe these emotions are true but I guess we'll see how it goes. I can't get her off my mind and I've been texting her funny messages all week and it seems to have paid off as she asked me to come see her this weekend.

Being an aloof person, I can definitely sense some kind of attraction with her. It doesn't feel forced like my past relationships and it feels natural. The eye contact is intense and I can feel some kind of bond when I'm near her. It's weird to me... Because I've never felt like I had this much interest in what girls have to say, except in her case.

Anyways, I'm going to stop my brain from going before this gets exceedingly long. Wish me the best, as I am going to try and hop on this rollercoaster.

I am a Leo woman that was in a 2 year relationship with an Aquarius man. We are both in our fifties. I agree with most of the posts that Aquarian men are aloof and you have to keep guessing what they are thinking. He did so many things for me around the house, etc. We were very affetionate in public and private. The sex was great. However, I just didn't feel important to him emotionally. I needed more words now and again, not just the actions. We broke up because a woman that we were aquainted with got too bodily close to him while I was watching and he hugged her back. She is what I call a preditory female. I called her and him on it and then he got mad at me for getting mad at her and I got mad at him for getting mad at me about it. Well, I broke it off and then tried to get back with him twice within that first week. He didn't want anything to do with me then. It devistated me. I think that he was done with the relationship and that this was just a means of be reaking it off without him having to be the bad guy so to speak. I went to therapy and read a ton of self help books that has increased my self confidence again. While I was with him, I pretty much felt inadaquate. I let him know that too from time to time, but then he would just schluff me off. I'm over it now and it's been three months, but if really hurt. I found out that he was lying about me behind my back to the crowd that we run with. Well, I (after many weeks) went to the pub where they hang out. I saw him and he was not friendly at all. After he left, I told the ones that were still there MY side of the story. Funny, those people know that my ex was telling lies about me and they are so disgusted with him because he has become a big egotisitcal jerk. They don't even know what I saw in hime to even go out with him. I tried to pick up his ego because his last girlfriend (my best friend at the time) put him down and he lost his self confidence. I tried to bring it back, but at the expense of my own self confidence. He didn't compliment me much, but seemed ot notice other women. Let this be a lesson to Leo women.

I dated a Aquarious man on and off for five years. It was the most stressful relationship I have ever been in. When we first met, it felt like we were perfect for each other but things changed as soon as he realized I was in love(which didn't take long). I believe he was putting o a front to win me over, and once he had me where he wanted me, his true colors came out. We did not even go on any dates the last 4 yrs together. He became very sneaky. always texting some girls he claimed were just friends. He was really good with words too. he made the craziest things believable. He cheated on me numerously but I was so blinded by love that I took him every time he swore it would never happen. Our last year we moved in together and OMG I felt like I had moved in with a stranger. He started sleeping on the couch, he didn't say 2 words to me when he walked in and out of the house. I tried everything to find out what the problem was but he always said "Nothing is wrong". I gave up after a while and we were more like cut buddies. He only pay me any mind when he was horny. And I craved so much for his love that I didn't care that he was using me. Hell broke loose when he brought me back an STD...I kicked him out and we've been broken up for a year now. I'm still very much in love with him. He is my addiction and I'm still recovering..Overall, I think us Leos are very loving and giving and we do not expect less in return. Aquarious are liars, self-centered, and insensitive human beings. I do not care to ever date another one!!!

im a Leo female who used to have a huge crush on an Aquarius male. when I first met him I did notice the interest he had in me.we did not meet up again until about 3 years later. I saw him again and I was head over heels for the guy. he was distant though.. shy and quiet most of the time. loved being around his friends. I did take the first step to talk to him a little bit more. we talked and he would always listen and seemed interested. we partied together and he would dance with me the whole night. he was a gentleman, not like most guys ive been with before. so I was definitely curious.. was he playing games? or was he really into me? those questions I would often ask myself. and so then we didn't see each other again for months. I decided to message him and we started talking. but I thought about it and said it wouldnt work out and I stopped talking to him. so I never really knew how he felt... me thinking he liked me because it was obvious but he just NEVER said a nything... and I surely wasnt going to do all the work. so I became less interested. end of story and no hearts broken. im fine with it. go for Aries guys they are more fun and exciting. ;) great match for leo. other good matches would be sagg and libras. Aquarius just keep as a friend.. I have Aquarius friends and they are lots of fun but not for relationships... watch out!

I have a question, I was hanging out with an Aquarius guy the other day and I have self-esteem issues. he had only seen pics of me but he kept calling me pretty and said nice eyes, he kept staring deep into my eyes and kissing me.

the question is, do Aquarius guys lie? im a Leo girl lol

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