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I am a Libra woman and I am CRAZY about my Aquarius man! He Isbetter In bed than anyone I have ever been with before; attentive, tender butrough when I want him to be, adores foreplay and Is amazing at It. He teasesme, makes me wait, and takes me to the point where I just can't wait anothersecond and I need him NOW. And It Is THAT GOOD every time. I'm a tough nut tocrack sometimes, and I always tell him that my average O rate with other guyswas around 50% but with him, It's around 90%. HOT.

My Aquarius guy Is like the man of my dreams... He Is so gorgeous and hasthe brightest smile. even though he does have commitment Issues, he Is theBEST In bed he licks my toes. no one has EVER done that to me. we have amazingchemistry and he Is so loyal and responsible. I love him so much I wouldn't wantit any other way

My sexy man, an Aquarius, Is so Irresistible to me. Big shoulders, love his chest and the bluest eyes, uhh, he makes me melt. Even when I'm just sitting with him, I get tingling sensations all over my body; even after being together for four years.

Our chemistry Is so hot, I wanna make love to him all the time. When he's at work or away, I can't stop thinking about him. He drives me crazy! I just want him to come up from behind me, grab my waist, bend me over and do me hard. I could stay bent over like that all day for him. He likes me to sit on top of him so he can put both my boobs In his mouth at the same time and suck them. Needless to say, I know I love It more than he does. While I'm up there, I can make him ring my bell, If you know what I mean.

I agree with all other comments, my Aquarius man Is Irresistibletall , handsome and makes me tingle constantly ever minute Im with him, atotal gentleman, the chemistry mix Is hot and we are completely ourselves whentogether. However, the need to have his "space" adds stress and conflict, weare still working on that Issue because the rest of the encounter Is so sexy,hot and enjoyable.

My Aquarius man has such a distinct look which Is so attractive Iforget about any other man I've ever been with. We've been together 8 yearsand he still rocks my world. When we make love he fits me perfectly as If wehave always been made for each other. So macho attitude but sensitive at thesame time. I can't Imagine being married to anyone else. The bedroom Isterrific . He's all mine to enjoy hehe.

my Aquarius man Is hot. he loves me soo much. he rocks my world after10 years of marriage

He's the best human being I have ever met, In the true sense. He Isthe kind of person who's always here when you really need him. He Is loyal,affectionate...his sincerity makes him think more of practical things ratherthan emotional. which proves to be one of his best qualities.. I really needsomeone like him..

My Aquarius man Is wonderful, he has changed my world. He Isreliable, thoughtful, a little bit quirky funny and Intelligent. Sex Is soohgood, he Is attentive and has a body to die for. extremely kissable lips. heis very commanding and when he steps Into a room the, the atmosphere changesbecause he has arrived. I will stay with him until we are both old and grey. He Is my soulmate.

My Aquarius man Is amazing. He's the man I've been waiting for mywhole life. He's Intelligent, witty, sexy and the best lover ever. I'm madlyin love with him and sex just gets better every time. I wish he was moreromantic but he's very affectionate so he makes up for It. Libra-Aquarius Isthe best match!

My Aquarius man Is gentle when he needs to be and protective whenit's time. We are very compatible we have been married for 20 years we don'tfight. We go through life as though our worlds mesh and we just flow througheach other. Our sex life Is #1 every time Is like the first time. I would have tosay Aquarius/Libra are the best match. And I'm happy I got mine.

I'm a Libra Woman... so In love with an Aquarius Man... since day one wehave been stuck to each other like glue.. he Is so charming and Intelligent.. we talk for hours about everything. I love our friendship and our lightairy relationship. We can hang out like real friends. He doesn't get jealous andmad about men that find me attractive. He Is very confident and funny.

He canalso give me great advice and help me see things that I didn't seebefore. I don't know If we will be together for a life time but just the factthat I got to enjoy a person like this Is enough for me to be truly grateful.Libra and Aquarius a great match!

My Aquarius man Is sooo charming! We just met and he Is the mostadorable person I've ever met! He's understanding and so gentle. As for our sexlife, HE DESERVES AN AWARD! I'm so grateful I met someone like him.

I am a Libra woman and I Have owned an Aquarius man for over 7 months now. I just left a 12 year relationship with a Gemini. I love this man to death. He knows more about me than I know of myself. I have learned so much from being with him. We are best friends. He says I'm his "boy" on Fridays, we hang out, and do everything together.

He constantly wants me, always turned on by me. I feel the same about him.AMAZING lover. I can't handle him sometimes, and I can handle a lot. He Is superspecial. I would never In my wildest nightmare would ever want to hurt hisspecial heart. BEST MATCH EVER

Hi all Libra women,

I'm an Aquarius man, 27, that Is looking for someone special. After reading allof these entries, I believe that a Libra woman would be a great match for me.So If there any of you Libra women that are single and looking for an Aquariusfeel free to hit me up on yahoo messenger,

I am a Libra woman and I have been dating an Aquarius man, we haveknown each other for a long while and there has always been a sexual attractionthere. we get along really well, he feels like home- If you know what I mean bythat.

Although, he does need his space, and sometimes Its easy to understand andother times not so much. he has a hard time expressing how he really feels Inwords, but he says enough physically.

When we are together we don't want to leave each other.

I want a Libra too :(

I am a Libra woman who Is currently seeing an Aquarius man. We havebeen seeing each other on and off for about 20yrs..We r now both free now and Imust say that I think that he Is my soulmate!! We have so much In common.. Ihave never met any man that has the connection that he and I have...

I just met an Aquarius man and we talk on the phone all the time,after reading all of the above I am almost afraid to feel that type ofcloseness. But I will not run I will embrace what he offers. The conversationsare always fresh and new and funny. And he kisses me all the time. he says hecan't help It. Next step sex but I am taking that slow and he likes that aboutme. Mentally I have met my match. My Ideas and thoughts seem clearer with hisinput. My name sounds safe when It comes out of his mouth and what a wonderfulmouth. TO BE CONTINUED.......

I'm a Libra woman and met an Aquarius man In the most random placeever. And the connection was almost Immediate. Everything happened naturallyand we quickly became really good friends. The sexual tension between us Isdriving us both wild and the fact that he Is SUCH a gentleman about It, makesme want him even more. We can talk for hours. We have so much In common. We cansit around and do nothing and have a great time. I just can't wait to see wherethis goes. I am loving every minute of It and I can almost tell how amazing thesex will be LOL

I'm a Libra and can be quite emotional, he on the other hand Is not. he tellsme he loves me so which should be enough but I also need to be told, I love himso much and we are the best of friends as well as lovers. I truly feel I foundmy soulmate. he Is my everything.

I am a Libra woman who has fallen desperately In love with anAquarius man. From the moment I first saw him, he Ignited this primal need deepwithin me to have sex. Just his presence In the room made me hot and flustered.I am falling so hard for him that I can only believe that all of the things Ihear are true.

Libra women, I swear to God, just date an Aquarius man. You will most likelyfind the man you've always wanted.

To all the Aquarius men and Libra women out there...Happy New Year andlet us see what Is the problem at present. We have a lunar eclipse, Blue Moonplaying havoc on our stability and emotional selves, therefore creating a lotof angst and aggression that Is usually absent. I am thinking that we need toreject any negative expressions from either party over the past couple of weeksand maybe even Into the next week or so, and wait for this powerful stage topass so we can regroup and resume a positive relationship with each other. Nothing Is quite what It seems right now, so ride It out and rekindle your lovefor each other(: I sure am going to try this...far better option than losingsomeone over a heated moment brought on by external forces (:

I too have had wonderful experiences w/Aquarius' of both sexes(friends Included!) and I love Aquarian men! They are attentive, funny, weird,experimentive, laid back, smart and very focused. You've got to give themtheir freedom though. Do not cage In this wild bird, but do give them a placeto come home to. As Aquarius season Is soon to be upon us (today Is 1/6/10),let us raise our glasses to you fine, fine, fine Aquarian men!

I am Libra woman and I unexpectedly met an Aquarius man during theholidays as I was In a very nervous situation and he was so kind enough to showgenuine Interest In what was causing my distress. We have been together sincethen to my complete falling love and dreams of him all day long until I can bewith him again.

He has already told me he loves me and when I talk to him In the morning whenhe has made It to work, I say I don't want to bother him while he Is at workand he says to call him anytime and then tells me he loves me In such a sweettender voice before we hang up.

We have laughed so hard and continue to make each other laugh until we cry.

I can go the whole day just thinking about his masculine yet gentle ways. Ijust get so attracted to him that I am close to loosing all control over myselfwith him.

He Is masculine In not a chauvinistic way but to me his tenderness Is soincredibly masculine.

He has the most wonderful eyes and they resemble Robert Downey Jr.s but sooomuch more attractive with his broad shoulders, but yet he Is ticklish.

I have begun to pray that he Is my soulmate, and the man I have been waitingfor all my life.

I hope that every Libra girl here will stay content forever with their goodAquarius man to be able to ride In bliss off Into the sunset with the mostamazing smart man ever to be discovered.

Im a Libra woman and I met a Aquarius man. We have not spent thatmuch time together nor have we communicative that much on the phone, but I amattractive to this man. He rather send text messages. When we do talk he seemsto soothed me. They are also straightforward In communication. I do agree witheveryone else I think they have a problem committing because they enjoy theirfreedom. But, I do believe when they commit they are very honest In theirrelationship.

I've known this Aquarius dude, for like about two months now. Atfirst I had no Idea he was even an Aquarius. We talked for hours on the phoneand he fell for me big time after that. After finding out he was Aquarius, Ithought It was kewl. Because I never really gotten a chance to befriend anAquarian male before.

He Is an Pommy dude, and lives In UK. He calls me all the time and recently toldme he loves me. He's very funny and we make fun of each other playfully. Whichis kewl and cute. I think about him a lot and would like to continue as lovers.Only thing Is that we skipped the friendship stage. So, I kind of want to takeit a lot slower.

I expected him to be not as emotional. But, his Venus Is a Pisces. Which Iskewl and all, because mine Is a Scorpio. But, sometimes he acts like he Is onhis period. I can handle that because he becomes the kewl dude he Is rightafter.

As for physically, he Is above 6ft, broad chest, athletic body pretty much. Ilove him and all. But, kind of not sure. He wants me to move to UK. He toldeverybody he knows about me, I'm guess by now. So, I do want to go, but I kindof might not want to go. So, yea. That's pretty much It.

Anyway, In a nutshell he Is by far the most compatible dude I have ever beenwith of my short life of 26. Great communication and great sexual attraction.So, to you other Libra women, get one. But, also pay attention to his natalchart as well as yours. You might just end up picking a sour Aquarius. Ewww.

Met one, different story, another time. Take care! Tweet 4 nikki@nikki_bwn_eyez9



To the Libra girl who has been with her boyfriend for 4 years: I amhappy for you, It sounds wonderful. Among all the tragic love stories on thispage, you gave me some hope ;)

May I ask how you managed to catch him? ;) Was It a long story or short? Whatis the key to an Aries man's heart?

Another Libra Girl

WOW.... Absolutely wow. Ladies, I've red every post.

I've always had a fundamental knowledge of Astrology and I felt that thepersonality traits of people are nearly 100% on with very few exceptions. Asfor everything else Astrology, I'm not buying Into the Astrology bologna.

Reading the posts have beyond encouraged me because all my failed relationshipsI believed were my fault and I'm told each and every time that the woman I'mwith feels as though they are my buddy vs. a relationship. I myself wouldNEVER date an Aquarian because being one, I don't think It's fair for a womanto have to deal with me. But this Is based upon my decisions to date"non-compatible signs." Even beyond that, I would not want to date me. Notbecause I'm a bad person but I witnessed my parents have the traditionalrelationship where It went well as well as other good relationships andultimately being the Aquarian male, I know It's difficult with me going back tothe whole romance Issue which Is a fundamental emotion for women across theboard regardless of your sign.

Apparently how I see things about never wanting to date me and after readingthe posts herein combined with women for the most part really honest on topicshave only confirmed what I Initially understood long ago and chose to Ignore,that little sun sign has plenty to do with how I work In a relationship. Themore and more I'm discovering the Libra the more I'm resoundingly hopeful thatI can be In a relationship that simply works where as before, I believed thatit would take a heck of a woman to deal with my Aquarian rear end (aka MissionImpossible); primarily because I'm Into the buddy system and not the romanticsystem; I own It and It's how I'm designed.

Apparently the buddy system Is right up the alley of you Libra women withoccasional romance. What a relief! Really.... What a relief! Thank youladies....

To the poster above yes a lot of astrology is bologna. It's too easy for anyone to state xyz as fact. Real astrology though definitely works. I've had several readings from the guy who runs this website over the years and he has always been spot on even though often I disagreed with him Initially. He's the first astrologer I've used who I would trust 100% and I've tried most of them.

I am a Libra woman, and am seeing an Aquarius man. He makes me gocrazy, In the way were he stimulates my mind excessively. We are both veryintelligent and sometimes toy with each other. In bed, we are perfect.. yet heseems very distant, he Is very Independent and loves me but can't make thecommitment. So far so good, because I don't wanna be enveloped In him either,perfect...

I love my Aquarian man. It Is amazing to read the posts and how I canrelate to each and every one of them! we talk all the time on the phone andwhen we're not, we are always together. I don't call him that often and I justlet him be. when he's at work I say that I don't want to bother him. It's justfantastic because when you give him his freedom he would keep on coming back toyou! he's got a very bad temper though, something that I can deal with. and hechanges his mind from time to time, not about commitment. he was very willingto commit to me right from the start. It's because I never asked him to. all Inall I could say that It Is a perfect relationship. once you've learned how todeal with an Aquarius and have learned to adjust In his stubbornstreaks...everything would be heavenly! I fall In love with him over and overeveryday. and just looking at him makes me feel hot! he's really got a sexyattitude! Libra-Aquarius Is an almost perfect match. I felt relieved hearing the posts about relationships of over 8 years with an Aquariusthat never changes. It was because It was too good I was scared he wouldsuddenly just change and get tired of me. It was good to hear that an Aquariusonce In love, stays that way. he already asked me to marry him and I am soexcited to build a family with him!

What do Aquarian Men say about their Libra women?? I would love toread those posts.

Btw, I am madly In love with an Aquarian Man, I'm a Libra Woman and yes,everything above Is true. From the AMAZING sex to the confusion and stressaround his disappearing acts. I'm becoming less suspicious as time goes on butit Is hard for me to get my head around. Mostly because of my past, beingcheated on and all. My mind goes to the worse. Rather he Is or Isn't I can't besure of... He say's he Is not and will let me know when and If he does. We'restill not "established". It started off as sex right away and was suppose toend there. It didn't. As we have gotten closer, the emphasis has been more onbuilding the friendship - he Is navigating things and I'm letting him. Somedays just totally letting It go and ready to move on. But then I am quicklyreminded, when we're together again both physically and mentally, of what wehave and am back In this thing...with a whole heart, just adoring him and withno residual effects. It's crazy, I've never experienced this kind of love before. We have so much between us It blow us both away, and given bothour pasts, It's a bit scary too. Yet, we always come back to each other In themost comfortable and knowing way. Like we've known each other forever. What Ireally want to know Is, Is this just how all people react to these creatures,and him them, or Is It unique to us? I don't want to be deluded here. I wasmarried for 10 years and very much In love with my ex-husband, but nothinglike this. Never has It ever been like this. After reading this It makes a lotmore sense though I must say.

I am a Gemini woman and I have an Aquarian rapped around my fingers. weare also their number one soul mates which Is tied with you Libras. we get alonggreat and our communication Is of another world. we can look at each other andknow what each Is thinking. but I am a very distance person emotional detach Itdrive's him crazy. I don't like to be tied down. as a friend he Is mad cool. butim not ready for a relationship. He tells me he love's all the time and I nevertell him back and yes the sex Is the best I ever had but you cant rule me bysex. Its just for the moment. well maybe one day Ill come around. mabe mabe not.

I'm an Aquarius and have been seeing this Libra girl for going onthree years now. She Is clever and funny and understands my need to save theworld. We are going Into the same work (I'm going to be a psychologist soon,her a psychiatrist) and we are the best of friends. She's a little possessive,which I find completely adorable. I've never had a girl that actually growledwhen another girl said hi to me. I don't understand people who find Itannoying, It Is just really cute. She puts up with me when I talk too much andshe follows along when I bump around from subject to subject. She deals with myrandomness with a hidden smile and a false exasperated sigh. She Insults mewhen I flirt with her, rolling her eyes. .. and then she follows that up withsuch heat In the bedroom.

The only problem we have Is, well, my fault. Even though I like her (and Irealize that sounds juvenile, but I really take love seriously and If I'm gonnaeven type It, I'm going to be sure I mean It, you know?) and we have beenseeing each other for a while and I can't think of anything more I could askfor... I'm kind of scared to really commit. I can feel her pulling me In on thatleash I seem to keep avoiding...My senses are telling me to cut and run beforeit gets too serious.

Jeez. I'm making a real good name for Aquariuses, huh? But really. I like myLibra girl so much...Are there any other Aquariuses out there that know how todeal with this commitment phobia? I want to make her happy, I want us to behappy...But I don't want to screw It up. I don't want to tie myself to her,only to find something out there that makes me run for It. I know myself and Ican be stupidly fickle.

Long post Is long. I hope all Libra women know how amazing they are, though.I've never met another girl that I connect with so easily.

I want an Aquarius guy too. :(

I'm a Libra women falling madly In love with an Aquarius man. He Iseverything I could ever want. We communicate sooo well, Its like we can readeach others mind. We haven't been Intimate as of yet. But I'm sure once we do,sparks will fly. Don't get me wrong Its more than a sexual attraction. We seemto have a mental connection, that surpasses any other friendship/ relationshipI've ever been Involved In.

I'm currently with an Aquarius man. He's been married and Is waitingfor his divorce.. am scared he goes back to his wife. But we share the mostpassionate moments It's just wow, he's amazing In foreplayand what I love the most Is he wants me to have an orgasm, and he struggles forthis, lol.. Something no other Aquarius man has ever wanted before.. they wereall selfish.. but he wants me to enjoy. Yes, I've dated only Aquarians and allwith different experiences.. all lasted more than 3 years, with great Intimacyand attachments. I just hope with this one, It ends up Into somethingconcrete.. I love his company, love his sense of humour, his Intellectualdebates, and his wonderful childish ways. I love being with him... I just don'twanna let myself say that I love him, coz he doesn't want commitment due to hispast experience.. I hope someday he'll realize how good we are. butLibra-Aquarius just WOW relationship. go for It!! amazinggg :))

I am a Libra and every Aquarius man that I have encountered aredrawn to me Instantly. I can almost always guess they are a Aquarius. I lovehow I feel so liberated and lost In time with him. We giggle and make sillyvoices all the time and I personally am a sucker for laughter. It brings downall the walls I can build up. Since I have a radar for BS. I am stimulated bythe Intellectual conversations we hold. Its so sexy to talk about stuff thatmatters In this world to me. I notice they do always notice when a girl Isbeautiful. They might make a comment or stare. Don't be jealous girls they likethat you act like you don't care and have a smile on your face or talk to thegirls.. be nice to them ;) It will only make you glow brighter after all theyalready started to have feelings for you right..?

Looks like you Libra women love your Aquarian men more than they loveyou.

"Looks like you Libra women love your Aquarian men more than theylove you"

LOL. I don't think so. They just have a different way of expressing It. Hismotto, "Less talk, more action".

I have known my Aquarian man since 4th grade, we had a connection then and 20years later It Is still there. We are on the same wavelength as we cancommunicate without saying a word.

I dated an Aries man and It was basically like an episode of Ultimate FightChampionship, always tipping my scales and when my scales get tipped thatcharming Libra bolts out the door and the Queen Bitch comes strolling In. Surewe had some good moments but overall I felt like I had to sleep with a bat bymy side since he was extremely jealous and controlling. Basically he broughtout a side of me that I didn't care to see much. Opposites do attract but theyare not always compatible.

With my Aquarian man we are like peas and carrots Jenny. We are both verybrainy and Independent. Our first date consisted of going to the MaritimeMuseum and sharing some great seafood by the bay on a beautiful bench where wecould see the ships sailing and the sea lions resting. In recent times we havegone to jazz concerts and of course more museums! In every relationship I thinkpeople believe that "you become one"; however, that Is not the case. You arestill two people who need their personal space. I love my man and he loves mebut we also need our time apart to be able to work on our own things. He givesme my space I give him his. If he wants to go out with the guys, I don't callhim every 5 minutes and neither does he when I'm out with my girls. It's amatter of trust, open communication, loyalty and respect really. If you haveto track down your mate or feel Inclined to call or text them obsessively thenyou really need to ask yourself why because In a mature relationship, we don't do things like that.

I'll admit though, I am the live wire In the relationship. He's more reserved;however, he does have his rebellious streak and sometimes I have my mellowmoments. I have to say that this relationship (just like other Aquarian/Libranpartnerships I've witnessed) Is perfectly balanced. Able to communicateeffectively, both of us enjoy engaging In an Intellectual conversation andfinding ways to Improve the environment around us. In essence, we share acommon vision although we may have different ways of approaching the task.

I can say with all sincerity that he Is my best friend! He's that wonderful!

Absolutely everything I could ever want In a partner and more. We plan tomarry In 2011.

I am a Libra girl dating an Aquarius dude. I love him to death and wehave been dating for 4 months an a few days. We do fight a lot, but that helpsus grow and be closer. We are both the jealous-types but we get through It.

I am a Libra woman who absolutely adores my Aquarian man. Although,I feel he has been sending me mixed signals. This Is our history.... I firstmet him about a year ago. Whenever he would come Into the store I manage, Icould not stand him! He was so arrogant and full of himself that I would leavethe area and have others wait on him. Then after awhile I started to beattracted to his arrogance and understood why he Is how he Is. Then weexchange numbers and the texting began. Soon the sexting "came" lol. Till wemet... Then OMG!!! I have never In my life felt so many different levels ofpleasure. He had my legs so shaky I could barely stand up. When we aretogether just to hold him melts me.

This Is the problem... He just got out of a relationship about 3 months ago andI am going through a separation. He says he enjoys our time together (Which Ismostly sexual) but does not want a relationship. I agree on no relationshipbecause with this separation I got going on I am going through yo-yos ofemotion. I have stopped seeing him twice because of this and my needing to getmy shit straight. But, every time I decide to work on my marriage, I ammiserable thinking about him wanting just to say hi If at least. During theseseparation times he tells me he missed me too. He also makes Inclinations asto how It's been awhile since he had sex. Pretty much telling me It's only meand he's been waiting for only me. We share very deep Intimate kisses. But,he has told his friends about me and brought them Into the store when he comesto see me but never do we go anywhere together or does he bring me around hisfriends. We always go somewhere and sit In his truck. It makes me feel like he Is embarrassed of me. How can I tell to be surewhether or not pursuing this Is worth It or not?

I met an Aquarian man recently.

He's 6'2 and has the most amazing body I have ever seen, broad shoulders andsix pack and absolutely no body fat.

The first time we met was amazing. It was like an Instant connection andattraction.

It scared me so much that I couldn't build up the courage to go up and talk tohim for weeks but I would see him there and all he would do Is shamelesslystare at me until I was the first to look away. I loved It, It was like he wastrying to look Inside my soul. It's true what they say about Aquarian menanalyzing people they find Interesting and watching their moves. I know thatall the girls are chasing him and that he's a bit of a player, but I like himanyway, so It flatters me so much that he show Interest In me. He's super niceto me but yet still so masculine. Now we started talking and he's super cool,and really nice and the flirting begins. As an Aquarian would say " I hope webecome great friends"

Thanks ladies It's so cool that you feel this way about your Aqua guy

X o x

Honestly, I love my Aquarius man, but his Inability to be romanticand his always feeling the need to keep me guessing Is unnerving. I want to becommitted to someone, not because I am needy or afraid to be alone, but I justdon't want him to get comfortable with "hanging out" In my life. He Is awonderful man, but he has done some things that have hurt me deeply and Istayed. My choice I do understand that, but I feel deeply connected to him, andsometimes I question If It's just my fear of rejection. I have deal with a lotof shoulda, woulda, coulda's with him and I hate that. I just want to be atpeace with not only myself but him as well. I know he cares for me to. He'spulled away for reasons unknown as well as he has just come out of a divorce. Iunderstand all of this. Yet, I feel, If I am what he wants, If so, then thatneeds to be expressed to me. I am a strong Libra woman, I WILL AND CAN WALKAWAY! and the thing that would make me mad Is that usually when I walk away from someone, they usually come after me, and that would definitelybe the case here. I can confidently say. Why do I have to leave him before hewill GET IT! I just don't have time for It anymore. I am straight forward also.Either you want this or you don't. I've been the one to do most of thereassuring that his heart will be safe with me, yet he has been the one to putme through drama and feels the need to pull back or take space whenever hewants. I am the one who needs reassuring now, because the woman he loves Isabout to walk and no matter what he says, she has already made up her mind thatshe will not return. My heart Is just tired. HELP!

I have been with an AQUARIAN MALE for almost a year. We are happywith each other. However, my problem Is all about commitment. He's not yetready. He keeps on telling me that because of his Issues. (financial support forhis ex's child.) He always makes me feel special and happy. I just worried Ifhe really loves me. He never told me yet but he said that he has feelings forme. I just don't know If It's similar with love. He also told me that he doesn'thave any woman. He's 25 years old and I am 23. I love him soo that I want towait for him.

I have two kids with a sag. he cheated on me with a different girlfor every we were together. I met an Aquarius guy and Absolutely feel In lovewith him. I have never trusted a man In my life. and he had my trust. It hasended for good this time because the circumstances In life has torn us apart.and he will always be In my heart and If he walked In today and asked me tospend my life with him. there would be no hesitation from me. I have neverfelt a connection like this one.

I dated a Aquarius for 5 months, he was the perfect man for me but heturned out to be week personality who couldn't handle stress. but for those 5months he was amazing. he knew who to be a boyfriend and how to love and givelove. he was amazing In bed!!! tender and slow and fast when I wanted Itrough... I love him for who he was no matter how he ended out time together...there Is no one prefect for a Libra than an Aquarius.

Libra women think the Aquarius man Is playing mind games, but he Is not. You raninto him where a lot of people are and then started dating. He spends time withyou to get to know you. If he stands you up on dates It's just that he'snervous about being all alone with you and does not want to make a fool ofhimself In front of you (it's not that he's not Interested In you). He reallylikes you, so he wants to Impress you. He may even show up just to cancel yourdate or say something came up and ask you out on another date This does notmean on every date he will stand you up or cancel). Now he's been with you formaybe two or three weeks and you are falling In love with him. But hedisappears. Your thinking What the F, where did he go? he didn't even call melike he said he would) well all his friends, best friends, and family were thinkingthe same thing when he disappeared for the two or three weeks he's been withyou. He left them all alone for you now he needs to spend time with them. Your thinking (I knew he wasn't Interested In me or he's cheating on me & worsematch ever!) NOT!

I fell madly In love with my Aquarius four years ago. We dated forabout five months then life took us In different directions. We stayed Intouch, talking for hours on the phone, and now we are back together. I don'tmind his need for freedom because he understands me and loves me so much forwho I am It's easy to do the same for him. I don't know If he'll get over hiscommitment Issues and marry me, but I do know we'll be together forever. Wecouldn't be apart now If we tried. Oh, and the sex? Best I've ever had andALWAYS satisfying...EVERY time. Amazing man.

I am a Libra woman who recently went on a first date with Aquarianman, It was wonderful. Had a second date with him the following day where heproceeded to try and have sex with me, I wasn't ready for that so soon andleft. I explained to him that I enjoyed his company but wasn't ready quite yetfor Intimacy. It has been 3 days and I have no heard from him. Maybe he Is"licking his wounds" or maybe he has moved on. It Is a shame, I really thinkit could have been special...

I'm an Aquarius Man, I was chatting with her In text and then thephone.

We agreed to meet for dinner then a walk. I met her coming though the door andsparks started flying. We had I good time at dinner, she held my attentionquite well.

This was a 1st time for me; no one has ever kept me toned In like she did.After dinner we went for a walk, shortly Into the walk she wanted to hold myhand.

I never met someone so open about what they want, feel and think. It waspleasing to see her take my hand. In all we had a lot of fun, we agreed to meetoften /dating. She Is very Intellectual and that Is a big + for me. I feelgood about It, I understand my self quite well as an Aquarius Man. I learnedhow to balance my time / needed space and yield to the needs of others. I knowwhen to come back down to earth when on one of my thinking quest.

We try to do every thing right. A wrong move can set an Aquarius Man on athinking tangent. Who, what, when, where and why. So we like to know as mush aspossible to keep a balance. We have so much In common. We would even point outthe same things at the same time, hum that Is a 1st for me too. I gave herWight roses at dinner; they can convey feelings of love, friendship, respectand hope. She loved them.

So do you have any tips or suggestions?

An Aquarius Man prefers thanks to go slower than fast but at a good pace. Toslow and we may loose Interest and move on. I welcome your feedback

Aquarius Man.

Why Is It that Aquarius guys are attracted to Scorpio, Cancer, andCapricorn women? My best friend Is a Capricorn woman and my friend Is aAquarius guy. They both told me they like each other, and he asked her out 3times, but she said no. I started liking him (sort of) because he Is veryfunny, friendly, and popular that I couldn't resist. But I stopped liking himbecause he likes my best friend and that's wrong. I was going to tell him not towaste his time with her, but he won't give up on her.

Libra woman

I have been Involved with an Aquarius man for about four years...ourrelationship has had many twists and turns from him walking out of my life tohim coming back to me walking out of his a few times and me comingback...during most of our affair I was In a serious relationship with a Scorpiowho Is jealous, has a bad temper, and very possessive (which I cant stand) butevery time I get the courage to leave I always end up back. yet In the midst ofall this there Is my aqua guy who from the first day I met him I was head overheels. we laugh and have the most amazing sex I mean he cant get enough of melol he tells me he loves me and has shown It countless times and even made It"official" but what kills me Is the disappearing acts and the fact that we'venever even been on a date. But deep down Inside I know he's the one for me. butmy Scorpio gives me reassurance and stability plus we had a child together andthat makes things way more complex. Yet no matter what I do I cant leave my aqua man alone and he cant leave me alone... I remember thefirst time I met him we were both at a get together with some mutual friendsand he was kinda just sitting there and I thought he was GORGEOUS like a Greekgod (only darker) the BEST body and a few tattoos which Is def a turn on! I lovehis goofy personality which matches mine...the way he dresses.. his smile and histaste In music. so I got his myspace (lmao) n we started talking from there.. Hecame out to see me twice before the relationship became sexual (of course hewasn't trying to commit) but I didn't care cause just looking at him and being Inhis presence made me feel good. As time has past he as opened up to me In manyways. we have had sex countless times (in a few different places) but the firsttime we made love It was like we were on cloud 9 literally! In fact Im seeinghim tonight lol. he says our connection Is strong and he doesn't think ouraffair will ever end...but sadly because of my poor decision making andchoosing my mind over my heart Im moving In with my Scorpio tomorrow =( sotonight will be the last night of us being together...for now lol.

Hello all Libra girls :) I'm an Aquarius man... I met this Libra girlabout five months ago or six (we, the Aquarius, are not good at remembering datesyou know that's your job :p).

Anyway, I Initiated the conversation with her randomly, we never met beforeuntil that moment, but BOOM It was Instant chemistry! I kept teasing herplayfully and making jokes about her nose piercing she played along with mycockiness, at first I was really seeking friendship with her, I didn't find hermy type of girls at first as I was always comparing her to my Gemini ex, butday by day I started feeling love coming and leaving It was unsteady, shealways criticized me for being mysterious and not telling much about myemotions, I told her "believe me I SUCK AT THOSE THINGS! YOU WON'T LIKE THATSIDE OF ME!" so mainly we aqua guys aren't cold but somehow very ashamed of ouremotions and afraid of getting rejected.

So one day she was there for me (it was on Valentines Day, which I told herdon't expect me to do anything on this day, and always was laughing at herromanticism but believe me when we do so It's just DENIAL!) so It was then whenI totally fell for her and I was sure this time of my feelings... that was after4 months of meeting her, we used to fight a lot, I got distant when we did andshe was the one that almost always made up with me, and I really appreciatedit, and was one more reason to make me fall for her beside her greatfemininity, the problem Is whenever we guys fall In love we become so defensiveand afraid to lose It, which we eventually do, so here comes the frustrationthat leads to abusive behavior (not physically abusive) but the littlestalkings, so I stalked her online under a false profile and get to know thatshe didn't feel anything for me, she only considered me as a friend, althoughshe gave me ALL the signs that she felt something and always gave me hints that she was attracted.

Moreover I realized that there was someone else In her life that she never toldme about he's a Cancer, she met him at work, but they weren't together anymorebut I understood that she still have feelings for him, so when I got all theinfo, I couldn't bear the guilt and revealed who I really was and told her thatI loved her (I know, I know) then It was the rage! she didn't want to listennor understand (Libras sense of JUSTICE) and once again my love was rejected asI feared which will anchor my solitude and emotional detachment more, shebecame very cold and hung up the phone while I was trying to explain and didn'tanswer my calls or turn them back.

so It was then when I decided to let go, I sent her a farewell email, andnothing happened after that till she called me after a month but I didn'tanswer, just sent a text with just a "?" In It afterward, she didn't reply andnothing happened after that. I still pass by her and totally Ignore her as Ifwe never knew each other before, believe me It hurts me more than anything, butit's my choice, I still love her till this very moment.

I've been with other girls recently but I still want her back, I wont make themove, my pride was hurt more than anything when she told me "you aren't the MANI thought you were" that was what hurt me most, I wish her my best In life, sheis so special to me, I will always love her from afar...

I miss my Aquarius man, more than anything.

He was fascinated by the way my mind worked, as was I with his mind. He made memelt whenever he walked Into the room, he had this presence that was juststunning.

He was a strong willed, Intelligent man.

His patience was thin, and he did get angry, though he couldn't stay mad at mefor long, just like I couldn't stay frustrated at him when he wanted to bealone and became very distant.

He was the most beautiful person I had EVER met, body, mind, and spirit. Iloved to just sit and look at him. And I knew that I was the only person thatcould hold his attention the same way. I could get him to smile, where otherscould not. He told me things that he had never told anybody else, deep, darksecrets.

His kisses? they were fireworks. He made my knees give out once =) And he wassuch a gentleman In bed, he kissed every part of my body my eyelids, and mytoes. He made sure I was pleased every time, and every time felt like the firsttime.

I miss him more than anything, and I hope that all you Libra gals find yourprince charming Aquarius man. It will be well worth the wait for commitment...and If that doesn't happen, you will have the time of your life just beingaround them.

Hi, Libra girl here. After reading all of these post, I am convincedthat their Is an attraction between Libra women and Aquarius guys. There Isthis Aquarius guy that I had met some years ago and although we only talked toeach other at the office for three days, I can't get him out of my head. Ifinally got the courage to find him on Facebook this year. He accepted me andpost on my wall twice with nice words but that Is after I post on his first. Iam scare to make the first move because he Is so amazing. From his wall, I cansee I am not the only girl that thinks this way. He travel a lot and he metgirls from all over the world. Plus, I am not as pretty as some of those girls.Yes, Aquarius guys are amazing. He Is the first Aquarius guy that I have evermet and I wish for a relationship with him. But I have never given my heart toanyone before and I don't want to give It to him If he Is not willing to returnthe same. I guess I am a real Libra when It come to making decision but I am not ready to be turn down/used.

Heart Broken,


I have known an Aquarius man for almost 20 years. We first datedseriously and almost married, but ended up breaking up. 2 years later, wetried again, but It did not work again. I chalked that up to being young anddumb. Now, 15 years later, we have reconnected, with him just coming through adivorce and me being separated. The conversations got very Intense very fastand were sexual In nature a good amount of the time. He told me he had neverstopped loving me and alluded to the fact he would like to try again. Thiswent on for a month and a half on the phone, and via text and email. We liveabout 1,000 miles apart and he was begging me to fly out and see him. Ifinally decided I was going to, and then he went silent on me. He had told mehe would always be my friend and be there for me, but now he won't return acall or text. I have pretty much given up on him.....a saddened Libra woman

Horoscope Websites say Libra Women and Aquarius Men are a love match (which I dobelieve), but every time I read a comment about a Libra Women and a Aquarius Manbeing together they always break up and date someone else or be with otherpeople. Sometimes the Aquarius man wants the Libra Woman back, but It doesn'thappen, and If It does they just break up again. That's why now I(A LibraWomen) give up on Aquarius Men. I Would like to try the other signs. I havechosen 1 sign of each element I would like to be with. Out of the Air signs Ichoose Aquarius guys (No More!!!). Out of the Fire signs I choose Sagittariusguys. Out of the Water signs I choose Pisces guys. Out of the Earth I choose tobe with Capricorn guys.

I am a Libra women about to marry my Aquarius man. he is the love of my life. I met him online. we have an instant connection. after 3 months we started to lived together. he can be a bit aloof at times, and I was unsure of his feeling in the beginning. but I was real with him since day one and told him I want a serious relationship/marriage. about 7 months into the relationship he proposed. I am soooo happy

Libra girl here, college student. I met a guy, an Aquarius, about a year ago on a trip and we hit it off. I felt like there was tension right away but I ignored it, thinking it was just my imagination after breaking off a bad relationship earlier in the year. We've kept in touch since and he's dropped some hints. After all that time I've gotten to know him very well (I'd like to think that I have at least) and the attraction is still there but I like him far more as a person than before. We decided to meet up again this summer, so here's my question:

What do I do if the tension isn't dead yet? And if it's not is it just lust or possibly more?

-Confused Libra

I met my Aquarius on the outs of a marriage that was over. I was invited to his birthday party and as soon as we locked eyes it was over. I fell in love with this man instantly and it is scary, but it feels great. It feels so natural to love him. He is 14 years older than me and I am LALA for him. The only thing is his distance. We have been connecting on and off for a year now but recently he told me he wanted us to be together but not quite divorced yet but will be in 30 more days. I scarred though but I cant help the way I feel. I believe that Libra and Aquarius are the match made in heaven

Hi fellow Libras! So My experience is one that's just beginning, well sort of. I am a Libra woman at the tender age of 22 and have known this Aquarius man for 4 years now. I first met him my freshman year of college when he was helping my friend move into the dorms. At the time, I was in a relationship with a Sagittarius but my friends decided that we should get to know each other anyway and gave him my number. I could tell that he was immediately attracted to me by the way he was staring when he got out of his car but I wasn't attracted to him. So when he called me I was at first mad at my friends for giving my number out but as the conversation went on, decided that it wasn't such a bad idea. We remained friends even though I was in a relationship and it started to cause problems. My jealous Sagittarius didn't like the fact that I was good friends with a guy that's attracted to me. I figured since the attraction wasn't mutual then the Aquarius wouldn't have been a threat to my relationship with the Sagittarius. However, I'm a typical Libra woman who avoids conflict and seeks peace so I stopped talking to the Aquarius and concentrated on my Sagittarius.

When my relationship of 3 years with the Sagittarius ended, I called my Aquarius and we picked up right where we left off. We have never been anything more than good friends at this point and I really appreciated that. He's one of the few guys I know where I could go over his house, sleep in his bed, and he doesn't try anything sexual. He respects me just that much. That was until I came over one night with back pains. He gave me a massage and started kissing/licking my back. Then he flipped me over and started.... kissing other places. I couldn't help myself after that. Like everyone else has mentioned, Aquarians are AMAZING in bed. He truly deserves a trophy. He was in tune with my every need and didn't expect the same. Every free day that I have, I spend it him...ALL DAY and night! We don't need a television, computer, or radio, just the company of each other is more than satisfying. My attraction for him is growing but it has only been three months since my last relations hip ended. He's definitely not a afraid of commitment and has been hinting it towards me but he knows my situation is not only willing to wait, but help me through it. He has always been there for me no matter what and after reading all of these posts, I'm excited to see what the future holds!

I'm a Libra woman who met her Aqua guy on-line. We are both divorced (me from a Virgo, him from a Taurus) so our match is pure heaven. There's no arguing. Conversation is never a problem and the sex is like nothing I have ever experienced before. We have been together for about a year and a half. I've told him I love him but he can't seem to say it back. He writes "Love," in cards but can't verbalize it. His actions seem to show that he loves me and it frustrates me that he can't say it. I try not to say those three little words but wonder if I'm making a mistake? I don't want him to feel pressure to say it back. He is attentive, amazing, funny, quirky and sometimes easily frustrated and a little paranoid but I can usually get him past whatever is bothering him, I'm ALL about peace and harmony. I respect his need to disappear for a day or two because he does always come back and he's always worth waiting for.

wow. oh my god. I am a Libra woman with my aqua guy we been together for about a year. he is the most fun loving guy I have ever meet. he tells me he loves me. he shows me so much love and affection. im on a high I don't ever want to be off. he wants me to have his baby. and I agreed. I am now one month and he cant be more happier. god darn gone. I am crying while im typing this he's is the best man I have ever had. I wish every one in this world could feel like I do. god bless the aqua man. but this can only be achieved if he with a Libra. soul mates for life. he told me yesterday there will be no other.

Hello everyone and WOW...reading all the posts makes me want to wear a shirt in public stating "now accepting Aquarius men" lol. I am a hard core believer in astrology..I am a Libra woman and have had a few failed relationships. I know those have you who have especially experienced an Aries man.. WHAT AN UTTER DISASTER...NEVER AGAIN!!!

On the brighter side, my friend recently has been telling me about a guy who she thinks will be compatible for me. I found out he is an Aquarius and so my Libra curiosity made me Google our compatibility, which has brought me to this site.

After reading all the positive posts, I think I should give in and at least go on a first date with this guy. I truly enjoyed reading ALL the posts, especially those that have been positive! I'm so happy for all of you and hope I end up with an Aquarius, so I NOW know will be my soulmate! :)

I'm a Libra woman, and I met my Aquarian about a year and a half ago. We hit it off like crazy right from the beginning and had a great affair for two months until he left for a road trip (he's a traveling artist). We still keep in touch as friends and every time we meet up it's as if no time passed at all. I usually get over lost loves pretty quickly, but this one stuck and I still hold hopes that we will one day be together. After reading the Libra Aquarius compatibility I realize that I'm not crazy! He's the kind of person that will come back into your life and wake you up right when you need it the most. He says he never wants to have a "traditional marriage" so I guess it's ok if we just stay friends for the rest of our lives. Who knows, maybe later I'll meet the one in a million Aquarius that will want to get married!

I am a Libra women and when I met my Aquarian guy I had

know idea how intense and passionate our relationship would be. We tease each other by text or talking before we get to the bedroom. When we talk I can feel him holding and touching me. We are so in tuned intellectually and sexually sometimes it doesn't seem real. We know just when to give each other space and once we get together the wild, passionate, creative do what you want to me comes out. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! He makes me crazy between the sheets.

I am a Libra woman who has been in a relationship with an Aquarius for about 7 years and these are the best years of my life. everything is perfect about him ,he is always dominating which in a way makes me feel cozy. I love him so much that I cannot miss him even when he is at work so I keep calling him. he is now working abroad but still he finds time to call me at least 4 hours a day. he is the only man I have been with and sex I don't thing anything could be better

To the Aquarius man who went under a fake name to find out stuff about the Libra he 'loved', all I can say to you is; What do you expect?

How would you feel if someone did that to you? Violated that someone you thought you trusted was spying on you? Angry? I would have too if I was her.

If you expect a Libra girl to love and trust you, never, EVER spy into her private business like that.

That isn't even love! It's obsessiveness!

I don't know if it's just the fact he's a Virgo/Libra cusp or has a Aries rising sign, both like me, is why she acted like that, but I can say that no woman would ever put up with that kind of behavior.

I'm not trying to be cruel, but I need to be harsh so you don't make a mistake like that again, although we're fair, we do get angry, we Libra's are an iron fist in a silken glove, we're not people you want to mess with.


Me and my Aquarius man were both seeing Libras when we met. We felt they were way to NEEDY for us, so we dumped them and got together. We have been together for 10 years and will continue to be together for more years to come.

Oh and I'm an Aries female LOL ; )

I had the most amazing connection with an Aquarius man, my first Aquarius ever. I didn't know that kind of connection was possible. Almost everything was compatible, physically and mentally. Sadly though, we parted ways and will most likely not meet up again. He's too removed from his emotions to miss what we had or to even pursue it, and I am too emotional to try again with him. I will definitely be on the look out for another Aquarius man relationship, but this time I won't settle for someone who is only part-way there in a relationship. Obviously, I am still very sad about the turnout of our relationship, but you can't make anyone care about you if there not there themselves.

I am a Libra woman with a horrible past with men, Aries like to own us. Sag loves to f us. Caps are boring to us but good men. Virgo are to different. Gemini's we don't trust. Cancer too needy. Pisces dream too often like we do with nothing accomplished. Libra men are to much like us. Aquarius men help us to exhale and enjoy a great sexual, mental, spiritual connection that Libras often seek in losers who do not deserve it. The water boy is slow and we really could learn from that because Libras love too hard too fast, I love my water boy, By the way Libras need a lot of attention Aquarius will drive us crazy when we cant get it Our NUMBER one for that is Leo

hi I am a Libra woman that has feelings for an Aquarius male. I am so confused!!!!!! what do I do...I've known him for about almost 4 years...lately hez been distant from me. should I give him his space or go after what I want?

After reading all the posts I really want to know a Libra girl, I'm 23 years old but never met a Libra woman, I know it's strange but I've got all the time in the world to met one, if you want to write me...

I'm an Aquarian man who's been in a 15 year marriage with a Scorpio (very strong sexual attraction, but not my true love), until recently when I decided enough was enough! Coincidentally, the relationship I had before meeting my ex-wife was with a Libra, and she stole my heart from the first moment I saw her...I knew instantly she was "the one." We were barely out of high school and she went off to college after we dated for a year. Being the social butterfly that a Libra is, it was impossible for us to keep a relationship across the miles. We had mutual friends and kept tabs on each other for a while, but the relationship was over and I was a bit heartbroken and we never really talked to create some closure for us before I met the Scorpio that became my wife.

I lost touch with Libra for the last 15 years, but looked her up recently since divorcing and found her...divorced herself now also. After messaging and talking on the phone, we met shortly for a drink and it was like no time had passed at all. We've fallen back into the most comfortable feelings of safety and honesty and friendship above all.

Both of us are thankful we didn't go through the BS of the last 15 years together and grew into adults without any influence of each other, but we are very much the same...finishing each others sentences, same preferences on almost everything, same wants and desires. Sex was amazing when we dated before, I can only IMAGINE how good it can be's a bit surreal to seem to have picked up exactly where we left each other so many years ago, but we're headed in the right direction once again. My Libra chick is so cool and spunky, we have such a great time together doing nothing at all. We compliment each other so perfectly it's scary.

I knew several years ago about the differences between Aquarian men and the Scorpio woman (YUK), but had no clue of the connection to a Libra woman and now it all makes sense for me. Libra women ROCK! In my Aquarian world at least! Good luck to all you Aquarius men and Libra women! We make the world go round!

I have never had a relationship with an Aquarius man (myself being a Libra woman) but the two that I do currently talk to, I adore very much. We are very close friends. I am currently in a relationship with another Libra and it has its ups and downs like all relationships do. Some days I will be on Cloud 9 and other days I won't. My Aquarius friend is always there for me, just like when he comes to me, I am always there for him. He has an interest in me, I just feel that I should work in the relationship I am in before initiating another one. It's still a nice feeling when he is around. I am always very comfortable. He is not needy, and I need a lot of space. It works out very well with him, and if I were available, I'd give it a shot.

I am a Libra woman seeing a Aquarius man and wow we are like 2 peas and a pod. But the thing is he was a hermit in a shell for the first 10-12 months because his communication was bad but lately he's been open about marriage and kids and so have I but he loves his partying but he's been on and off with being lovers and friends it's confusing. But he is an awesome sex lover. But due to him and I are being on and off with being in a relationship I think it's a sign of commitment issues. Do you think so?

don't know what's next with us. I am a Libra and this guy is an Aqua. too early to guess things and conclude. he is 6 years younger but we relate/converse so well ! He stays in the building opposite and watched me for over a year, eventually I called him over for coffee...and in the first 3 min, he was touching my hair, my face and getting closer. He said "he waited for over a year to see/know me" ! but then he also cancelled a couple of dates we fixed last week. Now he comes over, we share our dinner/coffee and chat over, but when his friends call, he seems totally distracted from me. Like a typical Libran, I am a little emotional/senti and like displaying love...and he is quite cold. He says its ok with hugging and touching friends even when met first (I don't).


I don't know if he is with me or not...if he is in love or not. Help me...

Do I wait and watch ?

I want us to be 'together as a couple'. I want us to go out and freak !

Not sure if he sees it that way.

Not sure if he will stick around.

or is it that he just has a crush on me and the curiosity will die soon.

Terribly confused.

Every evening after office, I am kinda worried of what will happen next to our story...

your experience will help me....

Thanks guys.

He's a friend of my best friend and I've know him a little bit for 4 years now. I got along with him quite well, it stroke me as odd how nice and interested he always was. However I have never really been interested in him until about 2 months ago.. Now I'm head over heels, but he of course likes his freedom and so on. He lives in another town so I can't see him often and all the talks we have online now are initiated by me. He's always nice though and gave me a flower once. When we're together I feel at home and we talk about everything. He smiles at me constantly and the sex is great. I don't know what to do with this. I don't wanna force myself on him because I know this would repel him, but it is really becoming time for a serious commitment IMO.

I'm a 22 year old Libra girl and met a 23 year old Aquarius boy 3 weeks ago! I was out we my friend and I met him through my friends boyfriend! It was a drunken night and after couple of drinks we went to his flat ( all four of us ) my friend and her boyfriend were in the bed room obviously! So me and this Aquarius boy got off with each other and end up having sex all night!! I must admit he was amazing in bed and the most good looking guy eveeeeeerr!!!! He asked me if I wanted to see him again and I said no as I thought he was way too good looking and would probably dump me. I also added him on facebook and he never replied to my request :( I'm soooo gutted :( adviiice pleasee!!!

@ ~Libra'sAngel27 im the Aquarian spy lol... I wish you read this message someday... but you were being too much judgemental not "cruel" as you stated... let me correct you it wasn't "obsessiveness" it was "frustration" and I told her that it was! and yes I learned my lesson the hard way... it's been more than six months now since I wrote my post above... we didn't have any sort of contact ever since... anyway, I did get into some serious relationship and broke up, but re-reading ALL the posts I can relate to myself... and realize that my love was PURE and TRUE... so please never judge anyone's feelings like that again, you can point my mistake but my feelings are out of your range, you've never been inside my heart before to tell! and thanx for replying anyway

You Libra girls are the most amazing gift given to aquarians...I adore my librian wife

A Love story between Libra Lady and Mr.Aquarius.

As teen he was in love with me. When my dad died, he was there for me but I lived in west and he lived in east. I lost contact but was told by my family members he would always ask about me. He tried to make my family accept his proposal but I guess, they did not want my happiness.

After a messy divorce (leo) and a broken engagement (aries) I had enough of men and love. I don't have intemacy until I know this is for real and not a fling or just for lust. Mr. Aquarius was bold this august and showed interest etc which lead to old flame simply captured me. He is so tender, a man of his and makes me crave for him mentally and physically too! We have agreed to engage and get married.

This is from a man who stands up for me and I know he is my soulmate. Last night, I cried and confessed that I always knew he was my ideal since I was 16 of age. But due to cultural/religious values I was afraid of showing my love to him so I kept my distance even when he would take me and my siblings for tours and give us treats. He said: I wish, you had told me this years ago, then you would not had been through so much grief and hardship!

He is the man and I listen to him though most men cant utter a word in my presence....alpha lady. But with him, im myself balanced caring and so full of love. I look forward to seduce him and have the love making of my life. Trust me as Libra, I want to have it all with him and now I am not shy caz he makes mr calm and let me express what I want.

I went through 2 operations, a depression and terrible heartache caz Aries left me days b4 surgery. After that I could not work full time or study as I usually did. I couldnt cope with the betrayal whom I thought was the love of my life. But I found out, Aries had lied all about himself just to catch me. What a pathetic looser, he is! Yeah Libra looks and dress as no other!

So Aquarius is my soulmate and such a great human being caz he cares for all his friends etc. I am waiting, wanting and planning for utter romantic passionate first night..... Love when he says, I belong to him!

Im an Aquarian guy, I just wanted to try and clear up as to why I have my silent spells and can be sometimes distant. I cant speak for all of the aquarians but I can tell you why I do it. First off, as one of the other horoscope sites states, selfishness does not define our personality. Most of the time, I have my silent spells because I have a problem that needs to be taken care of. Half the time I don't tell my Libra about the problem because I feel that putting something so damaging on something so beautiful is selfish. Its my problem and I need to deal with it. Putting my burdens on her feels selfish to me. Thats why I do it.

And yes sometimes just because your a Libra and he is an Aquarian doesn't mean it will always work out. Most of the times yes. You could be completely compatible with the sun horoscope but completely uncompatible in the chinese horoscope, where they list you according to the year that you were born. That might be enough for a relationship to not work out, thats what I think anyway. Im a dragon in the chinese horoscope in case you were wondering.

Yeah I know most of you libras will say, and mine tells me this, that its not being selfish to talk about my problem but I still feel that way.

After ending my relationship with a Sagg, I was already speaking to an Aquarius. For about two years on & off, the Aquarius and I had such compatibility. We did not have to see each other, although he wanted to meet up all the time, to stay attracted to each other. I would see him every once in a while by my grandmother's house and I swear, everytime we locked eyes, we would end up calling each other and getting back together. I had never felt such a connection with anyone, our phone calls lasted forever... and what seemed like ten minutes was more like two hours.

Because of my indecisiveness, I would always leave and come back when I pleased. He would take me back no matter what but this time around, he couldn't. He started seeing someone else and after two months of seeing her, he got her pregnant. We tried to keep a relationship under wraps but it wasn't going to work. He claims he doesn't feel the way he does for her the way he does for me, but he can't leave her and I don't expect him to. I understand.

I miss him very much and I know it's my fault for leaving him so many times, but I just wish that someway, somehow we'd end up together. No other person has made me feel as complete as he did.

I meet my Aquarius male in November and we were so compatible. We fell in love really quick. Got married in April and now we are having a little boy. He is very intellectual and inventive. He shows how much he loves me each day. We can talk about anything and everything, never running out of words to say. He treats me like a queen and does a lot for me. My Aquarian is very romantic and because of his Venus in Pisces he is a lot more sensitive and vulnerable. We have heated debates and slight arguments but it's not as bad. We always laugh in the end and even sometimes during. Then jump in bed! Yea, weird. We are soulmates and we tell each other how much we love each other every single day. He calls me his goddess and would do anything for me. I would as well. We say to each other together forever always. I love how he protects me and is so gentle at times. My Aquarian is the best Aquarius in the universe. And I will continue to adore and admire him. And pleasure him mentally, physically' and hopefully spiritually for eternity.

Aquarius and Libras are a match made in heaven!


Aquarius's have some do Libras but when they both get mad...I suggest you both just take some time by yourself to reflect back on the situation and come together when both are cooled down. more than likely you both will be able to open up and talk about what had happened and make up and have great sex!!

my first crush was an arian guy..i couldnt let go of how I had felt when I thought I was in love with him(i doubt he even knows I exist)...but now I have been able to let go thankfully...and im good friends with this Aquarian guy..we've known each other since elementary school but only connected after he moved to another country after high school...most of our communcation is through chats and texts..he can keep my mind occupied like no other person..i do love my friend but im not sure entirely in what way.someday perhaps I would like us to be more than usual im afraid of making the first move...mostly because I would hate to lose him as a friend.but aquarians are very interesting people.and he's the one guy I havent become bored with.

I am a huge fan in astrology! I am a Libra girl hoping to find that special Aquarius guy too. But I don't know Im even capable of loving anyone. I am 18 years old and about to experience the college life. I pray that I meet some Aqua guy who'll love me for me.

yes I do agree that the best match for a acqurius man is ultimate Libra woman only and nonelse

My marriage is ending with my Libra wife. She was the hottest woman I ever could have asked for and will ALWAYS treasure the sex we shared. Making love to her was the number one way for me to express just how intensely I loved and lusted for her. Her body will always be a wonderful playground to me, if only in my mind.

We didn't communicate as well as we should've. I take a lot of the blame for that, I admit. Sadly we became more like roomates. She wasn't a forgiver and I can hold a grudge too -ESPECIALLY when there's this aire of UNforgiveness all the time over all manner of things. I think we both just got tired although I did always want it to work. I always had hope. We were married for 16 years. I am over her, but man was I wrecked for about 10 months. Just completely devestated. In the end months, she began to feel lonely. That was my fault. She apparently had an emotional affair with someone and she left me a week after New Years day for some older guy a couple hours away...Cripes, she only sees him a couple times a month. When she dumped me, let me tell you she was utterly and completely over and done with me. I remember her being so pissed when she said she didn't have feeling for me anymore. SHE was pissed for feeling that way. The seperation was decisive and heartless . I've learned a lot since. Although our western astrology was hot, our chinese astrology was NOT good. I remember reading the short description of us. It said "a tiring union", I couldn't have said it better. I'll always kinda miss wendy, but I'll never forgive her deceitfulness and her betrayal. She cheated...Now I'M pissed for how I feel about her. I can hardly believe how I feel about her now. Words like a$$hole, lying-b1tch, trashy no-class skank come to mind when I see or think about her...I guess we shattered each others dreams. Watch out if your Libra gets bored before she turns 40, lol. They do cheat and today probably more than ever.

I am a Libra girl and have a very close friendship with an Aquarius boy. We're both only 18 years old and met last year on the school bus. Who would've thought that I'd fall hard for a fellow neighbor after several months?! He is the best friend I would date without a doubt! We immediatly connected when we first met. I just recently ended a relationship with a Scorpio boy. Sure, we had a great time, but he wasn't for me. I've always viewed my Aquarius boy as a friend and nothing more. But since feelings have changed, I now look at him differently. We are more close and open with each other. I feel like something just clicked and put us together as if we're supposed to be. He is the most handsome gentleman ever. We compliment each other all the time and flatter each other non stop. I love being with him, he never wants to leave me! We can talk for hours straight and have the best time ever. Even if we're just sitting around with noting to do, I'm ALWAYS having a good time with him. We love having good laughs. I hope we become more than friends very shortly. I feel like I've found my other half and he's waiting for me right down the street. x

I'm a Libra woman, I was seeing an Aquarius man, I ended it with him on valentines day because I wanted to se other people.. However we did really get on well.

The trick, ladies is to ignore him sometimes, he's an Aquarius MAN and all MEN like a chase, no matter what their sign - he always came back for more because I called the shots, I made him wait. I learnt from all the mistakes I made with my Libra guy. Give them too much and they distance themselves.

The sex was amazing, although I was better in bed then he was. :P I prefer Scorpio men to any other, they are passionate, take charge and are rough and adventurous in the bedroom AND loyal. Plus, I like my men a little possessive, and Aquarius guys don't seem to be.

I'm a Libra woman currently seeing an Aqua guy and even though he tends to have these moments where he's MIA for periods at a time, I really like him. I've known him going on 4 months and he's already told me he loves me, that i'm his destiny driven soul mate and that he'd do anything for me.

Although, when I asked him if he'd ever be my boyfriend he said he didn't know, which completely confused me. Im a strong believer in astrology and he is everything astrology describes about Aquarius'.

From his out of the box thinking, wanting to save the world, to him not wanting to commit and sometimes being aloof. I would love to one day call him my boyfriend or even my husband!

I'm just not entirely sure how to go about getting him to commit. I'm definitely not going to nag him about it, I doubt i'll ever mention it again out of fear of being rejected again. I just plan on going with the flow in hopes that one day he'll realize that i'm worth committing to.

When i'm with him though im so happy! He's sooo affectionate and is ALWAYS holding my hand. While we're watching tv, when he's driving, even when we go to bed he's always holding my hand or playing with my fingers or is cuddling me in some way.

When I pull my hand away he grabs it right back!

I think I do love him and i'm going to be patient and hope something beautiful comes of this because, I've never felt this way with a guy before and I feel like he's really someone special and there is a reason why he's in my life.

I'm an Aquarious and after falling in and out of love with two different lovely Libras, I don't think I have the fortitude to do it again... This sign is just too intimidating because of the constant sexual tension. They're too good at seeing through my fronts and morbid sense of humor, and they're also too hard to stay away from. Even when things are good, I've been forced to end my bouts of solitude simply because my Libra missed me. Once or twice, this isn't so bad, even adorable. However, when things go bad is when we need a short retreat most. I can't speak for other Aquarians, but being that mysterious, funny, and sexy guy is exhausting. But every time I returned, often just after ONE day of me time, I'd have to look into those airy eyes and spend hours convincing her I'm not up to anything or trying to hurt her. I've never been so thouroughly punished for an Aquarious disappearing act, and after dealing with that, and other problems, for three years all I ca and see are the hurt eyes of my first love and the beautey who came after.

I'm just saying for you Libras to be careful when dealing with an aquarious that finally makes up his mind and finds that he loves you. It may be hard to show it, but you have more influence over us than you realize.

I'm so happy I ran across this site!!!!I was torn in between the 2!!!!Now,I feel like I've lost both of my Aqua men!!!!I left the live-in one I had alone months ago!!!He's still heavy on my mind & of course he has moved on...Now on the other hand I've runied it with the other one!!!!He's telling me he"s not happy and it's not me it's him...I just don't know what to do anymore!!!!I've got hte blues and I can't blame no one but,myself....Moving on is not an easy thang to do...I wish I would've found this site month's ago and my problem might've been solved with some feed back...The blues....

there is no other man on the planet that could fill my heart with as much love as my Aquarius man has.

I'm a Libra woman and I'm engaged to a very loving Aquarius Man, he's my sexy Martian Man. He is romantic 24/7 very devoted to my son and myself and is my best friend. When I do little things to please him he kisses me from head to toe and when I'm naughty he spanks me, and then kisses me from head to toe. I've never been so loved and cared for by a lover before, he makes everything in my life great. I would die for him and he for me.....its just right

he's really hard work will he feed my soul but he facinates me he's weird and wonderful

I am a acqurus man in a deep and sincere love with a Libra woman. I feel complete when I am with this woman by my side and life is deedly happy for me with her love it is really amazing to have a Libra woman as a friend life partner and no compromise for any body else except a Libra woman who is best companinion for a acquirus man in this world with her rocking looks voice and whatnot she is ultimate for a aquirius man great match for a happy life time its true true true

While I initially had reserves about buying into astrology, certain characteristics cannot be ignored. I have been close to a Libra woman for several years and find myself increasingly in love with her. The obvious problem is two-fold: we are very close friends and, Aquarian that I am, the idea of confessing these feelings to her is both alien and terrifying.

I suppose what I am asking is how do I go about rectifying this, assuming that it is the ideal course of action?

I am a 40 yr old Libra woman and last year I met my soul mate Aquarius Man, he is everything I dreamt about as a young girl, then gave up on in people as I got older. He touches the inner child, keeps me firmly on the ground and loves me with an intensity that I can feel from accross the city. I love him so strongly that I could burst, he put a ring on my finger after a short while of seeing each other and announced to everyone that I am his wife. The wedding is in May 2011, but we are wearing our rings already, he is everything to me, I would die for this man, noone has ever been so good to me before. He is wonderful and looks after everyone he loves, he is a fantastic father figure for my son, he makes my world bright and I can't imagine a world without him. When we make love, we cry. The intensity of our love is shocking for me. Before him I was dating other Aquarius men, they were all wonderful people, but OMG, when you meet that right one, you don't even want to look at another man.

so I have an Aquarius boyfriend we have been going out for 8 months. it has been the best . I researched our signs a lot and it was meant to be. we communicate so well and he truly is one of my best friends I am thankful for him and committed to him . so we broke up for 1 month and the night of our 4 months he asked me out again . I could not say no .

I am such a proud Libra... Who has so easily fallen in love with an amazing Aquarius. It is a connection like no other. Communication flows like the best water you ever had. The way he shows love is perfect for me. He uses the right words and touches me the right way. Always wants me to know how he feels, and wants me to share everything as well. I think about him constantly.. His sweet face, warm hands.... its a dream. Sex is ...... amazing. So hot and playful. I love when he takes control and tells me who is in charge. Aquas share their feelings often during the act. And I love love love that. It turns me on so much more. If he was my only sexual partner for the rest of my life, I would be thrilled. He is amazing. Extravagant. And I believe I finally met my match. We never want to leave... I could be with, next to, on top of him all day, every day. Its perfect. I just pray we both feel the same in the future when its time to settle down. We are yet still young. But no doubt, in love. Libra Aquarius ... promising. exciting. meaningful. perfect.

Im a Libra woman in love with an Aquarius and im proud to say im the luckyest woman in the entire world & galaxy im Devoted in love with my only aquarius. We were meet, we been exboy/girlfriends once, friends, my love affair, my enemy then my best friend & now we are growing together! 1yr2 onths into the relationship it had it's downs but now weve always known we loved each other no matter what! & we are growing more & more !

The Aquarius wants the Libra to be tough & never give up ! But he needs his space ! :) Both need love but friendship in the relationship !!

Trust is a big one to start this never endind love x

If a Libra gets to convince the Aquarian to Commit ! He is a winner! (:

-one love.

thank god I read the post. now I m desperately looking for my Libra soulmate. I m Aquarius man (26) and I can tell you, Aquarius man will never ever cheat you and love you so so much.....

WOW!....these post's just tickled my fancy,i am an aquariun man who will soon be single (my current partner Aries of 10 years) we hit off the first few years and should have ended it years ago-but we did have 2 children together and tried to work it out with no prevail. I have decided to look to the stars as to see what an "ideal" match for me would be.....and it definitely seems that a Libra woman is worth trying for. I have tried singles site which are definitely a waste of time-(no response,scammers,missing profiles,etc). I have a somewhat hectic lifestyle running a small business, anyone familiar with any site where to possibly correspond with libra's?........signed: "looking for love"

Libra girl here, wow after reading all these comments I must say I am not crazy. Having this conversation with my friends and they just couldn't understand why I was so crazy about my Aquarian guy. I was and am willing to throw in the towel for this gorgeous man!! The whole "space thing" would drive me crazy! My friends got tired of telling me he was taken, or he had someone else when he would randomly disappear.But my gut instinct always told me otherwise. The sex was always amazing!! Just thinking about him would and still drives me crazy. The way he would hold me and kiss me, he would always kiss my legs up and down and always wanted to please me...Ahh!

Well ladies after two years of this, I need help! I came out of a six year relationship when I met him. I wasn't looking for anything serious. Until,I lost touch with him for a few weeks..It was then that I realized he was crazy over me just as I was over him but was holding back because it was evident that I wasn't over my ex.

I need help, yesterday I broke down and apologized for ignoring him and brushing him off for so long. I told him I realized that what I feel for him is much more than just a sexual attraction or lust. I wanted more from him and that the chemistry between us was perfect. I a Libra woman, asked him to give me a chance to get to know him better on a whole different level. I told him I was ready, that I had strong feelings towards him and that I could not picture myself with anyone else but him!

His response: Your weird, your psycho, stop talking about this.

I left... and I cannot and will not call him again! What the heck was that as a response? Ladies- feedback please! I'm all ears positive and negative lol

A very confused girl :(

I love love love my GORGEOUS AQUA man!!! Let me start by saying I dated only women for a large part of my life (I'm a Libra woman) and he is the first man that I've ever fell for just from the first eye contact!!! Oh he's soo very sweet and gentle. Yet is is soo strong. We've only been dating for four months and it is I with the commitment issues. He actually confessed he would like to be engaged with me. He tells me he loves me all the time (I need verbal ) and I love the way he touches me. He kisses me like I was made just for him. Did I mention he is a beautiful man?? Tall nice broad shoulders a hard body and the nicest eyes that see right through all my messyness. He deals with me. I can be very emotional and possesive and when I get like that yes he dissapears. This KILLS ME. But he alwayys comes back after a day or two. Sometimes I feel like there is someone else (because of past baggage) but for some reason I trust him when he tells me I'm all he wants. He say s it all the time!! And he shows me. I feel it through his kisses. Sex is INTENSE. I think he likes it more than me but I looove his body ontop of mine. GEEEZE. He really just makes me melt. His soft gentle voice wispering in my ear.. yummy! Those soft moans.. oh gosh he is just amazing. He writes me letters , calls me, texts me all of that. Our only problem is I can't commit to him fully right now because I still want women too. He does not want to deal with that. He wants me to himself. At times I think he just would like to cut me off and move on but I'm not sure he can. There is a natural and almost cosmic connection sealed with fate lingering about us. I would die if he left me ... but his occassional aloofness and distances scares the shit outta me which is why I always have a back up. I know its not right but the love I have for him is so intense, my heart can barley stand his dissapearing acts alone. But I pray for him everynite. He truly has the key to my heart. I just haven't. Relinquished my hearts total control. Reading all of these post just makes me think I'm being an idiot. I love him! Best of luck to you all.

I am a Libra woman and I have an Aquarius man in my life! Sometimes in my life sometimes out of my life!! When he is in my life everything is good when he is out of it its good to but not the same kinda good. This Aquarius man affects me in some many ways that no one else has and I have a feeling no one else ever will. I let him get away from me in the past! But thats not happenin this time! I have him back in my life and always want him in my life! Just wish I would have never pulled away from him to begin with! I hope its not to late for us I have never stopped wanting him!! I'm a fool for lettin him get away but not losing my grip this time!! I always will love him even if we are just friends like I said I want him back in my life and if its as friends only thats ok with me! But I will never stop wondering how things could end up so I have to try!! If I don't I could regret it like I have been as it is!!!! So babe it may be a little bumpy on the way but lets give it our all!!!

I'm have been madly in love with an Aquarius man for about 8 years. We met at work and are not only crazy about each other we are also best friends. He is the most sincere and honest man I have ever met. We argue sometimes, but we always make up pretty quick. This man is amazing and beautiful in every since of the word!!! He makes me laugh, we can talk about anything under the sun, he never judges me and really understands me. We have amazing chemistry together and we love each other very much!!!! I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have met this wonderful amazing Aquarius man, he so compliments my Libra spirit.

these post are great!!i do have to say I can relate to all of these!!im a Libra woman and have known an Aquarius guy for about 2 years I always knew there was an attraction but never pursude until recently we have givin into that fact and that im happy we did just from the first kiss I could feel the chemistry!!AMAZING!!his eyes and lips so sexy he gives me chills and I love how he tells me he loves my touch and how it makes him feel like I want him...and the sex is outta this world it could go on for hours its so rough yet so gentle I lovvveee it!!i was with a Leo for 5 years and never had this type of connection!i just cant get enough of him I constantly want him all day!libra ladies if you ever have this encounter take advantage of will not be sorry!!


Have you tried asking her out? You better believe me: NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN-if the chemistry is flowing like that, Ms. Libra probably has double the feelings that you have for her. Libra is the most sensitive sign for love and passion. We can feel it as if we're being touched, we're just that sensitive to it. Don't doubt that she probably knows how you feel (especially, if you have a habit of the infamous Aquarian stare lol). If she's been hurt by any man, she will not approach you. She'd be bound with uncertainty and insecurity, whether she wants to admit it or not. If there is definite chemistry, look into it. I'm sure you will not be disappointed! ;)

I am an Aquarius man dating a Libra and I have been dating her for about three months. We talked previous to deciding to be a relationship, about 6 months previous and we talked for hours. Every time we talk I feel that closeness to her. She is a very strong person and how come through a lot but I love her for it. She is the sexiest woman alive in my eyes and what's better is that she thinks I'm the sexiest man alive. She loves me more than I could ever ask of any woman and even though she tells me why often, I still don't understand. She is shy at times, but has a very aggressive attitude. She is a fighter and a lover, shy yet outgoing, my friend and my woman. I will love her forever...

Hi, I'm an Aquarian guy. I met a Libra girl online and even though i've never met her before I feel a strange connection towards her. Sometimes I wish I could just be in her presence and hug her. We've been making plans each other and I can't wait to find out what it's like to just be around her. Hold thumbs ;)

Hi, I'm blown away by all the comment about Libra women and Aquarius men. I'm a 31 years old single Aquarius man, who live in Switzerland and it looks like a Libra woman would be a good match for me.

I beg to differ with majority of these post. I am a Libra woman and my husband is an Aquarius and the marriage is bascially over. This Aquarius man does not give compliments at all (maybe it is just the guy). As a Libra women we love our man to compliment us. I was always the romantic one in the realtionship. The only good thing in the marriage was the good conversations that we had through the years. The sex was not all of that. Sex with a Pisces is far better!!!!

Libra woman here.. madly in love with an Aquarius man. It seems like I only get results such as attention from him when I ignore him. Wherever I open up and show and tell him much he makes my heart fluttter, he dissapears. For days. Yes he does return but the absents and the silence makes me feel aweful and like he could care less. Sometimes I think maybe he loves someone else or just bored with me when he does this. And he acts like he doesn't kno what the hell I'm talking about. Sometimes I think the irony of our situation is we r both afraid of intimacy. Because we only see each other maybe twice a week and he doesn't give me enough attention. I mean hell yeah I love him. Did I mention he is absolutely beautiful? Our sex feels good to me. But he talks way too much and sometimes he doesn't hear me. I don't kno. Sometimes I feel like giving up on him. But sometimes I feel like I want him to be my husband. Serious rite???!!

Reading these post kinda make me sad. I'm a Libra woman and unfortunately I'm in love with a gorgeous aqua man. Though he is very cute, weird, smart,logical he seems to be a little selfish. Seems like I have to beg him for attention. He says he loves me and he's not interested in anyone but me but his actions seem backwards. Its almost as if he builds me up to let me down. When we are very close calling each other everyday talking for hours on the phone visiting eachother, it never fails he runs away. It make me feel hurt used and un loved. I don't need to see him everyday or even speak to him but he always manages to make me feel like a fool. He claims he's in love I'm soo beautiful and he wants things to work though he doesn't ask me out ever doesn't buy me flowers or anything romantic. I make breakfast for him almost everymorning but recently I stopped. I have tears streaming down as I type this. I mean what the hell am I suspose to do? I get lonely for him but I refuse to be a needy chick and call him up so I suffer alone. I love this man. He is very sweet and kind hearted. Always willing to help. But it seems like he only deals with me when he's ready. It really hurts me. I promise to god I just want to give up on him for good. Any advice?

I personally can't stand my aqua guy sometimes. He is so damn cheap!!! I'm a Libra woman. And no I don't why continue to put up with the distant moody behavior, then on top of it, he's cheap as shit. He gave me this used hand me down gold bracelet that's clearly used and is someone elses. SO TACKY!!! He comes to see me we have sex which isn't that bad but he has yet to give me an orgasm. When I tell him what to do to get me there it never fails he still focuses on him until he is satisfied. Only leaving me feeling used and disgusted with myself. To make matters worse he has this weird and awkard relationship with one of his friends.. they are always together going out together and just saying things that appear to be gay as hell to me. But he says he isn't gay. I don't. I'm getting sick of him. He doesn't seem to care about anyones needs but his own. Which suck. Yeah he's nice sweet all that but he's also selfish. Very selfish. I think I'm gonna jus cancel his ass a nyway. And find a Gemini or leo. Aquarius men suck. Sorry!

hi all I am Libra and I love Aquarius man I am mad for him, he is awsome so loving caring , he is sooo possessive about me and I love that he is most sincere and loyal person I have ever met, he is crazy for me he do what I want , I just love him but our families' religious believes are different that is a big hurdle for us :( we both want to get marry and one day we will no matter what people say I want him and he wants me at any cost we are made for each other we will die without each other we can leave our families for each other and I want him at any cost don't wana lose him I swear I will die without my darling acuarius man.

hi all I am Libra and I love Aquarius man I am mad for him, he is awsome so loving caring , he is sooo possessive about me and I love that he is most sincere and loyal person I have ever met, he is crazy for me he do what I want , I just love him but our families' religious believes are different that is a big hurdle for us :( we both want to get marry and one day we will no matter what people say I want him and he wants me at any cost we are made for each other we will die without each other we can leave our families for each other and I want him at any cost don't wana lose him I swear I will die without my darling acuarius man.

I'm an Aquarius male, (21.) I am very into a Libra, we have a bit of an age difference but nothing can hold us back. Once I met her, I could not get her our of my mind! I followed her around and always made excuses to see her, even though she was with another boy for over two years. However, he treated her horribly. She was always hurt and upset. She still gets upset and they have been broken up at least a month. How do I win this Libra woman over? I feel like I can treat her perfectly and never hurt her. EVER. Everyone says I make her the happiest she's been in a long time and she claims to have fallen for me already. I do enjoy our friendship and I don't want to ever rush things, but I want something more.. as soon as possible. We talk all day and when we see each other, my heart feels like it is going to explode. It has barely been a month but I can already tell I am going to love this Libra girl at some point! Usually with fast pace relationships I feel nervous and its hard to commit but with this girl I want to commit and be hers as soon as possible!

To say that a relationship with an Aquarius man is very complicated and confusing is an understatement. The Aquarius man I have known for 10 years is wonderful one minute, very gentle and attentive, and very cold and aloof the next. Our so called relationship is very complicated, one day he acts like he's madly in love with me and I'm the only woman in his life and the next day he's completely ignoring me. I think for know I will leave him alone and let fate do its thing. Hopefully one day we will finally be together for good!!!!!!

I have just met a Aquarius man about 4 months ago. It is crazy how he makes me feel. I have never experienced something so intense. He has all ready told me how he really feels about me. But thanks to my past relationships I keep my distance. He has said that that's one of the things that makes him want me so bad, because he has to work that much harder to get what he wants lol. We talk for hours on the phone all the time. I can tell that the sex is going to be insane when we get to that point and I can't wait. He likes his space as do I so I don't mind that at all about the Aquarian man.

To all the post above!

Everything that has been said has made me say WOW!! Because that's how we are as well. So in the end only time can tell :) and I can't wait!

I have amazing connections with libras, at least physically speaking, lol. The sex was beyond hot never experience anything like it in my life and I want more :) Addicted Aquarian

I am in love with an Aquarius man. I'm a Libra woman. We have been on and off for two years now. Our connection is very much of a twin flame/soul mate. Our issue is the age difference. I turn 35 in two weeks and he is 26! We first broke up after six months of dating in 2009. He had another relationship. We had a fling last year exactly a year after we broke up. He was still with his girlfriend at that time. He is single again. We have reconnected again. We keep in touch and every once in a while we see each other and we pick up where we left off. Our sexual chemistry is out of this world. We both have love for each other. The first time he told me he loved me he cried... We both cried actually. It took him a year after our break up to finally say it. He said he has always loved him and even if he tries, he can't stop thinking about me. I have dated other guys, and the chemistry/connection/sense of "home" doesn't compare. I hope we get back together but I cant push him. He is so focused on finishing Pharmacy school. Right now, I just want to enjoy him. We are trying to see each other once a week. Sexually, it feels like ecstasy and it feels like we are floating when we are making love. I've never had this before. I'm hoping God has a plan for us since we continue to look for each other after all this time.

I am a female who is a Libra, and I have been in love with a an Aquarius man for many years. He is an unique man with a great sense of humor, he is very caring and wonderful as well. The problem is at times he's very withdrawn and cold and other times he's loving and wonderful, when this happens I back off and give him space!!! I have learned over the years that this at times can be the male Aquarius personality so just give them space!!! I have found that it is definitely with it cause my Aquarius man and I have a very special connection and bond together. We clique and our chemistry is very deep!!! I will definitely stand by him through thick and thin, he's definitely worth it!!!!!

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