Aquarius Man Love Advice

by Nicole
(Westmont, IL)

I do not even know where to start. My Aquarius guy and I have known each other since we were kids.
I always felt a certain "heat" towards him. At family functions ( which we attended) and if I ran into him somewhere. He would hug me and a heat would enter my body and radiate throughout.
Needless to say many years later, he came to my house on Halloween. I interviewed for a job he had open, he just bought a business. This is when I found out he liked me, "since I was 8 years old."
Our relationship was rocky to say the least. His ex came back into the picture, he ended up getting sued for the business he just purchased, money was tight for both of us, we had couple arguments, and then out of nowhere he breaks up with me!
I did not take it lightly, being a Sagittarius.
I ended up going and giving a sworn statement against him.
To which I retracted many dollars and many months later (almost a year).
In that time we tried to get back together, hotel visits (because of court), dinners, etc.
In the end he always said, "ya know it won't work after court, right gorgeous?"
To which I finally told him yes, I didn't have any other choice you see.
I told him to never contact me again.
I maintained contact, texts, calls throughout the last year and when I finally ran into him on my street (his parents live on my street) I made a move and stopped to talk to him.
He said I looked good, he missed me, that court was over (hee hee, you know what that means, LOL.)At this time, I did what I told him I was going to do with court. I got my statement retracted. And the rest of the conversation, we basically caught up.
Towards the end, I told him to call me if he ever wanted to hook up, and he said, we didn't hook up, we made love.
2 days later I went to his house, and he would not come out to talk to me.
We didn't argue, just a difference of opinion.
When I was leaving his neighbor yelled at me, told me to shut the f@%$ up b!@#$!
I told her the same
4 weeks later, out of nowhere he sends me a text.
I ended up talking to him for 2 hours, and the convo was not at all how I expected it to go.
he was flirty, laughing, and then it turned depressing. On his part. Like he was still down on himself.
During the convo I asked him if he still loved me to which he told me to shut it, laughed and we carried on like nothing changed.
I have sent texts to him, to which he has replied, but the last one, he stated I was playing games, he thought I had something "new" and he told me to never contact him again!
I have, to which he has not responded.
I need some advice, and I do not mind if it needs to be blunt and in my face.
I would like to know his thought process, how you may think he really feels. This Aqua is still in my heart, on my mind, and for some reason I feel we are not "done" yet.
Does this make sense?
If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask.
Thank you and I look forward to the many Aquas out there giving me "advice".
Thanks again!

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