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I am dating/engaged to an Aquarius man and I am a Piscean. My fianceand I have a great sex life. He tends to almost be more emotionally Into sexsometimes then I am. I can say that as an Aquarius, he takes It very personallyif I am not satisfied In the bedroom and Is always making sure that I am happyin day-to-day life. He knows how emotionally needy I can be and has acceptedit. Like wise, I know his pride his a very vulnerable thing and stroke his egoas often as I can.

Aquarius Man Is too detached & hardly show any emotionalattachment. As a Pisces woman how can I keep pace with him In this regard? Howcan I make him give me much more attention than anything else?

I am a Pisces woman dating an Aquarius man as well. We connectedinstantly from the moment we met and now, after being together for almost twoyears, we spend a lot of time together (almost every day) even though we don'tlive together.

He has a lot of acquaintances and Is very accepting of people. He has, In a sense, brought me out of my shell. I feel that I've grown a lotas a person since meeting him.

Our first argument came after about six months. He virtually disappeared for two weeks. I was really confused and hurt thathe didn't even call to explain how he was feeling. When he resurfaced, wetalked things through and he agreed to try to be more open with his feelings. It's weird because I consider myself to be the emotional one, but he sometimessays that I don't show emotions (specifically love).

We only get Into smallarguments every now and then, but he doesn't really disappear anymore. If hewants his space, he'll send me a text message saying that he's not ready totalk to me yet. I'm still getting used to this because I prefer to talk thingsout sooner as opposed to later.

He justifies It by explaining that he wouldrather calm down alone than get really angry and say something mean. From veryearly In our relationship, I said that I was going to marry this man, which Isas huge deal for me because I've never said/felt anything like that before. Ifeel truly blessed to have met him.

My advice Is to be patient with yourAquarius man. If he respects you, he will be more open to making small changesin his ways for the sake of strengthening your relationship.

I'm an Aquarian Man Married to a Piscean Woman. Sex Is the key!

We start out shy and detached, but that's because we seek acceptance andPermission to be ourselves with confidence that only being truly wanted by yourmate can deliver.

The more confidence building sex the Piscean Mermaid can open the door to forhim will get him closer to you emotionally. This Is vitally Important to theAquarius Male. He will come to complete confidence In her trust, which he willappreciate. All he needs Is the green light he gets from her In Loving,Affectionate Approval, the more likely he Is to accomplish mind boggling goalsthat astonish and unify the world towards his Utopian world vision.

Aquarian Males need a MUSE to trigger those big sparks of creativity, and thatis the Piscean woman's roll In this relationship. A mixture of open affectionand an open ear with Interest In what he's working on or a show an Interest Inunderstanding will serve to magnify and sharpen his Talents, Skills and selfconfidence as well as make him Into a great, compassionate and attentive lover.It's his discovery of his sexual powers that will make Aquarius rise with greaterconfidence.

Sexual creativity and erotic play by his partner act like a spiritual batterycharger with Aquarius males, especially when It's being Initiated by his willingand playful partner. Creative Aquarius Men need the distraction so that he canavoid getting trapped In ruts and dead end processes.

Hot Sex = Mental Freedom that smashes barriers and limitations. The veryfeminine and alluring Piscean woman can be his teacher and sexual guide thatfrees him and allows him to grow to his greatest potential.

When you (as a Piscean woman) are feeling Ignored or lonely and you notice yourAquarius man struggling to solve a problem he's been working on too long. Shedyour cloths, put on some heels and grab a feather duster and very passively andquietly work your way Into his space and pretend to be cleaning In a very cute,low key, sexy way until he notices, then watch the sparks fly! He will get hisbrain break, you will get your affection fix and he will likely have his Aha!Moment seconds after you both orgasm... And then YOU will be credited withhaving triggered his mental block busting answer to his cheers that YOU are theGenius!!!

Now how do I remind a Piscean woman to remember how things were before she gotlocked In her head and pulled away?

One Pisces Woman's Advice: Don't let her keep It Inside. The more shedwells on whatever has got her down, the further away she get. And fast, too!

But remember not to be demanding or overbearing In your requests to be let In.There's nothing worse than feeling pressured to spill something that makes youuncomfortable. She'll have to feel like telling you will actually help thesituation, that you'll be open and supportive, and that you won't Immediatelyjump to solve whatever problem she's encountered. The conversation that youhave needs to be open and honest. And she will be those things If you let her.

We have been together for one year and a couple of months now. In thebeginning he was amazing he tried to make me nothing but happy. Even though he Isa detached person and I am a creative and sensitive person we seemed toclick, we didn't argue we talked things out and It even seemed like he wasbeginning to fall In love with me.

Then he started too act funny. So I snoopedaround and found out that he was talking to many girls. not only that, hehad a problem with being faithful to me. I as a Pisces tried to understand. SoI tried my best to not be mad but I just felt him changing. and him not caringabout me. He doesn't ever say sorry to me. HE IS NEVER WRONG. AND ALWAYS FLIPSthings on me. HE says he doesn't want to be tied down. BUT we stay together hetreats me great and as soon as he does something wrong If I have even one smallcomment about It he will flip things on me make me say sorry when I wasn't theone who did anything OMG IM AT WORK AND SO UPSET by him that Im freaking crying

Aquarius man often prefers true love over sexual attraction. Yet,when he Is In love with a Pisces girl, he experiences a strong physicalattraction. Not to mention, he tries to suppress this attraction and oftenbehaves strangely, which may annoy / disappoint the Pisces woman.

I read this on a site and I was amazed at It. I am a Pisces and have beendating an Aquarius man for a while now.. and we haven't even kissed yet.. Therewere a few times when we almost did, or I thought he was going to make a move,and just as he did he turned his head away and just stared at the TV. ):

I'm glad to know It's not something wrong with me! lol

I am a Pisces woman divorcing an Aquarian man. He Is very emotionallydetached and distant. He Is also uncommunicative and content to exist In hisown world. The question Is not whether he loved me, but If he loved me how Ineeded to be loved. The answer Is no. I needed someone to pay attention to me.To nurture me. To emotionally connect with me. He was very sexually distant andmade me wonder who was the cold "fish" In the relationship. I would not suggestthis combination, unless the Piscean Is very Independent as well and does notneed a lot of attention and affection.

I am a Pisces woman that Is currently dating an Aquarius man. we havebeen seeing each other for about a year and It's an experience that has changedmy world. we actually starting dating while I was separated from my husband. hemakes me feel like Im worth a million dollars, and that's a feeling that'spriceless. the sex Is mind blowing, I never had an orgasm before him, nowevery time we lay down I get a new feeling each and every time. we have achemistry that Is so unexplainable that It has left me In owe. never have Iever been with a man and been so contempt with my life. he makes me feel like Ican accomplish anything. although our relationship Isn't set In stone, for me tocut off all my male "friends" was a big deal. my mind and heart craves him, andwhen I hear his voice I smile all day. he has bought back the light to my darkworld, but these feelings that I have I have not yet told him. I haven't brokedown all my wall but he Is helping me In that department. until then my pleasure will be by my side being patient and honest. I might befalling In love but I am not willing to divulge that Information to him. Ifanyone has any suggestions on how to let him know how I feel without scaringhim away please let me know. all I can say Is I love me some Aquarians!!!

I am a Pisces female who dated an Aquarian male. We were young andhad dated previously, but It had ended badly. After I had moved on, and givenmuch space to my Aqua, he suddenly found me Irresistible. He worked 7 months totry and win me over again, and through that time we became great friends, withan AMAZING chemistry. Once we became official, the relationship was unlikeanything I could had ever dreamed of. We were completely In love. I smile justthinking of It. After dating for 2 years, he (Aqua) started to have to much onhis plate with all of his talents and hobbies. He's a volunteerfireman, hunter, sophomore In college, and also working 5 days out of the week.It became very difficult to balance It all out and fit time for us In, and Ittore me (Pisces) apart. His busy schedule eventually caused him to break It offwith me. I've worn my heart on my sleeve to try and help him realize we canwork this out. But to him, he feels like he's holding me back and Isn't able to give me the attention I deserve right now In life. We both loveeach other very much still to this day. The day he broke It off, as I wasleaving he mentioned the future and when he settles down, to expect a postcardwith directions to 'our' future house. But since then I think I have scared himoff by being too emotional. He won't respond back to anything. I've taken thehint, and have decided to give him his space. But I'm worried he will neverwant to give us another chance b/c I have shown him how much being apart hashurt me and he will blame himself. Can I have an Aquarians perspective? Whatcould he possibly be thinking. Is there a likely chance when his schedule slowsdown, we could pick back up where we left off? Or would you expect an Aquarian,like him, to fall out of love quickly and try to forget me.

I am a Pisces woman who has just lost her Aquarius man. I am havingWAY too much trouble letting him go, In fact- I don't WANT to let him go! It'staking It's toll on all my other life endeavors It seems and I don't know howto get him back?? He seems so adamant that we just wont work, but I feel asthough I can see from both points of view and think that we can. He Is verystubborn and still pretty young (19). What do I do? I feel If I lose him now,there will be no future between us and we will be each others distant memory.

I'm a Pisces female In the middle of a long-sizzling flirtation withan Aquarius male. It's been exciting, steamy, and completely frustrating all atthe same time. Here's the weird thing. He lashed out at me a few times, prettymuch convincing me that he wasn't Interested. Then a few days ago, out of theblue, he decided to hang out with me.

I can tell he's got some Intimacy problems. He puts off this hot-shot, assholeattitude. But actually, he's reclusive, shy, and has a really warm heart. It'staken a long time, but I think I'm finally breaking through. Who knows wherethis will go.

I'm a Pisces female who has recently connected with an Aquariusex-boyfriend. We dated briefly when we were 21, and we connected quickly then,but fizzled quickly too. I was much too emotional and unsure of myself at thatyoung age to keep him Interested, and he didn't give me the attention I sodesired. But he found me after 8 years, telling me he's always wondered whathappened to me. Our situations have been so similar over this time period, andwe found each other single at the same time. The connection now Is even moreamazing than I remember! He's very social, always right, but very much chasingme now. I've learned to let him chase after me Instead of being a clingy,emotional Pisces. Being patient and a bit distant has brought me all theattention I ever desired from him. Now that we have matured I see an amazingfuture for the two of us together. We make each other so happy!

well Im a Pisces girl currently with a Aquarius man as we firststarted dating everything was great In fact he became good friends with mybest friend he would always ask for some advice and If me and him had trouble hewould ask my best friend for advice to get back with me. at the begging of ourrelationship we were both still very distance we both were dating other peopleour first date we made It both clear that we had both gotten out of a seriousrelationship so we wanted to take things slow between us. as days past he askedme to be his girlfriend but I said not now cause It was to soon...but couplemonths later we got together everything was going great until I found out hewas talking to his dumb ex and he had lied to me about her so that's when thingsstarted changing for us on top of that his ex sent me a message through myspacetalking crap so I made my boyfriend cuss her out but since then now he lied Idon't trust him as much anymore he Is a great guy buy things are a lil different now he use to treat me really great he would cook for medo really cute things but not as much anymore...well we are still together andwe have a son now and things are okay sometimes I wish they can be better

I am a Piscean woman married for last 15 years to Aquarian man. thingswere fine till now recently when he fell In love with a another Aquarian woman,who also likes him. My husband has changed thereafter wanting space andfreedom, and also shows lesser emotions. things have started becoming difficultbut still adjusting by agreeing o everything he says even If It causes pain

Im I Pisces and have been dating an Aquarius man for about 8 monthsnow. I have never believed In love at first site...always thought It to beridiculous. But I can honestly say when I first saw him there was somethingthere and we connected. After getting to know each other:

*He Is very supportive of my dreams and has helped me come out of my own shell andexperience things

*He Is very stubborn, I am also.. but I tend to give In more knowing that hewon't

*We still see each other almost everyday and aren't bored of eachother...nothing has worn out

*He tells me he likes the more mysterious side of me. when I hide petty things,finds It a challenge

I wouldn't change a thing about our relationship except to make him a littlemore open about his feelings. I never make him feel forced to do so... I thinkif I did that he would be even less open; he knows his own boundaries Im notgoing to try make them for him.

I am a Piscean women who Is madly In love with a Aquarian man forlast 3years.Wa had breakups many times but couldn't manage to stick to ourdecisions, have great sex but he never says he's committed neither I force. amv. emotional he Is too practical. He flirts a lot, All this are still fine but hehas a habit of hidings things from me especially about his ex girlfriend I feel soinsecure. I tried to ask him whether he still have feelings for her?? he saysdon't want to leave me as am too crying! he never answer me straight. I don't knowhow to manage this relation I want him to b happy always & Its quite tuff for meto stay away from him.... Please suggest

I agree with most of the things being said here. Pisces and Aquariuswill likely remain In the "friend zone" for a long time because Pisces wantssomeone to lead and take responsibility for them, and Aquarius has the biggerpicture on his or her mind.

I agree with the people saying that sex Is the key to keeping this relationshipgoing. The only hotter combination for Aquarius would be a Gemini or a Libra -Pisces Is prone to fantasies and open to experimentation just like Aquarius Is.if Aquarius can open up and show the softer side, and settle down a little -and If Pisces can come out of her shell just a bit and let Aquarius know she'sinterested, the sparks between the two will start forest fires. Aquarius Isattracted to Pisces without even knowing why - It's that crazy feminine charmthat Pisces gals have going. Aquarius wants to figure out why he's so attractedto you, and you keep playing It mysterious and aloof. It's the quickest way toan Aquarius's heart - a mystery they can't solve!

Im dating an Aquarius and I am a Pisces female. First of all, I am SOemotional and can be needy at times. My feelings get hurt Very easily and Ihave jealousy tendencies which I try to control, but In the end blurt outanyway, which causes tension between the two of us and we fight. He has lied tome several times, and I caught him. Nothing crazy, he never cheated on me. Helied about things like where he really was and who was really there ( I am nota fan of a particular female his sister and him hang out with) He lied to avoidhurting my feelings, but In the end when I found out the truth It hurt muchmore and Is taking me time to trust him again. He Is a loving guy and we loveeach other so much but sometimes he doesn't respect my feelings and hurts themtoo easily. He Is also VERY stubborn and when he gets mad he purposely saysVERY hurtful things to hurt me even more which Is very wrong and then heapologized for It later. He Is the love of my life though and I have tried to leave him and simply cannot

Well Im a Pisces female who went out with an Aquarius male. The firstwhile was brilliant. I have a lot of air In my chart so I get his need for spaceIm very freedom loving to !

Anyway I got pregnant by him. I had been on birth control but had been onmedication which Interfered with this which the doctor did not tell me) when Ifound out It was the most horrendous day of my life I didn't tell him right awaybecause I wasn't sure how to tell him and thought for ages about how to. HeFREAKED when I told him. I thought fine he needs to get his head together didn'thear from him for a MONTH. I gave him his space but It put me through theringer, I was so scared I didn't know how I stood with him.

We met up In a cafe and he said I was pinning him down and keeping stuff fromhim I wasn't I only told him because my conscious wouldn't allow me to hide Itand I had worried for ages how to tell him. This got me really upset I ran awayfrom him at the cafe HE WAS NOT GOING TO SEE ME CRY. He text saying well talkwhen you are not blubbering. I sent a very nasty text a few days later to whichhe responded with he will support me but only for the child's sake but wouldnever want to work things out. I was furious at this. There Is only so much Ina relationship someone can compromise he wasn't prepared to work things out withme saw It as a hassle, wanted me to do everything on his terms. It was horribleenough was enough there was only so much that can be on one persons terms, hewas not the only one who was feeling tied down and scared I happily gave himhis space but he did not consider the ringer he was putting me through.

Eventually I wrote him a letter explaining all the above to him and how juststicking around for the sake of a child would be a knife In my heart. A childdecides to be born with two parents loving It not one sticking around to saylook you managed to tie me down bitch Im doing my sense of duty.

So I told him please think about and call me I cannot wait around for ever foryou to think things through I want to get on with my life. Anyway Im soashamed but I had an abortion I told him eventually enough was enough I have meto think about I will wait but not forever. I called him the morning of It andhe was shocked told me I had cut him out of my life. I truly didn't want to butit was the only way for me to move forward.

He showed up drunk at the clinic when I was just about to have It and gottaken away by the police. I have never heard from him until one night when Iran Into him when I was having lunch with my friends and It was like my hearthad been stabbed It brought back all my sorrow and regret.

I agree with what I've read so far about the combination of thesetwo. Aquarian male I know at work has been a flirt for years, after I give Inand show him I care we have a slow few month and don't communicate. I text andhe rarely returns one. Often says he needs time to himself, almost gives In tohaving me come over then sticks with his decision to be alone. I can't evenget close enough to talk to him yet he says we'll be together soon and It'll befun. Is another woman Involved? Who knows but my frail Piscean ego Is hurteasily so I'm trying to decide whether to walk away before anything reallystarts or keep trying. I'm afraid I will be sorry If I pursue a relationshipwith him. He's 44 and never married, that's speaks volumes.

Aquarian male I am dating Is an odd one - can see the macho Casanovafacade and can also see a lovely person. have managed to protect my heart sofar but last couple of weeks I have suddenly become obsessed and It Is doing myhead In as I know he needs his space so am desperately trying to avoidcontacting him at the mo. also wonder If he would even chase me as have heardthese types don't but figured should leave him alone for a week and see whathappens? any advice gratefully received.

Im Pisces girl, 26 turning 27 this march and my guy Is 20 who Is Aquarius. we've been together for 3 yrs as long distance relationship. we met In online and the first day that we met was only 1 week because Im just In a vacation to our province and he Is a vacation to In our province because we are neighbor. It was ok though, we have a lot time together. now when we parted coz we our vacation Is over, he went back to u.s and me here In ph. we do have a lot of communication as yrs past and many promises. Now when he had again vacation In our province for 6 months, I observed that he Is unattached and unemotional, Im shock because I didn't expect this thing that he Is all that.. we always argue because of time Issues he's busy with basketball and his friends, I felt really that Im his last priority. Now I decided to broke up with him because he promised before that after he graduated he wants us to have baby, then It suddenly change his mind that he don't want baby the next time he will come back.. he want to enjoy first as being a nurse since he studied nurse In us. I was so disappointed, In somehow I regret because I said those words to broke up with him, as we promised each other to never break up no matter what.. I think I lost his trust to me.. I wanted to come back to him and tell him that Ill wait till the time he wanted to be ready to have families. but he just didn't, he said, he no trust to me anymore :( I want him back so badly because I love him and I don't want to end our relationship just for that, In fact I beg him. and now he want us to be friends but Im not ready coz Its different, I got hurt and now he wants to be his friends? pls help me what to do, should I be friends with him? or how to gain his trust again to me.. pls help me, I just said those words to break up coz Im shock and Im not getting any younger, but now Im ready to understand him and wait.. pls help :(

I am a Pisces woman currently dating an Aquarius, and I feel like allmy problems are put on to his shoulder for later! He's always there for me, andhe loves me a lot! Everyday I get an email telling me how amazing and great Iam! My Aquarius Is a GREAT choice!

I am currently separated from my Aquarius boyfriend and we had a babygirl two months ago. he has two other kids also. are we perfect for each otherand do we belong together? Is he afraid that he will mess up my life?

I am a Piscean woman with an Aquarian man. This site has completelyblown me away because all of what has been talked about has been my experience.I have always had the "upper hand" with any other guy but not this one. I'mcompletely addicted to him and have a hard time seeing life without him In It. We lived together...broke we're taking It slow. Mysterious and greatsex Is the key In my opinion. He Is very Insecure and needs constant attentionfrom me but If I get too close, he runs. My suggestion to all of you out thereis to have fun, stop taking life so seriously and don't let the man knowEVERYTHING you are thinking. Be quiet once In a while, let him chase you (helikes It, trust me even If he complains), If you can stand It don't live withhim or marry him especially too soon.... He'll get bored even though It's hisidea to begin with. He can be frustrating but I can tell you he's the love ofmy life and I wouldn't trade my love for him for any man In the world!

I'm a Piscean female who just recently started seeing a Aquarianmale. He Is the most Intriguing man I have ever gone out with. He's a bit of aparadox...a bad boy with a rough exterior with the most amazing, kind heart. Ithink this may be the love of my life but only time will tell. I was told by aclairvoyant that God was sending me an angel... I think he might be THE ONE. I'ma good girl who Is ready to really live each and every moment with the man ofmy dreams. Love Is a wonderful thing!

I am a fish girl, and my water-bearer Is the most amazing boyfriend Ihave ever had. The relationship Is so harmonious, he Is attentative, engaging,and sexual. He tells me he loves me, shares his emotions, and now we livetogether. It has only been 7 months. I say all this to make this point, Piscesfemale goes perfect with Aquarius male If you just respect his space, andmaintain your own life. Simple.

I am a Pisces female and I have been with an Aquarian man for 4.5years. After just 2 months we moved In together than 2 yrs ago we bought ahouse. It was like love at first site from the start but since buying the housethere Is no affection, emotion or sex from his side of things. I try so hardbut I just get absolutely nothing from him. There Is always excuse after excusefor It and It has been the hardest thing to do to break It off with him b/cbeen a Pisces I hate seeing people hurt and the hardest thing Is me been honestto myself and making myself happy, not everyone else around me.

I have been seeing an Aquarius 57 yr old man for a year. and I ammore confused then ever. he Is so distant and I give him all the space he needsI don't ask anything from him or make any demands but he Is so arrogant selfishand self centered It Is unbelievable! I really thought he cared and now I thinkI am just a convenience for him to help with his mom and clean his house. Itjust sucks because the sex Is very good, but that Is really It. he Is notaffectionate, compassionate he does not listen to anything I want to share, hecares nothing about my dreams, hopes or desires. gee I think I solved my ownproblem. I am an Idiot.

So I am a 28 yr old Pisces gal who has been single for almost 7 yearsnow. I met an Aquarian male at work who Is 45 (which I didn't know his age) ashe looks great for his age. So we have known of each other for a couple ofyears but never paid much attention as far as attraction until we ended upsitting near each other at work and I would go to him for support whennecessary. During our Interactions we got along great, I started to "notice"him and at the same time he did too, though he says he's noticed me for awhile.He eventually gave me his number, he called and text me on a regular basis andwas quick to tell me that he was Into me and found me very attractive, and thatmy personality and smile lured him In. I gave him the option to just keep ourrelationship casual however he pushed for exclusivity and relationship statusso I agreed. This all happened within 2 weeks of us exchanging numbers and Ifelt nothing wrong with our connection. We haven't even been intimate and he doesn't push for that either which throws me off. BUT he tendsto become missing In action. He hasn't asked me to have lunch with him &managed to get off work without waiting for me a few times & we have the sameschedule so this has made me feel very Insecure & lonely. He Is so close yet sofar away so I sent him a message to let him know that It's obvious that we'renot on the same page & It's best that we just remain as co workers. But Ireally didn't want to do that but refused to feel how I felt which wasneglected & lonely. He didn't reply, so I sent another message saying how I wassad that he had nothing to say back. He sent a message next day saying that hegot very upset with my message & didn't know what to say because he reallylikes me. Says he just got caught up with his side work... He Is a professionalphotographer & got booked for a video shoot & had to fly to San Fran then NewYork and wants us to work. States he gets me, that he understands he needs togive more action & to please forgive him. Of course I did because though wehaven't been Intimate I feel a bond with him because when we're together It'selectric. I feel this Is going to be bad for me... I think about him all thetime, longing for his attention but yet he keeps It at bay but won't be"casual" with me. He does flirt & send sexual messages but won't try tocapitalize by making a point not to spend time with me after work. I know It'snew between us & he has been busy but I am so thrown off by this man. So I hadto resort to the stars and come online to see how Aquarian men act because heis my 1st. Everything I am reading makes sense & am relieved to know this Isthe norm with Aquarians however I am also discouraged knowing It may not getbetter because I need some type of attention & validation with him. Some sayonce you've become sexual with one another he may show more attention but Idon't like the sound of that either lol. Again... I have a feeling I will be theone left with a broken heart dealing with this Aquarius male.

Three months... that's all. Pisces female here In an oddrelationship with an Aquarian male, 15 odd years later on account that I getpregnant. Oh he was excited, I was scared. Then he made me feel confidentthat we could make things work In the long run. He vanished for two weeks. Turns out he's been a cheat since. We've broke up many times each time he'scheated. Each time I'd make sure he wasn't getting away with seeing the twinson his own time and making sure he'd actively participate In their lives--andBOOM he'd always be the guy I knew those first three months. It was a cycle,that's all. Emotionally gaga In the beginning of any relationship he's hadwith me or who he's cheated on me with, than back to the cold guy. Thehumdinger? He's more Intelligent than most men out there, he has GREAT taste Injust about everything, he Is the jack-of-all-trades and Is the least lazy manI've ever known, he's a health nut and takes care of himself physically, he's got a sick sense of humor that's wickedly hilarious, but that emotionalchip Is missing most times. His emotional detachment Is what makes him great,but me, the emotional creature that I am, miserable. So I continue to attemptto move on without him. Did I mention that It's hard for them to let go withtime? The Irony. I need my Cancer man.

I'm a Pisces woman very much In love with an Aquarius male. We met 5years ago and there was definitely a spark when our eyes met for the firsttime. He's extremely helpful, there for me In a pinch, not afraid of commitmentand physically affectionate. Outside Influences have kept us from furtherexploring relationship possibilities, but this Is no longer the case. Thesestories were extremely helpful and I look forward to this adventure with thewater- bearer.

I read these blogs and see that Aqua men are very difficult to dealwith. From what I am reading, they aredetached-unemotional-sexual-nonsexual--intelligent--yet deceitful!! Wow, well Ihave a bit of a spin on the Aqua man. I am an emotional sensitive lovingPisces, and In order to maintain my Aqua relationship, I had to really check myemotions. His last girlfriend was a Pisces, and he said the reason why therelationship didn't work was because she was Insecure, and emotionally needy. Iknow as Pisces we can be like this. So I have learned to communicate with himanalytically, to remove the over emotional drama from our arguments, and tojust give space when needed. once I learned to check my emotions, I felt sopowerful In our relationship. I didn't pick silly arguments, and Instead ofgetting jealous and tightening his leash, I reclaimed my own freedom, anddetachment. I have been In a stable wonderful relationship since I have my owngirlfriends to hang with, I have my own hobbies. I allow myself to miss him--He doesn't dare run awayand do the aqua disappearing act, because I dip out on him before he has achance to vanish. He Is always calling me trying to get affection. It Is hardfor a Pisces to do this, but soon after you begin you will have a lastingrelationship. Play him at his own game, no zodiac sign other than a Piscesknows how to play different roles. I love Aqua men!

I am a Pisces woman who have been dating this Aquarius men for 3 months now. I did not believe in love at first sight, but with him everything was different. The moment I looked at him, the moment I realized he was going to be someone important in my life. We have been knowing each other since 3 months now, and we have gone through ups and downs together. My patience skills have been developed and improved during this time. One day, he is wonderful and sweet with me; he is lovely, patient, etc. The other day, he is mad and bad tempered and tell me that he prefers to be left alone, which I completely respect without asking. The next day, he shares with me his feelings.

I have grown a lot, he has brought so many good thing into my life such as structure, organization, renewal of my humanitarian dreams, desire to succeed, etc. He has really added value to my life. At the beginning, I thought that I was the one doing all the good influence in his life, but now I realized that it is a two way street.

We are great friends and share everything with each other. We communicate all day long via e-mail, MSN, TXM, cell phone, visits, etc. He is always interesting in how my day is going and what is going on with me. I have learned to be the same way. He always tells me where he is going to be during the day, and even tells me when he gets back home. He claims that we have to be communicated with each other all the time.

We have had a couple of discussions, but we have sit down and discussed them. I have learned that I need to let him vent and keep my emotions in control. I never inquire about his girl friends, but I know he has a lot of them; By now, I know the majority of these stories, since he has told me those by himself without me pushing him. I try not to show my jealousy when he talks to me about them, so again the control of my emotions plays an important role in our relationship.

He always wants to be the main character in my life, so I make sure that I make him feel important and that I care about him. I try to go the extra mile when he needs me, and I keep my independence at the same time. I try not to emotionally overwhelm him with my problems; I share them with him once I am back in control of the situation.

He has opened all his intimacy to me; he has even introduced me to his mother, and I have slept in her house. He has introduced me with some of his most important friends. I have taken him to my work parties, introduced him to some of my best friends, and we have traveled together already for 6 days. The most incredible part is that we have not kissed or touched each other; sometimes when I feel he is ready to make a move, he backs up. After reading this blog, I believe he is afraid on how he feels towards me. I am cold with my emotions, so I have shown them to him with my actions rather than with words.

This is my brief story with my Aquarius; believe me, I cannot picture my life without him at this point. I do really love him, but I don't want to say it to him, since I don't want him to fly away!!! What's your advice on this?

I'm a Piscean woman, and have been involved in many relationships with practically most if not all the signs of the zodiac (exceptions Aries & Cancer). The best experienced I have ever had would have to be with an Aquarius man for many reasons intellectual and emotionally for one. But through the years I've learnt a lot about myself from the men Ive dated, and I've learnt a lot about them too. The most important lesson Ive learnt from my relationship experience is to go with your "gut instinct, feelings, intuition, hunches." These are qualities all Pisceans have and when we fall in love perhaps with Mr. Wrong for example, (in my case from past experience) denied my gut instinct of surfacing for fear of rejection? How could he not love me? I used my wit, charm, everything I have to have him? what's wrong with me? So denial is the best way to deal with these questions of the heart.

I met a married woman at a previous employment, she witness me getting bullied by my ex-partner, and how I just let it happen because of how I felt at the time.

She said to me, why are you with him? he treats you so badly? When you ask yourself that and face the truth its life changing. I veered course after some time, broke up with that ex. I told the married woman I never want to find love again, it hurts to much. I asked her why she chose to marry her husband. She said to me, because he loves me more then I love him. I felt those was a wise answer at the time. I asked myself has my experiences jaded me? I don't think it had any impact at all, cause as a true Piscean love is the only thing we know and I know its a part of me.

I now look back on my experiences, and appreciate them, even if they were bad. Because through the bad experiences, such as cheating, I knew I would always bounce back, or some other man would come rolling in different to the last, trying to win my heart.

Ive been with two different Aquarians in my life, one in my school years, and now a different aqua in my current circumstance. The only difference is, I know better.

My aqua I feel is the man for me, but if my gut tells me somewhere down the track something's going wrong, ill discover it coz Im not afraid of knowing the truth, good or bad outcome. I CHOSE how I live my life and I don't let some douche bag sorry excuse for a boyfriend treat me like im nothing but a side-dish for when its convenient for him. Ive experience to many of those (hint - don't date saggi's if you know what's good for you) Life is about discovering who you are, accommodate to your desires Piscean women and to every other woman out there.

Key things to look for in a man, respect and loyalty.

I feel lucky coz my aqua man has these.

been with aqua 4 months fell in love with him he has told me he loves me talks about future, has virtually moved in but when I asked to officially move in he told me a girl he was with previously was about to have his baby, but he loved me and it wouldn't affect our relationship.

Yes I was shocked made me feel insecure but I love him and will stand by him.

I started to put pressure on him to make a commitment to me, and another issue is he has a problem with intimacy and sex at first I thought it was me, but its not but its has still caused problems I have made him feel bad because of the lack of sex.

However when we are out he shows me so much affection and makes me feel like the most wanted person in the world.

The pressure is really on now as the baby is due and he has not been returning my calls or texts im now panicking he did text me that he needed to be on his own for a while because I have made him feel bad wanting him to do things he doesn't want to.

He has taken some stuff from my house but left some stuff im now in pieces will he come back...and what should I do I love this man so an emotional Pisces...

I've dated two Aquarius men, and they were both obsessed with keeping things "friendly"! I don't get it...I think after dating at least 3 months, it's time to take things to the next level. But they don't seem to operate that way. Maybe in another lifetime, I will understand..

-Confused Pisces Girl - these entries were really interesting. Im 19-- im not dating an Aqua man necessarily, we are FRIENDS...with AWSOME benefits. Ive never been so attracted to a man in my LIFE. I know Im young, but this one feels different. I recently experienced the disappearing act, and began to get offended because I didn't understand it, but I hit him up a month or two later, and its almost as if nothing has changed...I have no idea where this is going, but I do know that he is a wonderful man, and I intend to keep him around and stick along for the ride!!! Even if I have to play games, and play the detachment role- lol I must admit- its interesting and fun :)

Pisces woman in a relationship with a Cancer, just met an Aquarius. Actually, met him almost a year ago but swept off my feet a few weeks ago. The Cancer is more detached and afraid of commitment than the Aquarius. In conversation I know he broke up with a girl he almost married because she had to know what he was doing all the time. It was a long distance relationship. He's said more than once, he'd like to find someone to build something with; have a nice home with etc., but he is very uncommitting. Lucky for me, I'm not looking for a commitment and just want a good friend right now. Something to do to get me away from the Cancer I am seeing (as that will never go anywhere). There is something electric in the air when I am around him. I don't know if he feels it too but I hope so.

I am Pisces and he is Aquarius. Yes, he is strange but not scary strange. He is unconventional and we have an unconventional relationship. But he gives me my space. I can explore all my career options and he is not jealous. My relationship with God is my main priority and I stopped making him the focus. Have a life outside your relationship, in all relationships. Aquarius are deeply afraid of change even if it is a good change. Give them space and take your space

When you meet an Aqua I would consult your charts, if your Venus is in Aries or Aquarius and your Mars or Moon signs are an Air sign then your compatibility rises way beyond what it would be if they weren't like that. If they aren't like that then you're probably too emotional or attached then he will be. For the Aqua, if their Mercury or Venus in your chart is in Pisces, this will be much easier for you two. In fact, if the Moon in your chart is in any water sign, you'll have an increased chance of making a relationship work.

This me and mine's sitch with our charts, which is awesome. But if my Aqua does the disappearing act we're gonna have words...good thing is that I don't have to worry about hurting his feelings because he'd told me more than once that he respects honesty and just saying what you mincing words. I don't care if he felt like he needed space...if he respects me at all as a person he can afford, to give me the courtesy, of telling my why he needs it and he can go. It's all about communication...and running off for two weeks is selfish and the acts of a drama queen.

I am an Aquarian male, madly in love with a Pisces woman. The problem in our relationship is that she doesn't make time for me. I try my hardest to spend time, make her feel that she is the best, because she is.. to me. She isnt really physical, and worst of all, she doesn't tell me her love feelings. YOU MUST LET HIM KNOW YOU LOVE HIM. You can have all the sex in the world but if he doesn't know and isnt reassured by your true feelings, he WILL GIVE UP. even if your talking, dating, married. US Aquarian males can be both a asshole man, or as loving man as a woman can be. Pisces women, if you want this to work out... you must show him your feelings once in a while. and do special things for him. Not so often, but do it. His attitude is male, but his feelings are feminime

Ok, so tonight my aqua man didn't answer my calls for awhile. Finally when he did I was an emotional wreck. My aqua man told me he would rather be alone, when I asked him why he told me I was too dramatic. I have tried to reason with him in not questioning him too much. When he does the disappearing act, I am still able to get a hold of him. Hell answer but will not want to see me for a couple of days. I used to feel insecure, thinking he didn't want me, always feared he would run back to his ex. I know that's not the case, cause he's told me several times that he doesn't care for her. But when I ask him what he feels for me he never gives me a straght answer. Always changes the subject or responds with "why would anyone be around some one if they didn't like them?" Why can't he just give me a straght answer. I've tried not to be so clingy. I've tried to hold my emotions in. We get along great when we're together, and when we are not together its like "out of sight, out of mind" So, if I give him his space and not call him for awhile will he look for me? Don't know what to do anymore. Need advice from an Aquarian man. Will my Aquarian man look for his Pisces lady if she leaves him alone?

Ok, so tonight my aqua man didn't answer my calls for awhile. Finally when he did I was an emotional wreck. My aqua man told me he would rather be alone, when I asked him why he told me I was too dramatic. I have tried to reason with him in not questioning him too much. When he does the disappearing act, I am still able to get a hold of him. Hell answer but will not want to see me for a couple of days. I used to feel insecure, thinking he didn't want me, always feared he would run back to his ex. I know that's not the case, cause he's told me several times that he doesn't care for her. But when I ask him what he feels for me he never gives me a straght answer. Always changes the subject or responds with "why would anyone be around some one if they didn't like them?" Why can't he just give me a straght answer. I've tried not to be so clingy. I've tried to hold my emotions in. We get along great when we're together, and when we are not together its like "out of sight, out of mind" So, if I give him his space and not call him for awhile will he look for me? Don't know what to do anymore. Need advice from an Aquarian man. Will my Aquarian man look for his Pisces lady if she leaves him alone?

Im a Pisces girl dating an Aquarian man. We met on line and withon three months he moved in. He is very emotional and very much a drama queen - he is easily hurt. Im not a typical pisces, I can be quite harsh and don't mince my words. This upsets him. We have a lot of fun together and the sex is amazing. But I have to say, he is the emotional drama queen - I spend most of my time calmly rationalising our disagreements so he feels better about things. He needs tons of reassurance and tells me I don't tell him I love him enough - although I show love through action, not words. He is very dizzy too - all over the place - very unorganised. I find that frustrating - he is bad with money and Im really good with it. Not sure he is a typical Aqu male - or maybe I am not a typical piscean? Main thing is - its early days but he makes me happy and who said living with someone in your late thirties was easy when you have been there already?

I am a Pisces woman and he is the Aquarius man. We have been dating on and off for 1 year. We seem to both be head strong and want our way. I tend to throw up walls and so does he. We have both been through so much in our past marriages, so I guess we get scared. I am 37 years old and he is 38 and I have never met anyone like him and was as attracted and loved anyone else like I do him. I tend to want to go faster with the relationship and he wants to go slower. I could marry him (yesterday) so I try to not be pushy and give him his space. We make each other laugh so much and he says he really loves the fact that I am so positive with life, even thow I have been through so much. He always always always gives me compliments. He gets distant at times and shuts down. Being a pisces, that is hard to handle. I really hope it works out with us. Because I personally feel like I have found my soul mate! :-)

From experience, I've learned that in order to be with an Aquarian male you must have a lot of patience, and us being pisceans we do. . . But at the same time we need to learn how to play mind games with them. Not to the extent of cheating or lying to them. But make them believe we have other things to do than just worry about them, or wonder what he feels. You know, we pisceans will put him first before a lot of things because we do sacrifice a lot for love. The way I've learned to deal with aqua boy is by having fun with him when we're together. Obviously he likes me cause he comes around. And when he needs his space, trust me, I feel neglected. I want to call him every hour to see what he's doing or to just tell him that I miss him. But I don't. Its so hard. Instead I call a couple of my girlfriends to cry to them, or go watch a movie or go shopping for shoes, I try to keep myself busy. I used to call and cry to my aqurian because I wanted to know what he felt fo r me. He never gave me a straight answer. It seemed to me that I was pushing him away. So I stopped telling him what I felt for him. What I realized was, that if you do give him his space, they tend to come around more. One night I decided to do what he would do to me. When he called me I didn't answer. I was dying to answer my phone. He called me atleast 6x in a roll and still no answer. After that there was a knock at my door and what do you know, it was him. I simply told him that my phone was on silent and hadn't realized that he had called. Ha! It worked. When we're together we have great conversation, and (I know he doesn't mean to) he may say things that I would take offensive being the emotional Pisces that I am, now I laugh it off with him. I've learned to talk just like him. We (pisces) have to learn how to be their friends first. He's now more open to talk to me and I listen. The sex has always been great. I always take the initiative to choose where to go out, whether its out for drinks, shoot pool, dancing lessons or heck camping at the last minute! He's always willing. At night I hug my pillow instead (sometimes, cause I love to be all over him) and its only so that I don't smother him while hugging him so tight,lol. When he goes on his time off of me break or whatever you wanna call it, I take advantage of my time and do chores or catch up with friends. When I tell him I love him, I tell him that I know he loves me too but is to chicken to admit it. He laughs and kisses me. I noticed that when I don't question him, he tells me more. I love him so much and want him to be exactly the way I dreamt a man should be with his lady. But reality is he's an AQUARIUS. Everytime I look at him, I wanna kiss him and hug him and tell him how much I love him, but I hold back some. Try not to be so emotional (I think that's one of our defects.) Holding emotions back a little has brought him closer to me. Its worked out this way for me and hope it will work out for each one of you.

Okay well, this makes me think me and my Aquarius man don't make sense! I am the Pisces. We have lived together for over three years in an odd situation. We both had our couples and the four of us lived together. We hit it off as friends and he considered me his 'best friend'. He eventually started spending more time with me than his girlfriend and would say things like, 'I wish we were together' or 'we'd make such a nice couple'. Recently he broke up with his girlfriend. And now he expects me to give up my relationship for him. He's extremely jealous and emotional. I am his friend and I do feel for him very strongly. But his crying over everything and being jealous all the time is turning me off completely! He'll get jealous over me going to a club with my girlfriends, sending pictures to friends, wearing a bikini in-front of other men... in this case, ( at least right now ) he's the emotional one that needs reassuring all the time. He says I'm sneaky and deceitf ul and has threatened me with 'spy-waring' my computer. Right now me and my boyfriend are considering a break-up, and I am considering this Aquarius, but at the same time, he tells me that if we do get together, he wants it to be for good, as in marriage! I don't know what to do. I don't think i'm ready for this commitment...

BTW, sex is the best!

Im a Pisces and im in love with a Aquarius man...we had sex a few times, but he got some other girl pregnant....we werent exclusive and I knew that....when I found out she was pregnant, it almost killed me...the thing is, I never asked him how he thought I felt about it....They really are detached...Anyway, ive had sex with him since and I still love him and the sex is out of this world and I know I should stay away from him....but its unbelievably hard!!!

My situation is a little unique. I am now divorcing an Aquarian male. He is unemotional and has a serious communication problem. Having read all of this stuff about Aquarians for the first time I see a lot of it in my husband. But his problem goes much deeper. He loves me but doesn't say it; attracted to me but too shy to initiate sex or ask me what I like. He never wants to discuss ANYTHING. He literally sits there ans says nothing. Its torture to my Piscean soul. He cannot love me the way I need to be loved. And he needs therapy. But in fairness to other Aquarians, his problems go way beyond the typical Aquarian traits.

I am dating another Aquarian. I didn't realize he was an Aquarian until we had gone out a few times. And he is EXACTLY like what I have read. The difference between him and my ex from what I can see, is that while he is reserved and not overly emotional, when I ask him a question or need to talk, he answers me. he's not constantly spilling his guts, but he will do something out of the blue (like sing into my voicemail). And he is passionate! AMEN! lol..

As a Piscean I think I can teach him a thing or two about romance and foreplay and stuff but he seems to be a keeper. I have never been one to put too much stock into astrology, but he is so textbook Aquarius that Im a little worried about our ultimate compatibility and if I should consider walking away before I get hurt.

I'm a Pisces woman dating an Aquarius male. And I must say... all of these stories are so us. We met online... we were fascinated with each other. We chatted as often as possible... He would drop hints but I had to initiate everything. I asked for his number. The first time we talked... he wanted to make things exclusive, which I did. However... a day later he mentioned that he had some issues with fidelity... I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now that we are "dating" I NEVER see him. We've been dating for like two weeks now, and Ive only seen him ONCE. I heard from him more when we were chatting than I have after. I don't whine and beg... I give him all of the space that he requires but seriously? Every time I mention us slowing things down, due to the fact that he is oh so busy, He clings tighter. I'm so confused.

I am a Pisces woman dating an Aquarius man. I have never been happier with any other man in my entire life. We have known each other for close to 8 years now and only recently started dating. Over the past 8 years we have wanted to be with one another but our timing was always bad. Either he was seeing someone else or I was. Anyways I lost touch with him for about 3 years when he got married. I had been talking to another Aquarius and was making plans to move 6 hours away from home to be with him when I ran into Aquarius #1 while out with friends 2 weeks before I was supposed to leave to move down to Aquarius #2.

He made it a point to hunt me down at a Carnival.. Walked around the entire thing probably 5 times till he found me. After that for the next 2 weeks we were insperable as friends like we had always been.

My plans were still in effect to move though. I really thought I was in love with Aquarius #2 and nothing could change my mind about moving. Even when Aquarius #1 was begging me to stay and telling me he was in love with me and crying (tell me they don't show emotion).

I got to where I was going and lasted a whole 2 weeks. Aquarius #2 ended up being odd and detached.. and I think I became a bit distant myself. We took a walk one friday and had a talk. He picked the exact words out of my brain.

He said what if we are just better off in a friendship than in a relationship.. I said Omg I was thinking that exact same thing but I didn't know how to put it out there.

He even offered for me to get a job there and be a roommate.

Honestly as soon as we got back to the house Aquarius #1 got a text from me and was down with a truck and trailer to get me and all my stuff and bring me home :)

He loves me daily He holds my hand everywhere He tells me his feelings He adores me

And am the happiest and most in love I have ever been EVER!!

I believe this is a great connection. I have been with my Aquarian for almost 2 years, although I have not been spared any heartbreak, we fell in love instantly our chemistry is amazing, we met online and we have a long distance relationship. We live two hours away from each other but that doesn't make it difficult. It works.He is inconsiderate and bossy but the days are very long and slow when we are not getting along well so breaking up is not an option for me and him, I cant eat, sleep, and breathe during the times we actually tried to break up, he claims it wouldn't bother him if we actually did part so emotionally I understand that part when it is said they can be detached. Ironically when we make up he cant stop telling me he loves me, how amazing I am, how happy he is we are together, he helps me out when I need direction, financially he has my back, he's helped my outlook on life tremendously, very adventurous in the bed sometimes too much for me but I'm a P isces so I'm game for whatever he wants as long as it don't kill me.

To make this work is the craziest I have to be very understanding he loves his freedom, he's not exactly faithful that doesn't break our deal Im pretty confident and practice safe sex but I appreciate his straightforwardness and honesty, so I definately have to be patient, he has many friends and is a popular guy so sometimes I don't get all of the attention I want. In the end I wouldn't trade him in to be with any other guy in the world he makes me just that happy but I do spend a lot of evenings crying. To be fair it can be difficult but I choose to be happy with this man because of the positive outcome so far in my life with him, it could be better but I choose to stay because our friendship is very good and I am 100% all for him no matter what. That's where that crazy loyal Pisces trait come in to play.

I am Pisces woman totally in love with an Aqurian man! We dated for about two and a half years about 10 years ago. We had the most amazing relationship I have ever had! Sounds silly but, he cheated and I left! here we are 10 years later and I'm married (to a Virgo) and miserable because of the Aquarius Man constantly on my mind! We talk, he wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with me and willing to do whatever it takes. The connection between these two signs is nothing more than breath taking! Like Romeo and Juliet. its the "Fairy Tale" the Pisces dream of! I do believe that once the Aquarian man is totally confident of the Pisces love the relationship and emotions that are involved are undeniable!

I feel glad I stumbled on this site. It helps me understand (if ever one can do that) my aqua man a lot better. He is so distant but he can be so nice too. he is always there when you want him. He is the ideas guy. For every problem there is a solution and he is quietly supportive but then if you get too close he gets edgy and distances himself. One day he is all smiles...the next day he doesn't know you and is so formal. His emotions are revealed through his eyes and his manner. It is so hard...being a piscean I love him so much I don't get that emotional connect is hard to contain my emotions and try and be logical, cool, and fun. He is a great friend and likes light conversations, lots of fun, talks on all kinds of topics..but even a little bit of emotion from me and he changes the topic and runs....

Another thing I find so hard...he expects me to sit in one place quietly and work...he goes out and socializes...has lots of friends but gets terribly jealous when I speak to shows in his eyes and his manner and he goes all cold and distant...I thought Aquarians were not the jealous is so difficult to handle that..I don't know what to do and would like some advise on what to do with that. He has to be constantly reassured with looks and smiles and he needs to be made to feel important. He loves mushy messages and loves to be thanked or appreciated for all the help he does. He does not expect anything in return except that you be totally honest with him, give him importance at the same time not get too close and clingy, have faith in him and not get too jealous even though he gets damn jealous if someone even looks at you. It is very strange and when things go bad communication is absolutely abysmal. But I love him so much and miss him a lot when he is not there it is crazy!!

You need a lot of patience and give them a long rope and expect the unexpected with these guys!! I don't show my emotions that well when in a group...He is more comfortable in group settings and gets odd in one to one interactions. I cant show my emotions while in a group and am more comfortable in one to one settings. He is very friendly with another Scorpio woman and spends looooots of time with her talking and chatting and he goes off with her when I am not around. I find it funny and am put off when he sneaks around. It is like he doesn't want me to know ...I guess it also becos I get so jealous and show it...I can't help it. He spends very little time with me but goes around talking and chatting with all the rest of the world especially this I don't know what to make of that! and at the same time he gets so possessive and mad if I talk to a man. they are funny and different...but so nice, so incredibly kind, funny at times, and is difficult to stay away from them, stubborn too!!

I have a question if someone would be so kind as to offer input. I have been dating an Aquarian for since June. It was extremely slow going in the beginning because he wanted to take things slow, which I hear is a common Aquarius trait. Although it was frustrating I got used to his ways (calling then disappearing, etc). He has taught me a lot about patience, and have actually enjoyed taking things slow with him. We recently had a pregnancy scare and he was really great. I was so worried and he was aloof at first but I explained to him how he made me feel, then he apologized and was great from that point on. I saw him last week and he was sooooo sweet (before we found out that I am NOT pregnant), I felt like it was the closest we have ever been and thought, FINALLY we are getting somewhere. I actually had a distinct feeling that he was falling in love with me.

Guess I was wrong because I saw him last nite and he was totally different. This was the first time Ive seen him since finding out that Im not pregnant. He was nice, but not sweet or anything. I left this morning feeling like something had definitely changed between us, but I don't know what. And I texted him today, just a simple question, and he did not respond. I know I haven't done anything. Haven't been pushy or emotional - so why the sudden turn around? I guess what I would like to know from women who are involved in long term relationships w/ these guys if this is something I need to come to accept? That one day he will be sweet and kind and then the next treat me like I don't matter? It really hurt my feelings and I think I am done w/ this so called relationship.

I'm trying to learn how to give him space and not be so emotionally needy. This is very difficult.

Pisces girl... aqua guy...reading these stories has helped me to understand us more in love...everytime im around him it feels like im floating and his kisses are like cottoncandy...his eyes are so strong and sincere at the sametime...he brings a clamness to my ora...the first time our eyes connected I loved him

I'm a Pisces woman and I have been dating an Aquarius man for 5 years. We instantly clicked from day one, and in the beginning he was emotionally distant, but as time went by, he has really opened up emotionally. I've never felt this way about any man, i've dated a Scorpio before him, but my Scorpio ex was always emotionally blackmailing me, and we always fought.

With my now Aquarius boyfriend, we have amazing chemistry, we understand each other well, and he is just as emotional as me. We were friends first, and the relationship progressed really slowly, but i'm glad I was patient, because its worth it. We have an amazing time together, and we have a great understanding of each other, we barely fight, and when we do, we always make up quickly. He makes my heart melt, he is the most romantic guy i've ever dated, although it took him time to warm up....

I am a Pisces women dating an Aquarius man. We have been together for 2 years, and are very happy.

From reading a lot of the comments of them being emotionally distant, I find it completely opposite. Knowing as a Pisces we are in a fantasy world most of the time, we are physical in a moment but mentally else where. Which sometime can come to be conflict, especially with myself being so involved mentally in myself I become self-absorbed with my emotionally needs.There by forgetting his needs, and pushing my agenda first most of the time.

I can say we are both strongly opinionated people, and almost compete for being right. Which leads to a lot of pointless arguments. But our sexually attraction literally solves everything, we don't need to speak words of sorry. its just seen through our strong attraction to each other, and playful nature.

We do have an amazing sex life.

I am a Pisces woman and have been dating my Aquarius boyfriend for the past 3 years. In the beginning it was great and we clicked and have been inseparable ever since.

Don't get me wrong, I really do love him with all my heart, but things aren't the same anymore. Something with him has changed for the worse and he acts and treats me differently. He will talk to me in a rude tone, has become distant, doesn't seen to care about me as much and it has been upsetting me for weeks. I've been reading up on the zodiac signs and traits and tried to pin that on it, but I'm not sure if I'm right.

Also, he has been getting on my nerves and every thing he says or does just annoys the crap out of me. I really do want to be with him he makes me happy sometimes and those sometimes are great, I just wish they could be all the time.

If you have any advice, please let me know.

Aqua man Pisces Woman: Match made In Heaven

I have been reading the boards and realize that either I have a very rare Aqua Man, or his true colors are yet to appear. I mean ladies, my boyfriend of 2 years is amazing. We moved fast in the beginning, the chemistry, and sex was un-believably on point. We live together, he tells me he loves me, my emotional needs are met beyond my expectations. I often times think how I am able to deal with my aqua man; and I realize that I have been studying his zodiac for years. I have dated the emotionally detached, the cheater, the social butterfly. And the best thing I learned was that an Aqua man is so un-beliveably loyal, if they do not feel the pressure to be someone else. By someone else I mean if they can just be themselves--run away in their minds for a few days, think about the future, and the past simultaneously, and be allowed to be an air sign--try catching air and holding it--it's impossible. So Iet him roam, and connect, and seal his friendships. I let him be and it does and ot infringe on my emotionally unstable fish days. He understands me more than anything because he is a thinker and a problem solver--so he just wants me to be happy. I know a lot of you are quite frustrated and confused with your Aqua man. You are probably still wondering how you cosmically ended up with such an unemotional sign. But when you mix the two ( a thinker and a feeler) omg the possibilities are endless. I have never loved someone so fast and so much--he drives me nuts with his practicality, but I teach him to feel me, physically and mentally--and he teaches me to think more and worry less--its the most balanced relationship ever. So just let him air himself out from time to time, and wring out your emotions occasionally, and I promise the match will be made in heaven.

I was with my Aquarian partner for 10 years. He was almost twenty years my senior. I was the younger woman who supplied him with a comfort zone. He loved to act dumb in order to find a glutton to do everything for him. These guys are great at turning responsibility on it's head. Toward the end of our relationship I told him all he had going for him was between his legs. He took it as a great compliment. I meant it as an insult.

This is my 2nd Aqua-man. The first was in high school, we married, had a kid and he promptly cheated on me. When I asked him to stop, he decided to move on. Of course, 6 mos later he wanted back in the door, but by then I was so hurt and angry (hellhathnofurylikeTHISwomanscorned) that all I wanted to do was make him pay. I still dislike that man, because he hurt me so badly. Now, twenty five years later, and after a Taurus and a Scorpio, I've found myself with ANOTHER Aqua-man. Seems they get better with age, although I admit that all of the qualities discussed here are 100% in the mix of our relationship. I think that being over 40, my Pisces emotions are a lot more in check than they were at 18. As a result the new Aqua-man is much easier to tolerate... PLUS, he travels A LOT. I've never felt more secure with a man in my life. Sometimes his moral code (one of his own device, not society's) is the excuse he uses to move forward with US. He swears he just doesn't wa not to get married, so I make it seem like it's not him... it's ME that doesn't want to go there (and it makes him crazy). Admittedly, after 3 marriages/divorces - I'm in no hurry to tie the knot, but I'm ok with the commitment that we do have, which is simply monogamy. We rarely fight, but when we do it is explosive. The make ups are equally as passionate. He's VERY moody. But he's also my very best friend, and as long as I don't get too clingy and weepy, he's happy to be my man. With these guys the way to get what you want is to talk in a quiet voice, and simply tell him how you feel without blaming him for anything. It pulls their heartstrings and then all they want to do is protect you. A strategy that I employ successfully (because I'm mature enough to play this silly game) is definitely using my Elizabeth Taylor-Piscean Woman mystery and allusiveness against him. He is challenged by a mystery, so I like to give him one every now and then. I make plans that don't include him (don't even ask if he wants to come), but aren't "social" per se. He knows that I have hobbies, and when I indulge in them it seems to make him happy. Of course, if I don't spend enough time with him (that is: time that he has set aside outside of work and other commitments) he gets grumpy. I can say he seems a tad bit naturally sadistic, and when he goes into his cave (for work, travel, visiting with his kids, etc.) I should just move on about my life and forget he exists until he decides he's horn-ee... because THAT'S what ALWAYS calls him back... Once these Aqua-men have had the taste of truly loving and vulgar sex... given you aren't too needy, they will ALWAYS return. Aqua-men are a little bit kinky, once you show them you are uninhibited.

I've been with my Aquarius man for 4 years. He's very secretive, tho he claims he's just very "private". I know he loves me. He's a great provider, protector, but I recently had a gut feeling something was off - so I snuck into his cell phone text messages and found that he was sexting a woman from his hometown. Granted, I keep his schedule so I know he's not flying up there to see her - but it's the emotional affair that hurts me. He travels a lot and obviously when he's out of town that's when the contact is up. It hurts because all of the stuff he was texting with her was the same stuff that he USED to say with me. I never stopped our phone fun when he travels, he did. Now I know it was because of her. Our sex life is awesome so I know he isn't physically cheating, but with Aquarius seduction begins in the head. So, I was stupid, and instead of just confronting him in a calm non-finger-pointing manner - I emailed her. That was totally the wrong thing to do. Now he sa ys HE can't trust ME! and put a passcode on his cell phone to keep me from checking to see if he's continuing the banter with this woman. After 4 years of purposefully demonstrating complete trust in him - now he thinks he can't trust me? At the same time he said that he's not going to break off contact with her, because she's a "friend" and having a hard time with her jerk ex. His reason for the sexting was that he was "helping her get her ex back for being a jerk". Well, I'm pretty sure this has been going on for at least a year now. How long does it take? He maintains that he did nothing wrong, but to make up with me the only "talking about it" was him telling me that he would "never betray me". That was his "apology". Ok. So I'm supposed to just take his word for it? He never reassured me that he would stop. In fact we haven't discussed this whole situation at all, so I'm having a hard time knowing where to go from here with my Aquarius man. He's the love of my life. I can't imagine life without him, but unless I know that he's going to stop this inappropriate banter (even if it's not what it appears to be) then I'm having a hard time trusting him. The kicker is that he's acting as if I'M the one who can't be trusted!!!

Do Aquarius men test your patience?

Before we met he would do this penetrating stare. He even followed me around at a dinner party. When he caught up with me, we were standing inches apart and he looked deep into my eyes, and I into his. He even puckered his lips! This really freaked me out so I didn't say anything and just went about my business.

After we met, he started acting aloof. The first time I emailed him, he took several days to respond. I sent him a second email and it has been over a month. So what should I do? Please advise. It's driving me crazy, but I really like him. And I'm trying to get to know him better but he won't open up. Thank you for your help. :)

I am an Aquarius male secretly in love with a Pisces female... She does not know (I think)... I have not said anything to Her because she is married (unhappily I believe)... It's so hard to be *just* friends... I sometimes wonder if she has similar feelings for Me... She tells Me things that are on a personal level (marriage, family, etc...) and she told Me that she wanted to attended a certain concert with Me that I went to... We touch each other occasionally (arms, backs, and hands)... I wish I could read Her mind...

I am a Pisces woman infatuated in a relationship with a Cancer guy and infatuated with an aquarius. I have know him for almost 6 years and we used to talk but then he went to go whore around in college and was a jerk to me to make me forget about him because he really liked me and didn't want to hurt me (so he says). I had not seen him in 3 years at least and I saw him almost a month ago and now cannot stop thinking about him. When he is drunk he tells me he misses me and compares every other woman to me but when he is sober he acts like an ass and is rude..I just want to get over him. Every time I see him I fall into the same trap. And I really do value him as a person and friend. He really intrigues me and the chemistry is crazy. Little things he does I find so sexy and he makes me weak at the knees. I avoid talking to him about feelings at all as to not scare him away. I try not to talk to him at all since I'm in a serious relationship but its so hard! Ugh....

I understand that Pisces women and Aquarius man fit perfectly, but I MUST say that Aquarius man and Virgo woman can be something out of this world! For all the Virgo women out there, we are simply a wonderful match! Virgos are independent, not clingy, intellectual, and sex... well... with Aquarius man is just awesome! Pisces are too clingy.... Virgos are better matches! Trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm 19 and my Aqua man is 21... we are both very young, both in college. I get stressed easily with school and minor problems here and there. He is always busy and has very little time for me. We are doing long distance, we met in our home town during our summer break and the moment I laid eyes on him I knew he was something special because I couldn't stop thinking about him. He showed no interest what so ever and being a Pisces woman that I am and young aswell, I saw what I wanted and I tired to go for it. I looked for his number from his friends since I met him through friends( my friends are his friends too) and I was going back to school soon so if I wanted to hear from him I had to try and talk to him. In person I didn't talk much and tried to avoid eye contact with him, I was so shy and I think he was too. When I started texting him at first he wouldn't reply so I gave up on him and it was time for me to head back to school which was abroad (he studies abroad too). Then one day I decided to check on him online and he responded, he even made a conversation. I was surprised at first but played along and the one thing led to another. Its been 7 months now since we decided to have a long distance relationship. He makes me happy, but just like all the Aqua men he is not predictable. One moment he is very sweet and romantic the next moment he talks to me like he is talking to one of his friends. I love getting attention from the man I love and i'm crazy inlove with him I don't even know how it happened. Once he decided to be open about his feelings and told me the same thing that he fell for me really fast and it was all new to him. Last week I told him I needed a break because I couldn't take him being distant it was just too painful, he tried so hard to change my mind but I didn't and a day after that he starts texting me and we go back to normal like nothing happened he even asked me to get back together and I agreed. He loves me I know because he was so upset when I told him I needed a break from him. And yes he is the jealous type he may not show it but I sense it, whenever I say i'm out with a male friend he would act different although he is always interested with my where abouts he gets abit more interested with my outings with the male friends. So far there is'nt much problem I just have to learn to give him space. I was a little insecure about his ex because whenever I asked him how he feels about her he wouldn't give me a straight answer but i'm learning to let it go. All I know is I love him,he is kind, sweet and has a big heart all of which I want in a man... I feel like he might be the one. Only time will tell.

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