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Im a Sagittarius girl & my boyfriend Is an Aquarius & Its great ILOVE HIM SO MUCH! we understand each other so good, & he never judges me foranything, we always respect & Trust each other, we've even talked about marriagetogether:) I truly believe that I have found the one 4 me =)))

I am a Sag. My Old Boyfriend Is an Aquarius And he is way tooheadstrong For me. Gets Mad and stays mad for a year.. Good luck

I am the Fire and He Is the AIR sign, together we are blazin' HOT!!!!!He pushes every button to make us work or to see how I work - yet gives mespace = I think I love him.

I am a Sag woman and my boyfriend Is an Aquarius & I am so madly In lovewith him!!! I never ever have this kind of passionate love In my entire life!!Finally, I believe life Is worth living...My heart, body and soul melt wheneverI think of him. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, WE ARE SO GREAT!!!

I'm a Sagittarius woman (dec.13th), and my boyfriend Is an Aquariusman (jan.27th). I do agree that he can hold a grudge forever when It comes tocertain things, but he never stays mad at me for too long. Our relationship hasbrought on many firsts for the both of us. He really controls his temper withme. We both push each other's buttons all the time, but we never take It toofar. WE know when to give each other space and that's what I love about us. Wereally understand each other, although we are both very head strong, stuck Inour ways, and we both are very hard- headed lol. But I love him all the more.

Im a Sagittarius and my ex boyfriend Is a Aquarius When we were together therelationship was perfect, we would talk on the phone for hours, he was mybetter half. We broke up because the distance and have recently started backtalking after some years, Its like we were meant to be with each, I get thesame feeling all over again, this Is my soulmate!!

I've Never dated a Aquarius man but I'm a sag girl and I'm In lovewith this Aquarius man there's just this automatic connection I feel and Ithink were soulmates he's taking me out this Sunday can't wait!

There Is this man that I care for so much, he happens to be anAquarius... our beginning was just such an Instant connection... we are justlike magnets, Inseparable whenever we see each other. He makes me smilewhenever I think of him. It's been a year since our first encounter, but everytime we see each other Its like meeting again for the very first time... withall the excitement of wanting to kiss him... Unfortunately, not one of us Isable to tell each other how we truly feel about each other... and It Is what'spushing me away... I feel like he Is too detached, and It's hard for me to takehim seriously, because I do not know what he truly wants... and I'm too afraidto tell him that all I want Is him, because I'm afraid to lose whatever It Isthat we have... he tends to be dramatic at times... and will just completelycut me off for no reason... and then I will hear back from him as If nothinghappened... ----- dilemma of a Sagittarius

I'm a Sagittarius girl who married a beautiful Aquarius guy! We areso very happy!

I am a Sagittarian girl and I would love to be with him who IsAquarius. Hope the fate clicks for us and I had never felt this before.

I'm a sag female who's In love with an Aquarian male I think he lovesme but he doesn't talk about his feelings so I never knows what he wants,wants It to last forever but doesn't know how to approach him aboutcommitment. loves spending time with him. great friend and lover

I am a Sagittarius girl who had a relationship with an Aquarius guyas a first bf, we were fine In the Initial stages but he changed In the processand I only came to find out he was cheating with other girl. though we're nomore but we still talk on phone as friends and he normally bring up the Issue ofbeing with me again....

I'm a sag girl madly In love with an Aquarius guy. We love a gooddebate, and share many Interests, we love going to gigs and are just as goodfriends as we are lovers. He can be quite distant at time, however I deal withthat by leaving him be, he needs his space and appreciates It that Iunderstand. I can't wait for my birthday In a couple of months, he hassomething big planned. I know he knows me Inside out, so It'll be great!

have you girls noticed that everyone who posted here were theSagittarius girl? Aquarius guy has posted here about us lol I just foundthat funny

Im (Dec 12th) In a relationship with an Aquarius man (Jan 27th) I think I lovehim, but something stops me from telling this to him. He hates the fact I keepeverything In me.... He Is my first boyfriend, but doesn't know that.

I really would love to spend the rest of my life with him and show him that Imnot like any other girl he ever met....because that what he thinks... and Idon't want to prove him wrong.

Yeah, some signs are much harder to understand than others, you'll find that In any relationship with an Aquarian It's the other partner who Is posting here.

I'm an Aquarian man, and I enjoy reading the comments on several different combinations. I don't know If It's the same with other Aquarius guys but I'm waiting till I have something conclusive to say before I comment. I will say though that I largely agree with the articles and descriptions on this site, which Is a first.

I agree. This Is the first astrology site I've read where I agree with the articles and descriptions. I think most astro sites are copied from each and exist just to host advertising. With this site though you can tell the author Is writing from hands on experience. Having a forum like this where people can share real experiences Is also unique, so kudos to the site author for not just copying the formula of every other astrology site.

I follow several astrology websites and this one is by far the most accurate for Aquarius in my opinion.

Im a sag female, and I've fell crazy In love with an Aquarius man,while I was In a relationship with a Cancer. To my surprise me and my Cancerwere together for a long time although that's one of my incompatible signs...

Although, me and my Aquarius started out as Inseparable friends and still are.I feel free to let my best friend Aquarius know how I truly feel, at first Iwas afraid that he'd turn me away or admit he only liked me as a friend. To mysurprise the admiration was mutual, he always tells me that "only time willtell." I get butterflies every time I think or speak to him, I tell him It feelslike a "high school crush" Well, I did have to be a bit sassy to let him know Ineeded my space! They respect you to be trustworthy and honest something Ireally admire too! That's what really kept our friendship strong till this day,but It was hard to not enjoy each others company on a daily basis becauseAquarius loves to please you both mentally and physically, so Its an amazingadventure that keeps my fire flaming all the time!

I've dated both incompatible and compatible signs but this has been the bestencounter ever, I would hate to let go especially being a sag Its so easy tolook the other way and not let your emotions get the best of you! Even If youstart out as friends or become lovers Its a strong bond that will last as longas you want It too your call! I know that most Aquarius men love to have morethan one girl, which Is a problem If your clingy so try not to get to attachedbecause they must explore there options before settling down so let time tellwhere you'd both end up !

Im a Sagittarius (Dec 8.) my boyfriend Is a Aquarius. We love eachother, we sometimes argue, we still joke on each other but not too harshly. Iwant to marry him but he's scared for me to ask him.. PUNK. But yeah I'm goingto have his little kids

I'm a Sagittarius and my man Is an Aquarius and we been together 4 Years.He can be distant and detached but I love him. I think he loves me because hetells me sometimes. I think we are a good match. His birthday Is Feb 17th andmine Is Dec 20th.

We haven't posted but we are reading It! HAHA

I'm In love with a STRONG, tough little sag women! I love her cause we have agreat connection (soul). Even though you girls haven't said It, you love yourfreedom and space too! And we give It to you! Other women think we don't likethem or are not Interested but we're just not clingy or overly jealous! In bed,SAG women are open to the kinky things us Aquarians want to try, so It keepsthings real hot! Sometimes keeping up with her sexually Is a challenge!HAHA.... I'll never tell her that! Cause I hang with anyone! CONFIDENCE PEOPLE!lol

Anyways, thought I would comment. Just to let you know that we are reading thisboard and analyzing the do I do that? am I know It all? I actuallytry and become better to her each day. I know I'm difficult but aren't we allin our own way.

Take care

P.S. Don't ever stop chasing your dreams regardless of what regular people tellyou! YOU HAVE TO HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! WHO CARES what others sayabout you!




Im a sagg too dec 21st and my bf Is Aquarius, feb 12th.We are attracted verymuch to each other and we have just rekindled a relationship from 17 yearsago!

We are both great mates, have loads of funÂ… but I do find him a no It all attimes! I do believe he Is my soul mate though as Ive never felt this compatiblewith a guy before! Also we have great exciting sex, always up for something new!

Hello Im a Sag women and my Best friend for 4 years Is a Aquariusman. We always call each other "best friend" and "brother and sister" Butsometimes I feel like there's something more there. We always have fun togetherand have a great connection, I love being with him when It comes to partying,dinner or just watching a movie together. When I look at him I feel somethingand I feel like he feels the same but we just don't say anything because wereboth nervous to. the main thing why I think he likes me more then a friendsometimes Is because EVERYTIME were drunk we do something!! lol We blame It onthe Alc. but even when Im sobering up I still want to kiss him and I thinkabout him all day but then brush It off. We could go weeks without seeingeach other but when we do Its like I saw him yesterday and we always hug everychance we get and say now much we missed each other n I love you (as friends) Iwish we could try something but Im not sure If I will get the same respond back or even If I should go there.

The last time we hung out was a Party, I didn't even know he was going to bethere and when I saw him I Jumped on him with a hug I haven't seen him Inawhile, I was so happy he was there. It truly made my night. The whole time wewere together, we played Beer Pong together and danced and sat talking andeverything we just always laugh and have fun. Then I don't no how It started butwe end up looking at each other a certain way and get closer when we talk andsay "we shouldn't b drunk together cause this always happen" but we honestlydon't care but we just say It lol Then he told me he doesn't understand hisfeelings but I wont say nothing back really. I don't want to confess anythingunless he feels the same..

Im stuck and confused, can anyone help me?

I am a Sag (Dec 5)My husband Is a Aquarius (Feb 12). He has the samebirthday as Abraham Lincoln. Fun fact Is that Lincolns wife was a Sag. Anyway,He Is so amazing and I love him sooo much. Some, say that the Aquarian man canbe detached, but I have to disagree, because he Is so loving and veryaffectionate. We do give each other space. He Is truly my best friend. Hetells me I'm his soul mate. I can't see myself with anyone else, but him. If wedo have a disagreement, I was usually the one to shut down, but he Is the onethat taught me to communicate. So, communication Is the best thing In anyrelationship, I have learned. He says I'm feisty, but he can handle It. He andI try our best to make each and every day a positive one.

I recently met an Aquarian male! He Is absolutely wonderful... So Itseems. I'm a sag female and am very strong willed. My long time relationshipwith a Cancer just would not work. I thought I'd never feel that strongly aboutsomeone until I met this gut.... I'm like OMG!!! I hope that our endeavor turnsout as well as some of those I've read about this evening!

I don't know .... It started out just as great as so many of you havewritten here. It was a long distance thing to begin with. Ooh I felt like heunderstood me like no one ever had... Stimulating mentally and physically. Allthat has changed after 6 yrs of marriage. He doesn't seem to listen and thoughhe Is trying to do stuff for me all the time, It's as If he Is pitting up withme just so I won't dwell on how we've changed. I cd stood by his dreams, whatHe believed In.....but he just kept taking me for granted. And he Is sostubborn nd rigid even when he freakin knows he Is wrong.... He just doesn'tseem to know me anymore let alone care from the heart

Alright I'll be the first real man on the Internet and admit that allthis stuff Is Interesting and that I'm secure enough In my manhood to write howI feel about my lovely Sagittarius. well we've only been together for a monthand we've discussed topics that any normal couple wouldn't dare to go near. I am100% honest with her but I feel that at times she It's hard for her tounderstand me. nonetheless I love her more than anything In the world. we havegreat compatibility and I see us growing old together.


I dislike the Aquarius man I am with.. I am a Sagittarius female. Itsalmost been a year we have been together and I thought he would be different.He blames everything on me and never takes responsibility for his actions, henever apologizes when he Is wrong and doesn't balance things because It alwayshas to be all about him.. He has that "my way or the highway" approach to therelationship, I found out he Is out there still looking on a dating site and hedenied It and has broken my heart so much that now I am starting to have anegative approach on relationships. He has turned me Icy cold and throws anasty tantrum anytime my phone rings. even If It's family or friends and claimsits because he Is lonely and wants my attention and claims he sees me as hiswife.. yeah right. The only thing that Is keeping me Is planning my next move toget out of this thing that was supposed to be called LOVE and waiting on schoolto be over for my child. Beware Fellow Sags. Run While U can!!!...they are too fake and uncompromising. I used to be the mostpositive and romantic person but now I feel that Is stolen from me.

Well Im a Sagittarius myself and me and my Aquarian are In love SOOOMUCH I love him to the bottom of my heart he Is what I look forward to In themornings and when his gone he calls before I can reach the phone I he loves methe same he's even dropped all he's bad habits and groupies away just to make mehappy he Is my world and Im his

why do Aquarius men seem like they don't want to talk or anything butseem so In love with you.?

im a sag :)

I'm a sag and my boyfriend is an Aquarius..... there are days when Ifeel like we're so In love. Then there are days he seems so distant . He has agood heart and means well but I'm confused. He never wants to discuss what'sbothering him because he feels It shows weakness. ...she. ... Idk anymore. ..

I met an Aquarius online, and we hit It off right away. (long distancething) I realized that we all have ghosts but he started comparing me with hisex-wife, which turned me off. He refused to call me on the phone. Well at onepoint I wrote him a nasty gram and he told me that he didn't care what Ithought because he could be callous at times. Well then he started Ignoring me,telling me he would be online and then be a no show. So I sent him anothernasty gram. Well he refused to communicate with me at all, except when I toldhim that I was willing to meet him for coffee. So he said he was all for that.I am going to meet him In two weeks but he still refuses to talk to me onlineanymore. I just do not get It. Really, I am hoping when I meet him I knock hissocks off and he will regret being so stubborn. ( which he said he

Well Im a sag girl with an Aquarius guy. Aquarius guys are verycomplex people. They can get attracted very easily to any pretty face theysee. You think you hit jack pot with them because they tell you everything youwant to hear and then suddenly you don't hear from them anymore. I met a lot ofAquarius guy In my line of work and they're all extremely nice and veryinterested In you at first. They are very shy, really good looking, quiet butmost are very boring. My Aquarian guy never wants to go out. And when we do goout he sits In one corner and makes no effort at all to socialize. Girls arenormally drawn to a very quiet and good looking guy who seems to be mysteriouswhich Is what Aquarius do best, but, to tell you the truth there's nothingmysterious about them. They are just normal and boring compare to the othersigns like Leo, Scorpio, Aries and Sagittarius. They are set In their wayslike an old man, they like to do their own thing which Is most of the time boring, boring, boring. Im a Sagittarius girl and now I'vebecome boring because of him. He gets up at the same time everyday, eat thesame food, comes home from work at the same time. You know exactly where he Isand what he Is doing any time of the day. So all this talk about Aquarius beinghard work Is true because anybody who can be doing the same thing day In dayout Is enough to sent anybody crazy. The only thing I like about them Is theyare clever, they think outside the box which Is why Im still with him. Hechallenges me mentally so I can put up with his other Imperfection. Please don'tbother replying If you're going to say that not everybody Is the same cosbelieve you me Ive been with at least ten Aquarius guy and they all share thiscommon thing BORING.....

I have a big crush on this Aquarius guy....... He Is from JamaicaSHABAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I like him very much. How should a women approach a man Ifshe likes him? Do I wait until he come to me?

I am a sag woman and unfortunately this Is the worst relationship Ihave had ....this Aquarius man Is self centered and has to have things his way Ihave caught him cheating and he Is a chronic compulsive first I tookit personal but he lies to everyone around him he doesnt know how to sayno.... He has to have more than one woman... He Is needy and requires theattention of a woman ... He can not be trusted at his word... If he say go rightu better go left...they start out great but It Is a trap... He never owns up tobeing wrong he Is a finger pointer and believes the world owes him somethingand he makes promises he doesn't keep...first time dating an Aquarius...not sureabout the other s ...but this Is a liar, deceitful, selfish and selfcentered. but must say he Is a great lover what that do?

im a sag and Im with an Aquarius and Im so at my wits end I mean,nothing I do Is ever good enough, he blames me for everything , he does nothingwrong , he's Insecure, he's distant at times, can hold a grudge forever, he blowsup at the smallest things, and he Is possessive ass hell and he reads Intoeverything! Im a hot head and I can blow my top, Im also Insecure, can b a liljealous, but the difference between us It I AM A REASONABLE PERSON! WithAquarius man the Is no reason only there way Is logical and us are to just goalong with his logic because he Is always right and you should be thankful toeven breathe the same air as him.

And when you think that you have just about enough of his bullshit, because Itis bullshit, he becomes the most loveable likeable person In the world , andthe sex Is bananas, lol, he can be a prince when he wants to be , and he Is agood provider, but you have to have something to bring t the table , he willprovide but he wont support, get It , but he Is the most unique person I haveever met and that Is what keeps me Interested but I don't know If It will lastbut that's what Im pulling for It.

I am getting to know an Aquarius they are very hard to read. It'slike they give you mixed messages. It's weird but I am crazy about them so farI will see how It goes oh and by the way I am a Sagittarius.

Sag woman Aquarius man, something always drawls me Into him. There Isa connection that I truly can't explain. I have never been so comfortable withsomeone like I am with him. I do believe this Is who I am supposed to be withthe rest of my life. There Is a reason why we met I just home the connectioncontinues and will never fade. S

Hi... Im a Sexy sag Dec 13th and I dated a Aquarius man. At first hecame on very strong... saying all the right things. We had a magnetic chemistryand I was drawn In... but once we got together It changed... I mean drastic. Hewasn't anything that he was In the beginning. I got pregnant and he reallyshowed his ass.. He stop caring, calling and the sex faded as well. I was Inshock but the more I asked what was wrong. He would play as If I was crazy...So I had enough I got rid of his ass. To this day I cant understand whathappen.... Its weird. Oh his b day Is Jan 26th... I dent even think we can befriends because of his messed up ways... Although he says Its me. I don't thinkall Aquarius men are like this... but for this to be first time dating one .. IREGRET IT. Sagittarius may be a lot of things but we are honest, air andloving. he was cold, distant and a liar... so much for a perfect match

I'm an Aquarian guy who has fallen In love with a beautifulSagittarian girl. This Is something completely out of the blue, and happened ata time when I had resigned myself to never finding love. I've only known herfor about 6 weeks, and I've always been the biggest skeptic, and resigned thislove at first sight business to only exist In steamy romance novels, or film. I'll admit that I've fallen hard for this girl, and while I knew I wasattracted to her from the very beginning, It's taken me longer to admit tomyself that what I've felt from the outset Is a very strong emotional pull thatcan only be love. It's left me feeling totally stunned and totally happy andwithout a care In the world. I've not told her any of this yet, but I willsoon because I can't keep this too myself for much longer.

The cruel Irony Is that the love of my life lives nearly 12000Km away. The truejoy Is that she seeks out every possible moment for us to spend time chattingwith each other. Having read your comments here, I feel energized, andreassured that my feelings are In the right place. I'm looking forward to ourbond deepening and making plans to be with her very soon.

I find that they ( Aquarian men ) give you mixed messages, one minuteyou think they are Into you and the next they completely blank you, like youdon't exist. I find this very hard to deal with as being a Sagittarius woman Iam very open and honest and like to express how I feel. We are friends and Ilike the fact we are but I know I feel a little something more and I feel Ishould stop this friendship as I know he's not right for me, yet I still feelattracted to him.

What was the sex like between the two of you?

I'm Aquarius guy and met this sag girl ... the moment I saw her I talked to her without a delay (shocked myself) and the chemistry was right there from that very first time like we both knew what each other was gonna say ... she is as kinky as I'd like. Had to go different ways I miss her pretty badly but hoping for the best.

Being a sag girl, I have had the opportunity of dating a Aquarius man. It is one of the most complex and awakening relationships I have ever been in. We started out as lovers, and kept in contact on and off for years since then. To this day when we do get the happenstance of seeing one another, the chemistry is still there. We have ultimately both cheated on our significant others in the past because of the sexual chemistry as well as caring deeply for one another. Being as complex as it is, he has somehow manage to connect me in a way that I have never felt. Usually in my relationships I always know how my significant other feels, and know where I can push, but with this Aquarius guy, its a never ending battle of "does he, or doesn't he" moments. We connect, and boy do we have unbelievable sex. The only thing that never connects us as (or not) in a relationship, is mainly the distance since we are separated by states, and with me, the uncontrollable insecurity that it won't last, since I don't play well with head games. I can read people pretty well, and hate when the truth is being withheld. Aquarius men are fun, and intelligent, but for me, it always lack something. He is the only guy that has left me pondering what it could/could not be, and he is never to far from my heart. But I've grown up and moved on. They definitely will get your (sag) fire started. But the best thing I could possible state, is never try to make someone love you. You will ultimately taint anything that could be. I'll probably end up with he Aquarius guy when we are both considerably older. but I have found my soul in a Gemini.

5 1/2 years with my Aquarian man :) yes, he challenges me... most of the time that's good... he makes me think about aspects others have never had me consider. it's like having another brain to draw on when mine needs expansion! LOL! :)) because yes, we are both stubborn in our own ways. there are 3 types of Aquarians, remember... they are ruled by 2 signs so some are more one than the other but there are those who have a tremendous balance and I've been lucky enough to find one. this man has had me at my ultimate best and worst... and has accepted it all. and I've done the same with him. we spend time away from each other because we both need it, but would never be "without" the other in spirit and delight in coming back together. we truly love and respect one another, yet we can make one another insanely frustrated like no one else. I have never had such heated debates with anyone else in my life and I'm over 40 :) and the guys nailed it here... the sex is off the charts! I need that as a constant in my life and he more than provides. this is where this man shows his feelings if he has them for you. he is the most tender, gentle lover I've ever had but has the most passion and his air totally fuels my fire!!! it can be loving one second and amazingly hot and kinky the next! NIRVANA :) I could never imagine my life without him... truly my best friend!

Im an Aquarius guy and my girlfriend is a Sag. I couldn't have asked for a better girl. We seem to not be able to get enough of each other and we spend almost every second we can together and we never get bored. We are extremely attracted to each other and the sex is off the charts! I trust her, respect her, and I love her to death. She's the person ive been looking for my entire life.

Well I'm an Aquarius male and I just started talking to this freedom loving, beautiful and very optimistic, Sagittarius female. I'm going to be honest I love to be free and do me, I love to party with my boys and I tend to not have care in the world.... but talking to this girl I feel a connection both physically and mentally that I think I could put all that on hold. I don't feel like I should express this to her yet though, even though we talk for hours on end and I love hearing bout her. we're in two different continents at the moment but the chemistry we both express towards each other is crazy to me I have never felt this way about a female before and we haven't even started getting serious. I think we can make this into something really beautiful one day, or at least till I get back home. =)

OMG- the heart connection with my Aquarian man has been amazing- we are north and south attracted to each other by every cell of our bodies- we have had really amazing experiences- for example a lady saying to us "great that you two are together, now", when we had only just sort of gotten together and not told anyone. Also the pink quartz that he gave me vibrated in our hands when we held it together- really freaky stuff! A Saggie in love x

You are all lucky people! Im a Sag girl with an Aquarius guy! 7.5 years so far!! We love each other 4 sure! Maybe I found the wrong one lol! He thinks very much only about himself for a start! As long as he is ok the world is a better place! Not much of a thought for me when I need him the most! Its like looking after a spoilt child most days! He has a very charming way to get around me and he is lazy! So.... don't mean to burst anyone's bubble at all! I obviously did not get a pedigree Aquarius! He makes me laugh though and only wants to be with me and vise versa, so that makes it all ok!

Ok, so I met a guy, online, and we hit it off great. Started off by emails, which became more and more frequent. This then progressed to instant messenger. After a few months of this we decided to meet up. There had been some flirting online but not a lot. The evening went great and we didn't get home till the early hours. I didn't think anything other than this was going to be a friend thing at the time and I definitely feel he felt the same, just to be friends, there wasn't a spark for either of us I think....After we did meet he disappeared and I wasn't sure how to feel about that, it confused me as we spoke so much before we met. I became worried he thought I was 'interested' in him and he'd decided to back off. After a few weeks he came back and we began talking on IM again. This increased to everyday and the more we spoke the more I felt I started to feel differently about him. He would open up and tell me things about girls he liked and other personal things, which was hard because I had started to develop feelings but I was his friend and so I 'listened'. He asked several times about meeting up again and reluctantly I agreed. Not because I didn't wasn't to see him but because I was worried about getting any deeper feelings for him...He cancelled on me though. He disappeared again. About a week later he returns and asks if I want to meet up. We did meet up and again it was great. The difference this time was that I knew right away when I saw him how I truly felt and my heart sank a little because at no point did he make me feel like he was interested. Then he disappears again....He's an Aquarius and I'm a Sagittarius. Aquarians seem to be able to make you feel like your special when really they are no different with anyone and it can become confusing.

im a sagii girl..i really love my aqua boy..we both share same interests. I'm comfortable being with him and knows my deepest secrets (and I know his secrets too).. he's romantic when we're in the mood says "iloveyou" (alot) *HEAVEN*, but sometimes I can't understand him..coz he is moody..:| he also forgets to say I love you when he's too busy..i feel like I don't want him anymore..but I try to understand him, and if we have time for each other. there it goes again. falling for him. I hate the fact that I love him so much hahaha :)) [on and off relationship. but now. he seems to be serious. I hope so]

Im a sage female (dec.17) my boyfriend is and aqua (jan.1st) we been dating for 2 loving yrs now, our relationship is GREAT! he loves his space and I always give it too him, since we both have our distance of home. We both love SEX! but I feel as if im more sexual active then him and always ready for round 2 lmao! and he's always like ugh'' lets wait a few''hahaha''I LOVE HIM DERELY!! we connected 100% communication is excellent! and we do have or ups and downs and love/hate, and we are soo attached whenever we see each other, our love is a god gift.. soo meant to be with each other :] im soo glad our sign are compatible 5/5 and he loves it when I dress sexy! it attracts him and gets him in the mood (wink) hehe and I hope for our relationship to LAST long years, happily ever after!! till death do us part..Kevin & Emily x

im an Aquarius male and im madly in love with my sag girlfriend, but quite frankly.............the bitch is nuts...............but that's why I love her

I am an Aquarius male (5 Feb) that's completely in love with a Sagittarius female (25 Nov). We had been friends for over three years before we ended up getting together and now we're great lovers and still best friends.

One thing I notice is that I have a hard time expressing my feelings, and my Sag girl will hold things back because she doesn't want to cause confrontations. When we do talk though, it's wonderful - we're both reasonable and loving and we work out our problems a lot easier than other couples I know.

I can't see myself with anyone but her now that I've met her. We have a loving, trusting relationship - Aquarius is supposed to be perfect for the other Air signs, but I wouldn't trade my Fire sign for a boring, flighty Gemini or a bookish Libra. My Sadge gal is always up for anything I can come up with to do - she's always ready for a new adventure, a new trip somewhere, a day-trip to some random place...anything! Both of us are up for sex at the drop of a hat, as well.

All in all this is most amazing relationship I've ever been in - loving every minute of it. Aquarius men - do yourself a favour and hunt down a Sadge'll thank me later.

is aquarius/snake[male] and sagittarius/rooster[fem] compatible?.pls reply XD I'll be checking this website again haha :))

I am sag woman. My very first crush was an Aquarius man. I agree with the part where Aquarius man isn't too public about their feelings. 6 years later, I still miss him and hope to marry him...someday.

to the poster above : of course you're compatible! im an Aquarius and secretly adore a Sagittarius chick around my office... love her tomboy-style very much. but she's just lucky that im married and am a loyal husband :D. I think she likes me too haha.

so, GO GET HIM!! how to get him? you know how ;)

I am a Aquarian 15 yr old girl that loves a Sagittarian boy very much. He treats me the way I want to be treated even though I am not sure if I am the only one he does this too. I want to love him with all my heart and I have told him I liked him 3 times already and he was fine with it. But somehow there is something that stops me from doing this. But one things is for sure, he cares for me so much too and I think he likes me too. you can just tell in his face and the way he acts around me....we love each other as if we knew each other since we were little yet we can be very distant more than you can imagine....I have realized though if I truly love him, I have to GIVE him my love, not expect anything in return because that is not what true love is.

Have you ever just know when someone was your twin flame, and that there positively was no one else in this world for you. This is how I feel about my Aquarius man. We are so great together. I can truly be myself around my man he loves me the way I am, he told me that he is in love with me, that is exactly how I feel about him. I hope that we get married and have a great life ever after!!!! I have truly found the one for me!!!!

I can say that the connection between sag and Aquarians are really fantastic. I do believe in magic and that magic comes along with true LOVE...yeah I must say that after long searching I found the one in the person of an Aquarian man...whoooaaa...he's really my soulmate...I never thought we could have that same feeling but it came in reality that I cud only ever think in my dreams to happen but this is it!!! I am in love and forever in love with my man...such a romantic one, a very passionate relationship I will always treasure for the rest of my life, and I won't ever give him up coz I know no matter what distance we have our souls unite....our story begins and will endure forever!!!

I am a Sagittarius (Dec 7) and my boyfriend is an Aquarius (Feb 15). I love him dearly. He matches me on nearly every level. Yes, we argue but one of us will always apologize, just because we know its not worth fighting. Sadly, sometimes he's very distant and so I feel like I love him more than he loves me but then he does something so amazing and heartfelt that its impossible for me to feel unloved. I've never loved someone this much before, and I don't think I could find anyone better.

Amazing,I'm a sag girl and I met a Aquarius guy 5 months ago.And 'Yes' he has confussed me as well, there is a spark with us both,that's for sure, but 'yes' one minute you think they are Into you and the next they completely blank you, like you don't exist, (as one writer wrote) ...mixed messages totally, we seem to play this game every couple of days or so, being a straight up sag, 'this does my head in'

he does things to encourage me, like add me to his social networks, but then dosen't talk to me, txts me in the middle of the night and when I respond it takes him days for him to answer back. fore ever charming, flirts with me when he see's me and entices me his way, and when I make a move his way, he is off,and very aloof,And leaves me wondering what I did or said wrong, I'm not a pushy person, I give people space,I'm not over bearing I'm very easy going, Mind you he notice me 1st he was keeping a eye on me for weeks before he approached me ( with his friend who made conversation ) Shy? I thought so, I had the fore sight to get our astrology compatibility birth charts done and apparently according to the stars we are perfect together,, But when we are together I do feel a connection, one that is 'Fair to say' I have never experienced before, If all these 'come here' 'go away' stopped, we could be the best of friends at the very least, I admit I feel have a soft spot fo r him, If any one else did this with me I would take it his 'not into me' and I would just go my own way, It is good for my confussion to read many sag ladies experiencing the same thing, I'm not alone. but what to do is the question

I am madly in love with this amazing Aquarius man, he is the most wonderful man I have ever met. I feel very comfortable around him. I have never been able to just be myself around any man like I can with this special man. He makes me feel so special, he understands me and loves me for how I am and does not want to change me. He says that he is madly in love with me, its funny cause that is exactly how I feel about him. I know that we are definitely meant to be together forever!!!!

-I Am A Saqittarius Girl(Nov.29) & that Guy I Adore Is A Aquarius(Jan.20) . . It's Been A Little Over A Year Now Since We Became One ! , . We Strtd Off As Friends & Thts All We Intended To Be , . We Would Stay On The Phone For Hours,Kick It All Niqht,& Tlk About EVERYTHING ! , . We Would Remember Our Pasts , . Discuss Thee Present & Dream As Well Plan Thee Future , . After Like 2 Years We Swallowed Our Pride & Realized that It Was Meant For Us To Be Mre Than Friends . . . I Adore Him ! , . He Challenqes Me Often Simply Cause He Knws I'm Very Strnq Minded, . Debates Are Always Going On Between Us, . In Our RelationShip There Are Up&Dwns As Well As Confusin

Met an Aquarius male on the internet. we emailed for awhile. I love that guy but today I closed my account cause he's so much more than I am. I feel the heartache today. Miss him. I think I will always love him. Love you Bob.


Im a Sagittarius girl(dec3) & my boyfriend is an aquarius(feb8), we clicked instantly. I get along with him better then ive ever gotten along with anyone, he's a wonderful guy & we both fell so quick for eachother, its like a perfect match =] the only downside is when he gets mad he can deff hold a grudge, he believes every action has a consiquence, which it does but not for as long as he can stay mad. but we've learned to deal with each other & our relationship is great =]

please someone give me an answer to this! its keeping me up at night lol

im a sag girl, and I met this aqua guy at a bar on friday (its thursday of the next week now) and we hit it off sooo amazingly well, it was a soul connection or something. he was totally enamored by me, and me by him..we had an awesome night-take my word for it-and I know he felt the connection too. we didn't have sex, but just talked, hung out, smoked weed, and then passed out together. we've texted briefly, he said he had a fun time too in the texts, but I havent heard from him since, and its killing me! lol. I just got out of a relationship with a Cancer guy who was like super direct, took initiative, etc. so I never had to worry about it. and this guy, I just don't know how to read it..

whether the lack of hearing from him is just him testing me for space, or if he just played me?? DEF don't think he played me tho, it seemd seriously genuine that he was having a good time with me.

his Venus is aquarius, Mars is gemini, sun is aquarius, and moon in taurus...

I am a Aquarius male. Recently I have really started reading up on my sign and realize it fits me to a T. Was actually laughing on some portions. We are very creative, observant, easy going, but have energy, we are passionate in all we do, we find pleasure in pleasing the woman. sexually the more I make you come the better I feel about myself and the better I feel bringing you more pleasure,.....i will say this though, we Aquarius are more mental then anything. our minds are constantly going, the workings of the world interest us. if you can not stimulate our mind then we will loose interest quick...we like feed back so the shy thing don't go over to well with us, especially if we feel we are holding the whole conversation.

we do need our space because we think so much. I can promise you that many Aquarius men have a few places to where they can go and no one bother them to just sit back and relax, clear things in the head. that is how we work out many of our problems. when we are spending time with a person then that focus is on them at that time, like they are the only one there. we are patient, but there are certain things that can trigger us off, but all in all we are people people. can hold a conversation with a stranger for a couple hours and walk away and be like what was their name again, but it could be a fulfilling conversation. I am single and maybe one day I will find a woman to be happy with. singing off FEB 16th

My boyfriend is a Aquarius man and I'm a Sagittarius woman, and we are like way perfect for each other, from the first time we both said hello to each other we immediately clicked, our chemistry was great and he came off saying all the right things to me, We started off as friends then he came on to me and we became boyfriend and girlfriend and we have been dating for almost 2 months now, I was born Nov, 24 and he was born Feb, 14 (on valentine's day) and I have never been more happy then I am when I am with him, he treats me like a queen and our down time is just amazing, I think we are going to be very happy together., i've got a big problem..

i'm with an Aquarius guy..

he is lovely, romantic..

he loves me a lot..

but I don't..!!

i love another guy, an aquarius..

the other guy, he's timid..

since the first time I saw him, I felt something..

the other day, I kissed my bf, but I thought of the other guy..

i constanly think that..

if, instead of being with my bf, I was with the boy I realy love..

its horible..

my boyfriend loves me like mad..:(

i'm a sag girl dec 5,and i'm in love with a aqua guy jan 23.we're in love like crazy-never thought I would find someone so compatable.i'm so happy,but he is unpredictable,introvert.but I love him and why do the keep making empty promises????

I am a sag girl (nov 26th) and My boyfriend is Aquarius (jan 28th). Yes, at times he can be distant or detached, but I noticed some girls saying that they have been with their aqua for years and still don't know if he loves them yet. SERIOUSLY? If it was me I would tell that guy to take a hike! But my aqua tells me he loves me all the time =]. When he says it, its not very mushy-gushy, but you know he means it. We are traveling to Florida to live together and start a life. We have a house and next move is marriage and then kids. He has told me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, but he admits that is scares him sometimes. But hey doesn't it scare us all?

A few tips for dating an aqua man:

Don't let your guard down too soon.

You will probably have to suck it up and be the first to say "i love you" if you want to truly know how he feels. Even if that means rejection.

He will make you frustrated because he can be very flaky, and if your future together is something he's flaky about then you have to tell him straight up that he is being flaky and its gonna stop! if he loves you he will stop, if he doesn't he will leave.

When you get into an argument he may shut down, and if he does give him space...but don't leave that to him as an excuse to not talk about it later.

You gotta be straight-forward, sassy, even a little bossy.

Believe it or not, they love that.

wow....I am a Sag girl nov 29...and reading all your responses have almost brought me to tears...i can definatly relate to the posts that say the Aquarius man is stubborn, know it all, DISTANT, confusing....and yes I have said that I was going to leave him several times but he ALWAYS changes back into his alter ego and gets me to stay. WTF!!! Its been bout 3 years..and ye it started out long distance(i think it was better that way. I feel smothered I need my own space..but its like he is scared to give it to me. I need help because we have a child together now...:(

Check this out! Im an Aquarius man and WANT to meat a Sagitarius Woman.been looking for that super a cali. guy,bay area make it so you great people.ill check back in a week,expecting some progress now you hear :)Cheers to the great ones.. 36 yrs old

I am a Sagittarius girl (dec 4th) and im dating a Aquarius male (jan 28th) I am iinnn llooovvveee with him from jump!! we met at the club and it was a million dudes trying to talk to me but he was the only one caught my eye and I see why!! he's the best I ever had like drake!!! he told me he loved me first and tell me every chance I get!! he loves my child like his own!! and misses me everytime he's not around!! calls me every chance he gets!! and kisses me every time he glances at me.. he loves holding me close and the sex is aaammmmaaaaazzzziiinnngggg omg!!! he's a beast!!! the best!! im soooo in love with him!! he tells me he wants to marry me and I think im ready for that when it comes to him!! my flirting days are over!!!

I'm a Sagittarius and my EX was an Aquarius. Our relationship was amazing, but we broke up because we grew on each other and it was boring. But when we did break up, my Ex decided to spill all the lies out. This made me have a breakdown. We're still friends its just that we will never go back out because of that.

Im a Sag and my boyfriend is a Aqurius. I fell in love with him almost instant. Yes I was in a 5 year relationship with a Sag when my Aquarius came along and stole my heart. My Aquarius and I have deep emotions and feelings for one another. He's incredible to me. I never had a man be so in to me before, nothing like this anyway.

When we make love its so hot and passionate almost like our souls touch. I love this man so much he's all I think about. Take it from me when you find the Aquarius, hold on to them, love like this only happens once. TRUST

Im a Sag and my boyfriend is a Aquarius. As I listen to everyone say that their scared to tell your Aquarius man how you feel. I remember feeling like that also, until one day HE said he love me. My heart melted I couldnt believe that it wasnt me that said it first I was in total shock.

I knew right then he ment it because of the look in his eyes told it all. We was making love one night and he looked into my eyes and he said it. This man is incredible all he do is keep me happy. And the sex,,,,, Amazing the best ive ever had. He knows just what to do. I love me some him.

I am a Sagittarius girl and I am in love with an Aquarius guy. Sometimes I doubt my love for him but I know deep down inside I do. we've been together for two years and months now and we've had a very great relationship. We have lots of fun wen we go out and love to do adventurous things. we have basically the same interest in everything. we go everywhere together and spend all our spear time with each other.

We live together and he does lots of things for me and is a great help to me. we talk about getting married all the time and we are about to have our first child which we are very excited about. Despite my doubts I really do not see a reason for us not being together.We talk about everything both personal and non personal & I do not think that he keeps anything away from me even though I might be wrong. I trust him very much he has never not once given me a reason to doubt him. He is very loving and considerate and he always boosts my confidence when its low. I just really love him.

I'm glad im not the ony sag with a bad experience dating an aquarius. ThIs was the worst relationship I have eve had. He was possessive, jealous (the guy was even jealous of my CAT because He said I gave her more attention than him!), he would get mad over the silliest things and refuse to talk about it. He never acknowledged anything he did wrong and trust me there was plenty to acknowledge. Our fights would be so intense because neither of us would back down...he would punch walls and break my furniture and one time he even slapped me because I came home late from going out with friends. He mad me distance myself from all my friends and if I ever did go out with them he called me evry 5 minutes to check up on me. GOOD RIDDANCE STALKER

im a sag gurl and my boyfriend is an aqaurius, im so stubborn and I get angry quick with his antics but I cant stay mad at him especially wen I c him!!! damn I fell so quick for him and he tells me dasame...he understands me and vice versa da communication is awesome theres never really a fight he talks it out wit me knowin im hard headed...aquarius men r da best match for a saggy woman... theres a love I never felt b4 as well as happiness...damn I really do love him smdh

wow ladies I know how it feels, but I have come to believe that its not your fault why this man is this way. I he likes the feeling of having something everybody wants, a sagg girl. they want to tame you because of there insecurities that they can not get over that you have confidence in. the charm is a game true, the sex it great true, these men are soo mental that the only time you will really feel there feeling is is sex. they take pleasure in bulling and debating with you just because it gibe them thrills nver concern for your mental or emotional health. I believe that once the find someone to use "love" then that is when it really starts. they devalue your credit, they don't support you in anything unless it was there idea, they believe they are better the anybody, selfish, ungrateful, giving when its in it for them, rude, lazy.... its sad because all the good things about him I cant even remember anymore...everyday will be something to argue about no matter how big or small...they dooo have issuse that need help but they don't have a problem, you do remember?? they make you weak so that they have someone that needs and depends on them then turn right around and complain your not strong! yeah I know..... they are intimidated by others even there closes spouse. if you choose to be with this man ladies be prepared to invest your self into this man.... I mean devotion, mind, body, basically be his lil puppet and keep him happy and you will be happy.... walk on your tip toes around him, never speak your mind, ohhh don't make more money then him.... always give into only his needs.. throw yours if you do not they will get very angry and vengeful with you.. they may destroy your belongings, they may hit you to keep you under them...always let them be right cause your always wrong.... young ladies this is not love nor is this the path to love because they want someone they can control, belittle, thats not gonna fight back. I am a dec 5 sag and my husband is a feb 14 aqu. I know what im talking about...... and last is the truth that only we sagg can break the cycle, cause were not weak..... remember they want want everybody eles wants but do not know how to treat us

confused and hurt. my ex aquar. man claims he wants to work on us getting back together,but he leaves for his grandma funeral(which is understandable) and call me for weeks. what should I do

I am a sag' and have a friend who is an aquarius. When we first started talking he came onto me but we both had boy/girl friends. So every time we tried to hook up I'd tell him I'm not really affectionate, now vie broke up with my boyfriend because I fiend for this Aquarius. And since then we hooked up twice. Neither time we had sex just suckn licking and kissing, but gosh it felt so good! Then the 2nd time he was totally shut off. and it pissed me off because I always get my way and I'm not used to this. Plus I speak whatever comes to mind but because he holds back so do I. It's been over a week since we talked and clearly I'm obsessed and super interested, so I'm gonna call, I can't hold back my feelings, but it's funny because I think he's doing it to get back at me for when I wasn't affecinate with him! Bastard.... But something tells me that somethings there! I'm a sag baby I won't stop until I find out.....

I am a sag' and have a friend who is an aquarius. When we first started talking he came onto me but we both had boy/girl friends. So every time we tried to hook up I'd tell him I'm not really affectionate, now vie broke up with my boyfriend because I fiend for this Aquarius. And since then we hooked up twice. Neither time we had sex just suckn licking and kissing, but gosh it felt so good! Then the 2nd time he was totally shut off. and it pissed me off because I always get my way and I'm not used to this. Plus I speak whatever comes to mind but because he holds back so do I. It's been over a week since we talked and clearly I'm obsessed and super interested, so I'm gonna call, I can't hold back my feelings, but it's funny because I think he's doing it to get back at me for when I wasn't affecinate with him! Bastard.... But something tells me that somethings there! I'm a sag baby I won't stop until I find out.....

Sag Girl (Dec 1). I am dating my 2nd Aquarius Guy.

The 1st one was more open about his feeling, but distant at the same time. We got along very well and shared a lot of the same interest. We talked about everything and anything. He was very honest. We stopped dating because I knew he still had feelings for his ex girlfriend at that we couldnt take it any further, with him still stuck on his ex- girlfriend. We are great friends and he still hope that we can have a future. Aquarius #2 is very attractive, charming, and polite. He initiated contact, but is unable to follow through with keeping a connection. We will go days and days without talking, but I will get a call of nowhere that he misses me. I don't get it he is very hard to understand. and I often wonder how he can miss me when we rarely even talk idk...BUt for whatever reason I am still interested (:

Maybe one I will figure him out!....

I'm Aquarius born on 2/14, and all I seem to attract are Sagittarius men. I've been with my currently boyfriend for 9 yrs. He's so sweet, and we have so much fun together. I love the fact that he doesn't smother me too much. He really wants to get married, but I'm in no rush. I don't know if I'll ever get married. He doesn't understand this about me. I am very faithful with no issues with being committed. It's just so PERMANENT once it's on paper. He doesn't get it and probably never will. I was up front with him from day one so he doesn't complain. He knew exactly what he was getting into. Like the saying goes, "If it ain't broke don't fix it". Who knows maybe I'll have an epiphany one day and feel the urge to get married. :) I can say that I have at least thought about it which is waaay more than I've ever done in previous relationships. When I tell him this he has the biggest smile. Deep down he knows he's THE ONE for me. I'm not going anywhere.

I aI am sag gal and my boyfriend is an Aquarius guy, we both lovwe each other a lot. But due to some family pressure he has got married to some other gal. Its really very painful to both of us, but by the time we were together, we were the best couple ever.

Aquarian Male in love with an Outa sight Sag Lady

All my life I have looked for my perfect mate. Someone with whom I could share everything with. Having dated every sign of the zodiac I am convinced that for me the choice is clear My Sag Rabbit lady blows me away like no one else can......she is beautiful inside and out.....and her love runs through every aspect of my life. She is the best friend, greatest lover, and perfect reflection of everything I have ever desired. She is my eternal love.

I'm a sagg girl (dec. 15th) and he's an Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces (feb. 18th) I just met him two months ago, our friendship felt original, like as if it had already been there. We partied together a few times now, we ended up cuddling and kissing, Nothing serious for me though at first.. Then after awhile, my mood would only instantly highlight if he cane around, I started to think about him as much as my EX (a virgomale) I started missing his prescence, I wasn't serious about "us" though, my intentions were to see if I could get him, Lol I'm so mean cuz at first I wanted to play games... But recently, I found out through my friend, that he told him he's in love with me and that me and him are dating?? I was shocked when I heard that, how come I didn't know this? LOL sooo I guess he thinks we're together now, but that's OK because after reading all about our compatibilty, I'll give him a try :D but I have strong sadge personality traits, and if or when he starts being cold and distant and or stubborn, I'll just walk out. Aha, plenty more fish in the sea, time to go flirt with someone new!! Goooodluck to all you couples. Gooodluck 2 me too !

I'm a Sagittarius girl and yes my boyfriend is an Aquarius. We started out as friends but something happened and we now cnt get enough of one another. He's always there for me yet he gives me so much space. That's something in the top 5 that I really love about him. because I don't understand it. I never fell this hard for a guy but it almost seemed instant. I guess ... I love him.

I'm a sag girl, WAS or maybe still am dating an aqua guy! Wen we first startd tlking Evrything was AMAAAZING! We clicked on so many Levels and jst hit it right off! Recently,we had a HUGE bust up! Wasn't quite huge To begin with but HE jst made it into this big ordeal!! I'm a sag, and I'm sure like majority of sags I hav a hot temper, but it is VERY short live. I cudnt even tel you wt the term holding a grudge Means! but my aqua/ex aqua man had so blown it all Out of proportion and he apparently hates me and just Refuses to tlk to me about it. It has been 2days Nw and we r still not tlking or resolving nething! any advice on what to do? As I truly believe he loves me but is afraid to show me his emotions. I'm pretty sure I love him too, but not 100% As of wt we shared and the connection, The passion and fire we had between us,is all Too good for me to jst let go ryt nw. I can easily move on, being a typical saggi gurl, but I'm not sure I WANT to in this case, not jst yet As I truly believe he cud be the one,if nt, Ther jst has to be mre ther for us to enjoy and explore!!

Well, I'm a Sag and my 'partner' is aquarius. We've been seeing each other for 5 months now and I'm still none the wiser. He started the whole thing on his birthday by bringing me some cake - we didn't know each other from Adam but had spoken briefly when he borrowed the cellar in my office to drain the pipes from his shop next door. He then started bringing me muffins and coffee and then a Valentines card came along. We exchanged numbers and for a whole month we spent every evening together when I finished work - in fact most of my breaks were spent in his shop as well, drinking tea and talking. We slept together after a month. The worst part is that he already has a girlfriend, who found out about us and made a beeline for me. I ended the whole thing but then couldn't resist him and went crawling back. He's still with her but I do know their relationship is on the rocks. He is 20 years older than me, has 2 children to his ex wife (has a grandson as of today), a 2 year old to an ex partner who he separated from before he knew she was pregnant and a fair few businesses. Not great, money making ventures but they look after him and his children. I have fallen in love with him but I'm scared to tell him in case it scares him off but I'm pretty certain he feels something for me. We have a strong connection and every time we see each other the spark/sexual tension is so strong. We also hold good conversation. But he does really love his space, sometimes a bit too much! I just want to know whether I am wasting my time or if I should wait for him. Can anyone help??

I am married to a Cancer woman and used to fall for a sag girl during our duty tour and I was madly in love with this sag girl. It was like I had known her from pass life and I almost divorce my wife. But finally I couldn't break up with my wife who is so good to me. We continued our relationship for quite sometime after I told the sag girl that I couldn't be with her as I hoped. And finally we had our separated lives but when look back I don't regret my decision to stick with my Cancer wife, and also knew deep down in my heart that I will be very happy with this sag girl if my decision turn the other way around. I envy those of you who wrote bout it in this post. Aqua man

I just married an Aquarius man after 6(!) years of dating...we broke up 3 times and tried to convince ourselves that it is never going to work but yet we never managed to stay away from each other. had a child and recently got married. I think are Aquarius men are great guys for a Sagittarius woman. They can actually understand why you need personal space. they also understand the abstract and unconventional way some Sagittarius women approach their life.. we are very happy and after 6 years still totally in love and never bored :)

Wow I must say after reading all of the previous comments on on here ...All I can say is smdh...Im a sag girl (Nov 28) &nd my boyfriend is a Aqua boy (jan 23)..We been together for 3 3 years now but before we started dating we were very close friends since waaay before kentergarden..His family loves me like crazy and everytime I see him &nd his family they give a warm welcome into the home :) At first I thought he was as asshole when we were younger because he use smack my ass a lot I mean I knew he hada huge on crush on me at first but I thought he was tryna smash nothin more...but no not at all he jus founded me attractive :) now that we been together the relationship is very unique &positive too! in the beginning of our relationship I cheated on him all because I was goin through some things and the relationship was boring so broke up wit him once only cuz I ddnt wona hurt him but the crazy thing about that part is that he cheated on me to!! with a fucking Gemini :/ and they say Aquarians and Geminis are a very good match but I got luckyy I guess cuz he ddnt like her at all 4real an he was with me at the moment I forgave him jus like he forgave me..he act sssoooo clingy&& possesive,that now I (so he say) he so scared to lose me and he don't want nobody else in his life but me, he feels he should get me prego so I wont go nowhere...(Which will NOT happen until we are married) so I already told em what needs to be said.. but he's Stubborn, difficult as fuck to deal with but the sex?? AAAWWWWWWWEEEEESSSSSOOOMMMMEEEEE !!!! TOTALLY!!! ;)))) and overall that he's the best thing that ever happen to me..phsyically AND mentally :).I try to be that girl he never had in his whole life and I want the best in this relationship, I guess I am :) (so he say)..but I love him no matter what and What I found out about relationships when it comes to dating an aqua, always be open with yourself weather its good or not don't hold nothin me every Aquarian are very eager to kno what's on your mind and if you don't tell em they will get pissed da hell off !!! lol... but its always worth a try an no matter what they'll do or what happens any aqua will always fall for we SAGITTARIANS because we are THE BEST :) WOOT WOOT ! oh yea an vice versa :)

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