Aquarius man Scorpio woman is this the end? Help!

I am a Scorpio 34 year old woman, split last Thursday with my 44 year old Aquarius. His wife left him a year ago, and cheated on him with a younger man. Two months after the split, my Aquarius asked me out on a date and believed him to be genuine. He said he would even have my kids as he likes me so much (he already has two of his own and I have one daughter). It is now 9 months down the line - he has finished with me several times because he says he has doubts if he is doing the right thing and does not want to do the same mistake as he did with his wife, but he always comes back. I always take him back, obviously because I like him a lot. but this time I had enough, he never takes me out for a meal or takes me anywhere. I only see him roughly twice a week, and this time I sensed that he was having doubt again so I told him it's over and that I'd had enough. I then changed my mind, but he said it was too late and he said that the relationship 'is not right' . He text me to say he would be there for me as a friend if I needed to talk to someone. I said some nasty things i.e. you're the last person I'd want as a friend etc (because I am hurt and want him back) - do you think he'll come back this time or is this really the end (as I finished it this time)?? Someone please help

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Aquarius man Scorpio woman is this the end?
by: Anonymous

Oh boy... Well in my opinion I would say that you can count him out. He will for sure be your friend and even come see you every now and again. As far as having an exclusive relationship that part is over. Aquarian men have no problem walking away from the "Love of their lives" for their freedom. The mistake you made was not being patient and giving him time to come around. As I said in previous posts it would have been worth the wait. However I must say that my Aquarian man makes me so frustrated at times that I want to walk away as well. Then I think about all of the men out there I have to choose from and all their issues. I guess it comes down to what issues are you prepared to deal with. Seeing an Aquarian man you are dating twice a week is actually good. When me and my beau first started dating it was more like twice a month. I totally understand how it is not being taken out or do anything together besides sitting and talking or sleeping/sex. It takes so much time for an Aquarian man to come around to being with you more and more. As a Scorpio I need much more attention than my Aquarian man gives. If I feel he has been away from me too long I just tell him that. He understands that and comes around. We don't go out much but when I really want to I let him know that as well. I tell him it has been way to long since we have done anything together and I am due. The one thing they don't want you to be is unhappy. This brings out the "got to save her from sadness" mode. It was hard learning the patients thing let me tell you. When he was away from me I would call him every name under the sun. When he came around I still had a slight attitude but he knew just what to do and say to make it melt away. We Scorpios are needy in the attention department so I have to remind him often that I am in need. He doesn't take it personal and I learned not to take his distance personal. The work of it all never goes away though, you will constantly have to remind him that you need attention now.

he'll come back
by: Anonymous

To answer your question, unfortunately, no. Aquarius can play games or change their minds frequently. They may be done with you one minute then decide differently later. But if it were me I would not take him back if he did return. He seems to only have his own interests in mind and not yours. No matter what sign he is he should have taken you out now and again and make the time to spend quality time with you. Seems like everything was on his terms. If you do decide to take him back, lay down the law and let him know that you have needs too and you deserve a committed relationship. If he doesn't like it then let him go. Aquarius men respect strength and independence in a woman. They also like a challenge, don't give in so easily if you decide to take him back.
Good luck girl.

Scorpio woman married to Aquarius man 2 yrs.

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