Aquarius man unromantic

I am a scorp, seeing an Aquarian "on the side" as well as he .We seem to have a very funny, odd chemistry. I am feeling now a little irritated and not for the first time. He continually tells me he is a hopeless romantic - yet I see none of this. Don't get me wrong, he has done some wonderful things for me - just not romantic. When my birthday came and went last year, I told him that it was important to me to celebrate, never really had that when I was a child. He promptly forgot. This year, the day of my birthday, I get a text. So today is the birthday.. no happy birthday, no nothing, no call. As a result-I have decided to not try to contact this person. It has only been 2 days and it is killing me -am I being unreasonable here?

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by: Halloween

If you really like this guy just back off for awhile. Aquarius men are not good with keeping dates and promises until you get them all to yourself. He may be confused as to how deep of a commitment you are looking for because it's your birthday. They are slow to show concern.

aquarius man unromantic
by: Anonymous

I can TOTALLY relate to how you feel, I am a Libra woman and have had an Aquarius male chasing me for over a year I finally have agreed to see him but now, its complicated..he has been living with a woman for 6 months (an he has been with her for 6 months) I am extrememey attracted to him and have NEVER been the other woman...I am going through the same with him and my advice would be to just take it for what it is at the moment..which is temporary fun on the your own thing...if you have yahoo messenger to your status ..."I FEEL AMAZING" will intrigue him and make him wonder why you feel amazing when he hasn't been around! And when he inquires....AND HE WILL!!!!! DO NOT ANSWER! Just say how sweet of you to notice my status! drop it and redirect the conversation. Also do not be afraid to stand your ground, they do not like doormats!
And when he does not call, text, e-mail not contact him at all!!!! Let him come to you...and just as I am about to do, let him know he can take as much time as he likes deciding what he wants to do but just so he knows until that time he can't have you all to himself, so if you meet someone you can still be swept of your feet! Now mine has pursued me for so long I'm certain that he will jump ship and climb aboard..or drown in his sorrows for losing me!

Aquarius man unromantic
by: AnotherSccorpio

I think you did a right thing by cutting him off for not remembering your birthday.He will be back, don't worry, but next time he will be more attentive to you.

Not true.
by: Anonymous

They do remember, and they are more than capable of being romantic. I guess they just need to make the decision of whether you are important enough to them.

I am a Scorpio, and I got together with my Aqua two weeks before my birthday. (He was single for years before me). He didn't just remember my birthday - he took me on an all expenses paid vacation to celebrate. Even surprised me with a lovely birthday present, during the trip. He makes it a point to make all occassions special for us - Christmas, New Year, his birthday, and recently, Valentine's day (gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses).

So what I'm saying is, don't settle for anything less than you deserve! Don't make excuses for him - "oh he's an Aqua, he doesn't have it in him to be romantic?" That's Bull. The right man, WILL put in the effort, will go the extra mile for you.

I was with a Gemini before this Aquarian - no celebration, no present, nothing. Not even a cheap card. I left eventually because he was a liar, a cheater and a gambler. But THAT saved my ass, because I wouldn't have met Aqua otherwise. No more birthday-less years, and no more feeling of being unimportant.

I'm just an ordinary girl - not the prettiest, not the smartest, not the richest. But I didn't settle. And I don't think any of you should, either. Being made to feel special and loved, is a wonderful experience that ALL of us deserve to have.

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