Aquarius mans inconsistency

by Bright n Sunny
(Sun, Shine, City)

As a true Gemini, I'm frustrated with my Aquarius friends inconsistency. Over the 7+ years, he continues to hold on to our undeniable chemistry when we are together. It's funny that I still say friend b/c I don't want to commit, just as much as he doesn't. I care about him very much but I love too freely to give myself completely to someone who appears emotionally distant.

He's been hurt before, so trust is something I will have to gain slowly. In order to do so, I have had to keep my fickle-mindedness under wraps. (that's a work in progress in and of itself!:o))

He doesn't always remember to call, but in his defense, he can recite to me in vivid detail the very first time we met, leaving me somewhat embarrassed b/c I had forgotten. And when some thing is wrong, and I need him, hands down, he's there.

Now that we're older, and are beginning to come into our own as adults. I'm truly curious to see if we're all that the stars have made our little dance out to be.

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Can't remember to call...
by: Anonymous

I had to laugh when I read your post - my Aquarian is going through a divorce, I am separated from my husband. We have an 18-year history including 2 failed relationship attempts (both when we were younger). We have been reconnecting again over the past month. And what you said about him forgetting to call, but being able to recite about how you met reminded me of him. He will often forget to call (we live in different states) or call late, which is frustrating, but he can tell me the exact words I uttered to him right before we made love the last time....15 years ago!

by: Anonymous

It's all in your head.

by: Anonymous

My Aquarius friend is exactly like this. He remembers exactly how things were said or done. Our first date, our first time. Everything. Does he remember this much about everyone. Or is it the chemistry we share?

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