Aquarius Men and Gemini Women

He's an Aquarius and I'm a Gemini. Instant attraction that kept getting stronger. Both of us are super idealistic and so whatever happened felt more like a dream than life.

Currently, he's on his "freedom" rampage and I didn't like the way he did it so I'm on my "show my pride". I know I will give in and talk to him in another 1-2 weeks. We're both too happy go lucky to end things badly.

I can only say one thing: although he's super distant, he's the best intellectual match I have had and the connection I feel with him started as electrifying but developed into this compassion that I don't know if I'll feel with another man.

I don't know if Im his first or what I am to him at all. But even on his "break time" I feel that he is giving the best signals (which is conflicting since we're not even on speaking terms) and yet I just believe everything will come together and flow for the best.

Admirers amany for me...and I am easily drawn to all guys...but by far, this Aquarius man has settled my confusion on what I want in a partner, and for now, a flirty friend. To think... a Gemini with all her wild ideas understanding what she needs.

His keyword is "I know" mine's is "I think". All my life I have been in conflict... maybe its not him, but who he is...and that I know.

Distant, rude, really not as sentimental as other guys, whatever...the love is the sincerest form and wish me luck as I wish you all. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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I agree, but why do they have to be like this?
by: Anonymous

Hey there,

I'm an Aries female currently seeing and Aquarius male. I can't even say date. It's kind of a relationship no man's land. When I met him, I was expecting the worst. I'd been on a series of meeting really crappy men, who weren't smart, slovenly, bad kissers, no ambition; just not the sort I wanted.

And then I met this person. He is very unassuming so I didn't expect much. But then he started talking and I started to make check marks in my head. Wow, he's bright. And kinda funny and I'm not extremely uncomfortable and he's an amazing kisser. I honestly feel faint afterwards.

But then he disappeared and I couldn't understand it. No one has ever disappeared on me before. This is the 1st Aquarius male I've known. And then he reappeared. Now, I am very cut and dry. We're either together or we're nothing. So how did I end up in this unconventional (for me) friend with benefits thing? I'm still wondering.
I also wonder, will my impatience get the better of me and I say to hell with this and disappear myself; permanently?

Mr.Dufus Reallysmart.
by: Anonymous

Hahahahaha...*Kiss Kiss*

You need a big fat dose of Vitamin P(atience).!

Re: to first comment
by: Anonymous

First commenter: as long as it is based on intellectual interests, then be patient. And while he's on his time off...there should be no OTHER SPECIFIC girl. other than that, it's a good dose of...Vitamin P(atience)!

To commenter commenting on commenter
by: Anonymous

"there should be no OTHER SPECIFIC girl". Amen!to that one. Hahahahahaha

Ok,maybe not.

A piscean(girl) maybe?Please?please..pleeeasseee??

So, now that we've set things straight..I've got some Vitamin Y(ay)!for everybody!

been there done that!!!
by: cutypie_colombia

i am a gemini girl(29) and dated an aquarias guy(32) for 4 months though we were friends for 10 years. we got together quite by chance and he proposed marriage out of the blue and then disappeared. i was too shocked coz i've known him to be a loyal friend, not someone who'd chicken out! but then i read a lot about aquarian men and understood that when we were friends, he calling me his 'best friend' was as good as 'i love you'.and also that it is hard for them to commit. maybe he'll come around of himself. so if u can b freinds with the aquarian guy you are eyeing for good, half ur work is done.
p.s he was real passionate in bed, my most satisfying relation though it lasted only 4 months...

understanding self.
by: Anonymous Man

One thing your man will need to understand his own bounders. For me once I understood what I was about. I can now adjust to find a balance. When I go for the free space, I now know when I should come back down to earth. It just the way we keep our self from becoming to complacent. It’s a time to look at every angel. Of what you ask? Just about every thing, we all have a passion, if you know what his is and you show an interest. Not only will you get him back down to earth, but he may even hover around the house LOL instead of taking a flight around his own world. Here is a small sample of what goes in my head ;) I like to try new things. (What to do next). I enjoy meeting people. (Where and when). I look for the good in most things and the good in others. (How to help others see the same) Here is jus one of my passions: I enjoy long talks about anything or nothing at all or just one-to-one interment conversations. I am writing a book, I enjoy a good “creative challenge!” that’s a Key word! One new thing I found, I am never afraid to show love and affection in public. A loving partner who can provide warmth and understanding can fulfill a major void in the life of the Aquarian and, if they can also embody the ability to share, then the relationship can be very satisfying.

Friendship Talks
by: Anonymous

He's definitely one of those people who thinks and talks and thinks a lot. I've lsot my sexual drive. I have intimacy issues and don't like to talk, just flirt. (Total Gemini). I'm afraid to show him me bc my brain is so scattered. No one really knows it...but sometimes.. with him I just... I wish I was ready to give that... I know he wants that from me. To be his friend in that way. I'm scared. I never was friends with guys I like...just a flirt and sexually attracted.

Impatient Aries
by: Anonymous

I think my patience has expired with this person. Thanks for all the suggestions to be patient but I really cannot change who I am. And I won't for 1 person.

It's a shame; I really liked him.

3 Aquariuses LATER
by: Anonymous

I've liked four Aquarius and 1 Capricorn. The capricorn wasn't in need of space but it took him forever to warm up to me.

If you can put up with it, and sometimes even with random girls party scenes --before the relationship, then you can get to him.

The truth is other mix of qualities cuts it out for me. I can give up sentimental and the typical relationship style if it means sincerity.

It was definitely frustrating the first 3 Aquarius and the Capricorn. I did exactly what I wasn't suppose to do...but now we're all friends, and possibly more, but Aquarius 4 is in life now

Good luck Aries!!!

@ understanding self
by: cutypie_colombia

hi there, thanks for sharing ur insight. i understood him completely, that's how we remained friends for so long. even now i understand him. but he is refusing to understand himself. he often said that he can't understand what happened. he is flying around his own mind never trying to stand still or look down upon himself. even i, a strong gemini, sometimes stop to see myself. one more thing, he says he doesn't deserve me. now, why is that? either he love me or he don't. why this crap?

There yah Go!
by: Anonymous

He wants it his way and his way is perfect, ofcourse, didn't you know that?
Also, he's testing you and finding a reason to escape you and the relationship without coming of as the jerk.

Give him the space.

I think you will have to along with his ideas if your up to it. I realize that is asking for too much and that is why it is important, very important, to actually agree with his ideas in life from the start. We're adaptable but they won't bend.
If there are a few areas which you really don't agree with, show your argument with a strict firm attitude. No emotion, appeal to his kind nature. Say, he's worth it but these issues are bugging you and your more than willing to give this time but your not satisfied with that aspect. Then tell him that your enjoying it a lot but that space is needed.

Shift the power to you by knowing what moves and reactions he wants from you. And do it in a feminine way where he loses no power.

Add to last comment
by: Anonymous

And don't do what he thinks your going to do or say next. Be anything but generic and keep him into you and your mystery..... it'll be fun for you too!

by: Anonymous

Aries again... Broke it off with that Aquarius. He was making me crazy

Good Luck ARIES!
by: Anonymous

They do make you crazy... that's what I love about them. And hate at times. But love more. Contradiction works with him... wish you luck and its a process to learn what you can and cannot put up with. GOOD LUCK!!!

understanding self.
by: Aquarius Man

Here are some questions I have for you. Wish there was a better way for people to reach me. I enjoy helping anyone I can.

Have you tried to show him any information about himself? If not, try to make it a fun adventure to him. If you do it the right way he will jump on it. It worked for me.

Do you know any of his interest? Try to fine one you can shear or do with him.
It will show him that you support his unusual and radical ideas. Try to inject new ones; he may just jump on the train with you. Someone asked me if I ever did any repelling. Now that was a fun train ride. I’m not saying go jump off a cliff. If it’s something you never did or maybe did in the past, but would like to do it some more. He just may be willing to show you every thing about it. And approach it like he is your knight in shinning armor coming to your aid.

Do you know what his passion is? Gemini's are the intellectuals known for their cleverness. If you can use this to tap into his passion, you will be looking at his Hot button.

Here is the danger! If it’s truly his passions don’t diminish it. You must show genuine interest or he will see right through it.

Gemini's are always questioning and often insightful, just take it simply, one step at a time. Don’t over think it. In this area the 2 of you are so much alike.

Did you ever tell him your interest? He may be on a quest to understand you and wanting to be right about it, he will not rush into an action that may prove him wrong.
Example: I found out she loved all types of flowers; I had an assortment of flowers sent to her office. It was a bad move. Yes she loved the flowers but I never knew she was so allergic to them. Here was my downfall. It told her that I did not take much interest in her. If he did he would have known. Communication is so Key. With out it this will never work. He wants to know. As for me, if I don’t know there is a problem I will never be able to fix it. I’m not perfect and never will be. But the Aquarius man try’s to make it perfect for everyone, but never will.

To the Aquarius above
by: David-admin

Re the "wish there was a better way for people to reach me"

Yes, me too. This is a big dilemma. This site gets around 10,000 readers a day. Because I really want people to be able to post anonymously it also gets up to 500 spam posts advertising stuff. The current system is a little quirky, but it meets the objectives of blocking all the spam while letting legitimate folks post without recourse.

There is a checkbox when you post or reply which will have the server email you when anyone else posts on that same topic. (while basically stopping you being spammed by any bots posting meanwhile). Effectively this lets people contact you, without ever having your email address. If you know of or see a better system I'd love to hear about it.

Either way, thanks for your input :)


Pitiful Aries...Aquarian toy
by: Anonymous

It's me again... he came back.

I don't know what to make of it. I'm not really mad about it. Just puzzled as to how he heard what he wanted to. I 'broke up' with him but that wasn't what I wanted to do- I was just frustrated and upset. Maybe he saw through it?

Usually he just leaves me alone to cool off and then he asks what happened and we discuss it. I guess he thought that's what this was. I'm not really good at expressing my frustrations and I'm uncomfortable that he seems to read me so well. It's scary. I think I just want to run because he knows too much.

Those Aquarius
by: Anonymous

This is exactly why I love them... Aries it is a constant up and down cycle but their loyalty and understanding is i said, good luck!!!!

Pitiful Aries...Aquarian toy
by: Aquarius Man

You both can be very stubborn; this is where a good one on one “heart to heart” talk would be a good path to go down. Did you ever share you likes and dislikes with him? Some times it can’t hurt to remind him, but to much at one time could just be to much for him to take in, he my be computing the 1st 3 things you told him.

Did you ever talk about your true feeling? You stated your breakup was not what you wanted, don’t sit back and think he understands you 100%, you need to be able to express every part of you heart and mind. If not you will have him thinking what happened, did I do something wrong. He will start to break it down bit by bit.

With out full discloser about your thoughts and feeling, he will be some what uncomfortable when it comes to making a move. Why? Well if it is the wrong move in his mind it will hurt him or the 2 of you driving a wedge between you. We thank not so much with our heart but more with an analytical mind. We play things out in our head, looking for the right outcome.

So if there is a lack of communication he will not have a grounding source to base a proper response on. But he needs to know that door swings both ways. Try to get him talking if you haven’t already. As for me, Mr. Aquarius, being open and honest about expiations can be a big plus. You may find expiations that you did not know about. It would be helpful if he could stop and take a good look at himself, just what an Aquarius is. That is a good thing for all of to do is understand our own sign.
Some times we may see where we could be part of the problem. Every relation ship will require give and take. I know I need my space at times. But do I stop and see that I’m not neglecting her needs, give her the touch, love, or time that she requires.

Unless we know each others need, it could be a cold one-sided relation ship.
I look forward to your reply.
Best of luck

To the Aquarius
by: Anonymous

Hi Aries here,

So... I do let him know that his disappearances are frustrating in a jokey way I guess. He has gotten better about getting back to me.

I feel like I tell him so much about myself and he does as well but neither of us are saying how we feel about each other. It's like we're each waiting on the other to make the first move. He told me plainly some months ago " I like you." and more recently he said about meeting me " I was lucky" so I took those to mean that he likes me. But as far as where we want this to go... I'm a little hesitant only because I'll be graduating from school next year and I might be moving cities. I don't know if it's wise to start anything serious. However, I've only been in serious relationships. I'm really confused about my own life. I'm trying to take it as it is but then my nature gets in the way of that

Months later- I am finally free
by: Aries

So, i was the Aries that was being toyed around with by that Aqua. Then he abruptly ended things saying he'd met someone else. All this after telling me what a great woman I am (and yet not for him?).

So anyway, that hurt. AT the encouragement of my friends, I started going out on dates. And now I'm dating a sweet guy (Gemini) but I'm being very cautious with my feelings.

But the best (best?) part is that the Aqua has contacted me wanting me back. He denies ever dumping me, but there is no way I'd forget that. That alone is a reason not to take him back, plus I don't think he ever gave a shit about me. I feel like I've finally shaken whatever hold he had on me. Now we can both get on with our lives

"No Regrets"
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry about what happened--until its the right guy, there's a bunch of wrong guys.
With my Aquarius, it was an extreme freak-out. I freaked out too. He partied like crazy, a bazillion girls I'm sure, and added the quote "NO Regrets" to his mantra for life. He became a "legend" in our circle of friends for his travels and charade. He still acts adorably love-struck when we bump into one another but I act clueless to torture him. I guess he'll only have one regret: ME!
Good luck making this guy realize what a gem he lost to a Gemini. They wish they never did stupid stuff later...but by then...we're gone.

as an Aquarius man this is the answer
by: Anonymous

Never suffocate him no matter always apologize when you are mistaken because he will. Do not give altermaterum this will push him away instead surprise him with something small which would mean the world to him- making a bubble bath. The though is the most important part of a gift.

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