Aquarius Men and Terms of Endearment

I'm four months into an online friendship with a mature Aquarius man. We have not yet met in person, but have exchanged telephone numbers, emails, and photos. We have done some light flirting off and on, but mostly discussing books, politics, global food sources, etc.

This week he began using terms of endearment (babe, honey, etc.) and making references to "our home", our evenings together, etc. This is way out of character from the last months. Not that I'm complaining, however this is the same man who until last week would emotionally retreat for a few days whenever our flirting got a little too heavy. We live 3500 miles apart so it's not really an attempt on his part as the proverbial "booty call". He is always very respectful.

I'm just noticing (and enjoying) the sudden change, and wondering what is happening. Insights are welcome and appreciated.


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by: Bev

WOW !!!
My Aquarius guy is exactly the same with the endearments and the 'our' and 'we', and this was after only a week from meeting. He also told me I was his 'one' after only four days, so it's all been a little intense.
I'm hoping this isn't just another of his 'obsessions'.
Is that an Aquarius trait too???

Slip of the Tongue?
by: Hope

Hi Bev,
I don't know whether or not this is typical male behavior, unique to Aquarian men, or a one-time quirk for both of our Aquarian objects of interest. I'm hardly an expert. This is my first friendship with an Aquarian man, so I am hanging around this site trying to gain more understanding.
Best wishes to you and I hope things are still going great for you two.

Opposite w/me
by: Anonymous

Hey Bev,

The opposite happened with me. First, he would talk at me or just say "you". I wondered if he remembered my name at all.

Then he started calling me by my name but sporadically. Everytime he did, I would point it out and he would look at me like I had 2 heads or something.

Then it became "babe" and now suddenly it's "sweetie". Does it progress further? I'm kinda curious. What's after "sweetie"? Does he disappear now?

Re: Opposite W/Me
by: Hope

"What's after sweetie?"
Well, we now use specific pet names with one another. It just progressed naturally. When he emails during the day he uses a shortened version of my first name. When we video chat at night he calls me by his very creative pet name.

"Does he still disappear?"
Yes! Only because he is learning to trust that I don't get all excited about it, he often tells me he will be away for a day or two- and almost always tells me why. Working on an article, visiting friends out of town for the weekend, etc.

Best wishes with your Aqua!

I wonder about that
by: Anonymous

@Hope, something you said jolted my attention. That your aqua always tells you why he's away. My aqua does the same and I always wonder because sometimes it seems unsolicited. I always feel when people go into so much detail that they are not being truthful. Or he's just being courteous

For example, I say to him, "hey, haven't seen/heard from you in a while." I get " Yeah, things have been crazy, I'm sorry for not telling you what's going on with me but... x y z ..."

Re: Explanations
by: Hope

"I always feel when people go into so much detail that they are not being truthful. Or he's just being courteous."

Of course patterns of lying have little to do with birth dates, and say more about a person's inability to trust, and their fear of reprisal.

My Aqua tells me when he will be from his computer because I once expressed concern that when he suddenly vanishes for a few days, I worry that something horrible happened to him (I know, I know, darn us overly protective Scorpios).

However he sounds more like this, "remember I have my meeting tonight, and then plan to meet friends for dinner".

He didn't use to do that, but tries so I won't worry. I do the same, but it comes naturally for me. I in turn have learned to relax more and trust that he is quite capable of taking care of himself. And that's really hard for me!

by: SUmmer

Hey Hope,

I feel like it's mostly you and me on this thing because I've commented on many of your posts. I'm the one who said your Aqua cast a spell on you. At that time, my Aqua was in hibernation mode so I was a little miffed.

Anyway, I've come to realize that 'my' Aqua just likes to talk. Fortunately for both of us I like to listen. However, sometimes I want to talk too. The other day I kept interrupting him and he jokingly threatened me not to cut him off again. But then he listened to me talk for a half hour straight

To: Summer
by: Hope

July 21,

Sorry Summer, I just saw this. I hope you are still around.

"I'm the one who said your Aqua cast a spell on you.

Yes, lol, the spell has most definitely been cast. And true to your words of caution, he has and does vanish into thin air every now and then.

Hope all is going great with you Aqua and he is out of hibernation and you are able to enjoy him this summer!

Putty in his hands
by: Summer

Hey Hope,

He's driving me insane. He was in hibernation for most of the Summer but we would talk via text messages. I saw him recently and nothing had changed. But now, I'm kind of 'meh'. I'm an Aries. I cannot understand where after wanting to see him for so long and practically driving myself crazy that now I don't even want to text him/reply to his messages (I have a lot going on with work- I don't even call my mom). Sometimes I want to be in a relationship and other times I am content with the way things are. So, "my" Aqua is not ready for a relationship and I'm taking him at his word, so I've been trying to date. But I feel like I'm cheating on him. But I don't want to let him go, I'm so comfortable with him.

What to do

Patience is the key
by: Virgo with an Aquarian

I am new to this site and have loved reading other ppls comments or how they deal with their Aquas. "My Aqua" has not been one to vanish at all. Maybe some of it has to do that he is on the Aqua/Pisces cusp. We met online and are from different countries. We have been together for a year and a half and things have been slow with some things but very fast on other things. He told me that he loved me after 3 days in which I did not take serious because ppl can say anything over the net and not mean it..well that can happen face to face as well, I know. A year and a half later and he still tells me he loves me so now I have more faith about what he said.

Out of all this time together we have been in contact almost everyday..there were only 3 days we didnt get to chat online during this time and that was because he was on a personal trip and couldnt afford the roaming cost so he sent 1 e-mail to let me know he was safe and would chat with me when he got back home.

My Aqua tells me when he is going to be out with friends and often times will text me during his time with them to let me know how things are going. We had a 6 hours difference most of the time we had been together and didnt think that it would work out but it gaves us our own space and worked out great. He has in the last month moved to my country for a year of internship and lives less then 2 hours away.

So far things are great..we had our problems in the past of me always beign the one to initiate everything as far as me asking to see his pic and throwing out the idea of exchanging phone only wonder at the moment is how long would be a good idea before I ask him if he would like to meet me for coffee?

Any suggestion would be great.

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