Aquarius men are so distant

I am in a relationship/friendship with an Aquarius guy and everything that I've read is so true. They are very distant and go thru periods of saying loving things and wanting to have sex and then all of a sudden no calls or nothing for a few days. I'm ok with that as long as I can believe that he's missing me and thinking about me as I am him. I too want to talk to him everyday but I try to respect his space as I want my space respected. Is it true that if they like you then they will spend time with you? I'm always so afraid of doing the wrong thing or saying the wrong thing because my Aquarius man has been hurt real bad in the past, I mean real bad and I don't know if he will ever be able to love again. I feel like I'm always being tested and compared and as soon as something goes wrong the first response is I can't go back there. I'm not out to hurt him at all, I just want to love him but I'm afraid that the other person has taken all that he has and that he will never love again. Therefore, that leaves me with the question of who am I and why is he spending time with me at all? I'm so confused I don't know what to do. I try to have patience and I've kept my tongue a lot of times from things I really want to say. Also he seems to always give such direct non-compassionate answers to my concerns but I don't do that to him so does it mean he really doesn't care what's going on with me? please help me keep my friend

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Aquarius men are so distant
by: Anonymous

Honey I feel your pain but you have to have a bit more confidence in what your doing not saying your doing anything wrong but you have to believe your worth staying with and working whatever out , these men bounce back from anything y u think you're with him now? don't keep worried about things you don't have control over I'm telling you , you will drive yourself crazy . if anything just b cool and let things fall in place they are very distance people but they are also simple people they are very sexual romantic candles it might not seem that way but they are , they love very deeply but he may not show it yet keep being patient with him , and last but not least stay calm they don't like there backs against walls as we don't either, so don't question him jus ask questions hope everything works out stay blessed!

by: Coyote

We have random thoughts about you, how you're doing, what you're up to, and if something in a recent conversation sounds a little off to us, our brilliant intellectual mind leads us down the wrong path. I have done this frequently, where i have periods that i just don't want to talk to whatever girl i'm interested in because of something in a convo that just put me off, and my thoughts led me down the complete wrong path. We may seem distant but our emotions are generally running rampant and we put them in check in public or in front of people that we don't think needs to know what we're feeling. The only time my closest friends have seen me be emotional was after my mother tried to take me to court, and the smile after sex with a girl that i really like. We think about what you might have done and with who, as we are jealous and need constant reassurance, and we tend to be the kind of people that wrap you around our fingers, or at least i am. It's easy for us to warp your mind, as we honestly seem very interesting to all sorts of different people, and although we don't try to eventually it becomes about us. The best thing for that is to comfort us but never make it ABOUT us. Only the very self-conscious Aquarians such as myself can keep that ability in check.


After reading your experiences with your aquarian/friend relationship I had to respond. When you mentioned that he says let's not go there because of his past hurt from a relationship I almost imagined you talking about my ex-husband aquarius. You see I really loved my husband until he decided to cheat and lie in our relationship and I still wanted to forgive and save our marriage. But he manipulated and made everyone believe it was my fault, and he was successful at it too. He was very cruel and ugly to me, my safety and even my things from my deceased mother. He took and kept everything we shared and even though I worked throughout 14 yrs I had and did nothing.Once he manipulated what he wanted he was done period. Don't believe what you hear from some people My experience from this aquarius was every ugly,bad,evil he did to me he mirrored it to family and friends like a victim when indeed he was the purpotrator. Be careful I did not realize it and he destroyed relations in my life...faithful-I do not believe aquarius knows this importance and a commitment to one..Good luck

by: Anonymous

I totally understand how u feel. But Im pretty sure he can love again, maybe the wounds are still just too fresh. The main thing is uve got to have confidence. Dont let him push u around and take advantage of u. If he needs space then give it to him. But dont see that as ur fault and freak out. The more he senses ur weakness and insecurities, the less likely he'll want to actually be with u. Honestly that almost goes for any man or woman. Both men and women want to be with someone who is going to be more confident in themselves. Im sure over time with him getting to know u, u giving him space when he needs it, and being sweet and fun to hang around he'll grow to care for you very much if not love you. Just dont think so much about how to please him because Im sure Aquas dont spend so much time trying to please their significant others ha

just plain ugly
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a Aquarian Man for just about 8 years. He is hot, cold and can be very rude!
He will say down right ugly things, look you have a stomach, you are this and that. Love should be gentle and kind, I do not need to be cut down, build me up don't kick me.

My aquaruis man was horrible
by: Anonymous

He lied from the beginning. He always had radom women that he was sleeping with and always wanted his space, that's probably why.Lied about having a son 6 yr old son.I been with him 1 yr and 6 months and it has been hell. If he feels that you did something wrong to him. He makes you feel like the scum of the earth. He was so disrespectful and rude to me.He tends to flip things around to make them your fault. He's a very wounded man and it showed in his actions. Hardly called, missing days at a time, hardly expressed his emotions,if that was how he really felt. Has a terrible dispositon, ego and cold heartedness about him. I had to leave him alone. Not all aquaruis man are bad this one damn sure is. Watch ladies 1st impression is everything.

The Aqua-Man
by: Taurus Sun-Scorpio Moon

I dated three Aquarians.. I will say in all fairness that when in love they treat you like a Queen.. The First two were 1st Decan Aquarians (January 26, January 29) they catered to me and were very affectionate and loving.. However, the last guy is 3rd Decan (February 15) and he is very selfish, arrogant, self sabotaging, manipulative, lies, cheats, and creates this false personality of being the " nice guy!!" First off, when someone doesn't play fair there's nothing nice or sweet about them.. He has so many dislikes and he is always bad mouthing his ex for cheating on him, which is baffling because he shared with me that he's cheated (red flag) on her on the relationship.. When a man tells you that he wants to be friends.. Don't go into the " friendship" with expectations, he's already told you that you're friends!! When you are dealing with an Aquarius (and this is coming from an earthy Taurus with a Scorpio Moon) do not enter the relationship with your heart on your sleeve.. These men have to be dealt with on a cerebral level.. They are air sign they deal in the intellectual realm.. You have to make some adjustments and be open minded, perhaps forfeiting conventional thoughts of how a relationship is suppose to manifest.. These men will take you way out of your comfort zone and this is not a bad thing, at all.. They are unpredictable so you do not know what you're going to get from one day to the next, so it's best to expect the unexpected.. They are not detached, they just love different and that's fine.. You have to be very careful not to lose yourself with this man and have a life of your own.. They move very slow and are more stimulated through mind gymnastics rather than sexual pleasures.. They are selective and do not just bed anyone.. So, the fact that he is showing you interest means a lot, consider yourself amongst the elite.. They are very much loved by women and they are very compassionate towards their platonic friends (Ladies) many say that Aquarians are They do not do anything without reaping any benefits so that is to be questioned, my observation and experience.. Aquarius men are not opposed to tearing your life apart to make themselves look good.. They will ALWAYS do what it takes to stay "ONE UP" on others.. I am a challenge to them because my Scorpio moon digs knee deep in their darkness and bring it to light.. They ALL hate that about me! I can see right through ALL OF THEIR FABRICATION!! But, I love their hustle nonetheless.. You have to know your worth as a woman and be strong because they can sway you into their deception without you even realizing it until it's too late.. Move with caution.. Best of luck!! 😌

Hurt by my husband and ex
by: Anonymous

I was married for 37 Years.with in those 37 years there was nothing but abuse mentally and emotionally.He is an Aquarius.He had me like a yoyo pulling my strings.I didn't know how to react or do.He was very controlling , manipulative ,and hurtful.Cheated on me not once nor twice.I had no life of my own couldn't have friends was always very jealous.Kids grew up I left and got a divorce.He came back telling me he loves me wants me back and things were going to be different.i saw a change in him I still love him dont ask me y but i do .took him back lol didn't take long was back to the same thing.I have left him again and this time no turning back no more chances .He sure isn't like some of this Aquarius u all are talking about.This person must of had a real bad child hood to turn out to be lil he is.Its hard for me to make a life.Im way older sick no work experience can't even make my own decisions always thinking I'm wrong .He never let me grow to do my own decisions .In reality I dont think straight and I am all messed up.But life goes on .What I have left of it.

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